Where do we go from here?

Dr. John Reizer

So, where do we go from here?

There are too many psyops and dirty machinations taking place in the world to count or list. It’s not necessary, however, to know every detail of every scheme to understand that there exists a war between the powers that be and humanity.

I believe that the only way to be successful in the future against the few who control the many is to refuse to obey their draconian mandates. The world’s citizenry’s continued compliance with unreasonable laws and regulations will place all of us further into the proverbial pot of boiling water presently on the stove.

I know that the mindset of many people has been to follow the directives being doled out by different governing bodies. That strategy has gotten people nowhere good. Whenever citizens comply with a totalitarian governing structure, they are immediately presented with even harsher rules and directives.

We must find the strength to resist following laws that have been implemented to destroy humanity. A new strategy and approach by people on a global scale are necessary to stop the madness and make a difference in the world. Implementing a new game plan is the only way to slow down what seems to be a giant snowball running down a mountainside, picking up speed and growing in size with each passing day.

It’s been written many times that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” It is time we take a look in the mirror at ourselves. We need to realize that we are all in the current situation because of our collective inability to stand up for our rights to be critical-thinking human beings free from tyrants’ control and oppressive governments.

Case in point; The World Economic Forum has already identified itself as an enemy of the people. There is no need to support or follow any of the nonsense that comes out of Klaus Schwab’s mouth.

Klaus Schwab

For those of us who like to pretend that political candidates matter and represent our best interests, let your candidate know that if he or she supports the WEF, it is not in humanity’s best interest and that you can not support that candidate.

We need to draw a line in the sand and start standing up to the few who are calling the shots. The population numbers favor the many members of society versus the psychos trying to harm us. We must be smart and use that mathematical edge to our advantage.


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What have I learned in life?

Dr. John Reizer

It’s a damn good question, isn’t it? What have I learned in life?

In all the years I have been studying the few who control the many, I have learned many important things. For example, I know that the controlling powers operate under a strict set of codes. These people are very predictable and leave their signatures in plain sight.

The controlling powers are obsessed or feel obligated to use symbolism or leave behind symbolic codes to let others know that a psyop or event was their doing.

I have learned that nearly everything the controlling powers show publicly is based on lies and stretching the truth. The people running the show are sleight-of-hand artists that make fakery appear real.

The global elitists create narratives based on fiction and turn the storylines into officialdom that is later embraced by society’s members.

Space travel capabilities, microbiology, infectious disease theory, scientific discoveries in medicine, warfare technology, and so many other subjects that people reflexively won’t question because to do so would challenge officialdom are enmeshed in fraud.

There are many examples of how the controlling powers have hoodwinked the masses throughout modern history. The best example to cite, in my opinion, is the world pandemic because it is still ongoing.

People’s general lack of knowledge about microbiology and infectious disease theory made COVID-19 the perfect psyop and storyline to accomplish the diabolical objective of murdering billions of people.

Other examples of hood-winking the public are evidenced by looking at the space program and the nuclear weapons industry. Both of these frauds have stolen taxpayer dollars in many countries that are then transferred to fund other black op projects.

Most people in the world can not begin to comprehend the facts that modern space travel is fake and that nuclear weapons have never existed. Those two facts are a testament to how good the bullshit stories are at grabbing people and never letting go.

I have learned plenty in my life regarding how the one percenters go about conducting their business.

Once you can see the predictable patterns of the perpetrators and can unlock their specific codes, it is not difficult to see reality for what it has become. Truth be told, it’s often difficult to un-see a truth once you catch a glimpse of what is happening in broad daylight.


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Are You Doing It?


The Uninterrupted Expression of Intelligent Forces through Matter is the Ultimate Expression of Health

Dr. John Reizer

As a chiropractic physician and former associate professor of clinical sciences, I have been asked many questions about health. The two questions I have encountered most often have been; what are the keys to becoming healthy, and what are the best ways to maintain a certain level of health once that goal is achieved?

To understand what it means to be healthy and how health can be maintained or lost throughout a person’s life, we need to explore the word intelligence.

What is intelligence?

Universally speaking, intelligence is the order of physical matter. Things that are evidenced as being intelligent lack randomness. The intelligent arrangement of all matter throughout the universe demonstrates that the universe has an intelligent design.

Intelligence, outside the absence of physical matter, cannot be observed by humans. Our five senses preclude us from comprehending or observing intelligence when the matter is absent.

Intelligence creates a force (energy and information) that unites or links intelligence with matter. In our dimension of existence, intelligence requires matter as the exclusive way it can effectively express itself.

The inborn intelligence of human physiology continually expresses itself over the nervous system and through our physical bodies the entire time we live on this planet. Its sole goal is to maintain the active organization of any living system.

Our inborn intelligent forces do nothing that would be harmful to human physiology or the physical matter they operate through.

The interruption of the inborn intelligence’s forces throughout a living system can and will disrupt human health and physiology. Therefore, it is vitally important that the forces of inborn intelligence not be interfered with during a person’s life.


What have we learned? In living things, intelligence organizes, coordinates, and maintains life. In animals and humans, the forces of intelligence operate through the nervous system, and an interruption of the intelligence’s ability to express itself through living matter can cause some significant health problems.

Let’s take the philosophical information above and place it into practical terms and real-life examples.

If you show me the most gifted pianist in the world, I will show you an individual that possesses musical intelligence. Without ten fingers, the musical intelligence of the individual cannot be expressed. Without a physical instrument (a piano), the pianist’s musical intelligence cannot be heard. Without human ears, a person cannot comprehend the musician’s musical intelligence. Intelligence is ever-present but requires physical matter and an instrument to be adequately expressed. Physical matter is necessary to hear the expression of the musician’s intelligence.

In the human body, there are ongoing and never-ending physiological processes taking place. They are necessary for the health and well-being of living animals. They are also organized and coordinated by intelligent forces that operate through the human nervous system.

If the intelligent forces are interfered with or disrupted during our lives, our physiology becomes less healthy than it was before those intelligent forces were modified.

The educated human mind is no match for the innate logic of human physiology. When doctors prescribe drugs to pharmacologically disrupt a fever or other biochemical processes in human patients, they are interrupting the intelligent forces of a living system that have the sole purpose of maintaining and coordinating the ongoing organization of living matter.

Introducing vaccines into human hosts is another can of worms. Vaccines can permanently alter the intelligent forces of physiological systems. These medicinal concoctions can also alter the genetic blueprint of humanity. Altering the genetic blueprint of humanity is tantamount to altering the computer codes embedded within sophisticated video games. To do so would change the parameters and expression of the game’s world.

If we want to stay as healthy as our genetic blueprint will allow, it’s important to do things in life that will allow for our bodies to have the most optimal expression of the intelligent forces running through them. Anything less will lead us into a state of being unhealthy.


Carp-e Diem Movie

The latest feature film, Carp-e Diem, from the team behind Target List, will release nationwide in the United States on September 13th of this year.

Carp-e Diem is directed by MJ Palo and Andrew Arguello. The production stars Emily Sweet, Nick Josten, Jasmeet Baduwalla, Angela Barber, Lukas Silva, Holly Lorge, James H. Jackson, and Chris Thigpen.

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I couldn’t care less about germs!

Dr. John Reizer

I couldn’t care less about germs! We are not at war with them! That idea is a grand illusion being orchestrated and presented to society by the controlling powers through the medical-industrial complex.

Whether we are discussing bacteria or viral microbes, it’s important to understand that these microscopic entities are not the cause of diseases. What ultimately determines if we become ill or remain healthy is the uninhibited expression of our immune systems at all times. If our immunity is up to par — we’re going to remain healthy as long as we remain within the construct of our natural environment.

The eugenicists who have worked hard to make society sick know the truth about bacteria and viruses. They have been studying this important equation for a lengthy period. They have figured out that the key to getting people sick is to attack the masses’ natural and herd immunity. They have been working on behind-the-scenes projects for decades to accomplish this goal while creating lies about microbiology and teaching those falsities to healthcare students and doctors.

The controlling powers tried to genetically modify viruses. Weaponizing a viral pathogen might work well in a Hollywood script, but it cannot be accomplished in real life as people have been led to believe.

According to mainstream science, viruses mutate fast and their potential pathogenicity decreases over time as they spin into more benign and less-lethal structures.

Others believe viral microbes are not pathogens. A growing number of scientists believe viral microbes are naturally occurring harmless genetic sequences that are used or even synthesized by our innate immune systems to help cleanse the body of toxins and opportunistic bacteria that can be harmful to people when our immunity becomes compromised.

The truth regarding viruses is still up in the air. Both viewpoints are theories that have yet to be adequately proven. What has been proven to be true without any uncertainty is that trillions of microbes are everywhere and at all times. You can’t escape them, so don’t be fooled into thinking you can.

The good news that very few people seem to understand is that microbes don’t make you sick. If they did, we’d be sick all the time because there’s never a time when microbes aren’t around. So, logic would dictate that the presence of microbes in our airborne environment has no ill effects on our health.


Sars-cov-2 is a fake virus that was made to look real on paper by a rigged PCR test that generated millions upon millions of false-positive case numbers. We know by applying common sense that both the sars-cov-2 virus and its associated disease, COVID-19, are fake because the virus was never isolated in totality from an animal or human host. The alleged disease has not satisfied the standards of proper identification using Koch’s postulates — end of story!

Koch’s Postulates

  1. The microorganism or other pathogen must be present in all cases of the disease.
  2. The pathogen can be isolated from the diseased host and grown in pure culture.
  3. The pathogen from the pure culture must cause the disease when inoculated into a healthy, susceptible laboratory animal.
  4. The pathogen must be reisolated from the new host and shown to be the same as the originally inoculated pathogen.

The architects of the world pandemic have tried to convince people that Koch’s postulates are no longer important and should not be applied concerning COVID-19.

As I wrote prior, a naturally occurring or genetically modified virus wouldn’t get anyone sick. That’s why the controlling powers had to pull off the current psyop using a fake germ.

A fake virus with fake case numbers is easy for the powers that be to control. The results are simple to generate and predict once you have designed a bogus lab tool that can create an on-demand, unlimited number of false-positive case numbers.


Absurd medical mitigation procedures directed at treating bacterial and viral infections have been created and packaged by big pharma, then promoted as science. These prescriptive measures are destroying our natural and herd immunity!

Explanations about how humans and other animals naturally coexist with microorganisms have been marginalized by big pharma and promoted as pseudo-science.

Some hard to hear truths:




And herein lies the problem and why a fake viral pandemic can be successfully staged and executed worldwide. People have sunk their teeth into the lie that organized medicine is an authoritative institution on health and wellness. It most certainly is not.

The frontmen and women working for the powers that be who have stood in the spotlight telling the world how to “flatten the curve” concerning Covid-19 don’t know their arses from their elbows when it comes to giving out health advice. These people are clueless liars, reading a script that’s been handed down by a world governing construct. And the information they are spewing should be disregarded as nonsense.

Remember — we are not at war with germs!


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Two new COVID variants threaten Europe this summer (YAWN)

Dr. John Reizer

According to Yahoo News, two new COVID variants are running around and ready to terrorize Europe this summer.

So, here we go again, sound the alarms and take cover because more nearly invisible terrorists are headed our way.

The only thing that can save us will be more bioweapon vaccines (booster shots). Are we ready to roll up our sleeves again and get jabbed?

The depopulation agenda must continue. Enough time has passed, and society is not concentrating on the millions of people that have died from the vaccines.

Are we ready to put on the face masks, practice social distancing, and talk to people between the Plexiglas barriers?

The baloney throwers are at it again and the medical cafeteria is open for business. Get prepared for more shock and awe infectious disease fakery courtesy of a PCR tool that can not diagnose any diseases whatsoever.

The COVID parade of variants continues and BA.4 and BA.5 are the newest floats being showcased for spectators. Oh, and in case we are wondering, this line of officialdom has been fact-checked for authenticity!


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It’s all about the modification of our DNA!

Dr. John Reizer

Sadly, most people still have no idea that they have been targeted for genetic manipulation and harvesting. It’s not as if the diabolical plan to modify the human genome was thought up a few years ago. The blueprint and means to permanently alter the human space suits — the bodies our souls occupy while navigating through life — have been in the works for decades.

The controlling powers, whoever or whatever they are, want a more streamlined and efficient way to control the herd (you and me). That’s what all of this noise taking place has been about from the time we were born into this world.

Since our first days here, we’ve all been taught a carefully scripted presentation about what’s real or possible. Our collective perception of reality is far removed from what’s happening on this planet.

Our knowledge (or lack thereof) of many things transpiring today has come to fruition from the information we learned through various trusted sources controlled by different governments that have had a vested interest in distorting the public’s understanding of life and our existence here.

From medical and physiological standpoints, we have continually been exposed to a plethora of synthetic drugs (poisons) packaged and marketed to appear as solutions to an enormous arsenal of made-up diseases (intellectual properties).

The marketing of prescription and non-prescription poisons to the general population is relentless. These days, the practice is so routine that people have become numb and dumb to the endless drug commercials that populate the mainstream media stations.

All drugs advertised to healthcare consumers are labeled and described as dangerous and deadly, yet the public still consumes them.

A large consortium of drug companies assembled long ago (big pharma) serves as a tool to genetically change humanity. The diabolical plan has existed for a while, and the means to accomplish the madness through a broad vaccination program continues to be tirelessly promoted by the cult known as organized medicine.

COVID-19 vaccines besides killing and sterilizing many of us will alter human beings’ genetic code. What do you think the company MODERNA  (Modify RNA) stands for?

The eugenicists and psychopaths running the Earth show have been trying to get a hold of our valuable genetic information forever. Our genetic codes’ systematic collection has been accomplished through hospital lab testing, donating blood, looking for long-lost relatives by voluntarily submitting our DNA to private companies, and through other means.

When you give your most precious biological secrets to psychopaths, the results will not be good.


Target List Production – Picture of the Day!

May 14, 2022

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Taking a closer look at the bioweapon vaccines and the narrative surrounding them

Dr. John Reizer

According to the official narrative, the Covid-19 gene therapy vaccines were created and rolled out by benevolent pharmaceutical companies to save humanity from the deadliest virus in recorded history. The scientific endeavor took under a year to produce the magical medicinal concoctions. The project was named Operation Warp Speed.

Things to know and understand

The Covid-19 vaccines are very sophisticated products that contain both toxic ingredients and medicinal delivery systems to human physiology that are mind-blowing.

As more and more evidence is uncovered through the help of whistleblowers and independent scientists that have gained access to the products in question, it becomes clear that the bioweapon vaccines were strategically designed to sterilize human females for future generations and to create diseases and deaths in the existing population.

It’s also become clear that the vaccine recipes were not created in under a year. The COVID-19 vaccines have likely been produced through years and years of scientific research that had to include the painstaking process of many scientists studying the most intricate details of human reproductive physiology and immunity.

The official narrative handed down from our elected leaders and health regulatory agencies claiming that the medical concoctions were made in record time is an outright lie.

The experimental vaccines were waiting in the wings for many years. The products that have genetically modified, sterilized, and murdered millions of unsuspecting fools who took the drugs are still being pushed on the public sector.

The epitome of human stupidity is exemplified by bearing witness to a general public that continues to rely on useless and fake diagnostic technologies incapable of delivering truthful COVID-19 diagnoses.

The epitome of human stupidity is exemplified by bearing witness to the continued popular belief that sars-cov-2 is a real virus even though it has never been scientifically isolated from a human being.

Perhaps the biggest examples of human stupidity are evidenced by the unbelievable statistics reporting that billions of people the world over have voluntarily rolled up their sleeves and received the jabs.


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If we can’t end the madness in the world, let’s end the madness in our lives!

Dr. John Reizer

If you regularly visit this website, you are already aware of the worldwide medical psyop that has been orchestrated by the controlling powers and unleashed on humanity. I am preaching to the choir when I write articles on this platform explaining the machinations taking place.

NoFakeNews is not your average website, and the visitors here are not ordinary people. Don’t for one second make the mistake of believing otherwise. This platform is unique because special people visit here and clearly understand what is transpiring around them daily.

If you haven’t figured it out already, let me explain one significant fact to our readership. We are not going to be able to save everybody in the world from themselves. There are too many people walking around this planet with a distorted perception of reality. That sort of thing doesn’t happen by chance. It took a lot of careful planning and mind control technologies rolled out over the years that were carefully refined by a world government to create the matrix of lies and deception that have painted a false reality for most global citizens.

Despite the best attempts of the elitists to brainwash everybody on the planet — here you are — wide awake!

If we can’t end the madness in the world, let’s end the madness in our lives!

How do we end the madness in our lives? We disconnect from what we know and understand to be a false reality. It’s not as challenging to disconnect from the false reality as one might believe.

The first thing we do is ignore those people who have a false understanding of reality. Hopefully, you have discarded or never worn a face mask during the psyop. Hopefully, you have not or never intend to receive any COVID-19 or other vaccines. If you have committed not to do any of those foolish things, you’re way ahead of a significant portion of society’s members.

The next thing we all need to do is probably one of the hardest things to do — disconnect from the mainstream media altogether. That means getting off Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social media applications. It means turning off the evening news broadcasts if you’re still watching those productions.

If you want to know what the weather will be like, look it up on your computer or phone versus listening to a lot of propaganda and mind control baloney on The Weather Channel or a local broadcast. If we tune into those venues, we will get the weather report in-between a whole host of COVID-19 propaganda and drug commercials.

Like I wrote earlier, I am writing to special people. The type of disconnectivity I am proposing is not going to be for everybody. If we want to live in a less stressful environment and disconnect from the world plandemic and other nonsense, we must separate ourselves from the lies and propaganda that are forever flowing around us.

Will we still encounter mask-wearers and vaxxers? Yes. However, the daily stresses in our lives will steadily decrease because the regular influx of propaganda that has a negative and cumulative effect on our psyches will be removed or significantly reduced. Try it for a week and see what happens.

Some people might protest and state that they have to keep informed of what is happening globally. We already know what is happening and where the plan is headed. If we want to transform our lives and live in some semblance of happiness, we must remove the toxicity from our lives.

The psychopaths running this global genocide will stop at nothing to get every person on the planet jabbed!

It’s hard to believe the tactics being used to try and convince clueless people to take a deadly bioweapon are working in many cases.

People are getting vaccinated in exchange for receiving tickets to a zoo and other amusement parks. I have read similar advertising offering people lottery tickets, theatre tickets, free groceries, and other ridiculous enticements.

The insanity remains in full force!

–Dr. Reizer


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