Truth is Obvious

By Van Robison

Critical thinking is an important skill. It teaches the student that there are options, differences in thought, and opinion. Just as physical exercise is beneficial to the body, exercising the mind by private education stimulates thinking.

We do not need to be told what to think by television news personalities. What we need is personal intelligence, the ability to read and comprehend the content we are studying, and the skillset to discover for ourselves, without the guidance of professional talking heads. The world we live in is overrun with liars, and the public believes the lies for no other reason than they watch television “news.”

The odds are good that we are not going to be told the truth through mainstream television products. What we are going to be fed is mass-propaganda, mind control, and hidden agendas.

All mainstream news sources receive funding from somewhere, and so they are bought and paid for. They are mostly puppets for their controllers.

The truth is obvious, we just have to learn how to recognize and embrace it.

An Open Letter to All Chiropractic College Presidents

By Dr. John Reizer

Dear Chiropractic College Presidents,

I have been observing the official positions that colleges and universities have adopted in 2020 in response to the Covid-19 world pandemic. Without exception, every college and university has genuflected and obediently followed the draconian guidelines and recommendations of the CDC.

Colleges, like public schools, have been conducting classes virtually the entire year.

One of the most disappointing things I have observed with regards to my chiropractic profession is how the colleges have made a decision to adhere to the CDC guidelines and recommendations like every other educational institution.

I am frustrated by the collective actions of our chiropractic academic leaders. When given a golden opportunity to stand apart from other educators that don’t know any better, I feel you have all dropped the ball.

Chiropractic colleges should be in full operation, and classes should be taught on campus, not virtually. Technical courses cannot be adequately performed off-campus. I know this for a fact because I was an associate professor of clinical sciences for twelve years at a chiropractic college.

I understand that there may be legal challenges administrators might have to take into account when making decisions about conducting college business; however, it remains a disappointing scenario, in my opinion, to see the largest drugless healthcare profession in the world, taking orders from the CDC which is nothing more than a front for big pharma corporations.

As doctors of chiropractic, we are regularly asked by our colleges and academic leaders for financial support, which helps the institutions thrive. The chiropractic colleges are essential to chiropractors because their existence allows for and protects the philosophical principles practitioners live by and utilize when caring for practice members.

Covid-19 is a false flag event and has not been based on any scientific evidence from day one. The extensive Covid-19 testing continues to register false-positive results in twenty percent of the population. This is the number of people worldwide that have coronavirus antibodies and DNA resonant signatures already present within their bodies from dealing with decades of common colds, upper respiratory, and pneumococcal infections that are caused by coronaviruses that are not named Covid-19.

Leaders must find the strength to lead when times are the most difficult to do so. Anyone can lead when there are no challenging obstacles around. It is right now when we need our academic leaders to take off their masks and stand tall and embrace the ironclad chiropractic principles that have allowed our profession to survive through many difficult times.

Please open our colleges and their health centers. Don’t promote fake science by having students wear masks. If patients see chiropractic practitioners wearing masks, it sends the message that Covid-19 is real and a danger to everyone’s health. It is not a danger to anyone because it is a false flag and an obvious hoax.

Chiropractic academic leaders and college presidents, I challenge you to lead your institutions at a time and place in history when leadership is needed the most!

Dr. John Reizer