Building an article on NoFakeNews

Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes of NoFakeNews. I will show you how an article/post is created on the platform. It usually takes me about 20 minutes to write and sequence everything together before publishing the finished product.

The first thing we do is write an opening title followed by an opening sentence in a given block on the WordPress platform.

We continue writing additional content in new blocks. When we want to add a new paragraph, we always add a new block.

Blocks can easily be arranged in different positions above or below existing blocks. It’s as easy as that!

Next, we create the tagline that is always positioned at the end of the last block of article content.


New Science Fiction by John Reizer

Available on Kindle for $0.99

Honest Reviews are Appreciated!

“They found more than rocks on the moon!”

A Novella By John Reizer


“Curing cancer was their first mistake!”

Coming in 2023

Now, we are finished with our article and it’s time to add the search engine tags so the post is indexed and people can find the website.

Now, lets look at the preview and see what our post will look like.

And that’s how it works! 👍🙂