Hillary Clinton And Her Handlers Are Laughing At American Citizens

By Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews

After watching the first presidential debate on September 26, I am convinced more than ever before that there is a tremendous amount of corruption taking place with regards to Hillary Clinton and the US mainstream media (MSM).

Donald Trump certainly held his own against Hillary Clinton, Lester Holt, the MSM presstitutes, and the global elitists that collectively attempted to discredit the billionaire businessman in front of 100 million viewers. Despite the Clinton News Network’s (CNN’s) immediate proclamation that Hillary was the winning debater, most online polls, including a CNBC poll that included over a million participants, had Donald Trump winning the contest convincingly.

The global rulers that control all world events will continue to do whatever is necessary to block a Trump presidency. They won’t stand for a president that cannot be completely controlled by them. The global elitists will continue to use whatever tools they have at their disposal (and they have many) to discredit Donald Trump and that is exactly what they attempted to do on Monday night at Hofstra University.

The Clintons and their hidden handlers are having a good laugh at the expense of American citizens. Hillary, just like her husband Bill during his time in the White House, is a puppet. And let me make something perfectly clear for our readers; the same covert, behind the scenes control over US Presidents has been taking place for a longtime. Both Republicans and Democrats have acted in the past as willing puppets for the establishment. Our country could not have become this screwed up without the help and consent of both political parties.

In another disturbing development, a photograph of Hillary that was taken by Reuters during Monday’s debate seems to show Mrs. Clinton, once again, wearing an earpiece of some sort. Click here to read story! Was this an inductive earpiece; possibly with Bluetooth capability that allowed Mrs. Clinton to have someone conveniently feed her a scripted presentation throughout the entire debate? Did she have an unfair advantage over Mr. Trump?

In addition to this, there is another claim going around with some pretty convincing video evidence that the debate’s moderator, Lester Holt may have been receiving hand cues (rubbing her nose with a finger) from Clinton in an effort to drive the debate questions in a certain, predetermined direction. Click here to see video!  (Better hurry before they take this video down — very incriminating.)

Did we honestly expect Hillary and her handlers to play by the rules? This woman is a career liar. She lied in front of Congress and the FBI about emails and classified materials on her private computer server. Did we really think Hillary Clinton would have a problem lying on national television in front of 100 million people during a presidential debate? And she stood there at the debate lectern with a huge grin on her face for most of the night. I guess if a person has a running script being fed into her ear from a remote location she can certainly be at ease. Perhaps this might be the real reason she maintained a dopey grin on her face for most of the evening.

If Hillary Clinton is elected president in November, she will be taking orders from her handlers and wearing an earpiece for four years. We know what we’re getting with Hillary: corruption, lies, cheating, and incompetence. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity, through Donald Trump, to possibly get a real president elected. Only time will tell if Mr. Trump is the real deal or just another puppet. But we have to roll the dice on Donald Trump in 2016 because we already know what we’re going to get if we elect another Clinton.

What do you think about this subject?

CNBC And Other Major Polls Show Trump Wins First Debate



Are These Two Photos Of Hillary Clinton The Same Person?

By Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews

Hi everybody,

I just finished reading an interesting and very controversial post by Jeff Rense (www.rense.com) who is reporting that he believes the powers that be are using body doubles to cover up the fact that Hillary Clinton is either still very ill in some sort of secret hospital complex or that she might have actually died on September 11, 2016 in New York City when she collapsed during the 911 memorial service.

The Rense website has a collection of pictures that compares pre and post September 11, 2016 photos of Mrs. Clinton. Click here to read Jeff’s post.

New Crazy Conspiracy Theory Claims Hillary Clinton is Perfectly Healthy

By Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews

The US mainstream media in concert with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign managers have just created and delivered the mother of all conspiracy theories. This newest conspiracy theory is more outlandish and unbelievable than some of the biggest conspiracy claims of all times. What the MSM and the Clinton camp are currently alleging makes the “moon landing hoax” and the vaccines cause Autism” people look perfectly credible.

Don’t look now, but the MSM and the Clinton presidential campaign people are shouting at the top of their lungs from a “grassy knoll” that Hillary Clinton is perfectly healthy?  Are they really serious?

Despite a plethora of videos, pictures, and eyewitness accounts that have been cataloged and made available to the general public showing just how ill Mrs. Clinton really is, this new conspiracy theory being floated by the MSM and the Clinton campaign people is starting to actually pick up steam among the lunatic fringe.

As is the case with many groups that hold eccentric or fanatical views, the rest of us sane people should take their claims with a grain of salt. Those of us that are living in the real world know and understand just how crazy this new conspiracy theory really is. And earlier today (9-11-16) we witnessed on television just how sick Mrs. Clinton really is and how the MSM and the Clinton presidential campaign managers are trying to obfuscate and hide the truth from the American voting public. Shame on all of you so called journalists for not reporting the truth!