In the United States, Jacobson vs. Massachusetts Must be Retested in the Courts!

Dr. John Reizer

The COVID-19 vaccines that have been rushed to market to create immunity against the alleged sars-cov-2 virus that has never been isolated in totality from human or animal hosts contain no viral isolates and are experimental drugs!

The COVID-19 vaccines are all untested, unproven, and unsafe medicinal concoctions that have never been approved for humans. Instead, the products have been granted Emergency Use Authorizations by the FDA. What exactly does this mean?

An Emergency Use Authorization allows for the distribution and administration of an untested, unsafe, and unapproved drug product to the clueless public.

EUA’s are temporary allowances for experimental drugs to be used during government-defined public health emergencies. Under normal circumstances, people wouldn’t be allowed to touch these medicines with a 200-feet pole.

No government under any circumstances whatsoever can order or force the public to take drug products, let alone an experimental one! The controlling powers are bluffing about vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.

The Constitutionality of Vaccine Mandates and Vaccine Passports

The entire narrative centered around vaccine mandates and vaccine passports being constitutional is based on an outdated SCOTUS decision from the early 1900s known as Jacobson vs. Massachusetts. The case would never hold up in modern times because there are known side effects to all vaccine products unknown when this case was decided.

The presiding justices who ruled on the case stated that their decision to rule against Jacobson was made because the vaccine, at that time, was determined not to be more dangerous to the public than the disease it was allegedly preventing.

If Jacobson vs. Massachusetts was ever retested in a modern legal setting, it would be overturned because of the known adverse reactions that have been scientifically proven to be associated with all current vaccines.

Having written all of that, let me further note that Jacobson vs. Massachusetts shouldn’t apply to untested, unsafe, experimental vaccines that have been rolled out and administered to people under an Emergency Use Authorization. All of the COVID-19 vaccines are classified as experimental medicines, and they cannot be forced upon any human being at any time whatsoever. Jacobson vs. Massachusetts allegedly has legal precedence or teeth concerning FDA-approved vaccines becoming mandatory during a pandemic — and that’s a legal can of worms that needs to be revisited and thoroughly retested through the courts as soon as possible.

If the controlling powers can roll out a plethora of new toxic vaccines in less than a year, a new challenge to Jacobson vs. Massachusetts through the courts can surely be expedited in record time to reverse an outdated and antiquated legal decision from over a hundred years ago.

Using Jacobson vs. Massachusetts to help Americans determine the constitutionality of mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports amid a world pandemic is tantamount to using century-old road maps to drive from New York to California. It’s a ridiculous scenario because many roads have been closed and new ones cut over the years. It’s outdated information, and the Jacobson vs. Massachusetts decision was made through the reliance of the scientific information available in the early 1900s.


We Reject the Official Narrative About the COVID-19 World Pandemic



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State Of New York Bill if Passed Would Mandate Covid-19 Vaccines and Imprison Violaters


The elected officials who wrote, sponsored, or support this bill in the future should be removed from their public office positions and arrested for crimes against humanity!

Thank you, Tim, for finding and passing on this important information.

The Capitol Switchboard:

Sample phone scripts for New York A-416:

I am calling as a citizen of the State of New York and your constituent asking you to VOTE NO on A-416. On January 6 you will be asked to vote on Assembly Bill A-416 to amend the authority of the Governor in health emergencies. This bill will authorize the Governor and health officials to seize New Yorkers and force-vaccinate them without due process. A-416 cannot be supported as it violates several provisions of the New York Constitution. These are very serious violations that will result if A-416 is passed. We cannot allow that to happen. In defense of the rights of every New Yorker I am strongly requesting you VOTE NO. Thank you for your time and service.

NOTE: Here is a sample script created by Liberty First Legal, INC. for every New Yorker to use if they want to contact their representatives and demand they vote NO!

Dear Assemblyman (insert name)

I am writing as a citizen of the State of ________ and your constituent asking you to VOTE NO on A-416.

On January 6 you will be asked to vote on Assembly Bill A-416 to amend the authority of the Governor in health emergencies. This bill will authorize the Governor and health officials to seize New Yorkers and force-vaccinate them without due process.

A-416 cannot be supported as it violates several provisions of the New York Constitution.

1. A-416 removes every New Yorker’s Right to due process before forcing them into the custody of health officials. New Yorkers will not be given their right to a trial as required by Article I sec 1 and Article VI Sec 18a of the New York Constitution.

2. This bill arbitrarily reduces the well-established standard of strict scrutiny required for the infringement of these fundamental rights to the lesser standard of “clear and convincing evidence” which will be determined solely by the Governor or some executive bureaucrat in violation of the essential principle of separation of powers.

3. A-416 is a bold violation of Article 1 sec 5 and Article 1 sec 12 of the New York Constitution as it potentially deprives every New Yorker of their inherent Rights to due process before a search and seizure of their property and their body.

These are just a few, but very serious violations that will result if A-416 is passed. We cannot allow that to happen. In defense of the rights of every New Yorker, I am strongly requesting you VOTE NO. Thank you for your time and service.


compiled from:

Big Pharma Controls the Prestigious Research Journals Promoting Organized Medicine’s Alleged Accomplishments

Dr. John Reizer

For many years, I have been writing that the prestigious medical research journals worldwide are ultimately owned or controlled by the big pharma companies mass-producing toxic medicines for human guinea pigs.

When you try and explain to people how this scheme works, you get the classic cognitive dissonance eye roll back in your face. Regardless of what healthcare consumers believe, this is how the system has been set up to work, and this is how organized medicine has garnered so much undeserved public respect over the years.

I recently read an article in The New England Journal of Medicine that meticulously explained how individual American states should go about getting mandatory Covid-19 vaccine policies implemented into law.

The publishing of trash such as this is proof of how compromised and bought off medical journals have become.

Click Here to Read Article From The New England Journal of Medicine:


  • Covid-19 is not adequately contained in the state.
  • The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has recommended vaccination for the groups for which a mandate is considered.
  • The supply of vaccine is sufficient to cover the population groups for which a mandate is being considered.
  • Available evidence about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine has been transparently communicated.
  • The state has created infrastructure to provide access to vaccination without financial or logistic barriers, compensation to workers who have adverse effects from a required vaccine, and real-time surveillance of vaccine side effects.
  • In a time-limited evaluation, the vaccine’s voluntary uptake among high-priority groups has fallen short of the level required to prevent epidemic spread.

As you read through the article, let the recommendations the authors suggest sink in your brain so that you can understand what these people are proposing. Understand that they want the public to be forced into house arrest, unable to work and earn money until they have been forcibly administered an untested and unsafe vaccine product against a virus that doesn’t exist.

How is it possible that highly educated people can be bought off by a world governing construct to endorse such draconian policies that will ultimately bring great harm and injury to fellow human beings? The incredible size, sophistication, and evil associated with the world plandemic operation beggars belief.


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Get Ready to be Pressured 24/7 to take the Toxic Covid-19 Vaccine

By Dr. John Reizer

Are you ready to be pressured by television commercials, social media ads, network programming, text messages, doctors, nurses, neighbors, and family members to take the Covid-19 vaccine? The pressure to get vaccinated has already begun. As I write these words, celebrities are taping commercials and promo spots to convince you and me to get vaccinated.

I saw a television spot this afternoon that told me the only way we are going to get out of the world pandemic and being locked down is through science. The commercial kept telling me repeatedly that science is good, and science will lead us back to health again. As the commercial explained how great science is, there were pictures of syringes being filled with vaccines in the background.

This is the strategy the Satanists, pedophiles, rapists, murders, and psychopaths, otherwise known as our government leaders have decided on to coerce everybody into voluntarily taking the alleged mandatory vaccine that is coming.

Science means taking toxic vaccines. The powers that be are going to try and convince everybody that vaccines are scientific and that we should all feel guilty for not believing in the benevolence and efficacy of science-based medicine.

Everybody and their uncle is going to tell you to take this vaccine. The pressure to genuflect to the church of medicine will be immense, but you have to be strong and stay firm in your decision not to take this toxic brew. The vaccine will not protect you from a fake virus!

Mandatory Vaccines – A Psyop and a Bluff!

First of all, if the powers that be could actually make the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory, which they cannot, there would be no need for all the marketing and guilt tactics that will be forthcoming. If something could be made mandatory and that law could be upheld by the US Supreme Court like Allen Dershowitz claims, why would the powers that be need to go through the trouble of convincing people to take the product?

Why don’t the controlling powers just roll out the troops and start knocking on doors and begin injecting people against their will? Do we really believe that mandatory vaccine policy is enforceable in America? This will never happen in the United States. The idea of mandatory vaccines being forced upon screaming citizens is science fiction — it’s not going to happen! NASA’s got a better chance of going to the moon, and that’s not happening either.

The powers that be are going to scare the hell out of everybody. They’re going to guilt the hell out of everybody. They’re going to try and make people think that vaccines will become mandatory. They’re going to try and convince people that they should take the vaccine for the common good of the country. They’re going to try and convince people that they’re unpatriotic if they don’t agree to accept the vaccine.

We are about to witness another psyop within a bigger psyop. The lies are unending. The idea that mandatory vaccines are coming is the next psyop.

The POTUS made a statement that vaccines will be delivered by the military with warp speed. You’ll notice he didn’t say that vaccines will be made mandatory, and troops will forcefully administer the products to willing and unwilling citizens. The POTUS leaves the scenario up to your imagination that is heavily influenced by the network programming people watch around the clock.

We are being played yet again. Don’t fall for it. The controlling powers bluff and lie about everything, and most people fall for the lies hook, line, and sinker.

Every single elected American leader is on board with the world pandemic fakery. Lose the idea that Democrats and Republicans are different from one another. They are in the same club — and you’re not!

President Trump: Vaccine will be Distributed by the US Military!

Nothing is going to slow this process down! This vaccine is absolutely going to be distributed with force by the US Military.

They’re looking for 30,000 fools to be guinea pigs for the next stage of the test trials. We are witnessing perhaps one of the most significant scientific frauds in modern history. It leaves me speechless. I think we are all in serious trouble!

– Dr. Reizer

Are Mandatory Vaccine Laws Protected by the Constitution?

By Dr. John Reizer

Many Americans have been recently asking the question: Are mandatory vaccine laws protected by the Constitution? If you type this question into a search engine on the Internet, you are going to be inundated with a plethora of legal opinions that thoroughly discuss the subject. The majority of the views will tell you that the federal government has a constitutional right to exercise mandatory vaccine laws.

The legal opinions referenced above are mostly made and influenced by a case that was decided by the SCOTUS on February 20, 1905, Jacobson v. Massachusetts. In that case, the Supreme Court decided that an individual’s liberty is not absolute and subject to police powers.

The decision handed down stated, “in every well-ordered society charged with the duty of conserving the safety of its members the rights of the individual in respect of his liberty may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand” and that “[r]eal liberty for all could not exist under the operation of a principle which recognizes the right of each individual person to use his own, whether in respect of his person or his property, regardless of the injury that may be done to others.”

The court also ruled that mandatory vaccinations are not arbitrary or oppressive so long as they do not “go so far beyond what was reasonably required for the safety of the public.”

Now, I want to preface my remarks about this case by stating I am not a lawyer (although I do have an online Juris Doctorate that I worked really hard on many years ago), and I am not an expert on legal issues and have never pretended to be one. But strictly from a layperson’s perspective, I have to write that I agree with Robert F. Kennedy’s position that mandatory vaccine laws are unconstitutional.

Jacobson v. Massachusetts was heard and decided by the SCOTUS in 1905. That’s a long time ago, and there’s been a lot of new information uncovered about vaccines and the devastating effects they have on human physiology. A new argument could and should be laid out to retest and reverse this old and antiquated legal decision.

I believe that Jacobson v. Massachusetts could be successfully challenged and overturned in light of some of the new, damaging evidence that has been turned up about the vaccine industry. There are over 150 chronic diseases that the FDA has attributed to vaccinations, and there is a specialized National Vaccine Injury Compensation Court that was expressly set aside to hear vaccine injury cases and limit their awards to $250,000 to protect the big pharma industry. In addition to this, the soon to be released Covid-19 vaccine will have complete liability immunity from any injuries the product might potentially inflict on human lives.

In my opinion, Jacobson v. Massachusetts would yield a much different decision if heard in the year 2020. And I have spoken with a few lawyer friends who unequivocally agree with me. The minority dissenters in the case, Justices Brewer and Peckham, would likely have had more support from the majority ruling justices who heard the case if they had been made aware of the real dangers associated with the oxymoron known as vaccine science.

I think it is time to retest Jacobson v. Massachusetts in a modern-day legal setting, and one that takes into consideration the full extent of the safety issues associated with vaccines. These products have become overly oppressive in nature for all human beings because they pose serious health threats to the general public they have, in theory, been designed to protect. The current health risks stemming from vaccine products extend far beyond what the justices in 1905 considered safe for the general public.

In my opinion, the federal government will not try to mandate vaccines in the future because they would be afraid to place Jacobson v. Massachusetts in the line of fire of a real test. It has been tested in limited capacities in the past, but not with the argument that takes into consideration the case I have laid out in this post.

I think the powers that be would love to keep this precedent-setting decision right where it lies. To open it up to a brand new, real test scenario is opening a can of worms they can’t afford to open. If the decision was ever reversed, the controllers would lose their leverage and ability to populate search engines with articles that tell us that the federal government’s right to impose mandatory vaccines is protected by the US Constitution.

I, for one, would love to see this case revisited and put through a new legal test using the argument I have outlined.  Any lawyers out there that have more expertise than me concerning this subject, please feel free to weigh in on the conversation.

Covid-19: A Eugenics Operation Plain And Simple!

By Dr. John Reizer

If you are still wondering if Covid-19 is real or a fake viral pandemic, I don’t know what else to write to convince you that everything happening is a false flag event — a  cleverly crafted psychological operation.

At this point in the narrative, my January 2020 suspicions have been confirmed. I think the writing is on the wall and clearly visible to anyone paying close attention; Covid-19 is a eugenics operation plain and simple!

The end goal here is to keep people scared and off-balance until the powers that be can mass-produce a sterilizing agent (A Covid-19 Vaccine) that can then be administered to every citizen in the world. It has most likely already been created and waiting in the wings.

The few decision-makers who have been controlling the lives of many for the longest time have obviously decided there are too many weeds in the garden of desirables, and those weeds need pulling.

According to the video below, American citizens are not protected by the US Constitution when it comes to a mandatory Covid-19 vaccine.

The question people should be asking currently is if they are going to accept their fate and take this medicine voluntarily or go down swinging.

The governments of the world have already aligned themselves with the world governing construct that remains hidden and in the shadows but definitely continues to hand down the draconian directives that are being implemented.

In the United States, over 300 million vaccines will be ready later this year or by early 2021. President Donald Trump has stated the following concerning the future administration of the Covid-19 vaccines to the American people:

“We’re mobilizing our military and other forces, but we’re mobilizing our military on the basis that we do have a vaccine. You know, it’s a massive job to give this vaccine. Our military is now being mobilized so at the end of the year we’re going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly,”

“We will have a tremendous force because assuming we get it, then you have to distribute it.”

“And unless you’re mobilized and ready, you’re not going to be able to do it for a long time. So we’re starting now.”

What is happening in the world concerning this false flag is unprecedented. I do not believe this is a drill to test the complacency level of the population concerning draconian initiatives. I am convinced this is the real deal.

The powers that be interrupted everything taking place in the world. Sports and entertainment venues have been completely shut down. These are institutions that have been developed through the years to keep the masses preoccupied and not focusing on other agendas those in control have been advancing. The telltale sign that this operation is not a drill is the fact that the above-referenced institutions were all brought to a grinding halt.

South Dakota Bill 1235 Would Outlaw Vaccine and Medical Mandates

By Dr. John Reizer

Author of The Target List

A new 2020 South Dakota House Bill has been introduced that would end all vaccine and medical mandates.

House Bill 1235, if passed, could make South Dakota a safe haven for many U.S. citizens seeking refuge and relief from the cartel of pharmaceutical companies that have hijacked organized medicine and the regulatory bodies that oversee the profession.

Read more about the introduction of the bill here.

Other U.S. states need to take notice of this bill and introduce similar legislation for citizens.

Please share this information with others. You can read more about the story here.

Big Pharma And The Mandatory Vaccine Agenda: It’s Going to Affect (Infect) Everybody

By Dr. John Reizer

Author of The Target List Novel

According to the law, people have certain constitutional rights to refuse medical care in the United States. However, there are specific situations where those rights can be suspended and citizens can be forced, through the power of the government, to receive medical treatment whether they want it or not.


If a person is deemed mentally incompetent due to alcohol, drugs, brain injury, or they have been diagnosed with a mental disorder, medical treatment can be administered against their will.

Parents and legal guardians cannot refuse medical treatment for a child that is considered life-sustaining and they cannot deny a child medical care that is considered necessary by the medical profession. In cases where parents attempt to interfere with this process, the child can be legally kidnapped by the government so that the medical care deemed necessary can be administered.

If the government determines that a patient is suffering from a communicable disease that poses an immediate threat to the community at large or himself, the government has the ability to apply medical treatment to the individual by force.

Although the exceptions to our rights to refuse medical treatment listed above might seem benevolent in nature, they could ultimately become problematic for people looking to keep themselves and their families healthy in the immediate future.

Undoubtedly, there are times when emergency medical care needs to be administered to patients of all ages in order to sustain life. I don’t think anyone of sound mind would argue this point. An emergency medical trauma team can be the difference between life and death in many instances. In addition, there are certainly times when a patient is not of sound mind for one reason or another and medical decisions must be made on their behalf in an effort to save a person’s life.

But there is an inherent flaw within the construct of the law that places all healthcare consumers at risk of being harmed by the medical profession that is supposed to protect them. That flaw in the law came about long after those exceptions listed above were written. The lawmakers didn’t take into consideration that the medical profession would become hijacked in the future by a cartel of gangsters.

What most people don’t realize is that organized medicine has been hijacked by the medical-industrial complex. A very large consortium of pharmaceutical companies has methodically and strategically taken over the medical profession.

Big pharma controls the medical research being performed, the treatment protocols, the diagnostic tests, the medical curricula being taught in medical schools, the hospital corporations, the physicians and the other staff members working within the medical system. It is a monopolistic design that has been cleverly crafted through time by very intelligent overseers. More importantly, the construct is firmly in place and it’s not working to get sick people well. It’s working instead to keep people unhealthy in order to increase the profits for drugmakers.

The mandatory vaccine agenda is well underway. Its mission and prime objective from its inception have been to ensure that every citizen in the United States receives synthetically made medicines that supposedly make human beings immune to a never-ending list of dangerous diseases. It might be part of a eugenics program.

The peer-reviewed research that proves vaccines are safe, effective products to defeat dangerous diseases has been paid for by for-profit pharmaceutical companies. In reality, vaccines weaken and destroy the human immune system over time and cause the proliferation of diseases worldwide.

Think about the following scenario; a person goes to a drugstore in late August and is offered a free vaccine to prevent the Influenza virus from infecting them. Millions of Americans routinely receive flu jabs under the guise the medicine will protect them from getting the flu. The reality of the situation yields a completely different result than what healthcare consumers originally bargained for. As a result of millions of people getting flu shots, the flu season is unleashed. This happens every single year without fail.

When people are given the flu shot, they transmit the virus to others in their communities through a biological process called viral shedding. There are plenty of people that become infected with Influenza every fall and winter because of the flu vaccine campaigns that are sponsored by the medical profession. The flu season is cleverly seeded annually by the drug companies that later profit from selling a plethora of pharmaceutical products that are perceived as necessary by people suffering from the flu.

Do people honestly believe drugstores and medical clinics that profit, when healthcare consumers become ill, are interested in giving out free vaccines that will make people healthier? Do we really believe that drugstores want to make less money and see people remain healthy? Remember, these are big corporations and they’re not in business to make less money than they can.

There is a massive campaign underway to mandate vaccines for every citizen young and old. Big pharma has the money to buy state senators, congress and any other assets they deem necessary to get the laws passed that can see their agenda come to fruition.

There are many people that believe global warming will destroy our planet in the next hundred years. It is my belief that we have a bigger problem than global warming that will ultimately destroy the human race and that is the medical-industrial complex. At the current rate, it is going, drugs and vaccines will totally destroy human physiology and the genetic information it passes on to its offspring. It’s a dire situation and not many people are cognizant of the fact that a problem even exists.