Medical Physicians Continue to Commit Suicide

By Gina Flores Editor in chief at NoFakeNews There are too many dark and shameful secrets that surround the profession of modern medicine to write about in one short post. If people knew the half of it, they’d run for cover and take their chances playing solitaire with the different maladies that plague them. There […]

A Chiropractic Conspiracy?

By Gina Flores Editor at NoFakeNews For many years I have suffered from chronic low back and sciatica leg pain. In my job I travel extensively and sit in airline seats for many hours at a time. In July, 2015 I visited a chiropractor because I was in a lot of pain. The doctor I […]

Fluoride is A Known Neurotoxin – The Lancet

By Dr. John Reizer Founder of NoFakeNews I have previously written about my feelings concerning the dangers associated with consuming Fluoride through drinking water. Many municipalities in the United States routinely add Fluoride to drinking water under the false pretext that it prevents dental caries in human beings. While water fluoridation is not as common […]

Why Conventional Cancer Treatments Don’t Work

By Dr. John L. Reizer Founder of NoFakeNews Any serious student of human physiology can comprehend and appreciate how illogical conventional cancer treatments really are. The facts clearly demonstrate that the average healthcare consumer is being sold a false bill of goods with regards to the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation. The truth, simply stated, […]


By Dr. John L. Reizer Founder of NoFakeNews According to mainstream media outlets and a plethora of paid off medical propagandists, there are no credible scientific research studies that prove a link between vaccines and Autism. We have all heard these fraudulent claims over and over again, and for those of us that are awake […]