Google’s Ray Kurzweil And The Hacking of God – The Singularity Cabal Series – Part 5

Ashley Hayes

The purpose of this series is to educate and inform with regard to how a select group of individuals devised a plan (decades ago) to invade the bodies of all humans, hacking our God-given biology, and transhumanizing humanity by embedding invisible, remotely-controlled nanotechnology.

EVERY U.S president since Clinton has signed off on this agenda, contributing billions of taxpayer money to the effort, culminating in Biden’s recent Executive Order Advancing Biotechnology.

A central figure in this psychopathic plan is Google’s Director of Engineering, scientist and inventor Ray Kurzweil who, along with Peter Diamandis, Google, and many others co-founded Singularity University.

To remove the possibility of having this series at NoFakeNews mislabeled as “disinformation” or “theory” of any kind, I continue with direct quotes from Kurzweil’s 2005 book, “The Singularity is Near – When Humans Transcend Biology, below (quotation marks have been left out simply to make for easier reading.):

P. 215 – [Through Somatic Gene Therapy] Researchers can now . . . switch the material a virus unloads into cells by removing its genes and inserting [new] ones. . . [I]t may cause an immune response. And precisely where the new DNA integrates into the cell’s DNA has been a largely uncontrollable process.

. . . Electric pulses can be employed to deliver a range of molecules (including drug proteins, RNA, and DNA) to cells. Yet another option is to pack DNA into ultra-tiny “nanoballs” for maximum impact.

P. 217 – [“Kurzweil gives a shout-out to Pfizer for a drug — Torcetrapib — that resulted in an $800 million faiilure for their company. He also states Pfizer planned to combine this with their best-selling “statin” drug, Lipitor. However, multiple lawsuits have ensued over the massive kidney damage, and other devastating effects of that drug.]

P. 221 – Human Cloning

All responsible ethicists, including myself, consider human cloning at the present time to be unethical. (Please bold:) The reasons, however, for me have little to do with manipulating human life. (unbold) Rather, the technology today simply does not yet work reliably.

[A gentle reminder: This book was published in 2005. Technology develops exponentially, not linearly, doubling its power every year or so, while dropping in cost. For instance, according to, the first “official” sequencing of the human genome took place over a 15-month time period in 1999/2000 and cost $300 million. By 2015, the cost was under $1500. In 2017, a human genome was able to be sequenced for $100 in one hour’s time. Further, Greg Reese’s April 2, 2022 report, “The Real Agenda Behind Transgenderism” ( shows a human embryo was created from stem cells without any sperm or egg.]

P. 223 – By manipulating . . . proteins, we can influence gene expression and trick one cell (say, a liver cell) into becoming another (like a pancreas cell).

Transdifferentiation will directly grow an organ with your genetic makeup. . . .

Even more exciting is the prospect of replacing one’s organs and tissues with their “young” replacements without surgery (with repeated treatments over a period of time) . . . enabling us to grow progressively younger.

P. 224 – Human Cloning Revisited – Once the technology is perfected . . . so what if we have genetic twins separated by one or more generations?

P. 226 – Nanotechnology promises the tools to rebuild the physical world — our bodies and brains included — molecular fragment by molecular fragment, — potentially atom by atom.

P. 227 – [R]obotic replacements for our red blood cells could be thousands of times more efficient than their biological counterparts. Biology [e.g., God] will never be able to match what we will be capable of engineering. . . .

.. . . [N]anotechnology . . . will ultimately enable us to redesign and rebuild, molecule by molecule, our bodies and brains and the world with which we interact.

P. 230-231 – The incremental cost of creating any physical product would be pennies per pound — basically the cost of the raw materials. [Eric] Drexler estimates total manufacturing cost for a molecular manufacturing process in the range of four cents to twenty cents per kilogram regardless of whether the manufactured product were clothing, massively parallel supercomputers, or additional manufacturing systems.

The real cost, of course, would be the value of the INFORMATION describing each type of product — that is, the software that controls the assembly process. (Please bold:) In other words, the value of everything in the world, including physical objects, would be based essentially on (italicize:) information. (End italics and bold)

The design of the software controlling molecular-manufacturing systems would itself be extensively automated, much as chip design is today. Chip designers don’t specify the location of each of the billions of wires and components but rather the specific functions and features, which computer-aided design (CAD) systems translate into actual chip layouts. Similarly, CAD systems would produce the molecular-manufacturing control software from high-level specifications. (Please see my previous article, “Carpe Datum: How Autodesk Has Enabled The Hacking of Humans,” here (can you hyperlink “here” to

P. 232 – The ultimate existence proof of the feasibility of a molecular assembler is (bold:) life itself. (unbold) Indeed, as we deepen our understanding of the information basis of life processes, we are discovering specific ideas that are applicable to the design requirements of a generalized molecular assembler.

P. 235 – A study conducted for NASA by General Dynamics has demonstated the feasibility of self-replicating nanoscale machines.

Both nanotubes and DNA have outstanding properties for information storage and logical control, as well as for building strong three-dimensional structures.

Viruses, which are also self-assembling, usually have outer shells of protein with DNA (or RNA) on the inside.

P. 237 – The ability of the scanning-probe Äor scanning-tunnelingÑ microscope . . . and the more sophisticated atomic force microscope . . . provides additional proof of the concept Äof molecular nanotechnology assembly, dismissed by Nobelist Richard Smalley in Scientific AmericanÑ. (Can you italicize that magazine title?)

P. 239 – [T]he primary thrust of our technology has been to develop systems that are not limited to the restrictions of biological evolution [God’s creation], which exclusively adopted water-based chemistry and proteins as its foundation. Biological systems can fly, but if you want to fly at thirty-thousand feet and at hundreds or thousands of miles per hour, you would use our modern technology, not proteins. Biological systems such as human brains can remember things and do calculations, but if you wanted to do data mining on billions of items of information, you would want to use electronic technology, not unassisted human brains.

PP. 240-241 – Certain future realities may be inevitable, but they are not yet manifest, so they are easy to deny.

P. 241 – By the 2020s molecular assembly will provide tools to effectively combat poverty, clean up our environment, overcome disease, extend human longevity, and many other worthwhile pursuits. Like every other technology that humankind has created, it can also be used to amplify and enable our destructive side. It’s important that we approach this technology in a knowledgeable manner to gain the profound benefits it promises, while avoiding its dangers.

A particularly exciting application is to harness nanoparticles to deliver treatments to specific sites in the body. Nanoparticles can guide drugs into cell walls and through the blood-brain barrier. . . The nanopill is small enough to pass through the cell wall and deliver medication directly to targeted structures within the cell.

P. 243 – Powering the Singularity

P. 247 – [A]nother option for energy transmission is wireless transmission by microwave.

P. 248 – Scientists at the University of Texas have developed a nanobot-size fuel cell that produces electricity directly from the glucose-oxygen reaction in human blood — a “vampire bot” . . . [enough] to power conventional electronics and could be used for future blood-borne nanobots. [Note: Using humans as batteries was featured in The Matrix.

A primary implication of the nanotechnology revolution is that physical technologies, such as manufacturing and energy, will become governed by the law of accelerating returns. All technologies will essentially become (begin italics) information (end italics) technologies, including energy.

P. 251 – [T]he creation of designed molecules through nanotechnology will itself greatly accelerate the biotechnology revolution.

As with all new technologies, there is a downside to nanoparticles: the introduction of new forms of toxins and other unanticipated interactions with the environment and life. . . The same properties that enable nanoparticles and nanolayers to deliver highly-targeted beneficial results can also lead to unforeseen reactions particularly with biological systems such as our food supply and our own bodies. Although existing regulations may in many cases be effective in controlling them, the overriding concern is our lack of knowledge about a wide range of unexplored interactions.

PP. 253-254 – Nanobots in the Bloodstream

“Nanotechnology has given us the tools . . . to play with the ultimate toy box of nature — atoms and molecules. Everything is made from it. . . . The possibilities to create new things appear limitless.” – Nobelist Horst Stormer

“The effect of these nanomedical interventions will be continuing arrest of all biological aging to whatever new biological age is deemed desirable by the patient, severing forever the link between calendar time and biological health. Such interventions may become commonplace several decades from today [in 2005]. Using annual checkups and cleanouts, and some occasional major repairs, your biological age could be restored once a year to the more of less constant physiological age that you select. You might still die of accidental causes, but you’ll live at least ten times longer than you do now.” – Robert A. Freitas, Jr. (pioneering nanotechnology theorist and leading proponent of nanomedicine)

[Nanomedicine entails] reconfiguring our biological systems through engineering on a molecular scale.

A prime example of the application of precise molecular control in manufacturing will be the deployment of billions or trillions of nanobots: small robots the size of human blood cells or smaller that can travel inside the bloodstream.

[M]any such microdevices are already working in animals.

Freitas designed . . . respirocytes (robotic blood cells) [to replace human blood cells]. [With these in their bloodstream] a runner could do an Olympic sprint for fifteen minutes without taking a breath.

Freitas’s robotic microphages, called “microbivores,” will be far more effectivevthan our white blood cells at combating pathogens.

Other medical robots he has designed (“medical nanorobots” is Freitas’s preferred term) can serve as cleaners (debris and chemical removers . . . . [of] individual human cells.

[N]anoscale medical robots will be thousands of times more stable and precise than blood cells or bacteria.

[M]edical nanobots will not require much of the extensive overhead biological cells need to maintain metabolic processes such as digestion or respiration. Nor do they need to support biological reproductive systems.

P. 255 – [Nanobots] will keep you healthy . . . destroy pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and cancer cells and they won’t be subject to . . . autoimmune reactions. Unlike your bioligical immune system, if you don’t like what the nanobots are doing, you can tell them to do something different.

.. . . The nanobots will be under our control. They’ll communicate with one another and the internet [which, of course, opens everybody up to unimaginable horrors — horrors Kurzweil dismisses by insinuating VPN’s (virtual private networks), with their security firewalls, would protect us from bad actors.

[Security firewalls to protect against software viruses, etc. are] not perfect, true, and they never will be, but we have another couple of decades [from 2004] before we’ll have extensive software running in our bodies and brains.

It’s going to be a nervous standoff, for sure [between individuals wanting to protect the sanctity of their own bodies and body-hackers wanting access to every cell].

.. . . Nanobots will be able to travel through the bloodstream, then go in and around our cells and perform various services, such as removing toxins, sweeping out debris, correcting DNA errors, [etc.]. For each aging process, we can describe a means for nanobots to reverse the process, down to the level of individual cells, cell components, and molecules. [Staying young indefinitely] is the idea . . . [and] the timeframe to get there [is] about twenty to twenty-five years [from 2004]. . . .

Each year we’ll have more powerful techniques, and the process will accelerate. Then nanotechnology will finish the job.

.. . . Stopping and reversing aging is only the beginning. Using nanobots for health and longevity is just the early adoption phase of introducing nanotechnology and intelligent computation into our bodies and brains. The more profound implication is that we’ll augment our thinking processes with nanobots that communicate with one another and with our biological neurons. Once nonbiological intelligence gets a foothold . . . in our brains, it will be subject to the law of accelerating returns and expand exponentially. Our biological thinking, on the other hand, is basically stuck.

[Additionally, we are developing in 2004] the means to (begin bold) instantly create new portions of ourselves, (end bold), either biological or nonbiological. It became apparent that our true nature was a (begin italics) pattern of information (end italics), but we still needed to manifest ourselves in some physical form. However, we could quickly change that form . . . By applying . . . high-speed MNT [molecular nanotechnology] manufacturing . . . we could readily and rapidly redesign our physical instantiation. So I could have a biological body at one time and not at another, then have it again, then change it, and so on. Think Bewitched.

.. . . I could have my biological brain and/or body or not have it. [But even that will become] a bit anachronistic. I mean, the simulations of biology are indistinguishable from actual biology, so why bother with physical instantiations?

[And as to the question of what happens to your continuity if you’re able to change your physical embodiment, Kurzweil states:] “You’re changing your particles all the time. . . It’s just your pattern of information that has continuity [though that, too, will be able to be instantly changed, as well].

P. 310. We will incorporate MNT-based fabrication into ourselves, so we’ll be able to rapidly alter our physical manifestation at will [in real — not just virtual — reality]. . . .

[F]oglets . . . can control sound and light. Using them a person can modify his body or his environment. . . Foglets . . . are able to link together to form a great variety of structures . . . Using them a person can modify his body or his environment.

[Bill Joy, founder of Sun Microsystems who wrote a seminal article, “Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us” protested to Kurzweil:] “You’re suggesting replacing the entire human body and brains with machines. There’s no human being left.”

[Kurzweil responded:] “We don’t agree on the definition of humans. . . .

To be continued. . . .


Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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“Curing Cancer Was Their First Mistake!”

Rachel Alig in Target List

Feature Film Coming in 2023

B x C x D = AHH

By Ashley Hayes

“B x C x D = AHH – B/Biological Knowlege (B) Multiplied By Computing Power (C) Multiplied by Data (D) = The Ability To Hack Humans (AHH)” – Yuval Harari, speaking at the World Economic Forum 2020.

The above quote is a portion of Harari’s speech found in the must-see documentary, The Big Reset Movie, which Dr. Reizer has graciously posted below. I urge you to watch it now, and to share it widely.

The Big Reset Movie (Eng) The Uncensored Documentary about the truth of the pandemic.

Watch the Movie!

______________________ states: “After the declaration of a global pandemic of Covid-19, the society in which we live has undergone great changes. Through fear, policies have been carried out that under normal conditions would seem unthinkable. Meanwhile, concepts such as The Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution or transhumanism remain alien to the knowledge of public opinion in general.”

In this movie, you will see a multitude of truth-telling doctors and scientists (including a Nobel-prize winner) who ALL conclude the same thing: the injections being thrust on humanity through the creation of a false pandemic are comprised of ingredients that include nanotechnology, and are the hidden-in-plain-sight instruments being used to intentionally destroy our biological, God-given bodies and minds and replace us with transhumanized versions of ourselves. The completion of this gradual (yet rapid) transformation is referred to by its planners as “The Singularity.”

If you have followed The Singularity Cabal series at, you will see (via the direct quotes of some of their primary planners, including Andrew Hessel and Ray Kurzweil — who now refer to themselves as “gods”) the unabashed, even excited, way they arrogantly have pursued the literal destruction of humanity.

Kurzweil has been — and continues to be — instrumental in this Satanic mass murder and mocking of God. And his matter-of-fact statements about nanobots flowing throughout our bodies by 2030 (, connecting our brains to “the cloud” and 2045 as the year this inhumane cybernetic society will be fully implemented and operational should not be laughed off or dismissed.

His predictions from 1990-2017 had an accuracy rate of 86%. And, of course, in this case especially, when your predictions are based on things you are actually involved in creating and implementing, and you have the limitless funds of globalists intent on enslaving humanity supporting you, — globalists who see humans as nothing more than bits of data and playtoys, — you’re almost certain to succeed.

And to really seal the deal and bring this globalist wet dream of transhumanism to fruition, you and your affiliates in the Singularity Cabal use the media (owned by the globalists), neurolinguistics (practiced by the globalists), exhaustive repetition of the same fear-inducing messages about a false pandemic, and a president willing to abuse his power, to manipulate trusting, innocent citizens to go inject themselves with an unknown substance (now proven, in thousands of studies and censored whistleblower reports, to contain graphene oxide and other nanoparticles). You then convince another [blackmailed, via his pedophile son’s documented exploits] president to encourage “boosters” of still largely unknown substances on unsuspecting innocent citizens and their children, and, ultimately, sign an Executive Order wherein he “pledges not only funding but an all-of-government
transformation to support this anti-human scheme from top to bottom. It also automatically blocks any agency or department from dissent.” (See the entire document here:

I mean, how could you fail? 

The plan to enslave humanity has been in the works our entire lifetimes by a tightknit group of individuals who felt they had the right to do so.  They’ve been implementing their strategy right under our noses, without our knowledge. And those who are now appearing prescient are, in reality, planners.

God save us.


Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


New Science Fiction by John Reizer

Available on Kindle for $0.99

“They found more than just rocks on the moon!”

A Novella By John Reizer

Honest Reviews are Appreciated!

Amazon Reviews:

“This book is intriguing, imaginative, and inventive.” — Edward Shafer

“The overarching mystery drives the plot and kept my attention throughout.” — Matthew Lucas

“It will leave you pondering your reality and asking questions.” — Anne


“Curing cancer was their first mistake!”

Coming in 2023

Google’s Ray Kurzweil and The Hacking of God – The Singularity Cabal Series – Part 4

Ashley Hayes

The purpose of this series is to educate and inform with regard to how a select group of individuals plan to invade the bodies of all humans, hacking our God-given biology, and transhumanizing humanity by embedding invisible, remotely-controlled technology.

These individuals are all affiliated with Singularity University (which was created with the above goal in mind), co-founded by scientist and inventor Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis, Google, and many others.

Continuing with direct quotes from Ray Kurzweil’s 2005 book, “The Singularity is Near – When Humans Transcend Biology:”

P. 206 – [T]he Singularity will unfold through three overlapping revolutions: G, N and R [Genetics, Nanotechnology and Robotics]

Underlying all of the wonders of life and misery of disease are information processes, essentially software programs (John, can you underline software programs?). . . The entire human genome is a sequential binary code containing only about eight hundred million bytes of information. . . [W]hen its massive redundancies are removed using conventional compression techniques, we are left with only thirty to one hundred million bytes, equivalent to the size of the average, contemporary software program. Biochemical machines translate DNA into amino acids into proteins — 3D proteins (which make up ALL living creatures from bacteria to humans).

P. 209 – Protein folding along with cell division is one of nature’s remarkable and intricate dances in the creation and recreation of life. Specialized “chaperone” molecules protect and guide the amino-acid strands as they assume their precise three-dimensional protein configurations. As many as one-third of formed protein molecules are folded improperly. These disfigured proteins must immediately be destroyed or they will rapidly accumulate, disrupting cellular functions on many levels.

Under normal circumstances, as soon as a misfolded protein is formed, it is tagged by a carrier molecule, ubiquitin, and escorted to a specialized proteasome where it is broken back down into its component amino acids for recycling into new (correctly folded) proteins.  As cells age, however, they produce less of the energy needed for optional function of this mechanism.  Accumulations of these malformed proteins aggregate into particles called protofibrils, which are thought to underlie disease processes leading to Alzheimer’s disease and other afflictions.

P. 549 – Misformed proteins are perhaps the most dangerous toxin of all.

P. 550 – There are also genetic mutations that predispose individuals to misformed protein build-up . . . [P]rotofibrils (not plaque, as has long been thought) are the REAL problem pathological agents.

The speed with which a protofibril is turned into insoluble amyloid plaque is inversely related to disease progression.

P. 209 – The ability to simulate the three-dimensional waltz of atomic-level interactions will greatly accelerate our knowledge of how DNA sequence controls life and disease.  We will then be in a position to rapidly simulate drugs that intervene in ANY of the steps in this process, thereby hastening drug development and the creation of highly-targeted drugs that minimize unwanted side effects.

It is the job of the assembled protein to carry out the functions of the cell, and, by extension, the organism.

In some ways, the biochemical mechanism of life is remarkably complex and intricate.  In other ways it is remarkably simple.  Only FOUR base pairs provide the digital storage for ALL of the complexity of human life and all other life [trees, animals, etc.] as we know it.  The ribosomes build protein chains by grouping together triplets of base pairs to select sequences from only twenty amino acids . . . [T]wenty simple molecular fragments are the building blocks of ALL LIFE.

The protein chains then control everything else:  the structure of bone cells, the ability of muscle cells to flex and act in concert with other muscle cells, all of the complex biochemical interactions that take place in the bloodstream, and, of course, the structure and functioning of the brain.

[The protein-folding problem has remained unsolved for 50 years. However, in 2016, Google’s Deep Mind, an AI subsidiary of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) launched its AlphaFold program and in less than five years it had the protein-folding problem beat.  Writer Satavisa Pati states this is a “major scientific advance that could affect everyone’s lives.” (See]

P. 210 – [T]he full blossoming of the biotechnology revolution . . . will be a bridge to the nanotechnology revolution.

[A quick reminder that this book was published 17 years ago.  While reading, keep in mind the exponential — not linear —  advancements of technology.]

P. 213 – All the core knowledge needed to develop engineered negligible senescence is already in our possession . . .

The diverse field of biotechnology is fueled by our accelerating progress in reverse engineering the information processes underlying biology and by a growing arsenal of tools that can modify these processes.

Another powerful approach is to start with biology’s information backbone:  the genome.

With recently developed [in 2005] gene technologies we’re on the verge of being able to control how genes express themselves . . . The therapeutic control of this process can take place outside the cell nucleus, so it is easier to implement than therapies that require access inside it.

P. 215 – [Through Somatic Gene Therapy]  Researchers can now . . . switch the material a virus unloads into cells by removing its genes and inserting [new] ones.

To be continued…


Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


New Science Fiction by John Reizer

Available on Kindle for $0.99

“They found more than just rocks on the moon!”

A Novella By John Reizer

Honest Reviews are Appreciated!

Amazon Reviews:

“This book is intriguing, imaginative, and inventive.” — Edward Shafer

“The overarching mystery drives the plot and kept my attention throughout.” — Matthew Lucas

“It will leave you pondering your reality and asking questions.” — Anne


“Curing cancer was their first mistake!”

Coming in 2023

The Singularity Cabal Series-Part Three

Ashley Hayes

As reported previously, any attempts to provide to Dr. Reizer, at No Fake News, my entire 48-page transcription of the 2005 book by Google’s Director of Engineering, co-founder of Singularity University, Ray Kurzweil, “The Singularity is Near-When Humans Transcend Biology,” have been blocked. So I am reporting my findings, verbatim, in sections.

And, given the gravity of the subject, sharing it incrementally may make it a little easier to process.   Regardless, here goes. . . . (Everything is a direct quote unless otherwise noted):

P. 56 – Everything — including physical products, once nanotechnology-based manufacturing becomes a reality [it already has], is becoming information [or “IT”].

P. 57 – The primary driving force of Moore’s Law is a reduction of semiconductor sizes, which shrink by half every 5.4 years in each dimension. . . Since chips are functionally two-dimensional, this means doubling the number of elements per square millimeter every 2.7 years.

P. 59 – [In 1968, one transistor cost one dollar; in 2002, a dollar purchased about ten million transistors.]

[In 2008, reported:  “Intel has just announced the first microchip that contains more than two billion transistors – tiny switches that together perform the calculations in computers. The chip, known as Tukwila, marks a milestone in chip density technology.”  Niklas Rosenberg then reported, in 2020, that chips were now able to hold 60 billion transistors, each of which can be turned on and off individually. (]

P. 61 – As they have become smaller, and less expensive, transistors have also become faster by a factor of about one thousand over the past thirty years [as of 2005] . . . because the electrons have less distance to travel.

P. 67 – When Moore’s Law reaches the end of its S curve, now expected before 2020, the exponential growth will continue with three-dimensional molecular computing, which will constitute the sixth paradigm [in computation systema].

P. 70 – We can express the exponential growth of computing in terms of its accelerating pace: it took ninety years to achieve the first MIPS per thousand dollars; now we add [in 2004] one MIPS per thousand dollars every five hours.

We are poised to ascend beyond the fragile and slow creations of biological evolution in a mere several decades [from 2004; in other words, hack God].

P. 96 – “If I were just starting out today, to make that drive to the West Coast to start a business, I would be looking at biotechnology and nanotechnology.” – Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon

P. 97 – As this book is being written [in 2004], the country is debating changing the Social Security program based on projections that go out to 2042, approximately the timeframe I’ve estimated for the Singularity.

P. 98 – The predictions are based on linear models and longevity increases and economic growth that are highly unrealistic. On the one hand, longevity increases will vastly outstrip the government’s modest expectations. On the other hand, people won’t be seeking to retire at 65 when they have bodies and brains of 35-year-olds.

P. 105 – Full-immersion virtual reality environments, incorporating all of the senses . . . will be feasible by the late 2020s. [T]here will be no reason to utilize real offices. Real estate will become virtual.

As Sun Tzu pointed out, “knowledge is power,” and another ramification of the law of accelerating returns [LOAR] is the exponential growth of human knowledge, including intellectual property.

PP. 106-107 – The overall growth of the economy reflects completely new forms and layers of wealth and value that did not previously constitute a significant portion of the economy, such as new forms of nanoparticle-based materials.

P. 115 – Self-assembling nanoscale circuits is another key enabling technique for effective nanoelectronics. Self-assembly allows improperly-formed components to be discarded automatically and makes it possible for the potentially trillions of circuitry components to organize themselves. . . .

P. 116 – Emulating Biology: Self-replicating nanowires are based on prions which are self-replicating proteins [one form of prion appears to play a role in human memory].

P. 117 – DNA is nature’s own nanoengineered computer.

P. 132 – A key observation regarding the Singularity is that INFORMATION PROCESSES — computation — will drive everything that is important.

P. 136 – I set the date for the Singularity — representing a profound and disruptive transformation in human capability — as of 2045. The nonbioligical intelligence created in that year will be ONE BILLION times more powerful than ALL human intelligence today.

PP. 198-199 – A more controversial application than scanning-the-brain-to-understand-it . . . is scanning the brain to upload it. . . Uploading a human brain means scanning all of its salient details and then reinstating those details into a suitably powerful computational substrate. This process would capture a person’s entire personality, memory, skills and history.

If we are truly capturing a person’s mental processes, then the reinstantiated mind will need a body . . . [and] we will have plenty of options for both non-biological humans and biological humans who avail themselves of extensions to our intelligence. The human body 2.0 will include virtual bodies in completely realistic virtual environments, nanotechnogy-based physical bodies and more.

P. 200 – [In the late 2020s] Unenhanced humans may become increasingly hard to find.

[To be continued….]


Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


New Science Fiction by John Reizer

Available on Kindle for $0.99

Amazon Reviews:

“This book is intriguing, imaginative, and inventive.” — Edward Shafer

“It will leave you pondering your reality and asking questions.” — Anne

Honest Reviews are Appreciated!

“They found more than just rocks on the moon!”

A Novella By John Reizer


“Curing cancer was their first mistake!”

Coming in 2023

When It Rains, It Pours. . . Aluminum, Potassium, Magnesium, Surfactants, Graphene and More

Ashley Hayes

Dane Wigington is a warrior like no other when it comes to exposing the criminal, life-destroying operations occurring in our skies every single day (to which, like most crimes happening in plain sight, the general public is blithely unaware, or worse, chooses to ignore). has helped expose his team’s findings via sharing his must-see documentary, “The Dimming,” (, as well as his incredibly sad video showing how intentional weather modification has all but dried up Lake Mead (a place I, along with millions of others, have personally enjoyed boating and skiing in past).

A third gut-wrenching video is his extraordinary look at Northern California’s Lake Shasta in “California Drought-How To Party On The Titanic”:

Be prepared to have your breath taken away by the horror of what geoengineering, including engineered fires, has done, and horrified by the idiocy and “disconnect” observed in the individuals there who are partying on their land-based boats, pretending nothing has changed.

Dane’s most recent podcast, “Interview with A Scientist” concerns the discovery of multiple materials in rain- and snowfall, including aluminum, magnesium, and nanoparticulates, namely, graphene. Graphene, while being a Nobel-prize-winning “wonder material” is also highly toxic and has been found to cause biological harm, as reported by both the NIH and in the Journal of Toxicology ( and These materials were found because the clouds had been seeded with them.

So why do it? Why would our government poison (or allow the poisoning of) its citizens, animals, and plant life?

While we ponder that question, I am reminded of the formerly classified Operation Popeye, run by the USAF which ran from March 1967 until July 1972, wherein they seeded clouds with silver iodide to extend the monsoon season over North Vietnam, specifically the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The operation resulted in the targeted areas seeing an extension of the monsoon period, making travel and movements muddy and difficult for the North Vietnamese.

Making travel difficult for an enemy is one thing, but poisoning your own citizens is quite another. And as with every psyop, gaslighting is used to deny reality until their mission has been accomplished, and paid liars (aka “factcheckers”) will continue to spread lies, name-calling, and propaganda.

Exposing the truth is vital.

Please share, and support,,,,, and any other source-backed truth-exposing site(s) far and wide.
All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations as to what is coming.

We must make every day count.


Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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Biden Signs Executive Order Designed to Unleash Transhumanist Hell on America and The World

Ashley Hayes

My recent post at ( included a link to the life-altering executive order Biden just signed to usher in transhumanism.

Fox News just did an in-depth report on this. Just kidding…You will never hear this truth there, or on any mainstream platform.

Leo Hohmann wrote a fantastic article about it, with the title above, and included a tweet from biotech analyst (and former strategist for Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson) Karen Kingston that puts its effects and repercussions in layman’s terms:

If anyone needed proof that the powers pushing the levers behind the mindless moron who sits in the Oval Office are fully on board with the World Economic Forum/United Nations agenda of biomedical tyranny and transhumanism, look no further than the executive order that Joe Biden signed on Monday, September 12.

By quietly getting Biden’s signature on this document, his handlers may have given us the most ominous sign yet that we stand on the threshold of a technocratic one-world beast system. Prepare to make your stand because it’s about to get much more intense.

This document’s Orwellian title, Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy, will assure that its significance will fly right over the heads of 99 percent of the media, even the conservative media.

They will read it and yawn. I plead with everyone reading this article to please not make that same mistake.

Because of the arcane scientific language in which this document is written, even most of those who take the time to read and study it (I assure you Biden did not) will not fully grasp what is being ordered by the White House.

That’s where we strive to help.

Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical-device industries, helps us decipher what’s going on in this executive order.

Kingston stated in a Twitter post:

“Let me read between the lines for America. Biden’s Sept. 12, 2022, executive order declares that Americans must surrender all human rights that stand in the way of transhumanism. Clinical trial safety standards and informed consent will be eradicated as they stand in the way of universally unleashing gene-editing technologies needed to merge humans with A.I. In order to achieve the societal goals of the New World Order, crimes against humanity are not only legal, but mandatory.”

Here is one of the most disturbing excerpts from Biden’s executive order:

“We need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers…including through computing tools and artificial intelligence…“

Patrick Wood, an economist and author of several books on technocracy, has been following the transhumanist and global technocracy movements for four decades. He told me that Kingston is not overstating the issue.

He said this E.O. is proof that the executive branch is now owned lock, stock and barrel by the biomedical/pharmaceutical industry. It will be Katy bar the door from here on out.

“The transhumanists within Big Pharma have completely taken over government policy and taxpayer funds to promote their own anti-human agenda of hacking the software of life,” Wood told me. “It also clearly demonstrates who has the power, and who sets the policies in America.”

The mRNA injections that have already gone into the bodies of at least 70 percent of adults in the U.S. (and a smaller percentage of its children) mark the “gateway to transhumanism.” We have been told this by Kingston as well as by the late

Wood said the E.O.’s intended consequences is to push the frontier of genetic modification of all living things and especially humans. He believes this will ultimately spark the biggest public backlash in modern history.

“Biden pledges not only funding but an all-of-government transformation to support this anti-human scheme from top to bottom,” Wood writes. “It also automatically blocks any agency or department from dissent.”

Below are just a few of the highlights quoted directly from the document:

The term “biotechnology” means technology that applies to or is enabled by life sciences innovation or product development.
The term “biomanufacturing” means the use of biological systems to develop products, tools, and processes at commercial scale.
The term “bioeconomy” means economic activity derived from the life sciences, particularly in the areas of biotechnology and biomanufacturing, and includes industries, products, services, and the workforce.

The term “biological data” means the information, including associated descriptors, derived from the structure, function, or process of a biological system(s) that is measured, collected, or aggregated for analysis.

The term “key R&D areas” includes fundamental R&D of emerging biotechnologies, including engineering biology; predictive engineering of complex biological systems, including the designing, building, testing, and modeling of entire living cells, cell components, or cellular systems; quantitative and theory-driven multi-disciplinary research to maximize convergence with other enabling technologies; and regulatory science, including the development of new information, criteria, tools, models, and approaches to inform and assist regulatory decision-making. These R&D priorities should be coupled with advances in predictive modeling, data analytics, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, high performance, other advanced computing systems, metrology and data-driven standards, and other non-life science-enabling technologies.

The term “life sciences” means all sciences that study or use living organisms, viruses, or their products, including all disciplines of biology and all applications of the biological sciences (including biotechnology, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, and pharmaceutical and biomedical research and techniques), but excluding scientific studies associated with radioactive materials or toxic chemicals that are not of biological origin or synthetic analogues of toxins.

What this means is that human beings will be data mined for their most personal possession, their DNA and genomic properties, and the government will offer no protection.

It will be encouraged and seen as a green light for biomedical practitioners worldwide. It is the goal of the technocratic proprietors of Agenda 2030 to catalog, map out, and monitor every living thing on earth.

This was spelled out in the early 2000s by the late researcher Rosa Koire and put into book form in 2011 with “Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21.” Koire was a Democrat, but she understood that the takedown of America and indeed every nation of the formerly free world, would not be accomplished by the left or the right but by supranational globalists with an allegiance to no particular nation. In fact, these globalists detest the nation-state model that has dominated the world for thousands of years. Their goal is “global governance” and they say it out loud in their own documents.

Have no fear.

Do not be intimidated.

Truth will not be defeated.

Humanity will prevail against these anti-human eugenicist monsters because we have living souls and are created in the image of a Holy God with individual free wills.

Because of that, we humans are capable of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the one and only triune God of the Bible. Those who take the bait of the globalists and submit to the world system will in essence be handing over their humanity in exchange for empty promises of safety and security. They will become transhumans, thus foregoing, at some point, their ability to connect with God. That’s a very big step and a decision that will face every human being sooner or later as this technology ramps up. Your very soul will depend on the choice you make. Will you follow God or will you follow man?

Above all, this is a spiritual battle.

We must continue to expose the sinister transhumanist agenda that these globalist predators did their best to keep hidden within a scientific vernacular that they know will wow and mystify the average person. We have decoded it for you in this article from two of the best Christian experts on the topic available in the world today – Karen Kingston and Patrick Wood.

Read the full article here: and share it far and wide (even if that means printing copies and passing them out).


New Science Fiction by John Reizer

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“They found more than rocks on the moon!”

A Novella By John Reizer


“Curing cancer was their first mistake!”

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A Targeted Victim’s Plea for Help

Dear Dr. Reizer,

Thanks for all you do.

A while back, you published an article of mine on car hacking:

Various sites are now claiming they believe both Jackie Walorsky’s and Anne Heche’s cars were hacked (and it is entirely possible that they were, perhaps probable given their involvement in exposing child trafficking.  Perhaps as tragedies like this come to light, it will begin to wake people up to what can happen when invisible, remote-access technogy is in the hands of bad actors.

While my previous article illustrates the very obvious conspiracy/joint effort/teamwork involved in my car hacking,  — with the violent hacking of my car happening as I tried to exit one city and then was “hit,” losing control of my acceleration, my lights, my a/c, my windows and door locks -at EVERY state line from NC to MA, EXACTLY at the line, both up the coast and back down,  — it still may be easy for others to dismiss as just an “annoyance.”  But it is much more than that.

This is nothing short of domestic terrorism.

But it does not just happen when my child and I are traveling out of state, it happens in my daily life, to and from work, to and from the grocery store, to and from the library….

And it happens in EVERY state I am in, particularly violently in SC, NC, VA and DE (Rehoboth Beach, especially).

It is violent and it happens to my child and me daily, multiple times daily. (They even often remotely turn our exterior lights off at night, and keep my turn signals from working –proven when I was pulled over one night, a little over a month ago for not using my turn signal, even though it briefly came on inside (as I had turned it on). When the (uninvolved) cop came to my window, he was able to see my darkened dashboard, and even watch it come back on. He then just said to get it checked out (which I have done, multiple times, in more than one state).

The daily car hacking can be likened to a bully poking you, over and over again, while your hands are tied. Or tripping you, with a string you can’t see, repeatedly, as you walk.

It is extraordinarily cowardly and sadistic. And it is just one of the many invisible crimes occurring in plain sight, sadly at the hands of those sworn to protect us via the many secretive fusion centers, filled with not just law “enforcement,” but wealthy, private citizens, and fellow freemasons and/or their proxies, with access to this technology.

I need an attorney, and have needed someone to come to the defense of my child and me for a long time. Yet, again, with their ability to track my/your/everyone’s every move, they are able to use their connections, abuse their power, and keep anyone from stepping up.

I know this is a bit atypical, but if you would post my story (this brief part of it, anyway), my hope is that perhaps one (or some) of your readers will share it, or will reach out to someone who fights for the civil (and human!) rights of women and children.

(See also,


Ashley Hayes


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CARPE DATUM: How Autodesk Has Enabled the Hacking of Humans

By Ashley Hayes

The Singularity Cabal Series – Part 1

Autodesk makes software from which products are manufactured. Their CAD software helps makes things large and small (and is what you see in action if you have ever watched a home-transformation show that shows the re-design on a computer screen). It’s their software, along with 3D printers, that enables makers to turn their invention ideas into physical products, to transform strings or blobs of plastic into actual products.

Thanks to Andrew Hessel, a synthetic biologist with Singularity University, they also now make software to transform you. And me. And all of us.

We hear a lot about Gates, the Rockefellers, Klaus Schwab, etc. We also hear about Ray Kurzweil (but not as much as we should- more on that later). But there are so many players involved that we don’t hear about, and one of those is Andrew Hessel.

I learned about Andrew Hessel when an FBI futurist Marc Goodman (also of Singularity University, and the Future Crimes Institute) gave him a shout-out in the back of his 2015 book, Future Crimes, and credited him with providing the information Goodman discusses regarding some of the ways synthetic biology is used and manipulated.

Andrew Hessel’s TED talks and articles on hacking the human genome stopped me in my tracks. He thinks it’s ludicrous that we should credit the creation of living things (or the cells from which they are made) to God. And while there are many who may agree with him, it’s important–really important — that you understand what he’s saying when he says everything except the nearly impossible to believe, yet very real statement: “We’ve hacked God;” or, if you prefer, “We’ve determined how to not only hack the human body, but create it from scratch.”

His LinkedIn intro states: “… We’re creating a new relationship between humanity and nature, one that is founded on intention, not natural selection. This is why I found myself sharing Stewart Brand’s 1968 quote a lot: “We are as gods and might as well get good at it.”

I have transcribed most of Andrew Hessel’s videos that remain, and will share more later. For now, the transcription summary below is from his 10/10/17 TedX San Francisco talk entitled The Next Software Revolution: Life.

“Cells- the foundation of every living thing on this planet. “
“Cells are manufacturing lipids….”
“[Cells are] the most powerful factories on the planet. “
“Cell biology is addicting. “
“Cells are so complex…We’ve only known about them for 400 years… We still ascribe their creation to deities. We still say of scientists, if they try to monkey with this cell, that they’re playing God. It’s remarkable and yet those cells are everywhere… We have 50 trillion cells in our own body. “

Cells are everywhere!

We’ve been de-convoluting the wiring for a very long time. [Graphic shown of the writing diagram of a euchariotic cell]”
“We can actually go down into the genetic code that makes…all this magic.”
[Graphic shown: Human Gerome Project]

Hessel further states:

The Human Genome Project was conceived in the 1980s, but started formally in 1990. It “officially” launched in 2000 and wrapped up in 2003, but never really stopped.

If we can read the code of a human being, we’ll know more about cancer, we’ll know more about health.

What could be more powerful than understanding the program that makes people?

Most of us have never even looked at this data. Now we end up with a technology that’s accelerating to generate this type of data.

The first genome was $3 billion. The second genome was $100 million. I just had my genome sequenced a month ago (2017) for under a thousand dollars.

This may be the only technology that has ever decreased in price and increased in performance so fast that most of us don’t use or care about.

This is remarkable. [We’re] not just reading genomes anymore. We now have tools to actually start writing genomes. And I don’t mean modifying genomes, modifying genomes the way it used to be done. Remember, we’ve been doing genetic engineering since the 1970s. Modifying genomes may mean adding in one nitrate or ability… [but] we actually have tools now that allow us to take electronic data, electronic code and turn it into genetic code; to actually write DNA. This is the ability to program cells, to program then from scratch, with intention, with atomic control.

This is really powerful stuff and I’ve been exploring this field ever since 2003 when we wrapped up the genome. It’s what led me to Autodesk. Autodesk makes design software. Ones and zeros. We don’t actually make physical products. We make design tools. And that’s because to make complex things like cars or buildings or cities, or to do visualization and simulation that is photorealistic like we use for movies, you need really, really powerful software tools, design tools, simulation tools. And I knew if it takes these types of tools to go and design a car, or a new phone, we’re definitely gonna need this type of tool to design a metabolic pathway, or design a cell, even a simple one.

I was really fortunate that in 2009, I got to meet the CEO and CGO of Autodesk at a function. I said to them, “I love what your tools do, but you only make dead stuff. Do you want to make living things, too? And instead of running, they said, “Yeah, that’s really cool; let’s look into that.” And they looked into it for almost three years and then they founded a Life Science group to do exactly that, and I joined that group right away.

[Side note: See for the article entitled 3D-Printing Living Skin: The Future of Skin Grafts? This article states: Researchers from the Rensselaar Institute have developed a way to 3D-print living skin, complete with blood vessels. The 3D-printed skin [was] seen to communicate and connect with the blood vessels of mice, transferring blood and nutrients. This was vital to prove the efficacy of the technology. The 3D-printed skin would actually stay alive once grafted.]

At 8:55 in the video, Andrew Hessel continues:

I was sitting in New York waiting for my HR paperwork (for Autodesk) to process and I thought, “Man, it’s time for another genome project.” [Graphic shown of HuffPost with Hessel’s March 14, 2012 article, Time for Another Genome Project?]

Since 2003 when the last one wrapped up, there was just dead silence about what we were going to do next and we’d gone into the world of OMEX. But what is OMEX? It’s just another data science. I thought, “Isn’t it time for another genome project where now we write a human genome rather than just read it? What possibilities could open up if we did that? And I don’t mean [just] make synthetic babies. I’m saying write the three billion base pairs of human genetic code. Accurately. Properly.

Put it into a cell and demonstrate that it works, runs the cell. It allows the cells to divide….

Nothing happened after I wrote that article. It was kind of dead air. That was 2012. But in 2015, shortly after I had just done this orientation at the White House about inspiring inventors to go out and invent, I end up at a meeting for something called “The Synthetic Yeast Project.” And this is actually the most sophisticated genetic engineering project on the planet.

They’re synthesizing a yeast genome, which is about 12 million base pairs of code. 16 chromosomes. (Yeasts are more like us than they are like bacteria.)

The project was going well and [they asked me] “What do you want to do next?” I said, “I think you should do the human genome.” (The young people were excited, the old ones aghast.)

The first Human Genome Project ignited my career. They saw the potential that this could just open doors.

I felt I had to push the boundaries. I had this new “ambassador” position (with the White House), so I felt I had to push. I called up two scientists: George Church. He’s famous in genetics. Super open, open mind. I said, “You were the leader of the first genome project. I nominate you to be the leader of the next genome project, to write a human genome.

It took about 30 minutes for him to say “Yes.” But he said the leader of the Yeast Genome Project that’s driving all this amazing genetic engineering needs to be a part of it. That guy is Dr. Jef Boeke. Jef is at NYU and he’s kind of the polar opposite of George: quiet, thoughtful. He wasn’t so sure that this was a good idea and that he wanted to attach his name to it. But he did after three months of thinking about it. He saw the value.

And I have to hand it to Nancy Kelley, a close friend who is a lawyer and really good about putting scientists together and working with them, for bringing Jef in….
We created a team that created a nucleus for the next Genome project: Two world-class scientists, one crazy catalyst and a lawyer that could do all the paperwork.

[It was] a complex project so we needed money. I went to see Carl Bass, the CEO of Autodesk at the time. I said, “Carl, you know I like to chase cars. I think I caught a train, and I need some help. I think we can get going with $250,000. That’s enough to bring scientists together.”

Carl said, “What else do you need?” I said, “I need your [contact list] because I’ve got to call a lot of people and ask for more money.” He said, “Done.” It was a seven-minute conversation.

We started writing a White Paper, calling other genetic scientists, editors and we organized a meeting in New York in May 2016 that got branded “secret.” We already knew that putting “human” in front of “genome” was going to be provacative… particularly when you add “synthesis.” But when you put “secret” in front of it. Oh my God, it’s so good.”

All of a sudden we got a hundred million page views and 200 different news sources. And suddenly everyone was talking about the next genome project. So cool! But it wasn’t really a secret. I wish it was. It was published in Science just a few days later. “The Genome Project-Write.”

I honestly thought, “In a million years [I would never have thought] I’d end up working with these eminent scientists, pushing them to do something like this, getting them to think about this.”

Everyone asks me, “Why?” “Why do this?” Come on! We can make human genomes all the time. Your genomes were made. We roll some dice in a bedroom. Boom! You’ve got a human genome. Why do we need to synthesize a human genome? The fact is, we don’t. But we are synthesizing viruses and bacteria and reprogramming cells…There’s an entire industry flourishing around this, and we don’t have things like standards, ethics, international collaboration. We don’t [in 2017] have the networks of scientists working together, the funding… and we weren’t communicating with the public well. Most people had never heard of synthetic biology. This is just an overview of some of the companies that are doing cell-programming and synthesis (15:15; graphic shown). There’s more than I can keep track of. It’s a growing industry worth billions… probably trillions in the future. We need the tools and the technology and the framework for doing this type of engineering because it’s possibly the most powerful and important technology humans have ever created.

CRISPR, a gene-editing technology, is already being used to do genetic surgeries on human embryos [as well as for] many other tasks.

[Note: A few of the trademarks for CRISPR technology include: “Hi-fi CRISPR, which are reagent kits. Reagents, namely DNA, RNA or vectors for use in biotechnology fields; reagents used in science for targeting mutations of DNA, namely DNA, RNA and vectors. Also, biotechnology formed genes for use in editing the genome of animals, mammalian cells, plant cells; another trademark is “CRISPR Collective,” for gene editing, genome engineering, gene therapy, transcriptional modulation, etc.]

Hessel continues:

But what happens when we can synthesize human genomes. Every time one of our cells divide, a human genome is written. We need to start thinking about this stuff now Today….

I’m not too worried because… my daughter- named Rosalind, after one of the scientists that was instrumental in discovering the DNA molecule, RoRo as we call her, was made in an IVF lab in New York. IVF 40 years ago was controversial. It’s not today. Today there [are] five million kids by IVF and I tell you, if they end up this way [graphic of smiling RoRo shown] naturally, or if we do a little genetic surgery and they end up this happy, or even if I upgraded her so she didn’t get things like cancer or could see in the dark, I’m a happy camper.

But there [are] darker visions, and if you’ve seen this movie [screenshot of unnamed movie shown]… it’s the best movie on bioengineering I’ve seen in 20 years. But here’s the truth: Biology is the only sustainable technology that we have. You don’t have to mow down the rainforest; you just make the rainforest work for you. It’s infinitely scaleable; it’s not going away. It’s been around for four billion years and it has a simple programming language that is universal.

We’re adding a billion people every 12 years. I think this is the technology that heals our world, meets all of our needs, gives us a better standard of living, cures our diseases.

The Genome Project-Write [includes, in 2017, over 200 scientists from around the world]. When you look back in 20 years, you’ll say, “He was right.”

Dare to know.


Plandemic by John Reizer

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An Urgent Message from a Reader

By Ashley Hayes

I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday.

As the saying goes (paraphrased), “If you know of evil and don’t speak out against it, you are complicit in that evil.”

To that end, I encourage you to visit, daily (or subscribe to),, where today’s Top Story explicitly lays out how “People are going to be complicit in their slavery. People are complicit in putting digital shackles around themselves and restricting their civil liberties..”

As someone who has already endured seven years of this type of slavery (among a litany of other things, including a malicious, persistent discrediting campaign by corrupt, filthy individuals in powerful positions), I urge you to wake up today if you haven’t already, to what is happening in our world.

(There are no “theories” here, nor do I subscribe to any. And anyone who suggests there are is deluded and has not taken the time to seek the truth.)

While I have always wanted to be a spreader of goodness and sunshine, I know it is imperative and urgent to spread the truth. And the truth is: There is a small group of “men” who consider themselves to be “elite,” who are playing God with your life, and mine, and those of your children and grandchildren.

They believe in depopulation and transhumanism and have been methodically working towards this moment for over 50 years.

I would never have believed it had I not been exposed to (and abused by) some of these very people for whatever reason God deemed so.

They have a very dark agenda (many are known Satanists posing as Christians — something I know, with CERTAINTY); they abuse and torture children, and they want to either remove you or enslave you.

As a Believer, I know that God can do all things, and I don’t understand how this could happen. But it has. And it is.

Please do not spend another second getting ANY information from mainstream media, “Christian” television, or FB. These avenues of disinformation, free-speech suppression, and fear-mongering are owned by the very individuals perpetrating this crime.

(If your impulse is to ignore this, it’s either because you want to pretend it isn’t real, or are someone who has bought into the elaborate, ongoing, malicious disinformation/discrediting campaign against me and — falsely– believes I subscribe to bizarre “theories.” I don’t.)

Please, also, stay tuned to Dr. Reizer, a South Carolina doctor who is doing everything he can to spread the truth:, as well as http:// (and its sister, Scripture-focused site, http://

God bless you! ❤


We Reject the Official Narrative About the COVID-19 World Pandemic



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