False Memory: The history of our moon

by John Reizer

In 1994, the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (U.S. Navy) and NASA launched the spacecraft, Clementine in an effort to map and photograph the entire lunar surface. Clementine was considered by mission experts as a resounding success. The photographic map that was constructed through photography associated with the Clementine mission is available for review at the website http://www.nrl.navy.mil/clm/. (No longer available)

In previous articles appearing on NoFakeNews.net, I wrote extensively about Clementine producing photographic evidence of artificial structures on the surface of the moon. I also wrote about how the photographic evidence in question had been intentionally obfuscated in such a way that the true design of the artificial structures could not be determined.

Moon Picture Clementine NASA

Photo Credit: DOD-NRL-NASA

One has to seriously wonder why the Department of the Navy and NASA would obfuscate photos yielded from a publicly funded mission to the moon. This question really becomes important now that it is apparent that those publicly funded photos revealed artificial structures on our moon. In 2004, J.P. Skipper (www.marsanomalyresearch.com) wrote an extensive report about artificial structures that were visible on the Clementine website. Then in 2010, a new browser was placed into service on the Clementine website and the photographs that once demonstrated the artificial structures on the lunar surface were suddenly gone. The original images are no longer visible to people accessing the official Clementine website.

Are the structures/buildings on our moon the property of the United States government? Are these objects the property of an alien civilization that has had, for the longest time, the best seat in the cosmos to view Earth? Both questions are fair ones and the people of our planet deserve to know the truthful answers. But what if these structures are not the property of the United States or another country on Earth? What if these structures are not the property of an alien civilization that is watching us? Then we have to ask the questions: Who put them there? And why did they put them there?

Is it possible that these intelligently built objects are the remnants of an ancient civilization that once lived on the Earth? Is it possible that another technologically advanced group of beings from Earth traveled to the moon? Did these beings colonize our moon? Did they build cities and laboratories there? Is it possible that many different civilizations from our planet have visited the moon, over the span of millions of years, and left their intelligent designs on the lunar landscape?

Without the presence of an atmosphere, is it possible that buildings that are a hundred thousand years old would remain in good condition? How about if the buildings were a million years old or perhaps 100 million years old? Don’t forget, it is estimated that our planet is 4 or 5 billion years old. How many intelligent civilizations have lived on Earth?

If technologically advanced civilizations existed on our planet prior to the current human race, they would have, undoubtedly, visited the moon. Depending on how technologically advanced a given civilization might have become, they could have placed a spaceship or even a city on the moon. From the looks of the photographic evidence that was produced by Clementine, it is quite apparent that somebody very technologically advanced has been there.

Is it possible that the most precious secrets of Earth’s past civilizations are not buried on Earth, but rather on the moon above us?

This information I found very interesting and was what ultimately convinced me to write the novel False Memory.

Working hard to get home by Christmas

I have been away from home since August 31, living in hospitals. I am so looking forward to going home. I know that I have months of in-home therapy in front of me, but I think returning to my residence will improve my spirits.

The process of reclaiming my health is exhausting and something I never thought I would be faced with. I continue to work hard and want to thank all the healthcare professionals who are helping me through this arduous journey.

I am hoping to get home by Christmas so I can be with my family.

I wish all of our readers a happy holiday season.


The Target List Movie

We are looking for a few more investors for The Target List movie full feature film to be shot in the spring of 2022.

The investment opportunity can be explained in full detail by contacting:


Investors are wanted to help finance the production costs of the film. We need about $20,000. So investor amounts of a few thousand dollars would be helpful and return of investment is included in the offerings.

This is a chance to be involved in an exciting project that will hopefully educate the public about health care.

If you think you might be interested in this opportunity, please contact us.

Dr. John

Relearning to walk

It’s hard to imagine that walking around your home could be such a difficult task until it is. When I awakened from the nightmare I experienced over the last three months, I couldn’t lift my legs or arms. All of my muscles became decommissioned.

I can not explain how frustrating and frightening it is to be completely helpless. I could not turn my body to the left or right. To lift my hands was nearly impossible.

I have been working tirelessly rehabbing my body with physical therapists. Believe it or not, I am walking again and slowly regaining my strength.

I never thought I’d be in the situation I currently find myself in, but I had to face the fact that I had to relearn to walk and perform other physical activities that most people take for granted.

Staying in a hospital bed for 3 months will cause all your muscles to become decommissioned. I am determined to get stronger and back to the way I was before my illness.

Thanks for reading and visiting NoFakrNews.

Dr. John

18 days on a ventilator

The entire time I was on a ventilator, I hallucinated that I was at a resort. I had no idea that I was in dire straits.

At one point, the director of the resort asked me if I wanted to stay at the property forever or go back home to my family. I told him I wanted to go back home. And that’s when I was revived and came off the ventilator.

During one operation, I saw the doctors working on me from above. I believe that I died or came close to dying several times.

For some reason the universe spared me. I know of many people who died on the ventilator and it makes me wonder how I was given the chance to continue my life.

It’s therapeutic for me to write about this here. I hope you will understand the emotional stress I have endured.

Thanks, for the support! 🙂


Thank you everyone!

I want to thank everyone who has helped me to survive one of the most difficult three months of my life.

I was on a ventilator for 18 days and had eight surgeries. I was given no chance of survival, yet here I am.

I have no idea how I made it through the health challenges I encountered, but I am thrilled to be alive.

Thank you to everyone who sent me prayers, letters, emails, and other good wishes.

Coming home soon! 🙂

I am not posting or answering comments because I am physically exhausted. But I read all replies you submit to the site.

Thank you so much!