What did we expect?

Dr. John Reizer

What did we expect?

We trusted mainstream medicine and mainstream science to be honest with us about sars-cov-2. (Bad idea)

What did we expect?

We trusted government health regulatory agencies worldwide to successfully isolate an alleged viral pathogen proving its existence. (Bad idea)

What did we expect?

We trusted for-profit pharmaceutical companies to develop an unknown vaccine product that would be safe and effective in providing immunity to people while preventing the transmission of an infectious disease in society. (Bad idea)

What did we expect?

We trusted mainstream science to develop an accurate diagnostic tool that could confirm the presence of infections in humans that cannot exist. (Bad idea)

What did we expect?

We trusted the mainstream news corporations to report the truth about the deaths caused by the vaccines and the mitigation procedures practiced in hospital facilities. (Bad idea)

The Results!

We have received the results one would expect when one does not partake in any critical thinking whatsoever and relies on mainstream medicine, science, and media corporations for important answers to difficult questions.

We are all attempting to survive a vaccine agenda designed to drastically reduce the human population.


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Re-educating Society About Human Immunity Should Be A Top Priority

By Dr. John Reizer

Because we have been mostly educated about health and wellness by a large consortium of pharmaceutical companies that own the patents to a variety of products that suppress the efforts of human immunity, we often take prescriptive remedies that disrupt healing and physiological repair. This is an unfortunate reality of modern-day society. It is also a consequence of being deliberately misinformed about health and wellness by drugmakers. Society needs to be re-educated so that it can understand how human immunity actually works.

The so-called top doctors regularly appearing on television who graduated from prestigious medical schools and have offered medical opinions on disease mitigation need to take the refresher course: Human Immunity 101.

I couldn’t care less where these doctors earned their degrees. The advice they keep offering to healthcare consumers is some of the worst I have ever come across in my professional career. The lousy information being provided is a systemic problem plaguing 99 percent of the practicing medical professionals in the US and internationally. This horrible advice also relates to the disinformation most “health experts” are spewing concerning the coronavirus. What these professionals have proposed to mitigate the alleged virus goes against all natural laws of microbiology and proper health management.

And forget about vaccines. Big pharma marketing has hypnotized healthcare consumers into believing that vaccines have been successful in eradicating diseases. It’s not true. Not only are vaccines useless in preventing a specific condition, but they cause the proliferation of many diseases throughout the general population because they weaken human immunity and predispose people to infections and cancers.

If we become infected by bacteria or viruses, we should be thankful for the signs and symptoms that show up because they provide evidence that our bodies are healthy and working to destroy the infecting agents.

In many instances, the body’s intelligence will produce a fever that makes it difficult for a virus to replicate and spread. Temperature can also kill bacteria that might be challenging a person’s health.

Watch the two videos below by a medical doctor who absolutely understands the physiological expressions of human immunity: