The Target List — Inside the Writers’ Studio

Dr. John Reizer

When MJ Palo and I began transforming my novel, The Target List, into a full-length screenplay in 2019-2020, we decided to make one significant change to the story. We both agreed that the main protagonist needed to be a female in her thirties. In the novel, Clyde Daniel was the protagonist — not the case in the movie script.

We also made Dr. Roger Atwood a female character: Dr. Rachel Atwood

When writing fiction, the storyline, plot, and just about anything in-between are fluid and everchanging. For example, while writing the novel, I changed scenes many times and modified where the story was heading.

The Target List Screenplay is a “finished manuscript” that we are hopeful will become a full-feature movie approximately two hours in length. But all scripts are subject to edits and changes, so no writing is ever finished until the final product is created. Additionally, budgeting and finances can undoubtedly play a role in how the final movie product turns out.

I feel confident when completed, The Target List full-feature movie will be a high-energy, fast-paced medical-action-thriller about the creation of a life-saving health care instrument and big pharma’s attempt to suppress the technology.

We have written plenty of content in the full-length screenplay that will entertain an audience and unveil actual life machinations inside the medical-industrial complex.

Two Pages From An Earlier Version of Our Screenplay:

Copyright © 2019 by MJ Palo and John Reizer

All Rights Reserved!

Page 1
Page 2

In the novel and full-length screenplay, the story begins inside a hospital room where a little girl is battling for her life with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). In the pilot movie script, we had to figure out how to condense a two-hour movie into only eleven minutes. Keep in mind that the goal of a pilot production is to immediately capture the audience’s attention with an adequate amount of suspense, action, and intrigue while also capturing the general premise and plot of the full-length story. This objective is not an easy task to accomplish unless you have an award-winning scriptwriter like MJ Palo as your co-writer.

We also had to write the pilot in a way that leaves the movie viewers wanting more. In other words, we had to create a cliffhanger ending. I am hopeful that when audiences begin viewing the pilot movie on August 15th, they will be entertained, understand what The Target List story represents in the real world, and will also have a deep desire to see the entire movie or limited series in the future.

In our considered opinions, The Target List pilot movie is a film worth watching for many reasons. After all, if we didn’t feel this way, we would have never wasted time writing and producing the film.


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The Vaccine Agenda: A Crime Against Humanity!


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Unfortunately, the psyop is alive and well!

Dr. John Reizer

I was visiting with someone in a hospital today and can report to all; the psyop is alive and well inside the walls of medicine.

It’s mind-boggling how confused a good many of those folks are in that medical setting. It’s like attending a mask-wearing convention when walking into a hospital. People are constantly using hand sanitizer and walking around with plastic face shields overtop of their face masks.

Not used to that environment, I became very stressed after several hours. I was not a happy chiropractor by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s easy to forget how brainwashed most people are when you live in your little bubble and write content daily for mostly like-minded people awakened and aware that a world psyop is well underway.

Judging from what I witnessed today, we still have a lot of work to do. There are approximately 6,200 hospitals in the United States, and they are all practicing the same scientific fraud concerning infectious disease detection and mitigation.

When the hospital greeter handed me a face mask, I was only a few seconds away from losing my cool. But I maintained my composure and wore the face diaper — and no one spoke a word to me.


I Was Not A Happy Chiropractor!


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Dr. Andrew Kaufman: It’s a fake virus and the pandemic is a psyop!

Dr. John Reizer

Way back in the early days of the pandemic, I had an opportunity to be a guest on a live panel with Dr. Andrew Kaufman.

I had never met or heard of this doctor before our introduction at the beginning of the videocast. But I immediately liked what he had to say about the COVID-19 narrative. It was refreshing to hear someone finally speaking the same things I had been writing about for months.

Watch the bombshell interview Dr. Kaufman recently gave on the Alex Jones show.

Below is a small segment from the panel show I was on with Dr. Kaufman:


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The Target List — Official Movie Trailer

Would you please watch the movie trailer video on NoFakeNews or YouTube and share the link with others? Your viewing of the trailer will help us achieve essential statistics that potential movie producers will consider in the future. Thanks for your continued support! Our goal is to make the full-feature film next year.

Dr. Reizer

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The Target List Movie — Rent Or Buy It On-Demand — August 15, 2021

The Target List movie honors fallen heroes and serves to help us remember the brave healthcare professionals that have lost their lives simply because they wrote about things that certain groups forbade. These truthers were placed on a target list because they wanted to shed light on helpful modalities and procedures that could allow human beings to better express health.

Are we really living in a solid world?

Dr. John Reizer

Reach out and touch that chair, door, fireplace, or some other physical object. Is it real or a cleverly crafted illusion made up of tiny, invisible, and hollow subatomic particles?

You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand the theories associated with quantum physics. Such theories claim that everything in the universe is made up of smaller parts. The smaller parts are constantly moving about in all directions at incredible rates of speed. The solid objects that make up our world are made from countless numbers of tiny subatomic particles.

Some quantum physicists have discovered that the tiny particles, which are moving at tremendous speeds, are hollow. The physicists have explained the theory by stating that the subatomic particles fluctuate, back and forth, between being a solid particle and a wavelength. At any given time, the solidness of a particle can change to a non solidified waveform and vice versa.

I have believed for many years that the DNA of human beings, and other life forms on the planet, has a dual purpose. My theory is that DNA serves as a blueprint for building the physical beings and other life forms on the Earth and as a receiving antenna.

If you look at the structure of DNA, it can be likened to a radio receiver. It has a big double helix swirl like an antenna, and I believe it’s a gigantic radio tuner. My theory is predicated on the idea that DNA has been designed to receive specific frequencies. When it gets those frequencies in the acceptable range, it turns the waveforms into the more solidified particles, and that, in turn, allows the hollow particles to form the very solid objects that make up our world.

An excellent way to understand my theory is by thinking about the process of listening to a radio. When we’re listening to a particular station on the radio, we realize that many other stations are also broadcasting at the same time. Just because we can’t hear the other productions doesn’t mean they’re not simultaneously transmitting their stations’ signals. A radio instrument allows us to tune into various radio frequencies. When we adjust the radio tuner in different directions, it will enable us to access other stations. Depending on how we move the tuner, a different signal is picked up, and another station can be accessed. The radio analogy I am describing is similar to what I believe happens when the subatomic particles interact with human DNA.

What a human being might perceive as reality could be a wide range of frequency fields or wavelength patterns. Perhaps the energy patterns are picked up and read by the DNA and then transformed into the virtual reality world that we all perceive as a solid world (reality).

Our perceptions of reality could be pretty limited depending on the construct of our DNA and the frequencies it can or cannot receive. Perhaps there are many alternate realities (frequencies) in existence that human and animal DNA cannot access. Maybe we are all here to experience an illusory world that has been designed to look and feel natural but is nothing more than a very sophisticated simulation designed by some fantastic, vast intelligence.


Our five senses allow us to perceive the world around us at any given time a certain way. But don’t be fooled into thinking that what we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch are the accurate representations of what exists in the way of absolute reality.

For all intents and purposes, the solid world around us comprises wavelengths that can temporarily become solidified under the right conditions. Sensory nerve endings cover the human skin and allow us to feel the solid materials we encounter throughout our lives. But those solid materials we come into contact with are nothing more than solidified frequency signatures or waveforms. In actuality, all the solidified objects we encounter daily are made up of tiny subatomic particles that are, according to many quantum physicists, 99 percent hollow.

Some of the cranial nerves inside the human skull help us transform frequency signatures into the physical world we think we know.

CN # I is known as the olfactory nerve. It helps our brains convert certain particles (frequency waveforms) into what we perceive to smell.

CN#II is known as the optic nerve. It helps our brains convert light frequency waveforms into what we perceive to be the vision of our environment.

CNs #s III, IV, and VI are the oculomotor, trochlear, and abducens nerves. These nerves help move our eyes in different directions so that the eyes and human brain can read the light frequencies.

CNs #s VII, IX, and X are known as the facial, glossopharyngeal, and vagus nerves. These nerves help our tongues to convert certain particles (frequency waveforms) into what we perceive to taste.

CN#VIII is known as the vestibulocochlear nerve. A portion of this nerve helps our ears to convert specific frequency signatures into what our brains perceive as sound.

Our brains are like a central processing computer that can make sense of an environment made up of many frequency signatures. Only after the brain decodes those frequencies through sophisticated neurophysiological processes does the world appear to human beings as it does.

It is possible, in my opinion, that a Vast Intelligence (GOD) has constructed what we call life and universal existence in the forms of frequency signatures that are transformed by DNA and decoded further by our brains, ultimately yielding a more solidified perception of reality for humans and other life forms on Earth.


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The Uninterrupted Expression of Intelligent Forces through Matter is the Ultimate Expression of Health

Dr. John Reizer

As a chiropractic physician and former associate professor of clinical sciences, I have been asked by different people many questions about health. The two questions I have encountered most often have been: What are the keys to becoming healthy, and what are the best ways to maintain a certain level of health once that goal is achieved?

To understand what it means to be healthy and how health can be maintained or lost throughout a person’s life, we need to explore the word intelligence.

What is intelligence?

Universally speaking, intelligence is the order of physical matter. Things that are evidenced as being intelligent lack randomness. The intelligent arrangement of all matter throughout the universe demonstrates that the universe has an intelligent design.

Intelligence, outside the absence of physical matter, cannot be observed by humans. Our five senses preclude us from comprehending or observing intelligence when matter is absent.

Intelligence creates a force (energy and information) that unites or links intelligence with the matter. In our dimension of existence, intelligence requires matter as the exclusive way it can effectively express itself.

The inborn intelligence of human physiology continually expresses itself over the nervous system and through our physical bodies the entire time we live on this planet. Its sole goal is to maintain the active organization of any living system.

Our inborn intelligent forces do nothing that would be harmful to human physiology or the physical matter they operate through.

The interruption of the inborn intelligence’s forces throughout a living system can and will disrupt human health and physiology. Therefore, it is vitally important that the forces of inborn intelligence not be interfered with during a person’s life.


What have we learned? In living things, intelligence organizes, coordinates, and maintains life. In animals and humans, the forces of intelligence operate through the nervous system, and an interruption of the intelligence’s ability to express itself through living matter can cause some significant health problems.

Let’s take the philosophical information above and place it into practical terms and real-life examples.

Show me the most gifted pianist in the world, and I will show you an individual that possesses musical intelligence. Without ten fingers, the musical intelligence of the individual cannot be expressed. Without a physical instrument (a piano), the pianist’s musical intelligence cannot be heard. Without human ears, a person cannot comprehend the musician’s musical intelligence. The intelligence is ever-present but requires physical matter and an instrument to be adequately expressed. Physical matter is necessary to hear the expression of the musician’s intelligence.

In the human body, there are ongoing and never-ending physiological processes taking place. They are necessary for the health and wellbeing of living beings. They are also organized and coordinated by intelligent forces that operate through the human nervous system.

If the intelligent forces are interfered with or disrupted during our lives, our human physiology becomes less healthy than it was before those intelligent forces were modified.

As amazing as it may be, the educated human mind is no match for the innate logic of human physiology. When doctors prescribe drugs to pharmacologically disrupt a fever or other biochemical processes in human patients, they are interrupting the intelligent forces of a living system that have the sole purpose of maintaining and coordinating the ongoing organization of living matter.

Introducing vaccines into human hosts is another can of worms altogether. Vaccines can permanently alter the intelligent forces of physiological systems. These medicinal concoctions can also alter the genetic blueprint of humanity. Altering the genetic blueprint of humanity is equal to altering the computer codes embedded within sophisticated video games. To do so would change the parameters and expression of the game’s world.

If we want to stay as healthy as our genetic blueprint will allow, it’s important to do things in life that will allow for our bodies to have the most optimal expression of the intelligent forces running through them. Anything less will lead us into a state of being unhealthy.

Stay away from drugs unless life-threatening situations arise, and never, under any circumstances, receive vaccines.


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The COVID-19 Variants — Do Not Fall for The Lies That Keep Coming!

Dr. John Reizer

According to most dictionaries, a variant is simply a form of something slightly different in some way from other forms of the same thing. Since we already know sars-cov-2 is a fictitious virus that has never been isolated in totality from an animal or human host, and the nonexistent microbe has never satisfied the scientific rigors of pathogen identification by any scientists in any laboratory the world over — we also know no COVID-19 variants can exist.

I am amazed at the amount of pure nonsense continually written by different purveyors of alternative news about COVID-19 and its alleged variants. I must have read a dozen or more articles in the past two days reporting on how sars-cov-2 was leaked from labs, weaponized through gain of function research, and has given rise to many variants.

Everything we continue to read about COVID-19 and its associated virus/variants being real, tangible microbial entities is untrue. Until people understand we are not dealing with an actual virus and that everything that has transpired since January 2020 is part of a global psyop to trick people into taking deadly bioweapons disguised as vaccines — the world citizenry remains in danger.

Many people who believed in the integrity of the COVID-19 official narrative in the past voluntarily received the bioweapons and have paid the ultimate price for their actions or will do so in the immediate future.

When human beings become frightened, they make bad decisions. This fact is why the controlling powers spend so much time designing and launching terror plots that create fear in the public’s collective psyche.

If you are a regular visitor to NoFakeNews, you already know the world pandemic is not about a viral pathogen causing a public health emergency. Sars-cov-2 is not an actual virus. It was dreamt up by a group of gifted screenwriters and brought to life through a rigged diagnostic tool and ongoing disinformation campaigns carried out by the mainstream media corporations worldwide.

We will continue to read information from both mainstream and alternative media outlets about sars-cov-2 and its fictitious variants being natural or modified pathogens. When you come across that kind of content — trash it! It’s garbage designed to lead you down another path that reroutes you back into a garden of disinformation. It’s a trap designed to instill more fear into the minds of people.

We can believe or disbelieve the fact that COVID-19 is a well-orchestrated terror psyop and not a public health emergency. Our belief or disbelief concerning the plandemic doesn’t modify reality. The sad truth remains that a significant portion of the world’s population has been duped into wearing face masks, practicing ridiculous social distancing recommendations, and, more recently, tricked into receiving a bioweapon disguised as different vaccine products. The truth is the truth — believe it or not!


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Attacking Our Health Through Water Fluoridation


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