I Have An Idea I’d Like to Share with Readers (Audio Message)

By Dr. John Reizer


Hello, and thank you for taking the time to listen to this message. I know and understand how valuable your time is, so I really do appreciate the fact that you are visiting NoFakeNews and spending a few minutes of your day to read what I write.

We have all been affected by the giant psyop known as Covid-19. I think it’s safe to assume that there are very few people in the world who have not been touched by the pandemic in some way.

If you are a regular reader here, you already know my feelings about the fakery that has been taking place all of this year.

I believe, at this point, we need to put our heads together and come up with a pragmatic plan to turn back the hands of the clock to a time prior to the fake pandemic.

According to the most recent census statistics, there are approximately 340 million Americans living in the United States. Most of the population is hopelessly addicted to officialdom and paralyzed by fear and disinformation continually thrown out by the mainstream media corporations.

It is not logical, nor is it practical to think that the majority of the American public will have the ability to critically think and realize they have been lied to by the controlling powers handling the medical profession they so aggressively support and worship.

If we rely on the majority of the people to wake up in time to figure out they have been lied to about the coronavirus, our country and the world will have already become the property of big pharmaceutical companies. These corporations will be able to do whatever experiments they desire on the human herd.

The contact tracing programs and future tracking systems have been planned for this reason; to keep an accurate inventory of who has and has not been vaccinated.

The entire basis of the psyop is that people are weak and helpless against an imaginary cold virus. The most dangerous part of any psyop is the public’s overreaction to the event. The villain in the current story is a paper tiger that only exists through the false reporting of case numbers and media hype.

The pharmaceutical industry is planning on vaccinating the world under the guise of giving people artificial herd immunity. It’s a dangerous proposition to give the entire world an untested medicine. This is especially true considering the coronavirus, if you believe the fake statistics, only adversely affects about two percent of the entire population.

A better and far safer way to accomplish lifelong herd immunity is to plan a large peaceful parade that encompasses every region of our country to promote the importance of real natural herd immunity. I propose a million-person march dedicated to the idea of making America Healthy Again. The event would be unprecedented and instantly boost human immunity without risking the collateral dangers associated with vaccines.

Let’s call it “Hugs Across America: A Celebration of Natural and Herd Immunity.” The march is the antivenom to social distancing and self-quarantine practices.

The march is not a protest, but rather a celebratory parade of human beings who are smart enough to know and understand that health can only be lost or gained from within the body and that introducing toxic poisons into a person can never make an individual healthier than they already are.

If you believe that my idea has merit, I will need people to volunteer to help strategize and plan the celebratory parade. Please contact me through the contact portal page under the menu section of the website.

I thank you again for listening and hope you remain healthy and safe in the days, months, and years to come.


Are You An Anti-Masker?

By Dr. John Reizer

The last time I checked, there were two ways to get life-sustaining air into your lungs: through your nose and mouth. It should not come as a great surprise to anybody that can logically think for themselves that there are plenty of people in the general population who are afraid or terrified of wearing face masks.

The constant restriction of airflow through the nose or mouth can cause many human beings to develop physiological and or psychological health problems. You see, oxygen is an essential ingredient if you wish to continue living on Earth.

It is unreasonable and utterly ridiculous for any government authority to impose regulations, mandates, or laws requiring all human beings to wear a facemask in public, private, or anywhere else.

I am not even going to dive into the controversial discussions about how face masks offer no protection against Covid-19 or any other microbes that allegedly make healthy people sick. Instead, I want to focus on the government’s insistence that people continually compromise their health and well being under the guise that these actions will, in turn, protect the same people from potential health problems.

How stupid are our government leaders? A more critical question that needs to be asked; how stupid are the people who blindly follow the foolish advice our government leaders offer?

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t we just witness as a nation, a terrible ordeal where a man was murdered by law enforcement? The man died from suffocation; he couldn’t get air into his lungs through his mouth or nose. The man who was killed repeatedly explained to the law enforcement officer choking him that he couldn’t breathe. But the officer didn’t listen. We all know how the scenario played out, and we all know about the civil unrest that followed because of the incident.

I saw a photograph yesterday on one of the mainstream media websites of a protester wearing a shirt with the printed words, I Can’t Breathe! Ironically, he was wearing a facemask. Until I read the article, I didn’t know if the man was protesting police brutality or the draconian policies being handed down by government leaders requiring all citizens to cover their mouths and noses with face masks.

On the one hand, the man in the photo could be perceived by many people as a hero standing up for the rights of innocent citizens against police brutality. On the other hand, the man in the photo could be perceived by many fools as an anti-masker, an unreasonable nutcase who is insensitive and selfish — a person willing to risk the health of others because he’s concerned with his own right to get oxygen inside his lungs.

Am I supposed to place a face mask over my nose and mouth that restricts oxygen to my body without voicing a complaint? Am I supposed to stay silent and not write any content about a subject that I know more about than the people writing the regulations that are mandating the wearing of useless face masks?

The Branding of Dangerous Labels

Anti-vaxxer and Anti-masker terminology – are creations of the pharmaceutical industry and the powers that be. The labels are used to identify and discredit any persons or groups that are in opposition to the current vaccine paradigm.

Anti-vaxxer – a person who refuses vaccines because he or she believes the medications are more dangerous than the benefits they allegedly offer.

Anti-masker — a person who refuses to wear a face mask in public because he or she believes the covering of a person’s face is more dangerous to themselves than the alleged protection the product offers to the individual or general public.

Are anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers crazy, paranoid conspiracy theorists? More important, are anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers, causing the members of society to become more at risk from dangerous and contagious diseases? The answer to both questions is no!

The anti-vaxxer and anti-masker terminology are sibling labels. They are creations of the controlling powers to keep people in alignment with the medical paradigm that speaks loudly about the benefits of vaccinations in eradicating diseases, and more specifically, the false flag that is known as Covid-19.

If you plan on letting the powers that be plunge a vaccine into your arm in 2021 to protect you and your loved ones from a virus that doesn’t exist, by all means, strap a mask across your face. Because when you do so, you agree with the medical-industrial complex’s paradigm that the Covid-19 virus is real, and a vaccine is the only thing that can bring us all back to some semblance of normalcy.

If you plan on opting-out of taking a Covid-19 vaccine next year because you have more brains inside your cranium than the average person, remove that stupid mask from your face and take a firm stance against a tyrannical government that is demanding all citizens genuflect to draconian policies.

You are not the government’s personal property.  Stop being part of a mindless herd that blindly follows draconian guidelines and policies designed to scare and condition people into believing the lie known as Covid-19!

Let’s Discuss Sports and Entertainment

By Dr. John Reizer

Professional sports and entertainment venues, which until recently were scheduled around the calendar, with virtually no downtime whatsoever, have been essential components of the plot to manage and takedown the masses for years. They have been the traditional cornerstones of maintaining a sort of hypnosis for citizenry worldwide.

Getting humanity to disconnect from or misunderstand the importance of certain global events that have been taking place was of paramount importance to those controlling bloodlines running the Earth show.

Sports and entertainment industries were created and have been used with regularity to generate the necessary distractions to keep most members of society from focusing on the world governing construct’s objectives to tighten its grip and control over the general population.

In the rare scenario, professional sports schedules were interrupted in the past due to labor strikes or other unforeseen circumstances, governments worldwide would step in and make sure the problems were quickly resolved to ensure the venues could maintain their lengthy, soap-opera schedules. Up until recently, a global crisis could be in the works, and the sports and entertainment venues scheduled across the planet would never be interrupted.

Then came Covid-19. The coronavirus plandemic, like earlier false flag events, was scripted in a studio by gifted writers. But unlike the other false flag events, Covid-19 was not designed to be a drill or dress-rehearsal. It was designed and unleashed on society to totally disrupt the ebb and flow of our lives so that a plethora of draconian policies and laws could be introduced into the matrix. It was designed so that there would be no return to the state of existence people perceived to be as normal. As we have been told through mass media brainwashing repeatedly, there’s a new standard, and things won’t be getting back to the way they were before Covid-19 until a vaccine is made available, and people take that medicinal concoction.

Sports and entertainment venues had to be shut down for the newest psyop to work. The powers that be needed our full attention. They had to awaken us from our hypnotic slumber created from watching hours and hours of mindless sports and entertainment programming. The fact that the few who control the many shut down the sports and entertainment industries speaks volumes about how vital the fake pandemic is to the overall goal of creating and advancing the new paradigms currently being inserted into society.

I don’t anticipate the return of typical sports and entertainment venues in the foreseeable future where there are large crowds of people in attendance. The powers that be want to keep people afraid of the virus. They want the public to perceive the outside environment as being dangerous and a threat to their health and well being. This is the reason for the implementation of new laws that make wearing face masks mandatory.

More to follow…

Vote “None of the Above” on Election Day

By Dr. John Reizer

Let’s be honest with one another for a few minutes and cut to the chase concerning the upcoming election in November.

Do you honestly believe that it’s going to make any difference whatsoever in the lives of Americans if a Republican or Democrat wins the presidential election?

I will let you in on a little secret, it won’t matter one bit who wins in November. Either way, the person or party member who serves in that prestigious position will be carrying out the goals of big pharma, playing his part in the scripted drama and fakery known as Covid-19.

Both Democrats and Republicans are heavily funded by drug companies and have sold their souls to them for a chance to have power, fame, and money.

The so-called elected officials spend their time giving constituents lip service about how they are representing everybody. Then they turn around and stab us in our backs.

The only real choice Americans have is paper or plastic.

Donald Trump knows full well the coronavirus is a psyop and refuses to put an end to the hoax. I couldn’t care less about him being a Republican. Hillary Clinton would have done the same thing, and so will Joe Biden if he is selected by the controlling powers to be the next presidential puppet for four years.

This November, don’t waste your vote on Trump or Biden; vote for none of the above and let the powers that be know you are not going to support the election farce anymore.

As the famous comedian, George Carlin used to say in his shows, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!”

The Fake Virus That Just Won’t Go Away

By Dr. John Reizer

Covid-19 won’t go away! Regardless of how long people self-isolate, self-quarantine, cover their mouths with face masks, adhere to social distancing guidelines, or follow a plethora of other prescriptive remedies, the CDC and other experts have been doling out, the fake pandemic will not disappear.

Covid-19 is a magical virus that mysteriously appeared out of nowhere, infected the entire world, and refuses to leave the people of Earth alone. Meanwhile, the case numbers are spiking all over the United States, and the managerial elites that are supposedly looking out for our best interests are thinking about proposing more draconian measures, like making it mandatory throughout much of the country to wear face masks.

This weekend I visited the states of North Carolina and Tennesee. The brainwashing is alive and well in both jurisdictions, as plenty of people were wearing face masks.

I learned something new on Saturday; businesses have the right to refuse paper money. In several Tennesee stores, there were signs displayed informing customers that cash was not welcome. Business owners are so terrified of the fake coronavirus, they’re afraid to handle paper currency. The only way you could pay for merchandise in these stores was via credit cards. That policy alone tells me where we are collectively headed.

I went to register at a hotel, and the woman working at the registration desk was seated behind a transparent sheet of plastic. She asked me to grab a pen from a container that had been labeled Clean Pens. After I signed some documents, the woman asked me to place the pen I had just contaminated into a second container that was labeled Used Pens. Interesting to note, the two boxes were about six inches apart. In other words, the clean and contaminated pens weren’t observing proper social distancing recommendations as set forth by the CDC.  The world has gone mad!

I wrote several weeks ago that the coronavirus case numbers would be spiking again shortly, and right on cue, that’s exactly what’s happening. If people believe that this fake narrative is leaving anytime soon, think again.

As for sports and entertainment operations resuming, forget about attending such venues for a while. The powers that be are going to keep these attractions shut down for lengthy periods. I know some professional sports leagues think they are going to have a season this year. I don’t believe that this will be the case. Even if leagues start back up, they’ll be shut down shortly after resuming operations. That’s what the controlling powers want. They want the public to see things start-up and get shut down again. It will help to remind everybody that all is not well after all.

But don’t worry, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Public, there are vaccines and tracking systems on the way, and together, they will help to bring back a state of normalcy to society.

Governors Making it Mandatory for People to Wear Face Masks in Public

By Dr. John Reizer

According to new state law, Governor Gavin Newsome has made it mandatory to wear a face mask in public places. The new law affects all California residents and is a disturbing scenario that might be soon observed in other American states.

Governor Newsome had this to say about face masks. “Science shows that face coverings and masks work.” Many people would disagree with him. He also stated, “Simply put, we are seeing too many people with faces uncovered – putting at risk the real progress we have made in fighting the disease.”

In North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper has made similar disturbing comments that alluded to the idea he is considering similar draconian actions for all North Carolina residents. Governor Cooper said the following about people wearing face masks. “We want people voluntarily to do this, but we are looking at, potentially, rules to make these mandatory.”

These elected leaders are out of control and completely overreacting to an obvious psyop that has been orchestrated by a world governing construct that likes to hide in the shadows. As more coronavirus case numbers are artificially manipulated upwards in the United States because of rigged test kits that are sensitive to other coronaviruses and bacteria prevalent throughout the population, more of these ridiculous laws are likely to be written into existence.

I will not be complying with this law if it is created in South Carolina. I believe this requirement would place my health in jeopardy. I am willing to obey the laws of the land like most people, but there is a point where I will opt-out of blindly following a draconian law that has been designed to harm my loved ones or me.

Everybody has to make their own decision concerning following such rules or not. For me, this particular law crosses the line, and I will not participate. In my opinion, the wearing of face masks is a health hazard to human beings. I couldn’t care less what a governor of a particular state believes about face masks benefiting the public. I am not wearing one!

If a large number of people decide not to participate, it will be nearly impossible for the authorities to enforce such a draconian law.

I Have A Dream

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

I have a dream where:

  • all human beings are brothers, sisters, and family.
  • there is worldwide peace with harmony and no conflicts.
  • all humans love one another and have compassion for each other.
  • there are no news media companies that provide intentional lying and propaganda.
  •  there are no Hollywood movies with subliminal indoctrination.
  • there is no violence, false accusations, and false flag operations.
  • there are no wars, vaccines, and fear-mongering.
  • life on Earth is a paradise because there is no evil, violence, propaganda, and there exists a freedom to live without government intrusion.

Another Major Psyop in 2021?

By Dr. John Reizer

I dislike being a purveyor of fake news more than anything else. I hate it so much, I began work on an alternative news platform in 2011. After working out some kinks, I brought the platform to life in February 2012, when I published NoFakeNews for the first time.

I have been writing posts on NoFakeNews for eight years and counting. The readership has continued to grow, and I am happy, so many people have found value in the content I have written or made available from other sources.

On one or two occasions during the past eight years, I have made educated predictions about world happenings based on trends I see occurring and announced them on the website. Most recently, I predicted a second false flag event would be unleashed before September 2020 that would be as big or bigger than the world pandemic. Three days later, George Floyd was murdered, and the US race riots began. Where that script leads us in the future remains to be seen.

I have been fortunate to have made the acquaintance of an individual, who shall remain nameless, which is a world-renowned authority on specific global trends. The person is well respected both domestically and internationally and has lectured at Ivy League institutions and other prestigious venues. This is a person I have known for more than ten years and who has unknowingly helped me have a better understanding of certain world happenings.

Based on a recent conversation I shared with this person, it is my opinion that another massive psyop will happen in early to mid-2021.

I don’t know what the event might be at this time. I do believe it will affect all governments globally as well as the world’s financial markets. The prediction is based on the study of particular world trends and information available in the public domain. No psychic abilities are being utilized to forecast this psyop.

Could I be wrong about this future psyop? Yes. How confident am I that something significant will happen? I am moderately confident this will happen. Could it have to do with Covid -19 and the following vaccines? Yes.

We are all living in constant volatility because the psychopaths running the world are making draconian policies and creating false flag events to manipulate the world’s population. They are planning more sleight of hand magic in the months ahead.

Why would I write a post about this now? I wanted to go on the record so people can have a point of reference to refer back to if the event comes to fruition.

False flags alone cannot hurt us. Our reaction or overreaction to them is what puts us all in harm’s way.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

When You Wear A Face Mask You Are…

By Dr. John Reizer

When you wear a face mask, you are…

  1. ...buying into the narrative that the coronavirus can harm you.
  2. …buying into the narrative that you have no protection from microorganisms.
  3. …buying into the narrative that others not wearing face masks can harm you.
  4. …buying into the narrative that vaccines prevent you from getting sick.
  5. …buying into the narrative that self-isolation helps contain a fake virus.
  6. …buying into the narrative that it is no longer safe to go outside and live.
  7. …buying into the narrative that the government has a right to shut down the world.
  8. …buying into the narrative that the government has a right to interrupt your life.
  9. …buying into the narrative that the government has a right to test you for Covid-19.
  10. …buying into the narrative that the government has a right to contact trace you.

You are not the government’s personal property. Stop acting like you are! CDC recommendations are not the law! Stop being part of a mindless herd that blindly follows draconian guidelines designed to scare and condition people into believing the lie known as Covid-19.