I Don’t Want Any Health Advice From the Government or its Agencies

Dr. John Reizer

The Covid -19 plandemic fraud is still in full swing. The second round of lockdowns that will lead to the destruction of people’s businesses is about to commence in the United States. It’s already happening in other countries.

For Americans, the march towards socialism is too unbelievable for their educated minds to process.

US citizens are being censored like never before and are no longer able to write about or speak the truth.

A fake and nonexistent novel coronavirus has been placed into existence by science fiction writers. The script is a strong one and backed with an arsenal of rigged diagnostic tools that make the fake disease appear to be a menacing health emergency.

People worldwide have been conditioned to obediently wear face masks. They comply without putting up any resistance whatsoever.

And now, the final act of the screenplay is upon us — the vaccine!

The vaccine is what this has been all about from the beginning way back in January. Getting people to stay home, wear a face mask, and fear a fake microbe were the necessary steps to get everybody to voluntarily take an untested and genetic altering medical potion that will forever change the way humans can adapt to their natural environment.

Stop complying with the policies the psychopaths are writing. We know the script. We know the ending. It’s not a good one for the citizens of the world.

WAKE UP! Stop following orders that have been issued to take us out.

The controlling powers are floating out more propaganda for the holidays in America. They tell people on social media that if they celebrate Thanksgiving, they will be dead for Christmas. Really?

I am sick and tired of hearing others tell me what I should or should not do regarding my health. That includes governments. I don’t need the CDC or any other health regulatory agencies looking out for my family or me. I don’t need politicians telling me where I should or should not go or what holidays I should or should not celebrate.

Leave me alone!

I have never listened to the recommendations coming from health regulatory agencies owned by big pharmaceutical companies, and I am not going to start now.



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Mandatory Covid-19 Internment Camps?

Dr. John Reizer

The craziness never stops. It keeps getting worse, and the draconian policies being handed down to all sovereign countries by a hidden world government are also never-ending.

Thanks to a new post by Jon Rappoport, who discussed a recent video released by Del Bigtree concerning Covid-19 internment camps, I can share the important information with our visitors.

Please click on the picture below to watch the video:


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Could You Have Answered These 10 Questions Correctly?

By Dr. John Reizer

Choose the best answer!

Correct answers marked in blue!

1. What is the best way to treat a fake virus?

  1. Hydroxychloroquine SULFATE
  2. Vaccines
  3. Walking in counterclockwise circles
  4. Walking in clockwise circles
  5. Wearing a face mask
  6. It’s impossible to treat a fake virus
  7. None of the above

2. When was the Covid-19 virus isolated, and by whom?

  1. February 17, 2020 – Anthony Fauci, MD
  2. March 4, 2020 – Donald Trump
  3. June 2, 2020 – Bill Gates
  4. August 4, 2020 – Robert Redfield, MD
  5. September 1, 2020 – The CDC
  6. The virus has never been isolated by anyone

3. The PCR tests being used worldwide to diagnose the COVID-19 disease’s presence is specifically looking for SARS-CoV-2 in lab specimens taken from test patients.

  1. True
  2. False

4. According to a 59-page document published by the CDC on their website, “no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV (covid-19 virus) are currently available.”

  1. True
  2. False

5. In October 2019, The World Economic Forum, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johns Hopkins University sponsored an exercise in New York City known as EVENT 201 that was a simulated world pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus.

  1. True
  2. False

6. There are thousands upon thousands of medical physicians and scientists worldwide being censored by social media platforms because they are trying to speak out against the official narrative of Covid-19 that is being continually broadcast to the public through the mainstream media.

  1. True
  2. False

7. The Covid-19 vaccines currently being developed for mass distribution to people worldwide have been prepared without the SARS-CoV-2  virus ever being isolated or identified.

  1. True
  2. False

8. It is impossible to accurately list and publish Covid-19 case numbers if the virus has never been identified or isolated by scientists.

  1. True
  2. False

9. All vaccines currently being administered have caused severe physiological problems in humans and animals.

  1. True
  2. False

10. If you are harmed or irreparably injured by any of the soon to be released coronavirus vaccines, you will be able to sue and collect damages from the vaccine makers.

  1. True
  2. False



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COVID-19 Does Not Exist! (And the CDC Admits this Fact)

Dr. John Reizer

The CDC clearly states the coronavirus does not exist on page 39 of a CDC document titled,  “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.”  Under the heading, PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS, the document reads, “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available…”

Read more about this document on John Rappoport’s website by clicking here!

Note the date associated with the document: 07/13/2020

What this means in plain language is that the PCR tests have been designed to trigger false-positive lab results based on a genetic signature that is not the COVID-19 virus. This is what I have been writing about for months. Here is the proof, and it has been written and revealed by the CDC.

Every health regulatory agency in the world and every sovereign government that has locked-down its citizens and helped promote the medical fraud known as the world pandemic should be held liable for crimes against humanity.

People worldwide should demand an immediate end to all lockdowns and a return to normal life!


The Target List Movie is coming to Amazon Prime!

We’re About to Expose Big Pharma!




The Target List IMDb Official Movie Page 

Casting and Filming:
The auditions will be held October-November 2020 (check updates and cast announcements here), and filming is scheduled for March 2021.

The Death of A Nation?

By Van Robison

If you read here often, you have to know that we are living in very serious times that impact every person in our nation. No family is exempt.  The pity of it all is that it is 100% manufactured, totally unnecessary, and orchestrated by sick minds.

It is incomprehensible how some human beings think, such as people who wield power over other human beings. Not everyone, but some individuals who are the heads of large regulatory agencies such as the WHO, CDC, and others make decisions that negatively impact humanity, and the consequences of those decisions are devastating.

We are currently experiencing horrible consequences as a result of the radical and fanatical decisions of a few individuals in high places. The public “news” media pours gasoline on the fires and fuels mass-fear-mongering.  The public television “news” media is always in bed with radicalism, and they are the enemy of the people.

How can there be peace, harmony, cooperation, love, and compassion among the diverse people of the world, when some elements intentionally provoke negativity in relationships?  No war is accidental. There are criminal minds behind every war.

All young people need mentors in adults that have wisdom and understanding about the fact that there is never gain in violence. Where are the role models that can genuinely set good examples for young children?

If we are to change life on Earth, it is evident that everyone has to put on their thinking caps and come up with solutions that are non-violent and where everyone learns to work together.

Walmart’s Mandatory Face Mask Policy

By Dr. John Reizer

I just received a notification from Walmart that the corporation will begin enforcing a mandatory face mask policy for all employees and customers effective 7/20/20.

This is the beginning of a much more aggressive stance by US corporations to impose the will of the controlling powers on American citizens. Many more big-name companies will begin implementing these policies in the weeks to follow. The plan is to get everybody on board by the fall season, and things are starting to ramp up rather fast.

It takes only a few weeks to modify existing paradigms. This is what we have been witnessing throughout 2020 — the modification of long-standing societal paradigms.

There’s a way to effectively stop this type of abuse that is being forced down our collective throats. Do not support any business, small or large, that insists on the mandatory wearing of face masks for its customers. If you support these businesses, you are encouraging their dangerous mandates and other draconian policies that will be forthcoming.

I have included Walmart’s letter to customers below:

Image result for Walmart LOGO

Dear valued customer,

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our priority has been the health and safety of both you and our associates.

Starting Monday, July 20, we will require all customers to wear a face-covering while shopping in our stores. According to the CDC and other health officials, COVID-19 can be spread by people who do not have symptoms and don’t know they are infected. This is a simple step that we and other retailers are taking to help protect your safety and the safety of others.

You may already be wearing a face covering while you shop. In fact, about 65 percent of our stores are located in areas where there is some form of government mandate on face coverings.

We’ll have a health ambassador stationed near the entrance of our stores to help remind you of this policy. The ambassadors will be identifiable by their black polo shirts.

We also encourage you to try our pickup and delivery services, which do not require the use of a mask. Sign up through our app or Walmart.com.

Thank you for being an important part of the Walmart family, and for your help in ensuring that shopping at our stores is a safe experience for all.

The Walmart Customer Care Team

This sounds like something out of George Orwell’s novel, 1984. They are going to have “health ambassadors” dressed in black polo shirts to remind people of their draconian policy.

Why Are We Blindly Following CDC Guidelines and Recommendations?

By Dr. John Reizer

Covid-19 is a worldwide hoax. It is not a regional psyop by any stretch of the imagination, and it is crucial to understand this fact. I believe a lot of Americans that are awake and know the virus is not real incorrectly view the psyop as being exclusively an American happening that was designed to destabilize US politics and the upcoming 2020 election.

Although it will undoubtedly affect US politics this year, I don’t believe this was the reason the hoax was unleashed on all of society.

Ladies and gentlemen, the powers that be rolled out the massive psyop event called Covid-19 to get the world community to rethink their hesitancy about getting vaccines and to introduce a plethora of draconian policies and laws that will drastically change the way the citizenry around the world will be managed by a world governing construct that has been around and hiding in the shadows for decades. The few that control the many have a plethora of vaccines they want to inject inside all our bodies.

In the United States, most people and businesses blindly follow the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Why we do this here in America beggars belief.

The CDC is, for all intents and purposes, more of a drugstore than it is a government agency designed to protect the public. They receive monies directly from the pharmaceutical industry through the CDC Foundation. It goes something like this: the drug companies give the funds to the CDC Foundation, and the CDC Foundation hand the monies to the CDC. No conflicts of interest there, right?

When American businesses and American citizens blindly follow the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC, they are really following the instructions and recommendations of big pharma companies that want to inject toxic poisons into every person on the planet.

I want readers to understand something important. I don’t write articles on this blog for 97 percent of the population that are close-minded and uninterested in learning about what’s really transpiring in the world. I don’t care about communicating the truth to those people. I am interested in educating 3 percent of the population that’s already awake and interested in understanding what’s taking place right in front of their eyes.

Vaccine theory is a fraud! It has never worked and should have been discarded long ago. Contrary to popular belief that has been fueled by disinformation written and disseminated by drug companies, vaccines cause the proliferation of diseases throughout society. They do the exact opposite of what we have been taught.

Natural and Herd Immunity

When people acquire infections from their natural environment, the entire human immune system is activated. It goes through many sophisticated processes that allow the body to form lifelong antibodies to various microbial invaders. This is known as natural immunity.

The general population should have never been locked down or isolated from one another. When people are allowed to socialize with others, citizens with weakened immunity become infected, recover, and form herd immunity throughout the population. They will not have to contend with second or third waves of infection from a given microbe.

This is how government and public health officials should have handled the Covid-19 pandemic. Keep in mind that Covid-19 is not a real virus, but rather a scripted event.


When vaccines are introduced into humans, they bypass the regular portal of entry and overstimulate portions of the immune system. This, unfortunately, causes an overabundance of junk antibodies to be produced. The vaccines stress out the immune system and can throw it out of balance setting up the stage for life long battles with autoimmune disorders and other diseases. Also, the junk antibodies that are produced from the vaccines do not protect the person from the conditions in question, and booster shots are required to keep the antibodies at a level the mainstream scientists believe is sufficient for the human body. This is quack science!

Over the years, we have been taught so many ridiculous concepts about microbiology, viruses, and vaccines. The reason for this is because vaccines are very profitable products, and the big pharma companies are champing at the bit to produce them. This is especially true since the US Government has limited healthcare consumers to a $250,000 maximum award for vaccine product injuries.

If a person is injured by a vaccine product, he or she must file a claim in a national vaccine injury compensation court. There are virtually no legal remedies for people injured by vaccines. And this is why the drug companies can’t wait to enter the vaccine market. Big pharma companies have lobbied hard to get the government to legally mandate vaccines for the American public.

Keep in mind,  the words pandemic, epidemic, and outbreak are predicated on case numbers for a specific disease. The case numbers concerning Covid-19 are predicated on unreliable lab test kits that are prone to giving lots of false-positive results, the misreporting of other diseases as Covid-19 cases, the misreporting of deaths from other conditions as Covid-19 cases, the misreporting of presumptive positive cases as actual Covid-19 cases, and the inappropriate reporting of Covid-19 cases that have been diagnosed with only a CT scan to check for the presence of pneumonia in the lungs of patients.

If we remove the case numbers based on the quack science listed above, there would be no world pandemic, no epidemics or outbreaks, and no sensational news stories to obsess over. And there would have been no lockdown and destruction of world economies!

CDC director, Robert Redfield has already stated that this coming fall, we will be dealing with two possible epidemics: influenza and the second wave of Covid-19. Remember, the CDC is a drugstore and working for the best interests of the pharmaceutical cartel that has been keeping the world sick for a long time. If you want to practice social distancing, keep you and your loved ones far away from the advice this regulatory agency is pedaling.

Imagining Human Life 100-Years From Now

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

Virtually every human being on Earth alive today will be dead 100-years from now. What then?  There will be no Anthony Fauci, current heads of the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, leaders of the vaccine industry, the medical mafia, or the diabolical pharmaceutical drug industry.

What will exist in 100-years are the clones and human programmed robots of the current crop of crazies. There will be a new breed of psychopaths who will continue the same programs and who will be a scourge upon human life on Earth.

Somehow, someway, humanity has to find a way to get this medical monkey off the backs of human beings. The medical industry is not now and never has been the guardian of human health. Medical doctors have, for the most part, become pharmaceutical drug pushers. That is not to say that emergency care is invalidated because we all know that many doctors have rendered life-saving service to trauma patients.

There has to be a return to freedom of practice by alternative doctors and health practices.  Lockdown control over doctors is diabolical. Raiding the facilities of successful alternative doctors by medical marshals is nothing short of terror and tyranny, and it has happened many times. No one but idiotic thugs who are paid to do so would terrorize alternative doctors.

It is most unlikely that a medically brainwashed doctor or medical mafia thug is going to ever see the light of day, and so, the battle between light and darkness never ends.

The Wars on All Things are Controlling and Profitable Enterprises

By Dr. John L. Reizer

When the few who control the many have something that makes them tons of money, they often use the phrase, “The War on Something”  to describe that particular cash cow.

Maybe you are wondering what I am talking about? Let me try to clarify what is currently happening. I am sure you have heard about some of the following wars presently being fought in the world:

The War on AIDS

The War on Autism

The War on Cancer

The War on Covid-19

The War on Childhood Diseases

The War on Diabetes

The war on Drugs

The War on EBOLA

The War on Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

The War on Hypothyroidism

The War on Leukemia

The War on Lupus

The War on Nicotine

The War on Parkinson’s

The War on Rheumatoid Arthritis

The War on Terror

I could sit here and provide similar examples, but I think you get the point I am trying to make.

All the wars referenced above have one thing in common with one another. The disease or enemy combatant being dealt with in each instance will never be defeated.

The wars that have to do with medical or disease-related battles exist within the protected domain of the pharmaceutical-industrial complex. They own and operate the legal drug racket and are more commonly known as “Big Pharma.”

Big pharma directly or indirectly funds all research projects that have to do with eradicating human and animal diseases. None of that research is being performed in the spirit of finding cures for specific conditions. The studies are being carried out only to develop more ways to manage the symptoms associated with these intellectual properties. In other words, the research is being used to create more synthetic drugs that can manage diseases indefinitely while keeping cures far away from healthcare consumers who desperately need them. The remedies to different conditions are being kept under lock and key so that pharmaceutical profits remain robust.

There have never been any diseases cured within the field of traditional medicine. And don’t tell me that Polio and Small Pox have been eradicated because it’s not true and those erroneous claims are predicated on fraudulent statistical reporting; the same types of statistical fraud are transpiring presently concerning Covid-19.

Instead, we see a long list of make-believe wars against various patented diseases that are regularly promoted to keep drug profits soaring and compromised patients dependent on toxic products that ultimately make them even sicker than they were before commencing care.

Concerning the War on Terror, the same predictable patterns can be observed again and again. Anything that has to do with fighting terrorists falls under the protected domain of the military-industrial complex.

It’s nearly impossible to defeat an enemy combatant that can never be located. The ridiculous charade of pretending to fight mobile terrorists, that can be moved to any strategic province the powers that be want to invade, is an ongoing theme. Using this fictitious narrative, failure to defeat an enemy is assured, and long, lengthy wars are guaranteed.

Don’t you find it incredibly bizarre that there have been no acts of terror committed by crazy terrorist groups the entire time the coronavirus hoax has been taking place? Are we really supposed to believe the crazy terrorist groups that allegedly exist and regularly commit shootings and bombings worldwide have stopped carrying out their mischief and mayhem because they are obeying self-isolation and social distancing guidelines recommended by the CDC? These are the same terrorists claimed by officialdom to be suicide bombers that have no concern for their lives. Are they on holiday, or is state-sponsored terrorism suspended until the coming vaccine is up and running?

The Wars on all things are controlling, and profitable business enterprises and the powerful bloodlines who control the world’s business will make sure new wars are always taking place on this planet, even if they have to literally create a novel coronavirus out of thin air.