I Need Your Help Reviewing My Latest Novel: The Target List

By Dr. John Reizer

I could seriously use your help with reviewing my latest novel, The Target List.

This short novel is a medical science fiction thriller that was written to entertain and teach people about many of the nefarious agendas taking place in the medical industrial complex.

In order to get important information out there to lots of people about what’s really taking place in the healthcare industry, I authored this short novel.

Book Description

WAND is a revolutionary new medical tool that cures diseased tissues in human beings without the use of drugs or surgery. Ten years in design and production, the technology has a 95% success rate in curing most forms of cancer in animals and human beings.

The brainchild of 48 year old Harvard Medical School graduate, Clyde Daniel, WAND (Wave-Altering-Nanoparticle-Disrupter) is going to move the profession of medicine out of the dark ages and into something that closely resembles science fiction.

That is, unless the pharmaceutical industry, which stands to lose billions of dollars in lost drug revenues, can intervene with its hired assassins and destroy the technology and its team of creators before it ever has a chance to see the light of day.

The Target List is a medical science fiction thriller, a real page turner that will have readers hooked from the first chapter through the very end of the book.



Please consider reading the story and writing an honest review on Amazon.com with a star rating of your choosing. I am not asking for good or bad reviews, only honest ones.

The book is available on Amazon Kindle for $0.99 or it’s free for Amazon Kindle Unlimited members. I am unable to give the book away because Amazon sets a minimum price of $0.99.

Ratings are very important for independently published novels. The more reviews received, the better the chances the story will be read by others.

You can download a copy of the novel at the link below. I  would greatly appreciate it if any readers on the NoFakeNews platform would be kind enough to review the novel.

Thanks so much!

Dr. John Reizer

Read Sample chapters below:

The Target List

A Novel By Dr. John Reizer

Copyright © 2019 by Dr. John Reizer

All Rights Reserved. Printed in the USA

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author.

Amazon Kindle Edition

The characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead is coincidental and not intended by the author.


July 18, 2014

Piedmont Regional Medical Center

Atlanta, Georgia

Two weeks prior, the prognosis had not been a favorable one for little Samantha Gould. She’d contracted acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). It was an aggressive form of cancer that had been affecting her blood and bone marrow for the past 4 months. This particular disease accounted for approximately 30% of the cancers commonly found in young children.

Samantha was only six years old and had been suffering from chronic fatigue and joint pain throughout her spine, shoulders and pelvic girdle. In addition to that, Samantha had a history of bruising and her skin tone had become consistently pale looking. The child was constantly losing weight and her oncologist feared that without a carefully monitored treatment program, she’d probably not survive another year.

Samantha’s parents were scared and frustrated at the same time. They’d read the literature and understood the risks involved with not proceeding with treatment as well as all the risks associated with chemotherapy. It was a coin toss; the statistics painted a bleak looking picture for Samantha either way they turned.

Then something amazing happened that completely changed the Goulds’ lives. Samantha’s mother, Sandra had a brief encounter with a young doctor named Donna Sawyer on the fourth of July. The young physician approached Mrs. Gould and asked her if Samantha’s new diagnostic scans had been completed.

Sandra Gould knew nothing about any new diagnostic tests that were planned for her daughter. Her oncologist hadn’t mentioned anything to her or her husband, Ronald. Sandra naturally assumed Dr. Sawyer had been authorized to perform the new tests, and because of the holiday schedule, she believed there must have been some confusion between the staff doctors.

Dr. Sawyer told Sandra Gould that she could scan Samantha right in the hospital room; it would only take a few minutes. The woman proceeded by removing a small instrument from her lab coat. She approached Samantha and waved the device very slowly up and down the length of the little girl’s body. Samantha remained sound asleep in her hospital bed the entire time the female doctor performed the procedure. The encounter lasted less than five minutes. After Dr. Sawyer finished, she smiled at Samantha’s mother and exited the room. Sandra Gould never saw the woman doctor again, and when she questioned Samantha’s oncologist about the new imaging tests, he looked at her like she was crazy. As it turned out, there was no Dr. Sawyer employed by the hospital.

What happened over the next two weeks to young Samantha Gould could not be explained by conventional medicine. At least that’s what the oncology doctors told her family.

Samantha made a complete recovery from her illness. Her doctors called it spontaneous remission.

Two weeks after the strange visit from the mysterious Dr. Sawyer, there were no signs of Samantha’s disease. Her little body was completely cancer free. The child was energetic, eating everything in sight and her skin color looked completely normal.

The Goulds believed the mystery doctor who had entered their daughter’s hospital room that day must have been an angel sent from heaven to perform a miracle.

Chapter 1

May 6, 2019

Albany, New York

​The killer entered Roger Atwood’s home from the back porch, through a sliding glass door. It was a fairly simple lock to defeat, almost too easy. ​

Atwood, the target, was watching a television show in the living room; one of those detective programs from the early 80’s where they committed and solved crimes very neatly in 40 minutes with twenty more sprinkled in for commercials.

The target was seated on a tan colored recliner. ​The killer was in fairly good position, able to see that Atwood had his back to him. He moved quietly behind the target, and then crouched below the back of the recliner.

Atwood was completely preoccupied with the show. ​He raised his body, pointing the revolver towards the back of the target’s head. He’d never know what hit him, the killer thought to himself.

​A cell phone rang. ​

He crouched back down towards the floor and froze. ​

“Hello, Shane,” the target said answering the phone. “Yes, of course. No, no, not that I am aware of; but you know how they’ve handled that in the past.”

There was a long pause. The killer kept his position, hoping Atwood wouldn’t get up from the chair.

“I understand, Shane,” the target said continuing the conversation. “Look, we’ve been through this several times already, I’m not going to change my mind.” Another long pause. “Okay then, I’ll be there next Thursday, to sign the papers. Yes, Shane. Goodbye!”

Atwood was quiet again, back to watching the television show.

The killer rose once more from behind the recliner, like a cobra slithering out of a wicker basket. He pointed the gun at the target’s head and pulled the trigger.

Chapter 2

May 8, 2019

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Getting into Shane Riddick’s green Ford Taurus was the hard part. Back in the day, he could’ve broken into any vehicle in a matter of seconds. But cars these days were a completely different story with all their anti-theft detection contraptions. It was a damn nightmare for someone in his line of work.

Now that the killer was inside, the rest of the morning wouldn’t be a problem. He opened a specially designed lead case and removed the slender needle. Quick as a cat, he pushed the object inside the upholstery of the driver’s car seat.

No one would ever know the object had been hidden there. The highly radioactive compound painted on the small metallic pin would cause the target to be exposed to a lethal dose of radiation within ten to fifteen minutes – the length of time it would take for him to drive to work. It was a quick and easy job; no guns or knives were necessary today.

​The target would become ill in just a few hours, probably an episode of diarrhea and intestinal cramps would start it off. After that, fever and severe vomiting would commence. This guy wasn’t going to get better, and by the time he got to an emergency room, he’d be ready for the marble orchard due to complications from late stage colon cancer. At least that’s the way it would appear to the attending physicians supervising his care.

Chapter 3

May 10, 2019

Atlanta, Georgia 5:00 P.M.

The killer jimmied the lock with a small tool and quietly opened the apartment door. Pointing the barrel of the 38 into the dwelling, he made his way inside, eyeing the brown, leather sofa and other contents situated in the room. Everything appeared the way he’d studied it, but the target was nowhere to be found. He moved inside, looking at the unoccupied kitchen and dining room. ​

“Shit,” he said under his breath. He glanced at his watch. The target should’ve been there.

He scratched his head with his free hand while keeping the gun pointed at the hallway in front of him with the other one.

He moved farther into the apartment. Where was the target? he wondered.

The killer looked at his watch again. He moved through the hallway, slowly working his way towards the bedroom.

“Don’t move a muscle, asshole!” a voice said from behind him. He felt the cold end of a gun lightly touch the back of his neck. “Drop it, and kick it away,” the voice ordered him.

The killer hesitated momentarily before dropping the 38, and then kicked the weapon across the floor.

He struck him forcefully with the gun, on the base of the occiput. The blow rattled the killer’s brain. He slumped forward, the room spinning like a top in his world – then everything went black.

Chapter 4 ​

Clyde Daniel was a 48 year old medical doctor – a damn good one. He’d graduated at the top of his class from Harvard Medical School two decades earlier. But Clyde was like no other M.D. the world had ever seen. He’d become, over his career, a real pain in the ass for organized medicine.

The tall, blond-haired physician with prominent looking cheekbones had declared an all out war against his medical colleagues, and the entire medical profession.

Years earlier, Clyde had made an impressive contribution to his field by inventing a new tool that helped to analyze blood in patients without having to actually draw blood from them.

Initially, the technology had been warmly received by his peers. But the warm reception gradually turned cold once the pharmaceutical companies realized the loss of income they’d incur if Clyde’s idea was embraced by the industry and became commonplace in hospitals worldwide.

There were lots of profits in drawing and testing blood conventionally. Medical equipment and lab testing materials were worth billions of dollars annually, and Big Pharma was not in business to lose money. Clyde’s invention might have been a great way to help patients while preventing the spread of blood borne pathogens through the practice of traditional blood capturing techniques, but the big boys running the medical industrial empire didn’t appreciate new technologies that decreased overall revenues.

When the powers that be, for all intents and purposes, buried Clyde’s amazing invention in some filing cabinet in a dark cellar, he got really angry. It wasn’t too long after that that he decided to embark on a project that would forever transform the profession of medicine.

Dr. Daniel had encountered plenty of political corruption within his profession throughout his career, and he understood there were numerous risks involved with spotlighting cures for patients that were never supposed to see the light of day. But Clyde had gone down the proverbial rabbit hole, and there was no turning back. He knew Big Pharma was dirty and behind much of the corruption in his profession; there was no getting around that fact.

More recently, Clyde had invented another impressive technology – a way to reverse many forms of cancer and autoimmune diseases through the medium of radio frequencies. This was a huge accomplishment for the young physician to say the least.

This concept had been around in theory for awhile, but Clyde had perfected the technology through the invention of a revolutionary tool that was getting successful results in the 95% range. This type of success against these types of diseases was unheard of in modern medicine. If Clyde’s technology was made available to society, it would more than likely eradicate cancer, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and many other diseases that had been around forever. It would also destroy a large segment of the pharmaceutical industry in a relatively short period of time.

Clyde looked down at the man sprawled across his hallway floor. The guy had obviously entered the apartment with the intent to harm him. He knelt beside the intruder, still clutching his firearm, and checked for a pulse. It was strong; he hadn’t killed him – yet!


1975 Little League World Series Book Back in Print

By. Dr. John Reizer

This post has absolutely nothing to do with the craziness taking place in the world. I ‘ll get back to all that information soon enough.

Today’s article has to do with something from my past and I wanted to write about it here so interested individuals could access the pertinent information through Internet search engines.

In the summer of 1975, I had an opportunity to play on a baseball team that won the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The experience was quite life changing and transformed me into the communicator, teacher and writer I am today.

Prior to this event, I was an introverted twelve year old who had difficulty expressing his thoughts to others. But the grand stage of playing baseball, in front of millions of spectators on national television, and interacting with sports reporters for over six straight weeks, magically changed me into an outgoing individual. Suddenly, I had lost the fear of speaking in public and found an interest in writing stories and eventually books.

After the Little League World Series, I authored a short book that chronicled our team’s success. I was still twelve years old when I wrote the manuscript, and it was published my freshman year in high school.

Over the past several years I have had many people contact me about this book. They wanted to obtain a copy, for one reason or another, and were unable to do so. Unfortunately, the book went out of print years ago, and the copies that were in circulation after the book’s publication have long since disappeared.

There are a few copies still floating around, and for sale on the Internet from antique book sellers, but those copies are not easy to acquire and quite expensive. Because there continues to be a demand for the book by baseball historians and some people residing in Ocean County, I have decided to republish the work and make it available once again.

It’s my hope that interested parties will enjoy reading, “Once in a Lifetime: The Story of a National Championship Little League Team” (the Second Edition) and reliving one of the most exciting sports events to ever impact the town of Lakewood, New Jersey and the entire Jersey Shore community.

Something’s Wrong with the World…

Click here to purchase book.


A compilation of brand new writings and previously published content from NoFakeNews, John Reizer’s latest work has been released on Amazon Kindle.


Since our very first days here, we’ve all been taught a carefully scripted presentation about what’s real and what’s not. Our collective perception of reality is very far removed from what’s actually happening on this planet.

Our knowledge (or lack thereof) of many things transpiring today has come to fruition from information we learned in educational and religious institutions controlled by different governments that have a vested interest in distorting the public’s understanding about life and our existence here.

This book explores a variety of subjects that have been intentionally hidden by the powers that be from most members of society.

This is Why Alternative Health Care is Constantly Attacked

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews

Throughout the relatively short history of modern health care there have been continuous attempts to undermine the credibility of alternative healthcare professions. Very powerful organizations have carefully designed and implemented impressive strategies to make natural healthcare disciplines and their practitioners look like quacks and charlatans. Professionals are routinely hired by undisclosed, secret entities to give false interviews, write defamatory books, construct disingenuous websites and participate in broad scale efforts that target healthcare consumers and help create, for them, false perceptions about natural health care practices.

The funding of these activities, although difficult to trace for the average person, obviously originate from petrochemical corporations. Due to a number of legal factors, it is often quite cumbersome to point fingers at specific business entities, as well as others that might be involved with the inner workings of such conspiratorial activities. As one might suspect, the targets and casualties on the battlefield are always the same. Any healthcare professions, modalities, or treatment protocols that go against the grain of conventional medical theories are fair game.

Debunking agents are used on a regular basis to keep society firmly aligned with the parameters of acceptable thinking regarding many genres that make up our fabric of perceived reality. This is true in the health care arena as well. Any idea or concept that challenges the accepted thinking patterns of everyday people are quickly identified and dealt with in an expeditious manner by specialists that are paid to write and publish biased comments on websites and blogs. If, for example, a large minority of the population suddenly began to question the authenticity of something that was being reported by the mainstream media, trained debunkers are always ready to spring into action. These people, through the implementation of strategic campaigns, can quickly minimize the damage being caused by a controversial voice within the population base. Broad scale debunking can make sure that the majority of the population continues to perceive reality the way that the media originally intended.

Major petrochemical/pharmaceutical companies have a lot at stake in the very lucrative disease care industry. In order for these large multinational companies to remain profitable and powerful, society must continue to believe in certain erroneous concepts. As long as people continue to believe the maintenance of human health can be achieved through vaccines and that the suppression of symptoms in human physiology is the way to cure diseases, people will remain sick and pharmaceutical companies will continue to rake in astronomical profits.

Alternative healthcare professions often point out significant flaws that are absolutely inherent within the framework of traditional medicine’s illogical theories. Because of this fact, it has been a longstanding goal of established medicine’s controllers (Big Pharma) to retain the services of credible appearing scientists and other professionals that can write or convey damaging remarks about a particular alternative healthcare profession.

Very simply explained, when someone or something is intelligently challenging the credibility of a lucrative industry like traditional medicine, and they have damaging evidence that could blow the doors off the barn so to speak, and prove that many theoretical applications used within the medical profession are, in fact, the truest forms of quackery in existence, a major problem is created for the powers that be. The only way for Big Pharma to activate a campaign of damage control is to discredit the people and the professions that are posing the most legitimate threat, at a particular time, to established medical dogma. This is why alternative health care concepts are not embraced by science. This is why many alternative health care professions are publicly attacked and their objectives and benefits never see the light of day. What you will find out, if you take the time to study this subject matter, is that what is often promoted by the mainstream as science is actually quackery and what is often labeled by the same groups as quackery is true science.

Quite a few web addresses have been designed to make potential viewers wary of alternative healthcare services. It is easy to land on such disingenuous websites. All you have to do is find a search engine and type in an alternative healthcare practice methodology that is in opposition to traditional medicine and you will see such websites populate your computer screen. The sites all claim to be there to protect the general public from harmful alternative health care professions. Are you kidding me? Have you ever read the drug warnings that accompany prescription and non prescription drugs? Dangerous and extremely toxic drugs are what health care consumers need to be protected from, not natural health care professions and practitioners that are often licensed by state agencies to offer their beneficial services.

My advice to health care consumers that happen upon anti-alternative health care websites is to realize that this type of content is being purposely placed in the public domain by powerful organizations that have direct connections to the Medical Establishment. The ultimate goal of Big Pharma is to make healthcare consumers believe that alternative health care disciplines are all based on pseudo-scientific principles.

Remember to keep in mind that in most situations the differences between scientific and pseudo-scientific studies have to do with who or what entities are paying for the research being performed. If a given study is being funded by a petrochemical company, that has a biased interest in the research taking place, it is usually referred to by the mainstream thinkers as scientific. If, on the other hand, a particular study is being funded by a non biased organization, or has been privately funded by someone that wants the truth to be revealed about something they have deemed important, it is often viewed by the mainstream thinkers as pseudo science.

What do you think about this subject?

Michael Morris: Everything Happening Here is for Experience


By Michael Morris

Guest Writer for NoFakeNews


I wanted to reiterate some very important facts that are being overlooked by most people currently experiencing life here on third density earth. It’s important for readers to understand that everything happening on this plane is transpiring so that humans can garner experiential knowledge for their Higher Realms.

This information, as I have written on previous occasions, is very difficult to understand. This is especially true when the student studying the material is doing so from the perspective of a third density organic vessel on a plane such as earth or another dimensional platform that provides a suitable classroom setting.

Vast Intelligence (The Universal Creative Force of Everything Spiritual and Physical) continuously searches for ways to broaden and improve its creative properties. Vast Intelligence is not a person, nor should it be envisioned or personified as such by sentient beings that can manifest themselves as spiritual or physical entities within the parameters of particular frequency platforms. Gods are not a reality as they do not exist! Vast Intelligence is not a God and it never judges anything or anyone. It simply collects experiences and seeks to expand its knowledge base!

In very simplistic terms, you and I are both integral parts of Vast Intelligence. We both represent different expressions of Vast Intelligence within different dimensions of universal existence.

From a third dimensional perspective, where time and space properties are factors that, undoubtedly, affect and influence perceptions of reality, Vast Intelligence decided long ago to create an infinite number of opportunities to collect knowledge. It did so by creating frequency signatures that could be converted into different densities or dimensions of existence. The individual dimensions were designed to help fulfill the needs of Vast Intelligence with regards to increasing its knowledge base.

Within the incredible frameworks of Vast Intelligence’s different dimensions, there are countless expressions of Vast Intelligence being realized. The dimensional expressions are unlimited and unending. They are represented by sentient beings that collectively exist in varying degrees of solidness depending on how universal, subatomic particles are vibrating.

In order to maximize the process of increasing its creative knowledge base, Vast Intelligence quarantined the different dimensions of existence from one another. In other words, what was reality in one dimension was not in another. Individual expressions of Vast Intelligence (The Higher Realms) were designed to act as data banks as well as holding containers for soul groups with regards to the collection and development of knowledge theories. Vast Intelligence continues to have a desire to increase its knowledge base by developing countless classrooms (worlds) in which smaller expressions of Vast Intelligence (Soul Groups that are attached to a specific Higher Realm) were born into various frequencies or dimensional platforms.

When souls are born into any dimensional platform, they automatically choose a biological vessel that has the unique DNA capacity that allows them to accomplish the specific goals prescribed by Vast Intelligence for a given lifetime. A group of souls, attached to a uniquely assigned Higher Realm, will incarnate on a specific plane. In many cases soul groups will migrate to unique frequency platforms. These worlds are similar to physically constructed planes and they are designed to host entities that are born into a dimensional existence but lack physical bodies.

We are all playing in a very complex game that has ultimately been designed by Vast Intelligence so that it can continuously acquire knowledge. There are both novice and advanced players (Higher Realms) within the game that have been assigned to earth. There are also many other games taking place, but humans on earth are not players in them.

Novice Higher Realms usually have one incarnating organic vessel attached to them. When one incarnation ends (death of the human being) another one is reborn (reincarnated) and the Higher Realm continues to upload data from that vessel. All human beings on earth have lived millions of lifetimes here as male and females while being attached to a specific Higher Realm. There is no such thing as death!

As I wrote previously, within the earth game Vast Intelligence has created Higher Realms that are used to collect the data and experiences gained from the organic vessels (Human Beings) living out various incarnations (lives) on earth. Higher realms always have incarnating organic vessels tethered to them. The living vessels constantly upload the data and experiences realized on earth to their respective Higher Realms.

In the case of advanced players (Higher Realms) within the game, there are often thousands of souls attached to a unique Higher Realm. They all agree by contract to incarnate into a world/platform in order to experience and gather knowledge for the benefit of their specific Higher Realm and Vast Intelligence. In this situation, the Higher Realm is uploading experiences from a multitude of incarnations at the same time. This is what is referred to as fast pace learning within the earth game. Earth is one of only a few planes in our galaxy where this type of learning occurs. It is what has made the earth such a valuable plane and an asset vehemently desired by some darker groups.

On Earth, and on some other nearby platforms within the third dimensional construct, a unique phenomenon is taking place. Certain soul groups have been redirected by the Higher Realms of another quarantined dimension. As a result of this situation, there are, presently, many interdimensional interactions occurring on Earth that were never prescribed by Vast Intelligence.

In the most simplistic explanation that can possibly be offered, I will write that the humans living on Earth are being influenced by a group of souls that are not supposed to be in your dimension of existence. They are, by definition, interdimensional souls that have inappropriately incarnated into biological vessels and they are addicted to the experiences and expressions that are offered on Earth and some other third dimensional platforms. These entities are the elite bloodlines that control the major political decisions in your world.

The interdimensional souls that have taken up residence on your Earth have greatly influenced your plane’s governments. This is a very complex situation and not easily understood by the average human being. This is not a jab at human intellectuality. It is an accurate depiction of the current situation and a direct byproduct of your in-house genetic wiring. Human beings have been genetically modified by these interdimensional entities in such a way that they are incapable of accurately sensing the total reality that surrounds them. Because of genetic modifications within the human DNA, people of Earth have limited life spans; limited immune systems, and a very limited awareness of the third dimensional construct they exist in.

When humans die (the physical death of the biological vessel) they are not supposed to reincarnate into another biological vessel until they undergo a proper review process. The soul groupings on your world have been hijacked by interdimensional Higher Realms and they are siphoning energy and other properties from third dimensional entities that they are not entitled to interact with. Humans are recycling back into newer biological vessels, without proper review, because of these unauthorized interdimensional interactions. Human souls are, presently, caught inside a time loop and are in trouble. They have been artificially prevented from ascending the natural dimensional ladder that has been designed and prescribed by Vast Intelligence.

I offer this information to those currently in the classroom capable of understanding said material. It’s important that you not get off track and continue to follow the experiential path that your Higher Realm has prescribed.

Good Luck!

Michael Morris

Area 51: Don’t Cross the Line!

NoFakeNews Founder, Dr. Reizer

And now I can write with complete and total honesty that NoFakeNews has officially visited the most non secret, secret military base in the United States. There’s nothing remaining out there that could possibly top this experience.

According to numerous leaked reports from credible whistleblowers, AREA 51 contains very deep subterranean structures that supposedly stretch downward to 30 stories. Similar sources have also stated that the secret military installation is occupied by extraterrestrials at the deepest levels and that off world technology is currently being reverse engineered there and studied by some of the smartest scientific minds in the world.

AREA 51 is such a secret facility that the US government (CIA) absolutely denied its existence until 2013.

It’s been confirmed by other reliable sources that persons working at the Groom Lake base are both government and civilian employees. They fly into AREA 51 every single day from McCarran Airport in Las Vegas in white unmarked airplanes that contain darkened windows.  

Enter At Your Own Risk!

The entire perimeter of AREA 51 is said to be completely covered with ultra sensitive ground sensors and electronic listening devices. Said devices have been strategically positioned throughout the base’s desert landscape in order to alert heavily armed guards to any would-be intruders.

If a civilian or unauthorized person is dumb enough to cross the property line of this super secret military installation, they will be instantly greeted by armed guards that have been authorized to use deadly force if necessary to maintain the integrity of the facility’s perimeter. And if the intruders are not killed by armed guards, they’ll face jail time and extremely hefty fines for illegally entering the military installation. I think you get the picture; nobody that’s uninvited is getting into this place.

Whatever technology is being reverse engineered and worked on at AREA 51 must be extremely important and perhaps it’s even from another world. Are there really aliens at this location? I’m thinking YES! And according to many of the residents that live nearby, the night skies above AREA 51 are a good place to see UFO activity.

My Journey to AREA 51

I had an opportunity to visit the perimeter line of AREA 51 on April 3, 2017. It was quite surreal to be able to walk right up to the point where you can not possibly walk any further without risking serious problems with the US government.

The guards watched us from a white SUV the entire time we remained at the location. My wife, daughter and I noticed two cameras following our movements across public lands. We were just a few feet away from the famous property line of the super secret military base.

Earlier in the day we had a wonderful lunch at the world famous Little A’Le’Inn Restaurant. They serve really good food there and had lots of neat things to purchase for patrons.

I met Pat Travis, the owner of the establishment, and she was nice enough to pose for a quick photograph with me. This was a very enjoyable day that I will remember fondly for many years to come.

Dr. Reizer & Inn owner, Pat Travis

NoFakeNews inside the Little A’le’Inn

My daughter and I at AREA 51

Don’t ever cross this line!

AREA 51 guards watching us

Big surveillance camera inside AREA 51 

Inside the Little A’le’Inn Restaurant 

 Nevada State Highway 375 Road Sign

Rachel, Nevada Welcome Sign 

Celebrating My Mom’s Life (12/22/37 – 11/10/16)

By Dr. John Reizer

Founder of NoFakeNews

Today, November 10, 2016 I lost one of the two people I have known my entire life, my mom. I don’t normally publish personal things on this website, but today I will make an exception to this rule. My mom was a special person to me; we shared many of the same beliefs about the world and its associated happenings. I will miss her very much.

EDWINA MARIE REIZER: 12/22/37 – 11/10/16


Edwina, a long-time resident of Lakewood, NJ died Thursday the 1oth of November at her home. Born in 1937 in Lakewood, NJ, she received a bachelor’s degree in education from Trenton State University. Edwina taught music at several public schools in NJ. She spent a good portion of her teaching career at the Ella G. Clarke School in Lakewood, NJ.

After 25 years of teaching, Edwina retired and spent her free time writing poetry, music, and enjoying time with family and friends.

She is survived by her husband, Leo Reizer, sons, John and Steven, grandchildren, Olivia, Kayla and Jackson, all of whom brought great joy to her later years.

Memorial gifts may be made in her name to the charity of one’s choice.

Something Lighter From My Past (1975 Little League World Series)

By Dr. John Reizer

Founder of NoFakeNews

There are so many important things happening in the world right now and particularly in the United States. I know many of our readers will wonder why I am publishing this post today. The answer is because I simply needed to take a mental vacation from all the corruption taking place in the world. I promise it will still be there tomorrow.

I recently got my hands on a 41 year old movie of the 1975 Little League World Series that took place in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The movie is special to me because I was a member of that team. For many years I tried to locate a copy of the network telecast of this game without any success. I even attempted to contact ABC television, the company that broadcast the game nationally in 1975, and was unsuccessful.

After cleaning out my parents’ home not too long ago, I unexpectedly uncovered a canister that contained a 10 minute movie that was marked, “Little League Championship Game.” I was very excited to see the film but lacked the necessary movie projector to do so. After taking the film to a company that could transfer its contents onto a DVD, I was finally able to see the highlights of this historical game.

In 1978, at the age of 15, I published a short book about our championship season titled, “Once In A Lifetime: The Story of A National Championship Little League Team”. The book, over the years, became the official record of the 1975 Lakewood Little League Team.

I recently uploaded the movie onto YouTube so that all the people of Lakewood, New Jersey could enjoy the footage that has been locked away in my parents’ attic for 41 years. I am not sure who made the film, but very thankful that they did.

To my former teammates and friends that experienced with me this magical ride in 1975, this video is for you!

John Reizer

Second Baseman

1975 Little League World Series