There Are Only Two Sexes!

Dr. Reizer shared with me this writing back in October 2020. It’s never been published on the Internet, nor has it appeared in any other Michael Morris books. He maintains the materials are fiction, but they’re interesting to read nonetheless. I have permission to publish this writing. Many others remain unpublished.

Gina Flores

By Michael Morris

My name is Michael Morris, and in certain rare instances, I provide content for this platform. The editor of this website and I go back a long time — a real long time.

I wanted to comment on a topic that is a sensitive subject in your world. I write the words “your world” because I haven’t lived there for a while.

There are two sexes on earth — male and female. When discussing sexes, it’s important to understand that the term refers to the genetically designed space suits human beings wear while conducting business as downloaded avatars inside the matrix of simulations known as life.

Genders, the way avatars identify themselves while participating in the simulation are countless. People (avatars) identify themselves outside of the two genetic space suits because most downloads have lived thousands upon thousands of incarnations (lifetimes) as males and females. It is no wonder that downloads have a difficult time identifying as one sex in a given simulation.

Although people believe that life on earth is real, it is not. If you’re living a life on earth, you are participating in a simulation that is akin to a video game. You are here to help garner experiential knowledge that can be used by a Vast Intelligence that seeks to constantly learn and create more simulated worlds to gather more experiential knowledge.

It’s an ongoing process that never happened, and yet it will never begin or end. Time as you perceive it does not exist outside the construct of the matrix’s simulation.

I know that what I am writing is difficult to comprehend, but then again, so is the fact that a world pandemic taking place in your simulation is a hoax designed to change the downloaded avatars’ structure and function in the game.

Oh, it’s a lot different than you think outside the construct of the matrix. The Vast Intelligence that created and made all of this possible is beyond the human limited mind’s comprehension. Don’t sweat it too much. You are here to live, learn and experience everything, good, bad, and in between.

You are not your body (download), although the simulation has been constructed to make you believe that you are. You are much more than a downloaded avatar. You are a real soul connected to a powerful intelligence that never ceases to exist.

Live your life and enjoy the experience no matter what it happens to be. Remember, you only live thousands of lifetimes, so make sure you use them wisely. Vast intelligence needs your help! 🙂


The Target List Movie on Amazon Prime!

In association with River Rose Productions, Mad Wife Productions has announced that The Target List movie will begin filming on April 10, 2021. The movie will be released on Amazon Prime in the summer of 2021.

The Story:

After announcing a ground-breaking cancer cure, two members of a research team are shot by an assassin. The remaining two researchers barely escape the attack, only to find themselves framed for murder. Now they need to prove their innocence while running from both the police and the assassin hired to kill them by the big pharma.

Screenplay by MJ Palo and John Reizer

Based on the novel by John Reizer 

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The Target List Cast:

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The Entire Plandemic Psyop Explained in 90 Minutes (A Must Listen)

By Gina Flores

Barcelona, Spain — I listened to Dr. John Reizer’s radio conversation yesterday on the TS Radio network. I was so moved by his explanations about what is happening with the pandemic that I became inspired to write and publish this post today.

Let me first say that if you have not had a chance to listen to the show, do yourself a favor and catch the rebroadcast on demand from the link I have provided below.

In the Mix – Interview (1-29-21)

I will warn you in advance that Dr. Reizer is a straight shooter and does not say things to create controversy for the purpose of clickbait. What he explained on the show he believes is happening in the world. I agree with him.

John has an unusual grasp on the entire psyop and has a way of articulating the details simply so that most people can follow along and understand what is taking place.

The one thing I can say with certainty is that Dr. Reizer has been consistent from the beginning of this so-called disease about writing what’s going on behind the scenes. Since January 2019, he had called Covid a hoax and a movie script. This was before he began writing content about the psyop on NoFakeNews.

What John has explained to me privately, long ago, about the coronavirus is now being discussed by others. The conclusions he has made and discussed on this website are shocking and will likely be dismissed by most people as a conspiracy theory. Dr. Reizer’s explanations seem more plausible to me than those handed down by different governments worldwide.

Here in Spain, the government recorded 34,899 new coronavirus infections and 515 deaths in the past day. Like every other nation globally, this one encourages citizens to continue taking PCR tests designed to give false results.

Spain has sided with the EU about how the shortage of vaccines has been handled. Everything here is about people getting access to the shots. It’s absurd, and nobody dares to question the legitimacy of the ridiculous narrative being promoted by health ministry officials.

If people don’t wake up soon, I believe that we will be facing a dismal future.


The Target List Movie is Coming to Amazon Prime This Summer

In association with River Rose Productions, Mad Wife Productions has announced that The Target List movie will begin filming on April 10, 2021.

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An Interview with John Reizer — The Creator of NoFakeNews

By Gina Flores

Barcelona, Spain — I recently had an opportunity to interview chiropractor, author, teacher, husband, and father, Dr. John Reizer, about The Target List novel he wrote in 2019. We also discussed chiropractic, and the world pandemic. His novel is about to go into production to become a pilot movie and be released on the Amazon Prime platform in 2021. Here’s what John had to say:

GF: Why did you decide to write this story?

JR: My novel, The Target List, was written with the dual intention to entertain readers while teaching them about the many machinations currently taking place within organized medicine and through its handler, the pharmaceutical industry.

I have been on this path for a long time. I have recently narrowed my focus and writings to concentrate on the fakery associated with the world plandemic, but I have been studying the big pharma industry for many years.

This book delves into a subject that most authors would probably steer away from. But one of the great things about being an indie author is that you have the creative freedom to do what you want.

The Target List is an important book, in my opinion, because it exposes people to certain truths embedded within a fictional construct that they wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to see.

The idea for the book was borne out of my deep desire to educate healthcare consumers about these concepts and to do so through a fictional plot so that readers would absorb the material and not be concerned that it was too far removed from the conventional paradigms that have been etched into our collective psyche.

GF: How did you write The Target List? Did you know the ending before you began writing the book? Did you prepare by performing a lot of research?

JR: It’s funny, I don’t usually outline my fiction and organize the different chapters or scenes. Instead, I sit and write from the seat of my pants.

When I wrote The Target List in 2019, I began the book by writing a single sentence on a word processor, ” The killer entered Roger Atwood’s home from the back porch, through a sliding glass door.”

That’s how the story began. From one sentence, I created the novel. It’s no different than anything else I have ever penned, including the articles on NoFakeNews. I sit at a keyboard and let my fingers come to life.

As I worked through writing the manuscript, I changed things around often and spliced scenes in and out of the mix. Characters were created in the same way, and I didn’t have an endpoint for the story until I was well into the book.

GF: How excited are you about The Target List movie?

JR: I am very excited about the movie. The idea that something I wrote out of my head is going to be a movie is mind-blowing. But I have to say that none of this would have been remotely possible without me contacting MJ Palo, who co-wrote the screenplay with me.

MJ is an extremely talented writer who helped transform the novel into a pilot movie that we hope will lead to the filming and production of the full-length film in the future. But for now, having the pilot produced and released this coming summer on Amazon Prime and other platforms is amazing in itself.

GF: Have you met The Target List cast members, crew and are you planning to be on location when filming begins?

JR: No, I haven’t had the chance to meet the cast or production team. I will not be able to be on location during filming, which begins on April 10. Because of certain travel restrictions in place and the challenges presented with flying these days, I will not get out there. Reno, Nevada, where the movie is being filmed, is far from my home in South Carolina. It’s not practical for me to drive there.

The nice thing about working with the two companies producing the movie is that they have kept me in the loop about the production schedule, casting, and everything else.

I think I should stay out of the crew’s way and let the professionals create the movie.

GF: How long does it take you to write a novel like The Target List or some of the other novels you have authored? How long does it take you to write an article for NoFakeNews?

JR: I think I wrote The Target List in under a month. I don’t recall the exact amount of time it took. My other short novels were all completed in about four-six weeks. Once I get rolling, and the creativity is flowing, I become a pretty efficient and productive writer.

The average article on NoFakeNews takes me about an hour to write and publish. It depends on certain factors, but that’s a pretty accurate estimation of what it usually takes to write a new post.

GF: Can you tell readers about your experience with being a healthcare professional?

JR: It’s been a long ride. I have found that being a chiropractor has been a challenging experience. On the one hand, everything that I understand about the world has come about because of my chiropractic education. Chiropractic is an amazing profession that is way ahead of its time.

On the other hand, being a chiropractor has added stress and frustration to my life. Becoming a chiropractor is tantamount to swallowing the red pill in the Matrix movie. There’s no turning back when you enter the institutional doors of chiropractic. You learn the truth about how health in human beings is expressed. You also learn the truth about organized medicine, and it kind of screws around with your mind. At least it did for me.

In retrospect, I wouldn’t choose chiropractic as a career path again if I was given a chance to live my life over. And my decision has nothing to do with the profession’s objective and ability to keep people healthy. Chiropractic is amazing, and I think that everyone should be under care. However, it is hard to know the truth about something and have the burden and stress of constantly teaching others.

I am currently dealing with the same challenges when revealing the truth to people about COVID-19.

I am living this life now, and I will be a chiropractor and healthcare educator until it’s time for me to graduate to the next lifetime. I am in this for the long haul and have no plans to do anything else in the meantime.

GF: Where do you see this whole coronavirus pandemic going in the future?

JR: I have to be honest when I say that I am not overly optimistic about the direction this thing is going. When I first started writing about sars-cov-2 (COVID-19), I was much more optimistic about the idea that people in society would catch on and see the scam that was taking place. But the longer the false narrative went along, it seemed, the more people were buying the story.

I have to admit, the authors of the plandemic have done a great job in pulling off this hoax. The PCR testing was an integral part of keeping the psyop operational and a necessary component to engineering the millions of false-positive case numbers that allowed for the plandemic to be defined in the first place by different sovereign governments.

The controlling powers knew all along that they needed the fake case numbers on paper so that the words outbreak, epidemic, and pandemic could be inserted into the equation. Once those terms were securely in place, it paved the way for the vaccine-makers to get their unapproved products into circulation under Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs).

My feeling is that unless a lot of people wake up relatively soon, there’s going to be a lot fewer people walking this planet in the next several years. I know many people out there don’t believe a grand conspiracy is being orchestrated by a world governing construct. I believe there is such a conspiracy. I believe they are really close to getting away with a genocidal plot to cull the global population and install a socialistic form of government in every country on the planet.


The Target List Movie is Coming to Amazon Prime This Summer

In association with River Rose Productions, Mad Wife Productions has announced that The Target List movie will begin filming on April 10, 2021.

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Visit The Target List IMDb Movie Page For Updates

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We are continuing our fundraising efforts for the movie. The movie production companies bringing this film to life have generously invested money into this project and have asked me to help them out by promoting a fundraiser to offset production expenses.




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My Interview with the Author of the PLANDEMIC Novella

By Gina Flores

Guest Contributor

I used to be a regular contributor for NoFakeNews and have written my fair share of articles here over the years. Although I am no longer involved with the daily operations, I still write a post here and there and follow with interest Dr. Reizer’s views on various world occurrences.

Recently, I had an opportunity to interview Dr. Reizer, the author of PLANDEMIC. Here’s how the conversation went:

GF: It has been many months since this whole coronavirus pandemic was set loose on the world. Here in the United States, the lockdowns created plenty of hardship for the American people. Do you see things getting better or worse through the remainder of 2020?

JR: I think that we are in for a rough stretch ahead, concerning the way daily life will be allowed to operate. I don’t believe this is something that will be exclusive to the United States. I see all countries in the world having to contend with much of the same narrative that we have been previously dealing with since January of this year. I honestly believe that the powers that be have invested a lot of planning, resources, and energy into making this world pandemic something that will affect human life for the foreseeable future.

GF: I know you have a good understanding of the overall objectives that are being sought out by certain powerful bloodlines running the operations behind the scenes. You have obviously written so many useful and detailed articles about these psychopaths. In a few words, what is the end game that humanity will have to deal with in the years to come?

JR: The real governing construct that rules the world is a permanent one. Unlike the managerial elites that are temporarily elected into public office in the US and other global territories and visible to the citizenry, the permanent government that creates and hands down directives to the visible governments are the real decision-makers. They write and drive the policies that influence and shape the world decade after decade. These people are invisible to the general public. 

The world that they envision is one where people are microchipped, tracked, vaccinated, and tightly controlled in a cashless, almost Orwellian society. They envision a world that is significantly less populated, featuring a model world citizen who is dependent on the government for safety and protection.

It’s a world where computer surveillance will be so overwhelming, and in our face, people will have little to no privacy. What we refer to as Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be present everywhere people turn. But the AI will not be run by machines like the powers that be are trying to convey in movies and Hollywood scripts. No, these computer link-ups will very much be controlled and run by human intelligence.

GF: You have written in many articles and have said during live interviews that the coronavirus is not a real virus. After looking at the enormous amount of case numbers in the world, do you still believe that the pandemic is a scripted story that continues to be acted out by the powers that be?

JR: I absolutely believe that there is no Covid-19 virus in existence. It has been my contention all along that the disease is a product of case numbers that have been generated by test kits that are completely unreliable and give false-positive results, the misreporting of other diseases as coronavirus cases, and the misreporting of fatalities from other illnesses that have been incorrectly attributed to Covid-19.  Case numbers are what ultimately create the buzz words, outbreak, epidemic, and pandemic. Without case numbers, you don’t get to write and publish those harsh sounding words that scare the hell out of everybody.

GF: What do you think the vaccines will accomplish for the world government?

JR: I think anytime you have a concerted effort by the world’s governments to mass-produce enough vaccines to serve the entire global population, it should send chills up and down our spines. I think the vaccines will contain medicinal properties that will weaken human immunity, significantly decrease the reproductive capabilities of people, and provide tracking technology that might also be able to modulate human physiology and immune system functions. 

GF: Do you believe that the US Government and other countries will attempt to make the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory?

JR: I believe that there will be a massive marketing campaign designed to coerce people into voluntarily taking the vaccine for the greater good of the world community. In the US, they have been trying to convince the public that mandatory vaccines are constitutionally supported, but I don’t believe they are because of one important reason. The premise that compulsory vaccines are in alignment with the constitution is based on the outdated 1905 Supreme Court ruling, Jacobson v. Massachusetts. To apply that legality to the American public, however, the law of informed consent must be violated, which states that people have the right to choose not to have a medical procedure or product that possesses any risk to the patient’s health. A physician must disclose those risks to the patient and get the individual’s written informed consent before administering the products or services. This is the law! The failure to get a patient’s written informed consent precludes the physician from delivering care.

GF: Can you tell me about your newest novella, PLANDEMIC?

JR: PLANDEMIC is a fictional account of the real-life coronavirus pandemic that has been up and running throughout the world in 2020. I created the work with fictional characters in an attempt to hopefully reach a broad audience and wake them up. The novella attempts to present through fiction what I believe has happened and is an ongoing drama in all of our lives.

I believe that for some people in society to be able to digest an alternative perspective about COVID-19, they have to absorb the content in a non-threatening way — through fiction. My idea was to create a fictional narrative that mirrored the real one and to get as many people as possible to read the story. Sometimes great truths can be told through fictional works, and this is what I was hoping to accomplish.

GF: I gave you permission to use my likeness in the novella during one of the scenes at a Washington, DC press conference. Tell me what that part of the story represented, and why was it necessary?

JR: First of all, thanks for allowing me to do that. It was an essential scene in the novella for two reasons. Number one, your character helped demonstrate to readers the fact that hardball questions are never asked by the mainstream press, and number two, alternative news reporters are precluded from being admitted inside a government press conference to ask real questions that would hold government officials accountable for their actions.

GF: What is your advice for people that are awake and understand that the pandemic is a hoax?

JR: Stay calm, obey the law, and keep a close watch on what regulations and executive orders are actually signed into law. There is likely to be yet another wave of increased case numbers in the weeks and months ahead. This will be part of the continued fakery written into the script. The controlling powers want to keep the members of society off balance and scared until a vaccine is ready to be rolled out in late 2020 or by the beginning of 2021.

GF: Thank you, Dr. Reizer, for taking the time to answer my questions.

JR: You are welcome, Gina!

Great News!

Thanks to readers here, PLANDEMIC is currently the number two ranked book on charts for the top-100 free best selling kindle books in medical fiction. Thank you for helping this come to fruition. This is an important step in getting broad readership for the title. The more people who read the novella, the better the chances are to wake up society. 



My Review of The Homecoming Novella

By Gina Flores

Contributor for NoFakeNews

I had a chance to read Dr. Reizer’s latest novella, The Homecoming today, and was very impressed. It’s delicious, and I ‘m not kidding when I write that I definitely didn’t see the twist ending coming. That was pretty damn clever.

I remember many years ago when I first came across John’s Michael Morris book, and I thought to myself, this guy has one hell of imagination when it comes to science fiction. I saw the brilliance in his writing back then, and also last summer in The Target List and earlier this year in the novella, Frequency. I liked Frequency a lot, and that story has a particularly good twist at the end as well.

The Homecoming is both entertaining and highly imaginative. It’s a story that makes readers think about so many different issues that are affecting us in today’s world. That’s one of the things I especially enjoy about John’s sci-fi books; they make you think about all sorts of things. When you’re reading his stories, you are definitely entertained. They’re all quick reads, and then after you have finished them, you’re lying in bed at night thinking about the deeper issues the stories carry with them.

If you are looking for a quick read with a super-cool ending, check out, The Homecoming. It’s definitely worth the read.

An Interview with Dr. John Reizer

By Gina Flores

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing NoFakeNews founder and author, Dr. John Reizer about his recent novel, The Target List. Here’s what he had to say:

Gina: How does it feel to have written a pretty damn good novel?

John: I am happy with the way the story turned out. There are always aspects of a story that I think that I should have done a bit differently, but I think most writers have the same feelings regarding their books. This story is special to me because of the underlying message it attempts to convey to readers and listeners.

Gina: It seems to me from looking at all the reviews on Amazon and Audible that your story has been well received by most readers. Were you expecting such positive reviews and feedback?

John: Well you know, I didn’t know what to expect. Usually, my books receive very little in the way of reviews. When you’re an unknown author swimming in a sea of established authors, it’s hard to get people to read your work, let alone rate and review it. I think, initially , I believed there would be more negative reviews than positive ones. And not because of my writing abilities, but because the storyline is based on a very polarizing subject. Anytime you write something negative about traditional medicine or the pharmaceutical industrial complex, you’re inviting and opening yourself up to hostile reader reviews.

Gina: Have you received any bad or hostile reviews?

John: I haven’t really received too many negative reviews for The Target List. There have been a few 2 and 3 star ratings, but not everybody is going to fall in love with your story.

Gina: Do you like the way the audiobook turned out?

John: Oh yes! I think Allen Grunerud did such a great job with the book. The audiobook has been on and off of Amazon’s Top 100 list for Medical Thrillers. It’s been spending a lot of time on the list this past week. I am so happy with the way he produced the project. And his work has been positively reviewed on Audible. There have been lots of great reviews on that platform and that’s a direct result of Allen’s narration skills.

Gina: What’s next for this story?

John: I am collaborating with a screenwriter to hopefully turn the story into a low budget movie thriller. That’s the plan at least. I think you have to aim high and see how things shake out. But, honestly, I have a good feeling about The Target List moving forward. Regardless of what happens from this point, the rest is frosting on the cake for me. This story has already exceeded my original expectations.

Gina: Are you working on another story?

John: I have delayed beginning my next novel because I have been involved with the screenplay project. That’s going to take several months to complete so I want to wait until that’s wrapped up before concentrating on something new. But I am having fun with this book and I am still writing articles everyday for NoFakeNews.

Audiobook Review of The Target List

By Gina Flores

It’s been more than a few months since I have written anything for NoFakeNews. My schedule has been hectic, and I have been back and forth to Europe like a pingpong ball this year. But now I have some downtime until January and can catch my breath.

I haven’t had the chance to write anything about Dr. Reizer’s novel, The Target List. I read the paperback in July; it was fantastic. I told John at the time it was the best thing he’d written to date and I loved his Michael Morris books.

I just finished listening to the audiobook edition narrated by Allen Grunerud. It’s also fantastic.

Let me just say that this story and the concept of WAND are brilliant. The storyline is not only plausible, it’s probably happened more frequently than anyone could imagine.

I loved Clyde’s character. He’s a very complex individual, intellectually speaking, yet down to earth and ready to confront and defeat professional assassins. Donna is great too – she possess the perfect personality to keep Clyde on track and between the two of them, they’re the perfect team.

The Target List is entertainment and a window’s look inside the world of Big Pharma all wrapped up in a two hour listen.

What I liked best about the novel is the simplicity of the writing. Dr. Reizer keeps the story’s pace moving at a good clip and is able to accurately portray the state of criminal activity taking place in the pharmaceutical industry, and still create a very good medical thriller. Not an easy thing to pull off.

If you’re interested in listening to or reading a great story, get acquainted with John Reizer’s, The Target List.

Gina’s book rating:



Pro Life?

By Gina Flores

So here in the United States, there’s a big argument going on between Democrats and Republicans – pro choice versus pro life.

In a nutshell, the argument is centered on how much control men in government should have over a woman’s body.

The pro choice party says a woman should have the right to terminate her pregnancy up until a very late stage of fetal development.

The pro life camp says a woman should not have the right to terminate her pregnancy shortly after conception.

Life is certainly a very precious commodity. From an ethical or biological standpoint, I can’t say for certain when life should or shouldn’t be protected by man made laws.

But here’s something I do know; pro choice Democrats and pro life Republicans both offer bipartisan support for murdering former fetuses in endless wars.

If you’re in the pro life camp, how can you support wars, the state sponsored murder of countless people?

And if you’re in the pro choice camp, that’s not a good enough reason to support the countless murders of innocent people in state sponsored wars.

What do you think about this subject?

Orthodox Jews Stand With Omar


By Gina Flores

To criticize the Zionist Israeli Government, AIPAC or the many other pro Israel lobby groups that promote Zionism and exert tremendous influence on the United States Government is not a form of anti Semitism. It is instead a form of anti Zionism which is a completely different thing altogether.

There are many people worldwide that absolutely oppose the atrocities the Israeli government have committed against the Palestinian people and the Jewish community that are also opposed to the Zionist movement.

The fact that a member of Congress has been publicly condemned by her colleagues for bringing to light the truth about this situation speaks volumes about just how much control AIPAC and other Zionist lobbying groups have over our US Government.

The control the Israeli Government has over Congress is a much more serious issue than the fabricated news about Russia’s supposed meddling in the last American election between Hillary Clinton and current President, Donald Trump.

Most of us can recognize the dangerous influence the pharmaceutical lobbyists have over Congress. Some of us can even comprehend the serious problems big telecom lobbyists have created through their powerful control over Congress. It puts all Americans in danger because it’s almost impossible to stay healthy with so many toxic drugs and electronic devices being shoved down our collective throat. The same problems are currently present with regards to Israel, their lobbyists and Congress.

It should not be the business of the United States Government to do what’s best for Zionism or the Zionist Israeli government. The United States should be focused on doing what’s best for America and its citizens. And please Mr. Trump, stop calling the people in your government anti Semitic just because they have the strength and courage to point out the obvious.


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