The mentality of many people working in the medical profession is disturbing.

Dr. John Reizer

The nurse in the video below doesn’t understand the big deal concerning nursing students being forced to receive COVID-19 and other vaccinations.

What is wrong with this woman and others like her? What happened to people that they have no ability whatsoever to think about essential things critically?

There’s a little thing called informed consent in healthcare. Individuals have the right to be informed of the risks associated with all medical procedures and refuse those procedures if they believe the risks outweigh the stated or alleged benefits.

So many people in medicine have been brainwashed and shamed into believing that by refusing dangerous or untested medical procedures (the bioweapons and other vaccines), they are abandoning science.

I have some disheartening news for nursing and medical students; there are significant portions of your profession immersed in scientific fraud and so far removed from science that it would make your head spin 360 degrees.

What is often portrayed by the medical-industrial complex as science can more accurately be described as scientism or fanaticism.

There is no shame in refusing vaccine products with a long recorded history of irreparably harming many human beings. There is no logical reason that someone should rush out to take a new gene-altering COVID-19 vaccine when the science that demonstrates the product’s safety is nonexistent.

The problem with so many people who work in health-related careers is that they have spent way too many hours in universities (indoctrination centers) with their curricula custom designed by the pharmaceutical industry. A lot of nursing and medical students believe wholeheartedly that the lies and misinformation within their courses of study are accurate and truthful. Most healthcare students believe that the drugs and procedures they have been trained to administer to future patients will allow those individuals to express their health better. Unfortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth.

If healthcare students and practitioners genuinely want to follow science — they must stop receiving and administering medical products and procedures that are robbing the health of humanity.

Science has demonstrated that COVID-19 does not exist and that every childhood and other viral disease has been, at a minimum, grossly misdiagnosed due to the unethical practice of medical personnel inappropriately administering diagnostic tools (PCR technology) incapable of rendering accurate diagnoses.

It is highly possible infectious disease detection and mitigation that encompasses a significant portion of organized medicine is based on scientific fraud. In my opinion, medicine must reexamine the statistics associated with most of the diseases we have grown up to fear, and the accurate statistics tied to those alleged infections should be republished to reflect the truth concerning these subjects.


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– Dr. John Reizer

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Sherman College of Chiropractic: Official Policy on Informed Consent and Vaccinations

I am so pleased to read that my alma mater, Sherman College of Chiropractic, has come out and made a strong statement on informed consent and vaccinations. Bravo!

–Dr. John Reizer


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The writing is on the wall — we are running out of time!

Dr. John Reizer

In an earlier post that I published not too long ago, I explained that the COVID-19 global psyop was far from over. I also said that the Delta variant now making headlines worldwide would be used by the controlling powers to usher in more draconian measures like new mask mandates and all-out attempts to divide the population into two factions; the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Reports are coming in each day about how unvaccinated people are why the Delta variant is spreading across the world. The strategy to pit one group against the other has always worked to help fuel anger and hatred within the world population.

If you are a regular visitor to this website, you already know the world government’s game plan. The only question that remains unanswered is what we will do to save ourselves and our loved ones. How much time do we have left? Is it one year? Two years? I don’t think we have much longer than that if we have that long.

It’s one thing to participate in public protests on a Saturday afternoon. It’s quite another thing to carry out those protesting gestures during our daily lives. Millions of people worldwide have been assembling and publicly demonstrating their discontent with the lockdowns and mask mandates. But in my opinion, we have to be willing to apply those feelings during the other six days of the week.

According to the United States Department of Justice, federal law does not prohibit public agencies and private businesses from requiring their employees to receive COVID-19 experimental vaccines.

The Veterans Affairs have mandated COVID-19 vaccines for their healthcare personnel. This draconian decision by the Veterans Affairs is the first COVID-19 mandate to be issued by a US federal agency.

What is happening, folks?

The powers that be are drawing a line in the sand. They are waiting to see how the public reacts to the draconian policies they have laid out. If the public acquiesces and doesn’t object, they will move the goalposts closer and throw out even more draconian policies.

We are citizens living in a global society where sovereign governments actively attack our rights to live healthy lives. Our rights to informed consent regarding invasive medical procedures and drug administration into our bodies are being challenged right in front of our eyes. The medical profession acts as an agent of governments and is complicit in committing medical rape on the general population.

If the only way that we can turn things around is to abandon our jobs and shut down the institutions that run the world — then that is what we must do. We can no longer give in to the governments of the world. We have been doing just that forever, and look where those actions have gotten us.

We desire to comply with draconian mandates because we believe that doing so will end the government’s handing down additional restrictions. But our compliance with government-imposed directives is the reason these policies will continue to be introduced far into the future.

It’s time for all of us to draw a line in the sand and be willing to defend that territory as if our lives depend on it — because, for all intents and purposes, they do!


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Dr. Andrew Kaufman: It’s a fake virus and the pandemic is a psyop!

Dr. John Reizer

Way back in the early days of the pandemic, I had an opportunity to be a guest on a live panel with Dr. Andrew Kaufman.

I had never met or heard of this doctor before our introduction at the beginning of the videocast. But I immediately liked what he had to say about the COVID-19 narrative. It was refreshing to hear someone finally speaking the same things I had been writing about for months.

Watch the bombshell interview Dr. Kaufman recently gave on the Alex Jones show.

Below is a small segment from the panel show I was on with Dr. Kaufman:


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The COVID-19 Variants — Do Not Fall for The Lies That Keep Coming!

Dr. John Reizer

According to most dictionaries, a variant is simply a form of something slightly different in some way from other forms of the same thing. Since we already know sars-cov-2 is a fictitious virus that has never been isolated in totality from an animal or human host, and the nonexistent microbe has never satisfied the scientific rigors of pathogen identification by any scientists in any laboratory the world over — we also know no COVID-19 variants can exist.

I am amazed at the amount of pure nonsense continually written by different purveyors of alternative news about COVID-19 and its alleged variants. I must have read a dozen or more articles in the past two days reporting on how sars-cov-2 was leaked from labs, weaponized through gain of function research, and has given rise to many variants.

Everything we continue to read about COVID-19 and its associated virus/variants being real, tangible microbial entities is untrue. Until people understand we are not dealing with an actual virus and that everything that has transpired since January 2020 is part of a global psyop to trick people into taking deadly bioweapons disguised as vaccines — the world citizenry remains in danger.

Many people who believed in the integrity of the COVID-19 official narrative in the past voluntarily received the bioweapons and have paid the ultimate price for their actions or will do so in the immediate future.

When human beings become frightened, they make bad decisions. This fact is why the controlling powers spend so much time designing and launching terror plots that create fear in the public’s collective psyche.

If you are a regular visitor to NoFakeNews, you already know the world pandemic is not about a viral pathogen causing a public health emergency. Sars-cov-2 is not an actual virus. It was dreamt up by a group of gifted screenwriters and brought to life through a rigged diagnostic tool and ongoing disinformation campaigns carried out by the mainstream media corporations worldwide.

We will continue to read information from both mainstream and alternative media outlets about sars-cov-2 and its fictitious variants being natural or modified pathogens. When you come across that kind of content — trash it! It’s garbage designed to lead you down another path that reroutes you back into a garden of disinformation. It’s a trap designed to instill more fear into the minds of people.

We can believe or disbelieve the fact that COVID-19 is a well-orchestrated terror psyop and not a public health emergency. Our belief or disbelief concerning the plandemic doesn’t modify reality. The sad truth remains that a significant portion of the world’s population has been duped into wearing face masks, practicing ridiculous social distancing recommendations, and, more recently, tricked into receiving a bioweapon disguised as different vaccine products. The truth is the truth — believe it or not!


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Death By Big Pharma — Real Doctors, Health Professionals, and others Placed on The Target List




The Target List movie honors fallen heroes and serves to help us remember the brave healthcare professionals that have lost their lives simply because they wrote about things that certain groups forbade. These truthers were placed on a target list because they wanted to shed light on helpful modalities and procedures that could allow human beings to better express health.

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How Crazy is the COVID-19 Vaccine Genocide?

Dr. John Reizer

Anyone possessing two functioning brain cells or more inside their skull should be able to figure out by now how deadly the COVID-19 vaccines are and that global genocide is in progress.

If you are still in denial about the facts that sars-cov-2 is a fake viral pathogen and not the cause of a nonexistent upper respiratory disease, you are either addicted to mainstream media propaganda, a traditionally educated science person who believes the nonsense other traditionally educated science persons taught you, or you only have one functioning brain cell in your skull.

According to VAERS reports, we are closing in on nearly 10,000 US deaths caused by the COVID bioweapons that are still being administered to human-sheep daily.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screenshot_20210710-073006_chrome.jpg

Let’s consider the findings of a Harvard University study that estimates VAERS reporting to be 99 percent underreported. We could actually be looking at nearly one million Americans who have been murdered by a global genocidal plot and perhaps close to 44 million individuals who have experienced severe adverse effects from the jabs.

The vaccine agenda rolls on in America and other sovereign countries throughout the world. The number of adverse effects and deaths occurring each day from the deadly brew are hidden from public viewing.

Worldwide, health professionals still claim that sars-cov-2 is an actual virus that causes a real disease, albeit of minimum health consequences.

In the video below, truthful information about toxic drugs and other subjects is explained to the audience, but the doctor giving the interview still references the alleged legitimacy of the virus and that the virus has been isolated. The virus has not been isolated! Remember that the mainstream scientific community’s definition of isolating a virus is predicated on not really isolating a virus, as I have explained on numerous occasions in my lengthy posts.

Additionally, after carefully studying the plandemic for over 18 months, I believe that significant numbers of people are now challenging portions of the script. Some of those people challenging the psyop are well-educated scientists.

The controlling powers need a scapegoat and a fall guy to throw under the bus when things do go south and fall apart. That sacrificial lamb will be Dr. Anthony Fauci. He is not innocent by any stretch of the imagination and has been involved with the scientific frauds that have taken place for many decades. But he is a player in the game like many others and not the mastermind behind the game. He is a poster person — a personality that is the face of the various psyops. Anthony Fauci is not the brains behind everything taking place, but will be perceived to be the designer of the scams to protect the real geniuses that designed the genocide and remain in the shadows.

But it’s that official narrative — the virus is real, the virus is real — that allows the medical paradigm to have its backside covered and fully protected from the ugly truth that keeps growing like a colossal weather disturbance with ominous-looking storm clouds.

The truth will eventually come to light; the virus and its associated disease are not real; they are the fictitious creations of medical propagandists.

How long will it take for the science people to throw up their arms in disgust and come to a conclusion and realization that they have been played?

How long will it take for global health care consumers to grasp the understanding that the people feeding them health information about the pandemic are either trying to murder them or are idiots?

When the truth about the fictional sars-cov-2 virus is finally exposed and embraced by the surviving public, traditional allopathic medicine will be forever transformed into something completely different from what it is today.

The infectious disease model studied by medical students and revered by the scientific-minded people of the world is predicated mainly on false science and diagnostic technologies that have been made to support a paradigm that only benefits big pharma corporations and not society’s members.

When the hard truth finally hits the fan — watch out! I would not want to be a medical physician or a person who works in a hospital setting when the facts behind the plandemic are revealed and broadly understood by the masses.

The clock is ticking, and believe me or not, more and more laypeople are learning about the truth concerning the scientific fraud taking place. We are about to witness a great awakening of the general population.

It’s a race against time. Can the world government jab enough people before the mass consciousness of humanity is fully aware of what is happening? It will be interesting to see how it all turns out.




The Target List movie honors fallen heroes and serves to help us remember the brave healthcare professionals that have lost their lives simply because they wrote about things that certain groups forbade. These truthers were placed on a target list because they wanted to shed light on helpful modalities and procedures that could allow human beings to better express health.

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The Target List Movie — Coming August 2021

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!

Dr. John Reizer

If you turned off the ridiculous mainstream media, would you know that there was some invisible viral pathogen allegedly lurking around, harming unsuspecting people?


Suppose you drove down the street in your car or walked down a sidewalk past a public park where children are playing, and adults have picnics. Would you think that a killer virus or its alleged Delta variant was wreaking havoc on the global citizenry?


Have you seen any people keeling over and dying from this imaginary COVID-19 disease? Where are all the public health casualties?

They are nonexistent!

Let’s face the facts straight on; we’ve all been duped by the most extensive scientific fraud ever perpetrated against society. It’s okay, people. You can take off the face masks now and roll down your sleeves — there’s no pandemic, no sars-cov-2 virus or any other pathogens floating around that can harm you.

You were born on the Earth with a fully functional immune system capable of kicking the heck out of any microbial flora that exists. As long as you keep yourself well-nourished, hydrated, drug-free, and partake in regular exercise, you don’t have to fear any alleged microbes of mass destruction.

What you do have to fear are the evil governments that supposedly represent your best interests. You do have to worry about the health regulatory agencies that spew out harmful public health information every waking hour of the day and night.

The controlling powers are about to launch another psyop — the Delta variant — that will attempt to convince society’s members once again that they should put on face masks, roll up their sleeves and receive deadly bioweapons. Don’t fall for the nonsense! It’s a trick; it’s a lie, it’s a psyop!

Wake up and stop getting tested for a virus that doesn’t exist. Wake up and stop getting vaccinated for a fake disease. Professional con artists have conned you.

When they fooled you the first time, the shame was on them! If they fool you a second time, the shame will be on you!


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