USA Today Opinion Piece Calls for Mandatory Vaccines for all Americans

By Dr. John Reizer

The USA Today opinion article that details how Americans should accept a mandatory Covid-19 vaccine is one of the most ridiculous pieces of trash ever published by an American mainstream media company.

In my opinion, USA Today is a propaganda rag, a purveyor of fake news and disinformation that is under the influence of American intelligence agencies.

Dr. Michael Lederman and the other two contributors of the draconian ideas proposed in the publication are either mentally insane or on the payroll of Big Pharma corporations. I personally think both explanations apply.

Accepting an untested, unproven vaccine to hypothetically create artificial herd immunity in the nation’s population against a virus that has never been appropriately isolated through accepted scientific standards is not a form of patriotism. It is a form of stupidity.

Vaccines, when injected into humans and animals, create large numbers of junk antibodies that do not protect the patients from infectious diseases. Those useless antibodies are what the criminal vaccine industry uses as a measuring stick when rating the effectiveness of a given product.

The practice is based on quack science and the reason so many people have weakened immune systems.

Vaccines have so many adverse severe patient reactions tied to them that the US government had to introduce special legislation that became law to prevent American citizens from bringing lawsuits against vaccine makers. For all intents and purposes, citizens can not sue a vaccine maker whose product harms them. The lawsuit process is limited to being heard in a special vaccine court operated and controlled by the criminal vaccine industry.

In the case of Covid-19, the vaccine products that will be administered to American citizens have complete liability immunity. The injured parties and there will be millions of them, will not be able to sue the manufacturers of the products. The decision to protect the criminal vaccine makers was made by the US government back in January 2020.

In my opinion, a complete restructuring of organized medicine needs to be discussed worldwide. Although certain medical practices are of benefit to many patients, significant areas of medicine are antiquated and obsolete. They only remain in place because of the monies the methods generate.

Too many people are irreparably harmed by dangerous medical practices that have no scientific merit attached to them other than the fake and paid for research financed by the vaccine makers themselves.

I am a healthy person and not a threat to any fellow human being. I don’t require toxic, untested medical vaccines to artificially increase antibodies inside my body. My natural innate immune system will decide how many god damn antibodies my body needs at any given time.

There is no government, medical doctor, or lawyer who is going to decide what medical products I place in my body. If they are thinking otherwise, there’s going to be a significant problem when they come knocking on my door.

These are my opinions about US patriotism and mandatory vaccines for American citizens. Let’s see if USA Today has the guts to publish them.

What the Face Mask-Wearing Psyop Accomplishes

Dr. John Reizer

The controlling powers have exerted their weight and influence on the population worldwide. They have people who are afraid of a fake virus wearing face masks. They have people not afraid of a fake virus wearing face masks. They have people who are aware of the fact that the virus is fake, wearing face masks.


The powers that be want to demonstrate to everybody what mandatory forced compliance will look and feel like. No mask, no entry into any restaurants, stores, public places, or other social venues. They want to condition people how things will operate concerning the coming vaccine program.

If you refuse the mask (now) or the vaccine (soon), you are going to be excluded from society. That is what is going on regarding the face mask agenda.

Don’t wear the mask! Keep spreading the truth; there is no virus.

Let me point out another intellectual property scam

Dr. John Reizer

As long as we are discussing medical fraud and fakery that impacts people worldwide, let me talk Influenza.

Each year hypnotized robots line up like a herd of sheep and get a flu jab. That medicinal product then kicks off the annual illness observed globally. People continually subject themselves to a vaccine that launches the very disease they are supposedly trying to prevent.

The corporately owned mainstream media companies advertise the seasonal hype and pull the strings that greatly influence the collective psyche of society’s members.

The same sleight of hand trickery being performed with Covid-19 has been taking place with influenza statistics for many years.

Cases of common colds and upper respiratory diseases are mislabeled and misdiagnosed as Influenza during the flu season. This pads the case numbers and promotes the multi-billion dollar vaccine industry.

Vaccines are the holy grail of the church of medicine! Unfortunately, they don’t prevent illnesses. Vaccines cause the proliferation of sickness worldwide.

The powers that be even design and distribute an utterly useless PCR test that is calibrated to register false-positive for flu cases. The test kits are sensitive to commonly found genetic material in a significant amount of the population. It is outright fraud, and people have been falling for the scam for decades.

What most people think they know about traditional organized medicine is far different from what is happening behind the scenes.

It’s time to wake up and get a clue because the powers that be are laughing at us as we walk around with face masks.

The Vaccine Trials

By Dr. John Reizer

Are we supposed to believe that the thousands of people signing up for the vaccine trials will be jabbed with the same toxic broth that will be unleashed on the members of society later on?

The controlling powers that have disingenuously created the fake pandemic are going to show us how safe the vaccine is by fudging the results of the vaccine trials. They will be giving everybody in the study placebos.

People will be told that nobody reported adverse reactions to the vaccines, and the public will develop a false sense of security concerning the trials.

When the real product is released, a much different result will be realized.

If you are told through the lying media that the vaccine trials were successful and no adverse effects were reported, will you believe the lies?

Fauci And The Fake Virus Marketers Have Been Lying For Years to the Public

Dr. John Reizer

A reader sent me a very telling video that was created many years ago. The video, below, contains a speech that was made by Dr. Robert E. Willner, MD, Ph.D. The doctor speaks about the fake AIDS disease and how the drug, AZT, was the product being pushed back in the day that actually caused the deadly symptoms and terminal results that people perceived to be the AIDS disease.

Dr. Willner discusses how unreliable PCR tests were used to diagnose the AIDS virus and how Anthony Fauci and others created an utterly nonexistent entity out of thin air to sell toxic products that made people in the pharmaceutical industry wealthy.

We are witnessing the same fraud today with the nonexistent fakery known as Covid-19, and the same clown, Anthony Fauci, is at the center of the circus act again. As the controlling powers did so with the fake AIDS nonsense, PCR lab testing continues to be the mode of validating counterfeit viruses. The PCR test is currently being used to diagnose an infection worldwide that doesn’t exist.

After having the courage to speak out about this subject, Dr. Willner was stripped of his medical license. He delivered the speech in the video below in 1994  and then published a book in 1995 titled Deadly Deception. The doctor passed away in 1995 from a heart attack. (Dead doctors can’t tell the truth!)

(Note) The book lists on Amazon at a price of over $1,000.00. That’s to make sure people don’t read it.

Deadly Deception – Dr. Robert E. Willner MD, PHD

President Trump: Vaccine will be Distributed by the US Military!

Nothing is going to slow this process down! This vaccine is absolutely going to be distributed with force by the US Military.

They’re looking for 30,000 fools to be guinea pigs for the next stage of the test trials. We are witnessing perhaps one of the most significant scientific frauds in modern history. It leaves me speechless. I think we are all in serious trouble!

– Dr. Reizer

The Viral Games

By Dr. John Reizer

Long ago, the world became enmeshed in the horrors of a fake viral pandemic that cost millions of people their lives.

After a tremendous battle between good and evil, the perpetrators of the diabolical plot were defeated and captured. They were all sentenced to live out their miserable lives in a newly formed country named Hypochondria.

The Capitol of Hypochondria was Coronia. Coronia was created to rule Hypochondria. It was populated by people who were extremely knowledgeable about health and wellness. Their assignment was to make sure the perpetrators of the fake viral narrative, living in the country’s twelve prison districts, were never able to harm the world’s citizens again.

Hypochondria had explicitly been created after the terrible false flag had been overturned. Its purpose was to manage and oversee the evil-doers that were the masterminds behind the fake medical scheme.

A therapeutic vaccine had been crafted by pharmaceutical companies, and many evil technocrats distributed the toxic venom worldwide. The preplanned demise of the global population increased dramatically after the product had been released to the world.

Hypochondria’s Capitol, Coronia, now ruled the twelve prison districts where all the perpetrators and their families lived. These monsters were the former controlling powers and bloodlines behind the fake pandemic.

The prisoners living in the twelve districts were constitutionally required to pay reparations to the Capitol each year by sending two tributes from each district to participate in a contest known as the Viral Games — a week-long contest where tributes fought to the death. The spectacle was covered on live television and symbolically honored those people who had lost their lives in the great fake pandemic of 2020.

The 12 Prison Districts:

1. Fauciville
2. Birxville
3. Gatesville
4. Antibiotica
5. Vaccinia
6. Pandemia
7. Quarantinia
8. Plaguia
9. Face maskia
10. Social Distancia
11. Media
12. Hospitalia

Massive Explosion Occurs in Beirut

There are lots of visitors checking in and asking about the explosion. The popular question seems to be centered on whether or not the explosion was a tactical nuke.

I think the reddish-brown smoke speaks volumes about this blast coming from ammonium nitrate.

It’s interesting to note that big explosions like this one can create the signature looking mushroom cloud that has long been associated with nuclear weapons.

As I have written on the website before, I don’t believe nuclear weapons exist as we have been led to believe. Conventional chemicals and other volatile materials can be used to create enormously big explosions.

Dr. Reizer