Let me point out another intellectual property scam

Dr. John Reizer

As long as we are discussing medical fraud and fakery that impacts people worldwide, let me talk Influenza.

Each year hypnotized robots line up like a herd of sheep and get a flu jab. That medicinal product then kicks off the annual illness observed globally. People continually subject themselves to a vaccine that launches the very disease they are supposedly trying to prevent.

The corporately owned mainstream media companies advertise the seasonal hype and pull the strings that greatly influence the collective psyche of society’s members.

The same sleight of hand trickery being performed with Covid-19 has been taking place with influenza statistics for many years.

Cases of common colds and upper respiratory diseases are mislabeled and misdiagnosed as Influenza during the flu season. This pads the case numbers and promotes the multi-billion dollar vaccine industry.

Vaccines are the holy grail of the church of medicine! Unfortunately, they don’t prevent illnesses. Vaccines cause the proliferation of sickness worldwide.

The powers that be even design and distribute an utterly useless PCR test that is calibrated to register false-positive for flu cases. The test kits are sensitive to commonly found genetic material in a significant amount of the population. It is outright fraud, and people have been falling for the scam for decades.

What most people think they know about traditional organized medicine is far different from what is happening behind the scenes.

It’s time to wake up and get a clue because the powers that be are laughing at us as we walk around with face masks.

Get Off the Train to Insanity Before it’s too late!

Dr. John Reizer

I was driving to work yesterday, and there was a woman with three kids, all wearing face masks in the car alongside me. There are more people inside automobiles wearing face masks than ever before.

At lunchtime, I went to the bank, and everybody had masks on in the drive-thru lanes. That in itself was a surreal looking scene.

Next, I visited the post office and, you guessed it, every person inside was wearing a mask. Then, a trip to the supermarket brought me into contact with more mask wearers.

If you want to enter certain restaurants in my neck of the woods, you have to wear a mask, but can take off the face diaper two minutes later when you sit in the establishment to eat your food. This is insanity, and the vast majority of the population is running around like robots complying with the new paradigm.

The new normal is here to stay. As long as people don’t object to the craziness taking place, they will be wearing masks in public for many years to come.

Last week, Dr. Deborah Birx told American families they should be wearing face masks inside their homes. She wants people to wear plastic face shields in public. Her colleague, Dr. Anthony Fauci, weighed in by recommending people also begin wearing goggles to protect against catching the coronavirus through the eyes.

Once you board the insanity train, there’s no getting off. It’s an express line moving full speed ahead to a perilous destination.

I opted out of the craziness long ago, refusing to wear a mask from day one of the first draconian policies being implemented. You should do the same. If you want to avoid having to figure out how to jump off the insanity train — don’t board the damn thing in the first place.

The longer people continue to blindly follow the incredibly stupid guidelines and recommendations coming from stage actors having no real understanding about health and infectious diseases, the more difficult it will be for society to reverse the dangerous practice.

Time is running out, and something incredibly big is about to be unleashed. The next psyop is coming soon. You are going to have to opt-out or be sucked into the madness. Will it be uncomfortable to refuse to comply with the craziness? Yes! But the alternative will be much worse.

I can’t give readers the strength or courage to do what is necessary to turn this thing around. I can only recommend to people what to do to liberate themselves from tyranny. The strength and courage to take action must come from within. It’s time to opt-out of the craziness and insanity right now!

Covid-19: Where We Stand and What We Need to do Next

By Dr. John Reizer

Here we are in the middle of July, and I am still writing about the coronavirus. Covid-19 remains the center of attention in America. The way it was explained many months ago by the public health experts was that the warm weather would significantly decrease the case numbers, and then we would most likely see a drastic spike in case numbers during the fall. Evidently, that’s not the way Covid-19 operates because the case numbers have continued to increase in many American states during the hot summertime temperatures.

How long is the ridiculousness going to continue? Are you tired of the psyop yet? Do you still believe that a killer cold virus is on the loose infecting and killing non-mask-wearing targets?

I have had several people from the NoFakeNews platform write to me, wanting to know if this particular disease is similar to Lyme disease or other disorders people have had to contend with throughout the years. The people writing in have heard from certain medical doctors that Covid-19 can cause permanent problems with the blood, heart, GI tract, gallbladder, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, and other systems of physiology. People want to know why this coronavirus is so different from all the other coronaviruses that have been interacting with people for decades.

There is a straightforward answer to this question: the Covid-19 virus is fake! It is a paper tiger that has no legs without the false reporting of medical case numbers being created out of thin air by rigged test kits. When I write about the test kits being rigged, I am writing about the fact that the lab tests being used worldwide register false-positive results for people who have been previously infected or are currently infected by other coronaviruses not named Covid-19.

Explaining this scenario as simply as I can, let me write that what the controlling powers have done is absolutely ingenious. They created lab tests that would yield false-positive results in about twenty percent of the population. They knew these results would be returned before they unleashed the diabolical false narrative back in November 2019. All of this nonsense was preplanned in a writer’s studio.

I have written ad nauseam about how this scheme works, but let me, for the sake of other readers who are new to the website, explain in more detail what is taking place concerning the fake viral pandemic.

  1. Approximately twenty percent or higher of the world’s population have coronavirus antibodies present in their bodies or are presently contending with the resonant genetic signature of a coronavirus.
  2. The serological and PCR testing being performed worldwide is sensitive to the other coronaviruses not named Covid-19 in the population, and this is why so many healthy people globally are testing positive for a fake disease that has never existed in the first place.
  3. Twenty percent of the people worldwide with previous coronavirus experience also have legitimate physiological challenges. By chance alone, these individuals test false-positive when undergoing Covid-19 testing procedures. Once misdiagnosed with the fake Covid-19 disease, the other physiological problems they are already dealing with are lumped into the Covid-19 arena. The other physiological conditions these people experience are then inappropriately identified as new characteristics of the coronavirus. This is why the symptoms associated with the fake disease continue to expand each month. It’s total medical fraud!

Here’s what I believe we need to do as a nation:

  1. We need to understand that there is no Covid-19 virus.
  2. We need to ditch the face masks.
  3. We need to unlearn the social distancing propaganda.
  4. We need to take down the plexiglass and plastic barriers in food and other stores.
  5. We need to go back to work.
  6. We need to go back to school and college.
  7. We need to stop being afraid of the air we have been breathing our entire lives.
  8. We need to disconnect from the mainstream media and all news programs.
  9. We need to stop taking all toxic vaccines.
  10. We need to stop believing that the CDC and WHO are giving out helpful guidelines and recommendations that can make us healthier.

These ten items would be an excellent place to start when it comes to getting the world community out of the colossal mess it currently finds itself enmeshed.

The Return of the Creature at Jekyll Island (The Sequel)

By Dr. John Reizer

November 2019
Jekyll Island, Georgia

A long Mahogany conference desk was centered in the middle of a secured executive board room in an undisclosed, secret location on Jekyll Island, Georgia. Seated around the desk in brown leatherback chairs were the world’s most prominent and important CEOs from healthcare and pharmaceutical corporations.

Much like a powerful group of men had forever changed the US financial system in November 1910 at the same location, the men in attendance on this late fall evening were about to forever change the way the world embraced infectious diseases.

The chairman of the secret council, an older man with striking white hair and a strong jaw, held a stack of papers in his hands and faced the others who were all immaculately dressed in expensive Italian suits.

The chairman dropped the paperwork he’d been holding on the desktop and cleared his throat. “Gentleman, we have the blueprint for operation ‘ACHOO,’ and we are ready to proceed with our plan in December of this year.”

There were a few rumbles of muffled conversation briefly heard across the room before the chairman continued. “We’re going with a novel coronavirus. It will debut in Wuhan, China.”

“Why China and why a coronavirus?” a voice called out.

The chairman smiled and said, “Because America thinks everything is made there.

“Based on the lab samples we have collected worldwide, a coronavirus will test positive in about 30 percent of the population. It will allow us the false-positive results needed to support a world pandemic.”

“Do you think that we can sustain this thing with such a weak virus?” asked one of the CEOs of a major drug manufacturer.

The chairman smiled before offering his reply. “The sheeple will believe anything we broadcast on television. After they have been sitting at home for months without watching sports or other forms of entertainment, they’re going to be begging for a cure.”

“How long do we need to disrupt everything to achieve our goals?” asked another CEO.

The chairman straightened in his chair and said, “For as long as it takes. We are about to change an entire paradigm. We are about to create a ‘new normal,’ one where we will decide who gets what pharmaceutical products, and how often.”

The CEOs in attendance were all smiling and feeling confident at this point.

One attendee seated at the opposite end of the desk from the chairman asked a question. “Don’t you think a few people will figure out our plan and alert the rest of the public?”

The chairman of the group reached in his suit pocket and pulled out a face mask. He strapped it over his face and stared at the others, looking back at him. “They won’t be able to speak out about anything because the entire world will be wearing these face diapers.”

The council members were all laughing heartily.

The chairman stopped laughing and sported a more serious look on his face. He held the face mask in one hand and a syringe in another. He said, “If they are stupid enough to wear the masks, they’re going to be just as stupid and accept the vaccines.” The chairman was grinning widely.

A short time later, the room erupted in loud laughter.

The Covid – 19 False Flag is Alive and Well

By Dr. John Reizer

It’s important for readers not to lose focus on the overall big picture. Covid-19 is a fake virus, and the scripted psyop is by no stretch of the imagination finished.

There are a plethora of scientists and professional talking heads out there discussing where the virus originated or if it was created in a lab. Some people are talking about it being genetically engineered by the Chinese, and there are many other theories. Don’t for one-second fall into that paradigm. The virus is not real.

What the world continues to deal with is a psyop that has a well-calculated goal of scaring people into medical submission. The controlling powers have the global population wearing face diapers and believing that regularly occurring microbes we have successfully coexisted with forever are all of a sudden, making it impossible for human beings to stay healthy.

Lies, lies, and more lies infiltrate the airwaves of the mainstream media and continue to brainwash the vast majority of the population.

Additional waves of Covid-19 have already been planned for the immediate future along with the introduction of other fairy tale diseases. All the hocus pocus sleight of hand magic being showcased to the world is for one purpose — the creation and administration of a Covid-19 vaccine that is waiting in the wings. It will be proudly displayed by the eugenicists running the show as the only way to mitigate the spread of the fake coronavirus.

The coming autumn season promises to be filled with more medical mass hypnosis geared at keeping people afraid to venture outside. I believe that the US and other countries will be made to shut down once again under enormous pressure from health regulatory agencies worldwide and the general public’s overreaction to the fakery.

If Covid-19’s A Hoax, What are the Vaccines for and Who’s Getting them First? (The Plot Thickens)

By Dr. John Reizer

If Covid-19 is a well-orchestrated global psyop, what are the vaccines really for, and who will be the first humans to receive them?

These are both fair questions to ponder at this point. The United States and other countries continue to witness a surge in coronavirus cases, along with heightened civil unrest in America due to a manufactured divide designed to incite racial tensions. The civil unrest I write about was obviously created by the same designers of the fake pandemic. Meanwhile, the bigger goal to vaccinate the world continues to progress at warp speed.

While people in America are concentrating on the color of human skin and removing statues of historic national characters that offend different races of people, the eugenicists running the world government are planning to cull the global population.

The psychopaths in charge don’t care about black lives matter, white lives matter, or any other skin tones that might be in play. To the controlling powers, no lives matter, and they’re quite serious about their plans to vaccinate every person who is stupid enough to let them do so.

What’s happening in the world is not about a virus or civil unrest. It’s an IQ test. If people don’t have the brains to understand that the pandemic is a hoax, they’re going to suffer some dire consequences when they accept the poisons that are currently being manufactured.

A New York Times article published on July 9, 2020, addressed who should be the first recipients of the new Covid-19 vaccine. Here are a few snippets from that publication:

According to the CDC,any approved vaccines would be offered to vital medical and national security officials first, and then to other essential workers and those considered at high risk — the elderly instead of children, people with underlying conditions instead of the relatively healthy.”

Am I alone when I write that this policy strikes me as having a creepy feel to it? Is it possible that the controlling powers are looking to get rid of health professionals that might be helpful to society as well as the sick and elderly?

“Dr. Sharon Frey, a professor of infectious diseases at St. Louis University, pointed to health disparities among Black and Latino people at the recent meeting.

‘I think it’s very important that the groups get into a high tier,’ she said. ‘Maybe not an entire group, but certainly to address people who are living in the urban areas in these crowded conditions.'”

So, let me get this straight, the controlling powers want to offer the vaccines to the minority populations, first? That’s mighty nice of them. Could there be a more sinister and ulterior motive behind such generosity?

“Agency officials and the advisers are also considering what has become a contentious option: putting Black and Latino people, who have disproportionately fallen victim to Covid-19, ahead of others in the population.”

The more you read the New York Times article, the creepier it gets. One of the more ironic things taking place in the United States is that the racial divide and tensions being played up and financed by the psyop masters are apparently going to be used to get minorities jabbed with the toxic vaccines before anyone else. The powers that be are brilliant and have given a great deal of thought and consideration to the psyop.

Stay tuned for more interesting developments. As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome and appreciated.

What If The Covid-19 Narrative was Real? (It’s Not, but Let’s Explore the Idea)

By Dr. John Reizer

What if the Covid-19 narrative was real? What if there really existed a mysterious virus that came out of the woodwork and suddenly started making people so sick that they couldn’t recover and many in the population began to die?

If this scenario were real, human civilization would be finished in a short period. We wouldn’t have to worry about procuring a vaccine or how to mitigate the disease. It would be game over, end of the story, and say goodbye to the world. You might as well roll the credits like they do at the end of a feature film. I can see the list of credits in my mind’s eye: a story written and produced by God, directed by God, screenplay by God, onsite locations provided by God, special thanks to the universe…etc.

There are trillions and trillions of countless viruses in existence, and they are everywhere. There is no way possible that human beings could ever successfully mitigate the effects of any infectious disease process, as portrayed by peer-reviewed scientific research journals. It’s impossible, and the idea that organized medicine has ever cured one disease during its entire existence is preposterous. The concept is based on more exaggerated lies that bend and manipulate statistics that have been fed to the public and retold over and over again until people begin to believe the nonsense.

Of course, antibiotics can be given to severely compromised patients in life-threatening situations. This is emergency care medicine, and it works to save lives. But the process of providing antibiotics does not make the overall human system healthier. In fact, it weakens the immune system further. But in life and death scenarios, health experts choose the lesser of two evils and give the antibiotics to save a life. This is not a bad thing and is one area of medicine that can be helpful to healthcare consumers.

On a much grander scale, the only way to successfully mitigate infectious diseases is by allowing the human immune system to do its thing. The best doctor in the world is our body, and the key to maintaining our health is simply to get the hell out of natural immunity’s way.

The vaccine lie has been promoted for decades and has hoodwinked people into believing that injecting a broth of highly toxic ingredients directly into the bloodstream makes humans stronger and healthier. Sorry to disappoint everybody, but that story doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Truth be told, we’re fed mounds of disinformation by the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization about all viruses, including Covid-19. As I have written previously, these regulatory agencies have a vested interest in selling a paradigm that is in alignment with promoting the idea that we are fighting a war against germs and that without toxic drugs and vaccines, humans are doomed.

You have to understand that the vast majority of the population in the United States and Europe have grown up watching television series and movie plots depicting viral and bacterial microbes as tiny, menacing entities that are always trying to kill people. We are so consumed, as a society, by the false ideas that bacteria and viruses are a threat to human beings, that we spend billions of dollars annually on toxic hand sanitizers and disinfectant sprays. We believe we’re in active combat with microbes because, ultimately, that’s what we’ve been taught by the pharmaceutical-industrial complex.

Bacteria and viral microbes outnumber the billions of humans on our planet many times over, and for people to think that they can successfully kill these organisms is an insane concept. And you wouldn’t want to kill them, even if you could. The reason being, they’re an essential part of keeping us healthy and keeping life flourishing.

Most people have this crazy idea that unless they’re wearing a hazmat suit and face masks, we’ll all get sick and die from germs. It’s not true! We are being lied to by several credibly appearing sources and regulatory agencies.

Yes, we can become infected by bacteria and viruses. This is true, but it’s not the result of being in the wrong place at the right time. Bacteria and viruses are always around. They live on the human skin and inside our bodies. They only cause us problems when our resistance to them is compromised.

If our immune system is robust, we have absolutely nothing to fear from bacteria or viruses. It doesn’t matter if the germs are naturally occurring or were genetically modified in a laboratory. If our immune systems are working correctly, we’re not going to become infected. And if we are compromised and do become infected, most people will recover within a week or so, because the body’s natural defenses were designed to keep tiny microbes in check.  If this weren’t the truth, we’d have all died long ago.

As for Covid-19, it’s a vast medical psyop that was written into existence by a team of gifted writers. The creative artists knew beforehand that a novel coronavirus would test false-positive when lab test kits were introduced into society. A significant portion of society already has the antibodies from other coronaviruses in their bodies from years of coming into contact with common colds and upper respiratory infections that are coronaviruses.

Additionally, there are always people in the population that are contending with coronavirus infections (common colds) and have the resonant DNA signatures in their bodies. The presence of the DNA signatures in these individuals has nothing to do with Covid-19. Yet, these people would be flagged and counted as being false-positive by the PCR tests that have been used all along to incorrectly identify and produce the Covid-19 case numbers.

A Reader’s Experience At A US Post Office

By A NoFakeNews Reader

I went into a US Post Office, and there were twenty people in line, all wearing masks. I did not have one. A worker asked me why I had entered the premises without a face mask when I got closer to the service window. I told her she didn’t have the authority to question me about what to do with my body and for her to get the manager.

Then the manager tried to make me wear a mask, but I told him I have medical issues and can’t breathe with a mask on, and if I wear a mask, I could literally die from the lack of air.

He did not care and said I should at least put my shirt over my mouth. The rude worker, with hate in her eyes, threw my purchase (stamps) at me, along with my change, and it fell to the floor. I gave her a few choice words about her customer service and then yelled at the manager, telling him not to think for one second that he can order me “what to do” with my body.

That is crossing the line!

I re-explained my medical problem and said, “Any business that is not empathetic to those with medical issues and will not make an exception to the draconian rules being forced upon the people does not deserve my money.”

I pointed to the postal annex across the street and said, “I’ll spend my money there, instead,” and then insisted on them giving my money back for the stamps I bought that were lying on the floor along with my change.

The worker had to come around the “plastic germ shields” that were hanging between the postal workers and customers, and pick up the stamps and change. Then she gave me my money back, and I left the location.

I did this to set an example for those who were watching. Fortunately, I’m a big guy, so no one intervened on behalf of the staff. There were some apparent haters there, and I tried to look them in the eyes, to see if they had something they wanted to say to me, but they all quickly looked away. Brainwashed, sheeple, haters usually do that.

What We’re Up Against and What We Need to Do!

By Dr. John Reizer

The controlling powers are not letting go of the fake pandemic narrative they have designed and unleashed on society. Nor are they letting go of their plans to introduce and implement the most extensive collection of draconian policies on humanity in modern history.

We are currently up against:

  1. an endless flow of nonstop propaganda from the mainstream mass media that report lies and disinformation about the fake virus.
  2. a continuous reporting of false-positive Covid-19 case statistics by health reporting agencies due to hundreds of millions of unreliable and rigged test kits.
  3. a large portion of the population that cannot critically think about important subjects, including the current false flag pandemic.
  4. a completely spooked and terrified community that has become paralyzed by the fear of getting infected by a nonexistent virus.
  5. a large segment of the population that has weakened immunity because they have been quarantined and isolated from others and have lost the benefit of herd immunity.
  6.  An endless number of elected leaders that have sold out their constituents and are not willing to stand up to the world governing construct running the current psyop.
  7. a world governing construct that has been planning this psyop and to cull the human population for many years.

We need to:

  1. immediately disconnect and unsubscribe from all forms of mainstream media.
  2. stop getting tested for the fake virus. It only benefits the controlling powers and the big pharma companies.
  3. reeducate the masses on how to think for themselves and not rely on the trusted sources they have become addicted to blindly following.
  4. calm the fears of those people that are frightened by the nonexistent virus.
  5. get large masses of people to integrate back into society in order to reestablish natural and herd immunity within the population.
  6. stop supporting Democratic, Republican, and Independent elected leaders that have not gone on record admitting the virus is a fraud. Do not vote or endorse any of these politicians from this day forward regardless of how high or low level a politician they might be.
  7. march in huge numbers onto the steps of every federal building in Washington DC, without masks, and be prepared to stay there until our government leaders agree to put an end to the fakery known as Covid-19.

If we are to change things and right the ship, what I have written above must be accomplished. Will it be easy? No. Can it be accomplished? Anything can be achieved if enough smart and influential people get behind the initiative.

The stakes are very high in this game. Unlike other sporting events, the loser of this contest might not get another chance to compete again. We need smart, influential people who have a particular skill set to organize and put into action the seven steps I have numbered above. Anything short of accomplishing the measures will lead to some very dire consequences for the human population in the future.

Years ago, we had Hands Across America. Perhaps it is time to unleash Hugs Across America in a coordinated effort to reestablish herd immunity and to show the powers that be the population is not going to be hoodwinked any longer by the fake reporting of statistics that make this paper tiger disease look dangerous and deadly.

These are just my thoughts on the current situation, as well as some prescriptive remedies that might end the insanity taking place. I realize it’s a daunting task, but we have no choice at this point. We either make an attempt to remedy the situation and go out fighting, or we can lay down and take what’s coming. And what’s coming will not be pleasant.