Clinton’s Presidential Campaign is Dying

By Truth Teller

In 75 days American voters will select the next President of The United States and it’s beginning to look like that choice will be the Republican nominee, Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton.

There are news developments flying around both traditional and alternative news outlets everyday concerning Mrs. Clinton’s health, her apparent lack of stamina to handle the rigors of the campaign trail, her lack of visibility to the American public, her private email scandal, and her ties to the Clinton Foundation.

What I and many other citizens believe is currently happening to the Democratic nominee is that her campaign is dying.

Hillary Clinton has too many negative hurdles in front of her to win the election. Many people are beginning to finally see the writing on the wall and now understand that she is going to be unelectable this November.

The news has been really bad for Clinton. Whether it’s her involvement with the email scandal, her apparent shady dealings and ties to the Clinton Foundation or the questions about her health, she has had no choice but to run and hide from the press. She’s not been able to give a press conference in over 260 days or so. People are starting to look on the sides of milk cartons in search of the invisible Mrs. Clinton.

Even with the help of the bias mainstream media, that has covered for Clinton’s  absence from the campaign circuit time and time again, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that this is a candidate that has for all intents and purposes lost a lot of credibility with a vast majority of Americans.

In all seriousness, whether we are talking about American citizens, foreigners, or foreign governments, many people associate the words dishonest and corrupt with Mrs. Clinton. This in part is due to all the information that has been uncovered by the FBI investigation and more recently the release of thousands of emails by WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. And now Assange promises to release additional emails which many believe will be the final deathblow to the Democratic nominee.

Clinton’s image of being dishonest and corrupt was not born overnight. There is a long and suspicious trail of debris she  has left behind, politically speaking, that many people feel uncomfortable about.

Only time will tell, but things are beginning to look very good for Donald Trump because people in the United States are just tired of the same old corrupt politicians that the Establishment continues to promote.


Dismissing Evidence When It’s Right in Front of Our Eyes!

Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews

You are about to see some really amazing photographic evidence that proves there are buildings on the planet Mars. The photos below have all come from NASA catalogs that are in the public domain. They were originally captured by NASA using US taxpayers’ dollars.

Every photograph ever taken by NASA’s Mars and Lunar explorers, for the purpose of photographing these foreign worlds, has been catalogued and placed on NASA’s computer servers. Because the missions were financed by US citizens, the photographs made of these alien worlds were placed in the public domain. Although the pictures are routinely obfuscated by NASA, some photos have been intentionally left untouched by whistle blowers employed by the space agency.

No matter how impressive looking or credible this or other evidence presented might be, people have been conditioned to dismiss it as a hoax, CGI, Photoshop, or something else. This is how the powers that be are able to maintain the false paradigm that has been created and embraced by the walking dead in society.

Please understand that the comments embedded within the comment section of the video below (on YouTube) are littered with trolls that are employed to discredit evidence that disproves the current paradigm that has been established and approved by the elitists as being acceptable for the children to believe.

Media Bias Against Donald Trump Has Forever Destroyed its Credibility

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Founder of NoFakeNews

Regardless of who wins the 2016 presidential election, there has been irreparable damage to what remains of the U.S. mainstream media’s credibility. Media bias against Donald Trump has risen to a fever pitch and for the first time in the history of America, citizens have had an opportunity to see a total lack of impartiality with regards to the media’s handling of the presidential race.

The elite owned media, in the past, has always made an attempt to paint themselves as being fair and balanced when covering political campaigns. But the corporate media’s previous image of being fair and balanced, in the eyes of its viewers, has forever been replaced with another one; unscrupulous and dishonest.

The presence of Donald Trump in the current presidential race has caused the powers that be to resort to incredibly drastic measures. Whatever the elitists can’t control they are always forced to discredit (Donald Trump). And whatever they can control, they must promote (Hillary Clinton). In past major elections, the powers that be have always controlled all the candidates running for office in both major political parties. That is certainly not the case this time around.

A recent article in the mainstream publication, New York Post discusses the damage that has been done to America’s traditional media giants. Click here to read more!

Donald Trump Leads Hillary Clinton in Latest L.A. Times Presidential Poll

Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews

Republican Nominee for President of the United States, Donald Trump has edged ahead of Democratic Nominee, Hillary Clinton according to the latest USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Daybreak poll that was conducted for Saturday, August 20, 2016. Saturday’s poll results have Trump at 44.2% and Clinton at 43.6%.

The L.A. based poll gets its data from 3,000 eligible voters. Read more here.

Is Clinton Ahead in the Real Polls?

By Truth Teller

Ladies and gentlemen of the United States, is it possible we are being lied to by the mainstream media? If you believe the various national polls that suggest Hillary Clinton is 10 points ahead of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential race, I have some swamp land to sell you in the Florida Everglades.

Let me tell you a little secret about the current presidential polls being conducted by national media companies; they’re all being purposely manipulated to fraudulently show Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump. Many of the current polls showing Clinton in front of Trump have been conducted using a voter sample size consisting of a thousand people or less. That in itself demonstrates the poll results are pretty unreliable. Add into the equation that the thousand or less being polled are strategically weighted with pro Hillary supporters and you can begin to understand how the fix is in against the Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

If you think the presidential polls are on the up and up, just take a look at how unfairly the media has conducted its business when covering the Democratic and Republican candidates. There is a very obvious bias in favor of Hillary Clinton. The media’s treatment of Trump often appears mind-boggling, to say the least, to the average American viewer. He has and continues to be the focus of coordinated media attacks that have little or nothing to do with the real important issues facing America.

Are you still not convinced the polls are rigged? All you have to do is look at the popularity of the two candidates based on social media. These studies have been compiled using a much broader sample size of American voters and their results tell a drastically different story than the polls being showcased on the evening news programs.

Trusting the veracity of the presidential polls being produced by the mainstream media is tantamount to trusting the same media to ask fair and tough questions of Hillary Clinton. It’s just not going to happen. Clinton’s shady record as Secretary of State along with her involvement with the Clinton Foundation scandal continue to be left untouched by professional journalists throughout the country. There certainly appears to be no journalistic integrity whatsoever coming from mainstream media writers, editors, or broadcasters.

Still not convinced? Let’s examine for just a moment the situation as it stands right now. Donald Trump is without a doubt a very polarizing public figure. Many people love and hate this candidate and many in the Establishment are terrified of what he might bring to the table as commander in chief.

The Establishment’s biggest fear is not predicated on the belief that Trump will be unable to manage America’s business properly. Their fear is that Trump will manage the country’s business properly and in a way that would eliminate much of the corruption that has been taking place by Democrats and Republicans alike for so many years.

The Establishment Democrats and Republicans hate Donald Trump. President Obama hates Donald Trump, the mainstream media hates Donald Trump, Radical Islam hates Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton hates Donald Trump, Illegal aliens hate Donald Trump, Mexico hates Donald Trump, China hates Donald Trump, the United Nations hates Donald Trump, and the elite owned banking cartel hates Donald Trump. There are many others I could place on the list but I think you get the idea. Who do you think has tremendous influence over the national presidential polls we constantly see on mainstream news productions each day? The answer is the Establishment that owns and operates the mainstream media companies worldwide.

If the polls were truly an accurate depiction of how the November election will turnout, the constant barrage of mainstream media attacks against Trump currently taking place would not be occurring. It is quite a risky proposition for the mainstream press to continue to carry out their assault on Trump because it ultimately undermines their overall credibility as a fair and balanced platform that Americans can use to make assessments concerning political candidates. Americans are not blind and they can see what’s happening with regards to the media’s unfair handling of Trump as a presidential candidate. Something is going to have to change in the near future when it comes to how the media handles Trump because the Republican candidate, contrary to what’s currently being reported, is going to be elected POTUS in November.

In truth, Trump’s lead over Hillary Clinton has continued to grow since his nomination as the Republican nominee. What we are witnessing by the fake news media is a very concerted effort to make Americans believe that Donald Trump has no chance against Hillary Clinton. In reality, the Establishment is beyond frustrated and terrified at the same time. The true poll numbers appear to be closer to 64% -36% in favor of Trump.

It’s going to be a very interesting election in November and I think a lot of people are going to be genuinely surprised when the final results are tabulated.

There Is A Massive Mind Control Campaign Taking Place In America

By Truth Teller

As Americans, we constantly rely on lots of information from the mainstream media to make sense out of the everyday things that constantly transpire throughout the world. The corporate entities that have a license to regularly disseminate information to our nation’s citizens, for all intents and purposes, tell us how to think.

The mainstream media companies tell us what to believe, what to disbelieve, what is important, what is unimportant, what style of clothing is in, what music is popular, what movies to see, what politicians are going to win an upcoming election, what is possible to accomplish in life, what is credible information, and they tell us how to react to whatever else is taking place at any given point in time.

The constant onslaught of information that is continuously packaged and presented to any human beings that own a television, radio, cell phone, I Pad, or other device capable of receiving mainstream media productions, is a form of mind control.

Mind control, simply explained, is the ability to shape another person’s thoughts. It’s the ability to control what another person thinks. It’s the ability to make it impossible for another person to make informed decisions about anything important taking place in the world.

It’s interesting to note how traditional or mainstream media corporations, over the years, have been able to successfully cultivate the defined borders of what is considered to be good or fringe journalism.

In my considered opinion, fringe journalism (otherwise known as conspiracy theory) is any news reported whatsoever that attempts to challenge the borders set and established by the elite rulers that own and control the editorial departments of all mainstream media companies. (Shadow Governments)

People in America have been brainwashed through the mainstream media for many years. It is a relentless form of mind control and the campaign, until recently, has been invisible to the masses that it firmly manipulates. Enter the US Presidential race of 2016.

The 2016 US Presidential race has demonstrated to anyone still capable of thinking for themselves that the elite or establishment controlled media companies are completely bought off and that they are unreliable and unable to provide US citizenry with truthful news and especially poll statistics.

There continues to be daily attacks by the mainstream media on Donald Trump over minuscule items or silly comments that the candidate has stated during his campaign. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton gets a free ride with virtually no mention by the press of her email scandal as well as her direct involvement while acting as Secretary of State with the Clinton Foundation where she obviously traded US intelligence secrets and other information in exchange for over-inflated speaking fees that were routinely paid to her husband and former president, Bill Clinton.

If someone writes badly of Hillary Clinton it is labeled as conspiracy theory. If someone writes badly of Donald Trump it is labeled as good journalism.The media cries everyday that they want to see Donald Trump’s US Tax Return. What they should be demanding to see is Hillary Clinton’s medical records. There are many photos and videos in the public domain of Mrs. Clinton with what appears to be symptoms and signs of some sort of neurological disorder. Americans deserve to know the truth about Hillary’s health. This is not a conspiracy theory, it appears to be just a conspiracy to limit what the public knows about the health of the Democratic nominee.

Wake up people before it is too late!

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