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Casting and Filming:
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Italian Doctor Warns Citizens Not to Take Depopulation Vaccine

I am not sure how long this video will stay up. Watch it while you can.

What this physician is basically saying is that the coronavirus lab tests are rigged to give false-positive results and that the coming Covid-19 vaccine will wipe out 80% of the population.

He also states that COVID-19 stands for Certificate of Vaccination Identification. The number 19 stands for the year the international plan was created. The doctor states that COVID-19 is not the name of the virus.

I have summarized the doctor’s message so people can translate the information on the website.

YouTube has sent notification that my channel has violated their community guidelines by uploading the doctor’s video. The notification message is below:

So far, they haven’t removed the video from my channel? I downloaded the video and am trying to upload it directly onto the WordPress platform. I am having technical difficulties accomplishing that upload.

Dr. Reizer


The Viral Games

By Dr. John Reizer

Long ago, the world became enmeshed in the horrors of a fake viral pandemic that cost millions of people their lives.

After a tremendous battle between good and evil, the perpetrators of the diabolical plot were defeated and captured. They were all sentenced to live out their miserable lives in a newly formed country named Hypochondria.

The Capitol of Hypochondria was Coronia. Coronia was created to rule Hypochondria. It was populated by people who were extremely knowledgeable about health and wellness. Their assignment was to make sure the perpetrators of the fake viral narrative, living in the country’s twelve prison districts, were never able to harm the world’s citizens again.

Hypochondria had explicitly been created after the terrible false flag had been overturned. Its purpose was to manage and oversee the evil-doers that were the masterminds behind the fake medical scheme.

A therapeutic vaccine had been crafted by pharmaceutical companies, and many evil technocrats distributed the toxic venom worldwide. The preplanned demise of the global population increased dramatically after the product had been released to the world.

Hypochondria’s Capitol, Coronia, now ruled the twelve prison districts where all the perpetrators and their families lived. These monsters were the former controlling powers and bloodlines behind the fake pandemic.

The prisoners living in the twelve districts were constitutionally required to pay reparations to the Capitol each year by sending two tributes from each district to participate in a contest known as the Viral Games — a week-long contest where tributes fought to the death. The spectacle was covered on live television and symbolically honored those people who had lost their lives in the great fake pandemic of 2020.

The 12 Prison Districts:

1. Fauciville
2. Birxville
3. Gatesville
4. Antibiotica
5. Vaccinia
6. Pandemia
7. Quarantinia
8. Plaguia
9. Face maskia
10. Social Distancia
11. Media
12. Hospitalia

Life Has Enough Drama Without False Flags

By Van Robison

It really is astounding what human beings are subjected to throughout life. Every time we turn around, there is another crisis, and many of those are man-made. If we could go behind closed doors and be invisible and understand all languages, no doubt, we would witness jaw-dropping plots against humanity and endless false-flag contrivances.

It seems there are always human beings who spend their lives taking advantage of others. 9/11 was only one of the thousands of false flag staged dramas. Humanity has become the playground of psychopaths, and these heartless creatures with no conscience never cease their torments upon human beings and for very sinister motives, purely selfish and with ulterior agendas. Covid19 must be added to the encyclopedia of high scams upon humanity.

Leaving that aside, my wife knows a lady whose son was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident. After that, her daughter was paralyzed in an auto accident. Wow! Talk about drama. Life can be tough!

In our community some years ago, a very wealthy young man in the construction industry was on his motorcycle with his woman behind him, when a young driver plowed into them from behind. The young lady was killed, and the wealthy businessman paralyzed. We heard that he went to China, perhaps for stem cell applications, which I think did not work. He is still paralyzed.

There was also a young man down the road from where I live, that was hauling a load of wrecked autos, who fell asleep, crashed and became paralyzed. He also spent thousands of dollars in China for stem cell medical procedures but came back not healed.

Our personal tribulations in life are more than enough, and yet we are bombarded with man-made horrors such as 9/11 and Covid-19.

When And Where Will You Draw A Line In The Sand

By Dr. John Reizer

There will come the point in time when everyone wide awake and aware of what is happening concerning the fake pandemic will have to make a big decision. Do I follow draconian regulations being handed down by city and state governments, like the mandatory wearing of face masks, or do I break the law?

In my community, they are preparing to pass an ordinance that requires all residents to wear face masks in public or be fined $100.00.

It’s one thing to know what is going on and to complain about an unreasonable mandate, and it’s another thing altogether to refuse to accept the order.

How many people will have the strength and stamina, under intense public pressure, to put into action the words they have written or spoken when it comes to going against a strong current of conventional thinking?

Are you willing to draw a line in the sand to protect yourself from dangerous public health laws that are about to be unleashed across the United States and the rest of the world?

If you are willing to wear a face mask, you must be ready to receive a Covid-19 vaccine in the future. Because that’s what this is all about. If you wear a mask, you are demonstrating that you are in agreement with the false narrative that alleges the virus is dangerous and that the face coverings are necessary until a better solution (the vaccine) is ready to be released.

For me, the decision is an easy one. I am drawing a line in the sand and will not wear a face mask. I have not worn one to date, but having to do so has not been a mandatory requirement up until now. I am prepared to break the law if breaking the law is defined as not covering my face in public with a mask.

If I am detained in a jail or fined for not wearing a face mask, then so be it. If the articles on the website suddenly stop being published, readers will understand what has happened.

When and where will you draw a line in the sand?

Vote “None of the Above” on Election Day

By Dr. John Reizer

Let’s be honest with one another for a few minutes and cut to the chase concerning the upcoming election in November.

Do you honestly believe that it’s going to make any difference whatsoever in the lives of Americans if a Republican or Democrat wins the presidential election?

I will let you in on a little secret, it won’t matter one bit who wins in November. Either way, the person or party member who serves in that prestigious position will be carrying out the goals of big pharma, playing his part in the scripted drama and fakery known as Covid-19.

Both Democrats and Republicans are heavily funded by drug companies and have sold their souls to them for a chance to have power, fame, and money.

The so-called elected officials spend their time giving constituents lip service about how they are representing everybody. Then they turn around and stab us in our backs.

The only real choice Americans have is paper or plastic.

Donald Trump knows full well the coronavirus is a psyop and refuses to put an end to the hoax. I couldn’t care less about him being a Republican. Hillary Clinton would have done the same thing, and so will Joe Biden if he is selected by the controlling powers to be the next presidential puppet for four years.

This November, don’t waste your vote on Trump or Biden; vote for none of the above and let the powers that be know you are not going to support the election farce anymore.

As the famous comedian, George Carlin used to say in his shows, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!”