Covid-19: This is Not a Drill!

By Dr. John Reizer

I want to make one thing absolutely clear; COVID-19 is not a drill! It’s not an exercise to get people ready for another small step down the road. I believe that we are in the middle of something so massive and evil, it’s hard to describe with words.

The controlling powers have declared war on the members of society. It doesn’t matter which country you reside, the powers that be are at war with all citizens worldwide.

If your government locked you down or asked you to wear a face mask, they have marked you as an enemy of the state.

We need as many people as possible to wake up and understand what is at stake. I implore everyone to tell friends and family members what is happening in the world.

The virus is a worldwide psyop.

More to follow…


A Covid-19 Vaccine – The Final Solution?

By Dr. John Reizer

When we think of viral infections and massive outbreaks of diseases that have the words epidemic and pandemic attached to them, we often think about vaccines as being the only way to bring such situations under control. We think this way because the controlling powers have invested billions of dollars in creating mass media marketing campaigns that teach erroneous concepts about biology and human immunity.

If you are a young student in college, studying a pre-med or pre-healthcare curriculum, you are immediately inundated with propaganda about viruses and human immunity. General biology and general chemistry courses are infiltrated with alleged scientific concepts that support more significant and more broad-based medical ideas about how viruses impose their genetic will over helpless human beings.

If you want to con society and fool everybody into thinking a fake world pandemic exists when it doesn’t, you must spend plenty of time and resources preparing for the theatrical performance. The engineers of medical psyops have to fool two groups of people. They have to fool laypersons who do not have any understanding of health science, and they have to trick the educated people — the individuals who allegedly have an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

In the case of Covid-19 and other recent medical false flags, the architects of such frauds have successfully pulled the wool over the eyes of both laypersons and medical personnel that work in hospital centers and doctors’ offices worldwide.

Although many people have a hard time believing what I have written is possible, I assure you it has been happening for a long time. I was an associate professor of clinical sciences at an accredited healthcare college in the United States for nearly twelve years. I have taught classes at other accredited institutions of higher learning. The curriculum that is taught concerning the basic health sciences is fixed and unchangeable. What is perceived by most as being scientifically sound information that has been tested through the rigors of scientific experimentation can also be described as dogma that was written into textbooks by pharmaceutical companies and other corporations that had the funds to procure the scientific explanations derived. In other words, the research results yielded in many instances were the best experimental results money could buy.

What I have learned through my career in healthcare is that people are very gullible and able to be influenced beyond belief. It doesn’t matter if the people in question are laypersons or educated professionals. If either group is presented propaganda long enough, they will believe it to be the truth and will parrot the same disinformation to others.

Most people in the world believe that vaccines are the final solutions when it comes to eradicating viral pandemics. Years and years of medical brainwashing have led healthcare consumers into believing corporate lies.

Each year large numbers of people line up to take Influenza vaccines under the guise that the products protect the members of society from the disease. Despite this annual public ritual of receiving flu jabs, the  Influenza case numbers continue to remain high. How is this possible? How can so many people receive flu vaccines, and yet the disease continually affects so many citizens? The answer is that the vaccines don’t work, and the case numbers are being fudged. How is this possible? It’s likely because the test kits used to diagnose Influenza each year are PCR tests that have been calibrated to register false-positive results.

PCR lab tests can be calibrated to register false-positive results for anything the creators of the test desire. At any given time, human beings can have different genetic materials in their bodies that might trigger a false-positive reaction in a given PCR test that has been designed to be sensitive to those genetic properties. Where do the genetic materials come from? Perhaps, the materials come from the body’s cells that have been damaged from previous vaccine injuries or directly from the products being injected into the human systems.

Do you think the laypersons getting tested by these rigged test kits understand that the PCR tests produce plenty of false-positive results? No, they do not! Do you think the healthcare personnel administering the PCR tests know that the test results are unreliable? No, they do not!

During the so-called flu season months, upper respiratory infections, frequent colds, and pneumococcal infections that have nothing to do with Influenza are inappropriately diagnosed as being flu cases. Why does this happen? It happens because there is a vested interest by big pharma corporations to sell a bogus concept that flu case numbers are higher than they really are and that flu vaccines are in high demand. There are currently no vaccines for the common cold and upper respiratory infections, so you don’t see these case numbers being pumped up like the flu case numbers.

In the case of Covid-19, we are dealing with an alleged novel strain of a previously identified family of coronaviruses. Covid-19 is not even a real virus. It has never been appropriately isolated via Koch’s postulates and has been manufactured through lies and storytelling. It’s a paper tiger disease that has come to fruition from unreliable PCR testing, CT-Scans searching for fluid in the lung fields (pneumonia), and the inappropriate labeling and diagnosing of other legitimate conditions as Covid-19.

Why was this done? This was done to sell the idea to the world community that a new disease came out of nowhere and that people in the general population have no immunity to the viral microbe. This was done to sell the lie that the only and final solution to the current manufactured problem was to have scientists create in a laboratory a life-saving vaccine that can give healthcare consumers artificial immunity against something that will otherwise destroy the global population. It’s pure nonsense!


Spreading A Little Truth Through Science Fiction

By Dr. John Reizer

As many readers here already know, I dabble in a bit of science fiction writing when I am not seeing patients and writing posts on NoFakeNews. I have been trying to become a better novelist throughout the years and have dedicated countless hours and study to the craft.

For those of you who have done the same, you know it’s a lot harder to write fiction than it might appear. Nonetheless, I have had a great time creating stories and have been fortunate that I have a great career as a healthcare provider that provides me plenty of time to be an author in between seeing patients.

My patients, readers of the website, former students, and others who have read my works sometimes write to me and ask if the fiction I produce has anything to do with what I believe is taking place in the real world.

In many of the stories I write, there are bits of what I believe to be real-world truths purposely sprinkled into the storylines. I do this to introduce readers to concepts that would otherwise be too far removed from accepted paradigms to openly discuss publicly. Much of what I  have written about on NoFakeNews would be too challenging to present to the vast majority of people outside the friendly confines of this particular website.

Even within the safety zone of the NoFakeNews forum where a lot of like-minded people like to congregate, there are boundaries that I hesitate to cross when attempting to explain the machinations taking place by the controlling powers.

Over the years, more than a few people have asked me outright who I believe is running the Earth show. I could offer direct answers to those questions. Still, I hesitate to introduce them here because I don’t want to lose readers who might find my responses too far removed from what they might be able to handle and think is plausible.

In my opinion, I should concentrate on letting people know that powerful elitists are working behind the scenes and not for the best interests of the general public. As far as delving into more detailed information about these one-percenters and who might be influencing them, I’ll leave that up to everybody’s imagination and perhaps some science-fiction writings I produce.

And right on cue, I’d like to announce the publication of the fifth novella I have written in 2020. It’s titled, THE VISITORS, and takes place as a lot of my stories do, in the Upstate of South Carolina. I’m telling you, a lot of weird things happen in my neck of the woods. We have apocalyptic meteorites raining down on the county, alien viruses coming from distant galaxies transmitted through radio telescopes, and alien abductions, too.

While I was writing The Visitors, I kept on getting up to check the doors in my home. Much of the tale was written in the early morning hours while everybody was asleep. I hope readers will enjoy the story and the underlying messages sprinkled in along the way.

The Visitors — A Novella

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The Visitors

Henry Dalton awakens on a Saturday morning seated alongside his longtime friend and law colleague, Roberta Stratton. Surrounded by shards of broken glass and wearing blood-stained clothes, the two attorneys are disoriented and suffering from time and memory loss.

Unbeknownst to Henry, eight hours earlier, he was abruptly awakened during the night by a home invader. Unsure of what was happening, he made his way through the darkened house armed with a 9mm handgun.

Seconds later, Henry was standing face to face with a mysterious shadowy figure. In a moment of panic, he fired several rounds from the weapon wounding the uninvited guest.

After switching on the lights, Henry learned the visitor was not human and not alone.

Set in the backwoods of Upstate South Carolina, Henry Dalton is enmeshed with the visitors — an alien race of beings who have traveled a considerable distance to reveal secrets that have vital connections to his family life.

So, Do You Think the Covid-19 Vaccine is Safe?

By Dr. John Reizer

If you listen to the radio commercials, I keep hearing, sixty-five percent of all Americans mistakenly believe in the safety and efficacy of the soon to be distributed coronavirus vaccine. These fools are going to bet against the medical casino and take their shots (pun intended) in a proverbial game of Russian roulette.

According to this unending propaganda, the majority of American healthcare consumers are willing to risk their lives and take a vaccine product that, for all intents and purposes, has been rushed to the marketplace at warp speed.

I believe the product that will soon be released has been waiting in the wings. It’s most likely been around since before the first person was reported to have had a runny nose.

Developing a new vaccine usually takes years of trial and error research (more error). It is silly for people to believe in the idea that scientists working in magical laboratories could whip up a new toxic brew as fast as is being reported—the concept borders on science fiction, and enormous public gullibility.

Out of all the dangerous medicinal products that have ever been manufactured, vaccines are undoubtedly the most perilous and health changing pesticides in existence.

The American government knows this information all too well. This is the reason it has limited any potential liability stemming from all prior vaccine injuries to a maximum award of $250,000. In the case of the new Covid -19 vaccine, there will be no awards granted to injured victims because the product has been given total liability immunity.

Not only do vaccines fail to deliver any immunity against medical intellectual properties, but they also cause irreversible physiological changes in the people who receive them. Vaccines cause the proliferation of diseases throughout global communities.

Vaccine injuries are caused in one hundred percent of the people who receive them. The injuries do not always reveal themselves immediately in victims. Some injuries become apparent within hours after being administered, and others develop years later in the form of autoimmune disorders and cancers that are conveniently not linked to the products that caused them to come to fruition. In the rest of the population, the injuries might be to a lesser extent, but still adversely affect human physiology on some level.

I seriously doubt that sixty-five percent of the American people are going to be lining up for the coronavirus vaccine. I believe that media companies are reporting false statistics.

In my private chiropractic practice, I take care of medical personnel, and they tell me a far different story about how their colleagues feel about the vaccine in question. The general consensus coming from the individuals I have contact with is that they are going to hold back and not receive the product.

There are lots of medical doctors and healthcare professionals who are closet anti-vaxxers. They will say one thing in public and something completely different behind closed doors. They don’t want to lose their jobs and have their licenses suspended.

As we get closer to the release date of the vaccine, the propaganda pieces on mainstream media will be ramped up. The controlling powers want as many people as possible to be the recipients of whatever ingredients have been engineered.

There is no Covid-19 virus! So, what’s the real reason for the incredible world initiative to distribute a new vaccine? What’s really inside the witches’ brew?

Covid-19 Vaccine: ‘Caveat Emptor’ (Buyer Beware!)

Dr. John Reizer

It is interesting to note that whenever most people hire a contractor to perform a job, they check to see if the business owner is insured against any damages that might inadvertently occur during the performance of the contracted service.

This is common sense and good practice to engage in if you want to avoid a potentially uncomfortable situation in the event something goes wrong and property damage results.

It’s hard for me to comprehend how so many people in the United States are okay with sticking out their arms to voluntarily take an untested, unproven vaccine that has been granted liability immunity by the American government.

If the United States government has that much confidence in a never before distributed drug to mitigate a virus that has never been adequately isolated by rigorous scientific standards, why are they providing immunity liability for the products’ makers?

Caveat Emptor (the Latin words that mean buyer beware) is in play, and health care consumers should understand that when the Covid-19 vaccines irreparably harm them or loved ones, they will have no legal recourse to file a lawsuit to collect for damages.

In the specific case of the Covid-19 vaccines being rolled out, buyers assume one hundred percent of the risk concerning injuries. The manufacturers of said products assume no liabilities whatsoever concerning people who are harmed.

What the United States government is really telling the American people, legally speaking, is that they have zero confidence in the vaccine products about to be administered. The federal government believes the vaccine products are one hundred percent unsafe, and they are not going to allow people to file lawsuits when the casualties begin to mount.

I don’t think most people realize that the Covid-19 vaccines being talked up by mainstream officialdom as a tremendous scientific breakthrough that will bring society back to a healthy state of existence, are products that come with the labels: buyers beware! These products are hazardous to everyone’s health, and citizens have been placed in an unbelievable position to assume one hundred percent of the risks.

Are the US citizens going to actually line up to take these poisons? How stupid are people? Are most Americans going to allow themselves to be conned into taking an unsafe product that is not even backed by the confidence of its government?

We Are All Victims of A Medical Psyop, But Not Completely Blameless

By Dr. John Reizer

We are all victims of a massive medical psyop, but not entirely blameless in the grand scheme of things. As a society, we have embraced science-based medicine and believed it to be infallible as well as something that it is definitely not — an authority on health and wellness.

Although a small minority of us don’t think of them and their vocation in this way, medical doctors and the profession of medicine are perceived by the vast majority of people as priests working in a church. The entire structure of the medical business has been intentionally designed to mirror a religious experience.

When you walk into a house of worship, you enter a domain that is considered sacred by the members of the congregation. Inside a church, temple, synagogue, or any other religious chamber, there are specific rules that are generally understood and followed by its members. Out of respect for the belief system, any types of criticism, skepticism, or questions concerning the veracity of the organization’s major premise are off-limits. In other words, members of religious congregations can never publicly question the church about anything.

In medicine, the doctor (priest, minister, rabbi) customarily wears a white gown (robe) that absolutely identifies him as the high priest in the congregation (practice). Within that environment, there are nurses (nuns) that assist the doctor in taking care of patients (members of the congregation) when they become ill (possessed by evil microbes). Patients do not usually question a doctor’s (minister’s) advice.

There are a variety of techniques (rituals) the profession of medicine uses to rid the body of diseases (evil spirits). Some of these techniques include introducing synthetic drugs (holy water) in patients, mass-produced by pharmaceutical companies. In other situations, doctors cut out diseases in the body by performing surgeries (exorcisms) to remove infected tissues and organs (possessed body parts).

Question the intentions or integrity of the medical man and his broad support group of medical personnel, and you will be looked upon by the citizens of most communities as a nut job (the devil). Question the medical protocols (biblical passages) that have been written by the pharmaceutical corporations and firmly established within the base curricula of every medical school program in the world, and you will be labeled as a charlatan, a quack, or a pseudo-scientist.

The pharmaceutical companies secretly overseeing prestigious medical journals, the publishers of supposed peer-reviewed research, make sure doctors opposing the allopathic paradigm (drugs are the only way to achieve and maintain health) are always viewed by the vast majority of people as being unscientific.

In the Catholic Church, they teach parishioners that a young soul, entering the world, is compromised by original sin (a weakened immune system). It predisposes that vessel (body) to a life of demonic possession (sickness). The baptismal holy waters of the church (vaccination programs) are the only sure way to wash away the sins (childhood diseases) and set the soul right (create immunity against germs) so that it can enjoy an existence on Earth that is free from Satan’s temptations (bacteria and viral microbes).

I understand there will be plenty of people incensed over what I have written in this article. A person who writes content questioning a particular religion’s philosophy or integrity will not win any popularity contests. And make no mistake; the medical profession is a dominant religion with many followers. That, in itself, is a sad fact, but also the primary reason why so many people are walking around sick and don’t understand why.

The faith and trust we have collectively invested, as a society, in medicine is based upon blind faith and not the profession’s ability to get sick people well. There are some blatantly false concepts that medical dogma is based upon, and when one takes a close look at these ideas, their flaws become very apparent. It is because of this fact that the profession has been cleverly structured and marketed by its engineers, to appear as a religion.

As a religion, medicine remains off-limits from would-be critics and avoids essential questions. These questions have needed to be answered for years, and yet they continue to be ignored by medicine’s leaders. Instead, we continue to hear and read about, walkathons, parades, and fundraisers that supposedly benefit research for future eradication of diseases (intellectual properties) that the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies have no intention of ever eliminating!

It’s not a coincidence that so many hospitals in the United States and around the world have been named after religious organizations and saints. Let’s face facts, there aren’t any medical facilities named The Charles Manson Center for Burned Victims. Medical institutions have been designed and branded in such a way that they are perceived, by the masses, as places of worship. Even the doctor’s classic, white lab coat has been designed to instill, in the psyche of healthcare consumers, a sense of purity when they think of physicians.

Getting people to believe in the value of medicine has been the long-term goal of pharmaceutical companies. Their relentless commitment to this self-serving campaign has turned the public sector into a massive congregation of cheerleaders that ritualistically praise the medical industry. Communities throughout America and around the world regularly donate large amounts of money attempting to build and maintain hospital centers. These monstrosities are now the center points of all new communities.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good medical doctors and surgeons in the world, and some medical practice objectives can help save lives. But most of the successes that can be attributed to modern medicine usually come in the form of emergency based care and not from the area of managing diseases (intellectual properties) and restoring health to the human body.

If we ever hope to improve the health of human beings and raise the overall quality of healthcare that’s practiced in the United States and other locations throughout the world, we will need to break the stranglehold pharmaceutical corporations have on the medical profession. These giant companies have hijacked medicine and made it sick. We need to turn our attention away from figuring out ways to pay for medical care and start concentrating on ways to fix the profession so that it stops making people sicker than they already are.

In the future, we must evaluate medicine as a profession and not blindly praise its false accomplishments that have, ultimately, been fabricated by drug companies and later promoted in peer-reviewed journals that are owned and operated by the same companies. It’s time for the members of the congregation (the general public) to get off their knees and begin holding traditional medicine (the church) accountable for its actions!

If we had done our due diligence in the past, we would not have allowed the powers that be to lead us into the perilous situation we face today. Yes, we are victims of a psyop. Still, we are in this mess because we blindly followed the medical profession and their unscientific recommendations without critically thinking about the illogicality of the storyline.

Are Too Many Of The World’s Biggest Secrets Being Revealed?

Dr. John Reizer

From what I have studied over the past twenty years, I believe approximately eight thousand people in the world are the significant policymakers for the rest of the herd. I think these are the most influential family members and associates who have direct input and influence when it comes to creating directives that are handed down to the managerial elites who are perceived by the masses as being the policymakers, and the leaders of sovereign territories.

Within these eight thousand people, there still exists careful compartmentalization of information concerning the most crucial secrets about the world and human life.

At the very tip of the hierarchy of knowledge, I believe there are probably three hundred individuals who understand everything concerning what is taking place on our planet.

I will go out on a limb and write that what these three hundred people know and understand about life on Earth is far different than what any of us think we know about the same subject.

If you believe seven billion people are living on our planet, it’s pretty easy to understand why it is so important for the powers that be to maintain tight control over the outflows of information.

Mathematically speaking, it would be incredibly tricky for eight thousand people to maintain the continuity of control over seven billion people unless the controlling members could regularly keep the masses off balance with plenty of lies and disinformation.

Think about the extent that people go to police themselves concerning just the wearing of face masks. Up until five months ago, most citizens wouldn’t dream of wearing a face mask. Now the same individuals are enforcing the draconian policy onto fellow sheep. This is what can be accomplished when the powers that be can control the outflow of information on every subject imaginable.

Because the elites running the show control all outflowing information, they can control people’s perceptions and, therefore, what society believes is reality.

What happens when a few people learn about some of the world’s biggest secrets? The powers that be marginalize the damage very quickly by disseminating disinformation through the media corporations they own and control.

What happens when a more significant number of people learn about something that was never meant for them to see? The controlling powers create an event that distracts attention from the information that is being exposed. For example, a school shooting or terrorist attack is arranged and carried out. They create a national conversation about something that diverts attention away from whatever taboo information is being discussed.

What happens when a critically significant number of the world’s population begins to learn about the most important secrets that are not supposed to be seen by the herd? What happens when too many of the flock know too much about things the powers that be rely on to stay in control? Covid-19 happens!

When too many secrets become known, they can not be placed back inside Pandora’s box. When certain things are seen, they cannot be unseen. Sometimes, a significant psyop with many casualties is required to divert attention away from the fact that those in control are losing their leverage and influence over the herd — a last-ditch effort to avoid the complete breaking down of a longstanding control system is unleashed.

I believe that this is at least one of the reasons why the fake world pandemic was activated — too many secrets are coming out of the bag. Pedophilia and human organ harvesting are two of the most important secrets that have been revealed. Many others are being made available to the masses.

In chemistry, there’s a thing known as titration. A small beaker of a colorless liquid known as the analyte is the recipient of individual drops of another chemical known as the titrant. After each drop is introduced into the glass, the observer watches to see if the colorless liquid changes that result are temporary or permanent. After a certain titration saturation threshold is reached, the colorless liquid permanently turns a vivid color, and it is forever changed. There’s no getting the analyte back to a colorless state.

I believe that such a threshold has been reached concerning the members of society learning about the world’s biggest secrets. I think the controlling powers think that there is no way to get a significant number of world citizens back to their previous state of naivety.

TikTok, TikTok, TikTok – Why is Time Really Running Out for the Social Media App in America?

By Dr. John Reizer

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service. The company is owned by a Chinese-based Internet corporation that was founded in 2012. The app has been used extensively by younger people to create short videos on an unlimited number of subjects.

On Friday, July 31, 2020, the Trump administration announced that it has decided to censor the social media application because of allegations that the service is being used by the Chinese government to spy on America.

That’s the officialdom being spewed by the controlling powers about the TikTok social media platform, but what’s really going on, and why is the United States Government champing at the bit to censor the content on the service?

Let’s dig into the rabbit hole and see how deep it goes. According to a New York Times article written on June 29, 2020, “TikTok is a relatively new place where conspiracies can spread.” The Times article goes on to state that TikTok is responsible for breathing new life into the Pizzagate conspiracy that occurred back in 2016.

According to the New York Times piece, “‘PizzaGate’, a baseless notion that a Washington pizza parlor was the center of a child sex abuse ring, leading to a shooting in 2016, is catching on again with younger people on TikTok and other online hangouts…”

The article also describes how people in Hollywood, celebrities, are getting pulled into ridiculous conspiracy theories. And so when I read this information in the New York Times, a different picture begins to develop in my mind’s eye. In my opinion, there’s definitely something more going on here than the Chinese espionage storyline.

TikTok is out of control as far as the controlling powers are concerned, and those influential people, unlike what they can do with other social media platforms, can not adequately regulate or censor the damaging content that is being disseminated throughout the country on TikTok.

It’s a massive problem for the elites because people are learning how deep the rabbit hole really goes concerning pedophilia, human sex trafficking, cannibalism, blood-drinking, spirit cooking, and a whole host of other downright disgusting things that the one-percenters are participating in on a grande scale.

Is the Chinese government spying on American interests narrative a cover story for a far more sinister reason to censor the social media platform? Does the American government want the TikTok platform shut down because too much dirt is getting out too fast? Is the entire hierarchy of sickos and psychopaths running the world being exposed more quickly than the powers that be can cover their tracks? Do the powerbrokers want to shut down TikTok because of videos like the one below? I think the answer to all these questions is yes!


I Challenge Anyone to Prove the Covid-19 Virus is Real

Dr. John Reizer

I challenge anyone in the world to prove that the Covid-19 virus is a real entity broadly infecting the worldwide population.

To satisfy the requirements to prove the validity and existence of the new virus, the party or parties must successfully isolate the viral microbe’s genetic signature and successfully satisfy Koch’s Postulates.

Koch’s postulates:

  1. The viral agent must be present in all cases of the disease.
  2. The viral agent must be isolated from someone with the disease and grown in pure culture.
  3. Inoculation into a susceptible organism of the viral agent – from a pure culture – must produce the disease.
  4. The viral agent must be recovered from the infected – inoculated organism and grown again in culture.

The isolation and scientific testing procedures must be performed by five independent certified laboratories in the United States and or Europe that are chosen by independent health practitioners with no current or former ties to the WHO, CDC, or any other government health regulatory agencies.

Additionally, if and when the virus has been successfully isolated, based on the standards described by Koch’s Postulates, an alternate method of testing (different from the PCR tests currently in use) must be employed by health care professionals to test for the presence of the disease in human subjects.

The PCR tests have already been described and labeled by the CDC as yielding false-positive results for Covid-19.  All Covid-19 case numbers calculated and derived from PCR tests should be removed from the books. This would also include any Covid-19 case numbers derived from presumptive positive calculations that are yielded from two or more false-positive PCR tests.

I believe the millions of cases of Covid-19 being reported are all based on medical fraud. The testing and confirmation procedures that have amassed these numbers are entirely unreliable and are not an indicator of the presence or existence of a new illness, as has been explained by world health regulatory agencies.

If the pandemic is genuinely centered around a real virus, the requirements described above, to purify and isolate the microbe, should be easily accomplished and be repeatable in any laboratory setting.

Are there any takers out there?