Vaccines: where there is a potential risk, people must be afforded the freedom of choice

By Dr. John Reizer

Where there is a potential risk associated with medical products or procedures, human beings must be afforded the freedom to choose whether or not they want to receive the services. This is known as informed consent.

Any healthcare provider or government entity that forces a person or the general population to take or receive a therapeutic drug/procedure that carries a potential risk to said individuals’ health or wellbeing, without affording them the choice to opt-out would be guilty of medical rape. I believe that informed consent is enforceable at all times and without limitations or exceptions, such as when an epidemic or pandemic has been declared by health officials.

There is not one vaccine product in existence that does not present potential risks to human beings. One of the disclaimers always written in all drug inserts that have been used to legally protect the pharmaceutical industry is a statement that warns the consumer not to take the product if they are allergic to any of the ingredients. How would a person know if they are allergic to the ingredients if they have never taken the concoction?

The link below will take you to a website where you can read the product inserts for every vaccine on the market. Read the information (the fine print) that clearly explains the risks associated with taking these hazardous products. There are inherent risks associated with all the products or the risks are unknown according to the vaccine makers.

Many of the problems associated with vaccine injuries occur months and years after the poisons are administered to unknowing victims.

Keep in mind, the COVID-19 vaccines soon to be released have been granted full liability immunity by the federal government. Why do you think that might be? The answer: they’re anticipating massive problems.

Granting vaccine makers full immunity against health consumers’ injuries is not exactly a vote of confidence by the federal government concerning the vaccine product.





Another Intellectual Property is Launched into Action


By Dr. John Reizer

The great Influenza campaign of 2020 is up and running, and the sheep are lining up with their arms exposed to get the poison. No matter how many times people have been through this ridiculous process, they still come back for another booster shot the following year.

The corporate lie being told by big pharma: For our magical potion to protect you for twelve months, enough people in society must get the life-saving drugs. If not enough people are vaccinated for the flu, the products won’t work. In other words, if you don’t take your headache pill, mine won’t work. Take your medicine, everybody, for the benefit of others.

The massive lie centered around vaccines, in general, is that they provide limited herd immunity if enough people get the medicines. This is an escape clause for the manufacturers so that when millions of people test positive using fake PCR tests, they can state that not enough people participated in the program; therefore, the shots were ineffective.

Why Vaccines Don’t Work:

When vaccines are introduced into humans, they bypass the regular portal of entry and overstimulate portions of the immune system. This, unfortunately, causes an overabundance of junk antibodies to be produced. The vaccines stress out the immune system and can throw it out of balance setting up the stage for life long battles with autoimmune disorders and other diseases. Also, the junk antibodies that are produced from the vaccines do not protect the person from the conditions in question, and booster shots are required to keep the antibodies at a level the mainstream scientists believe is sufficient for the human body. This is quack science!

Over the years, we have been taught so many ridiculous concepts about microbiology, viruses, and vaccines. The reason for this is because vaccines are very profitable products, and the big pharma companies are champing at the bit to produce them. This is especially true since the US Government has limited healthcare consumers to a $250,000 maximum award for vaccine product injuries. All COVID-19 vaccines have been granted complete liability immunity by the federal government and injured parties cannot file a lawsuit against the drug makers.

If a person is injured by a vaccine product, he or she must file a claim in a national vaccine injury compensation court. There are virtually no legal remedies for people injured by vaccines. And this is why the drug companies can’t wait to enter the vaccine market. Big pharma companies have lobbied hard to get the government to legally mandate vaccines for the American public.

Keep in mind,  the words pandemic, epidemic, and outbreak are predicated on case numbers for a specific disease. The case numbers concerning Covid-19 are predicated on PCR lab test kits that yield nothing but false-positive results, the misreporting of other diseases as Covid-19 cases, the misreporting of deaths from other conditions as Covid-19 cases, the misreporting of presumptive positive cases as actual Covid-19 cases, and the inappropriate reporting of Covid-19 cases that have been diagnosed with only a CT scan to check for the presence of pneumonia in the lungs of patients.

If we remove the case numbers based on the quack science listed above, there would be no world pandemic, no epidemics or outbreaks, and no sensational news stories to obsess over. And there would have been no lockdown and destruction of world economies!

The same can be said about Influenza, which is another intellectual property, like COVID-19, that is diagnosed by a fraudulent PCR test and introduced by vaccines that trigger viral shedding in the human population.

CDC director Robert Redfield has already stated that this coming fall, we will be dealing with two possible epidemics: Influenza and the second wave of Covid-19. Remember, the CDC is a drugstore and working for the best interests of the pharmaceutical cartel that has been keeping the world sick for a long time. If you want to practice social distancing, keep you and your loved ones far away from the advice this regulatory agency is pedaling.

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My Name is John Reizer, and I am an Anti-Vaxxer!

Dr. John Reizer (Anti-Vaxxer)

My name is John Reizer, and I am an anti-vaxxer and have been one for a while. I have previously enrolled in several twelve-step programs over the years designed to rehabilitate people that suffer from the same labeled condition.

The programs just didn’t work for me. I always fell off the wagon and relapsed into the same state. I didn’t become an anti-vaxxer by accident. I spent countless hours reading research and studying the harmful effects vaccines cause in fellow human beings. Once I saw the terrible physiological problems these products caused, I could not unsee them.

Long ago, when I was a child, I used to believe in officialdom. I was like a lot of other people in society who were officially dumb. I believed the lies and misinformation of drug corporations that were transmitted over mainstream media products that are bought and controlled by the same entities.

I am proud to be an anti-vaxxer because vaccines irreparably harm and kill millions upon millions of people every year. If you know the truth about something that is hurting fellow human beings and you don’t tell the world what you know, what kind of a person are you?

Anti-vaxxer terminology is a creation of the pharmaceutical industry that has been used to identify and discredit any persons or groups that are in opposition to the current vaccine paradigm.

Anti-vaxxers are people who refuse to vaccinate themselves or their children because they believe the medications (poisons) are more dangerous than the benefits they allegedly offer.

If you are not an anti-vaxxer, it means you are a pro-vaxxer or have a neutral stance on the subject. If you are neutral, you’ll more than likely follow the rest of the herd and receive vaccines.

People who are pro-vaxxers are followers of the churches of medicine and officialdom. They are officially dumb and like to stand up on soapboxes and point fingers at others who are not officially dumb and who have performed their due diligence and researched the facts.

I will let you in on some other secrets: I am anti-murder, anti-torture, anti-pedophilia, anti-human trafficking, and anti-war.

Anti-vaxxers are not crazy, paranoid conspiracy theorists. Anti-vaxxers are caring, loving human beings who are tired of watching the members of society become permanently injured or killed from dangerous medicines that are thousands of times more dangerous than the contagious diseases they allegedly offer protection against.

Why do so many of us in the know allow people who are officially dumb to publicly shame us about something that we know damn well is hurting many citizens in society?

Can you imagine a large group of individuals on the mainstream media shaming others about being anti-pedophilia or anti-child abuse?

What’s the difference between being against vaccines that are harming and killing innocent young lives and being against predators that are harming innocent children? There’s no difference at all.




Organized Medicine: They Have Been Creating Fake Diseases Forever

By Dr. John Reizer

Covid-19 is not the first, nor will it be the last fake disease created by organized medicine. The controlling powers have been using the medical profession as a means to weaken and poison the members of society for as long as the business has been hijacked by big pharma corporations.

Because the people running the Earth show are made up of psychopaths and eugenicists, anything that they get their hands on will become soured and used for malicious purposes.

In the case of organized medicine, something that started out with great intentions was transformed into a systematic tool to keep the herd sick and dying so that the masses could not fight back against the one percent that rules the planet.

Many diseases were invented and claimed as intellectual properties by the medical profession to poison people with toxic vaccines.

Perhaps, the granddaddy of all the fake diseases is Polio, which is often showcased as the number one malady that was successfully eradicated by a vaccine.

Polio is not even a real virus. It is a fake disease that covered the fact that massive amounts of people were becoming paralyzed in the early 1900s by industrial pesticides and poisons.

As usual, the petrochemical corporations needed a smart way to distance themselves from any potential liability stemming from the products they were creating that were, for all intents and purposes, poisoning the entire world. Enter Polio, a fake virus, intentionally fabricated to take the blame for the industrial toxins doing all the damage.

A reader of this website sent me a great resource page that nicely lists many of the lies associated with Polio. I have included the information in the link below:


NoFakeNews Position Statement on Covid-19


The position statement listed below is the opinion of the editor of this website and does not reflect the views of any other persons or parties. The position statement below should not be considered medical advice, and it is not meant to be used by anyone as prescriptive advice to mitigate Covid-19 or any other disease entities that may be regarded as the intellectual properties of medical or pharmaceutical corporations and or health regulatory bodies.

The information below has been written on this website for academic purposes only to provide readers a point of reference as to what the editor of the website believes is happening concerning the Covid-19 world pandemic.

The information in the position statement below is not intended to replace a professional relationship between a patient and a health care specialist, nor is it intended as medical advice. Readers are encouraged to make health care decisions based upon their own independent research!

NoFakeNews Position Statement on Covid-19

While most of society continues to self-isolate and engage in social distancing practices due to the coronavirus world pandemic, this website is going on the record and publishing an official academic position statement that is based on a different paradigm and perspective concerning Covid-19:

  1. Covid-19 is a fake illness that is not caused by a virus, nor can it be spread from person to person.
  2. The alleged virus that has been reported to cause Covid-19 is not a new coronavirus, and it has not spread throughout the world.
  3. The alleged Covid-19 symptoms reported worldwide are due to common colds, pneumococcal, and upper respiratory infections that have been intentionally and inappropriately diagnosed as a new virus strain within the family of coronaviruses.
  4. Human beings can not become infected from respiratory droplets from other persons allegedly infected by Covid-19 because the virus does not exist.
  5. Human beings can not become infected by coming into close contact with a person who allegedly has Covid-19 because the virus does not exist.
  6. Human beings can not get the virus by touching a surface or object that allegedly has the virus on it and then by touching their mouth, nose, or eyes because the virus does not exist.
  7. The best way to protect human beings from the alleged virus is to realize that it doesn’t exist, and therefore there is zero chance of catching anything.
  8. There is no need to stay home and avoid contact with others.
  9. There is no need to wear face-coverings anywhere.
  10. There is no need to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.
  11. There is no need to maintain a distance of six feet from other human beings.
  12. No human beings are at risk of getting Covid-19 because the virus is a hoax and has never been scientifically isolated using Koch’s postulates.
  13. All recorded case numbers of Covid-19 are false-positive results originating from either CT scans, presumptive positive diagnoses, and PCR tests that are scientifically unreliable because they register false-positive results for other genetic materials commonly found in humans that are not named Covid-19.
  14. There is no need to take a vaccine now or in the future for Covid-19 because the virus is a hoax.
  15. The information being published and distributed by health regulatory agencies worldwide concerning Covid-19 is purposely misleading and counterproductive to maintaining a healthy functioning human immune system.
  16. All therapeutic mitigation techniques that are being recommended and promoted by health regulatory agencies worldwide are entirely useless and unnecessary concerning Covid-19 because the virus does not exist.
  17. Covid-19 is a scripted psyop that was written by scientific writers and dress rehearsed in New York City in a simulation exercise titled EVENT 201 in the fall of 2019.
  18. The government leaders of all sovereign territories worldwide should be ashamed of themselves for going along with a global medical scenario that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever from a microbiological and public health standpoint.

We Are All Victims of A Medical Psyop, But Not Completely Blameless

By Dr. John Reizer

We are all victims of a massive medical psyop, but not entirely blameless in the grand scheme of things. As a society, we have embraced science-based medicine and believed it to be infallible as well as something that it is definitely not — an authority on health and wellness.

Although a small minority of us don’t think of them and their vocation in this way, medical doctors and the profession of medicine are perceived by the vast majority of people as priests working in a church. The entire structure of the medical business has been intentionally designed to mirror a religious experience.

When you walk into a house of worship, you enter a domain that is considered sacred by the members of the congregation. Inside a church, temple, synagogue, or any other religious chamber, there are specific rules that are generally understood and followed by its members. Out of respect for the belief system, any types of criticism, skepticism, or questions concerning the veracity of the organization’s major premise are off-limits. In other words, members of religious congregations can never publicly question the church about anything.

In medicine, the doctor (priest, minister, rabbi) customarily wears a white gown (robe) that absolutely identifies him as the high priest in the congregation (practice). Within that environment, there are nurses (nuns) that assist the doctor in taking care of patients (members of the congregation) when they become ill (possessed by evil microbes). Patients do not usually question a doctor’s (minister’s) advice.

There are a variety of techniques (rituals) the profession of medicine uses to rid the body of diseases (evil spirits). Some of these techniques include introducing synthetic drugs (holy water) in patients, mass-produced by pharmaceutical companies. In other situations, doctors cut out diseases in the body by performing surgeries (exorcisms) to remove infected tissues and organs (possessed body parts).

Question the intentions or integrity of the medical man and his broad support group of medical personnel, and you will be looked upon by the citizens of most communities as a nut job (the devil). Question the medical protocols (biblical passages) that have been written by the pharmaceutical corporations and firmly established within the base curricula of every medical school program in the world, and you will be labeled as a charlatan, a quack, or a pseudo-scientist.

The pharmaceutical companies secretly overseeing prestigious medical journals, the publishers of supposed peer-reviewed research, make sure doctors opposing the allopathic paradigm (drugs are the only way to achieve and maintain health) are always viewed by the vast majority of people as being unscientific.

In the Catholic Church, they teach parishioners that a young soul, entering the world, is compromised by original sin (a weakened immune system). It predisposes that vessel (body) to a life of demonic possession (sickness). The baptismal holy waters of the church (vaccination programs) are the only sure way to wash away the sins (childhood diseases) and set the soul right (create immunity against germs) so that it can enjoy an existence on Earth that is free from Satan’s temptations (bacteria and viral microbes).

I understand there will be plenty of people incensed over what I have written in this article. A person who writes content questioning a particular religion’s philosophy or integrity will not win any popularity contests. And make no mistake; the medical profession is a dominant religion with many followers. That, in itself, is a sad fact, but also the primary reason why so many people are walking around sick and don’t understand why.

The faith and trust we have collectively invested, as a society, in medicine is based upon blind faith and not the profession’s ability to get sick people well. There are some blatantly false concepts that medical dogma is based upon, and when one takes a close look at these ideas, their flaws become very apparent. It is because of this fact that the profession has been cleverly structured and marketed by its engineers, to appear as a religion.

As a religion, medicine remains off-limits from would-be critics and avoids essential questions. These questions have needed to be answered for years, and yet they continue to be ignored by medicine’s leaders. Instead, we continue to hear and read about, walkathons, parades, and fundraisers that supposedly benefit research for future eradication of diseases (intellectual properties) that the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies have no intention of ever eliminating!

It’s not a coincidence that so many hospitals in the United States and around the world have been named after religious organizations and saints. Let’s face facts, there aren’t any medical facilities named The Charles Manson Center for Burned Victims. Medical institutions have been designed and branded in such a way that they are perceived, by the masses, as places of worship. Even the doctor’s classic, white lab coat has been designed to instill, in the psyche of healthcare consumers, a sense of purity when they think of physicians.

Getting people to believe in the value of medicine has been the long-term goal of pharmaceutical companies. Their relentless commitment to this self-serving campaign has turned the public sector into a massive congregation of cheerleaders that ritualistically praise the medical industry. Communities throughout America and around the world regularly donate large amounts of money attempting to build and maintain hospital centers. These monstrosities are now the center points of all new communities.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good medical doctors and surgeons in the world, and some medical practice objectives can help save lives. But most of the successes that can be attributed to modern medicine usually come in the form of emergency based care and not from the area of managing diseases (intellectual properties) and restoring health to the human body.

If we ever hope to improve the health of human beings and raise the overall quality of healthcare that’s practiced in the United States and other locations throughout the world, we will need to break the stranglehold pharmaceutical corporations have on the medical profession. These giant companies have hijacked medicine and made it sick. We need to turn our attention away from figuring out ways to pay for medical care and start concentrating on ways to fix the profession so that it stops making people sicker than they already are.

In the future, we must evaluate medicine as a profession and not blindly praise its false accomplishments that have, ultimately, been fabricated by drug companies and later promoted in peer-reviewed journals that are owned and operated by the same companies. It’s time for the members of the congregation (the general public) to get off their knees and begin holding traditional medicine (the church) accountable for its actions!

If we had done our due diligence in the past, we would not have allowed the powers that be to lead us into the perilous situation we face today. Yes, we are victims of a psyop. Still, we are in this mess because we blindly followed the medical profession and their unscientific recommendations without critically thinking about the illogicality of the storyline.

USA Today Opinion Piece Calls for Mandatory Vaccines for all Americans

By Dr. John Reizer

The USA Today opinion article that details how Americans should accept a mandatory Covid-19 vaccine is one of the most ridiculous pieces of trash ever published by an American mainstream media company.

In my opinion, USA Today is a propaganda rag, a purveyor of fake news and disinformation that is under the influence of American intelligence agencies.

Dr. Michael Lederman and the other two contributors of the draconian ideas proposed in the publication are either mentally insane or on the payroll of Big Pharma corporations. I personally think both explanations apply.

Accepting an untested, unproven vaccine to hypothetically create artificial herd immunity in the nation’s population against a virus that has never been appropriately isolated through accepted scientific standards is not a form of patriotism. It is a form of stupidity.

Vaccines, when injected into humans and animals, create large numbers of junk antibodies that do not protect the patients from infectious diseases. Those useless antibodies are what the criminal vaccine industry uses as a measuring stick when rating the effectiveness of a given product.

The practice is based on quack science and the reason so many people have weakened immune systems.

Vaccines have so many adverse severe patient reactions tied to them that the US government had to introduce special legislation that became law to prevent American citizens from bringing lawsuits against vaccine makers. For all intents and purposes, citizens can not sue a vaccine maker whose product harms them. The lawsuit process is limited to being heard in a special vaccine court operated and controlled by the criminal vaccine industry.

In the case of Covid-19, the vaccine products that will be administered to American citizens have complete liability immunity. The injured parties and there will be millions of them, will not be able to sue the manufacturers of the products. The decision to protect the criminal vaccine makers was made by the US government back in January 2020.

In my opinion, a complete restructuring of organized medicine needs to be discussed worldwide. Although certain medical practices are of benefit to many patients, significant areas of medicine are antiquated and obsolete. They only remain in place because of the monies the methods generate.

Too many people are irreparably harmed by dangerous medical practices that have no scientific merit attached to them other than the fake and paid for research financed by the vaccine makers themselves.

I am a healthy person and not a threat to any fellow human being. I don’t require toxic, untested medical vaccines to artificially increase antibodies inside my body. My natural innate immune system will decide how many god damn antibodies my body needs at any given time.

There is no government, medical doctor, or lawyer who is going to decide what medical products I place in my body. If they are thinking otherwise, there’s going to be a significant problem when they come knocking on my door.

These are my opinions about US patriotism and mandatory vaccines for American citizens. Let’s see if USA Today has the guts to publish them.

What the Face Mask-Wearing Psyop Accomplishes

Dr. John Reizer

The controlling powers have exerted their weight and influence on the population worldwide. They have people who are afraid of a fake virus wearing face masks. They have people not afraid of a fake virus wearing face masks. They have people who are aware of the fact that the virus is fake, wearing face masks.


The powers that be want to demonstrate to everybody what mandatory forced compliance will look and feel like. No mask, no entry into any restaurants, stores, public places, or other social venues. They want to condition people how things will operate concerning the coming vaccine program.

If you refuse the mask (now) or the vaccine (soon), you are going to be excluded from society. That is what is going on regarding the face mask agenda.

Don’t wear the mask! Keep spreading the truth; there is no virus.