I Need Your Help Reviewing My Latest Novel: The Target List

By Dr. John Reizer

I could seriously use your help with reviewing my latest novel, The Target List.

This short novel is a medical science fiction thriller that was written to entertain and teach people about many of the nefarious agendas taking place in the medical industrial complex.

In order to get important information out there to lots of people about what’s really taking place in the healthcare industry, I authored this short novel.

Book Description

WAND is a revolutionary new medical tool that cures diseased tissues in human beings without the use of drugs or surgery. Ten years in design and production, the technology has a 95% success rate in curing most forms of cancer in animals and human beings.

The brainchild of 48 year old Harvard Medical School graduate, Clyde Daniel, WAND (Wave-Altering-Nanoparticle-Disrupter) is going to move the profession of medicine out of the dark ages and into something that closely resembles science fiction.

That is, unless the pharmaceutical industry, which stands to lose billions of dollars in lost drug revenues, can intervene with its hired assassins and destroy the technology and its team of creators before it ever has a chance to see the light of day.

The Target List is a medical science fiction thriller, a real page turner that will have readers hooked from the first chapter through the very end of the book.



Please consider reading the story and writing an honest review on Amazon.com with a star rating of your choosing. I am not asking for good or bad reviews, only honest ones.

The book is available on Amazon Kindle for $0.99 or it’s free for Amazon Kindle Unlimited members. I am unable to give the book away because Amazon sets a minimum price of $0.99.

Ratings are very important for independently published novels. The more reviews received, the better the chances the story will be read by others.

You can download a copy of the novel at the link below. I  would greatly appreciate it if any readers on the NoFakeNews platform would be kind enough to review the novel.

Thanks so much!

Dr. John Reizer

Read Sample chapters below:

The Target List

A Novel By Dr. John Reizer

Copyright © 2019 by Dr. John Reizer

All Rights Reserved. Printed in the USA

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author.

Amazon Kindle Edition

The characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead is coincidental and not intended by the author.


July 18, 2014

Piedmont Regional Medical Center

Atlanta, Georgia

Two weeks prior, the prognosis had not been a favorable one for little Samantha Gould. She’d contracted acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). It was an aggressive form of cancer that had been affecting her blood and bone marrow for the past 4 months. This particular disease accounted for approximately 30% of the cancers commonly found in young children.

Samantha was only six years old and had been suffering from chronic fatigue and joint pain throughout her spine, shoulders and pelvic girdle. In addition to that, Samantha had a history of bruising and her skin tone had become consistently pale looking. The child was constantly losing weight and her oncologist feared that without a carefully monitored treatment program, she’d probably not survive another year.

Samantha’s parents were scared and frustrated at the same time. They’d read the literature and understood the risks involved with not proceeding with treatment as well as all the risks associated with chemotherapy. It was a coin toss; the statistics painted a bleak looking picture for Samantha either way they turned.

Then something amazing happened that completely changed the Goulds’ lives. Samantha’s mother, Sandra had a brief encounter with a young doctor named Donna Sawyer on the fourth of July. The young physician approached Mrs. Gould and asked her if Samantha’s new diagnostic scans had been completed.

Sandra Gould knew nothing about any new diagnostic tests that were planned for her daughter. Her oncologist hadn’t mentioned anything to her or her husband, Ronald. Sandra naturally assumed Dr. Sawyer had been authorized to perform the new tests, and because of the holiday schedule, she believed there must have been some confusion between the staff doctors.

Dr. Sawyer told Sandra Gould that she could scan Samantha right in the hospital room; it would only take a few minutes. The woman proceeded by removing a small instrument from her lab coat. She approached Samantha and waved the device very slowly up and down the length of the little girl’s body. Samantha remained sound asleep in her hospital bed the entire time the female doctor performed the procedure. The encounter lasted less than five minutes. After Dr. Sawyer finished, she smiled at Samantha’s mother and exited the room. Sandra Gould never saw the woman doctor again, and when she questioned Samantha’s oncologist about the new imaging tests, he looked at her like she was crazy. As it turned out, there was no Dr. Sawyer employed by the hospital.

What happened over the next two weeks to young Samantha Gould could not be explained by conventional medicine. At least that’s what the oncology doctors told her family.

Samantha made a complete recovery from her illness. Her doctors called it spontaneous remission.

Two weeks after the strange visit from the mysterious Dr. Sawyer, there were no signs of Samantha’s disease. Her little body was completely cancer free. The child was energetic, eating everything in sight and her skin color looked completely normal.

The Goulds believed the mystery doctor who had entered their daughter’s hospital room that day must have been an angel sent from heaven to perform a miracle.

Chapter 1

May 6, 2019

Albany, New York

​The killer entered Roger Atwood’s home from the back porch, through a sliding glass door. It was a fairly simple lock to defeat, almost too easy. ​

Atwood, the target, was watching a television show in the living room; one of those detective programs from the early 80’s where they committed and solved crimes very neatly in 40 minutes with twenty more sprinkled in for commercials.

The target was seated on a tan colored recliner. ​The killer was in fairly good position, able to see that Atwood had his back to him. He moved quietly behind the target, and then crouched below the back of the recliner.

Atwood was completely preoccupied with the show. ​He raised his body, pointing the revolver towards the back of the target’s head. He’d never know what hit him, the killer thought to himself.

​A cell phone rang. ​

He crouched back down towards the floor and froze. ​

“Hello, Shane,” the target said answering the phone. “Yes, of course. No, no, not that I am aware of; but you know how they’ve handled that in the past.”

There was a long pause. The killer kept his position, hoping Atwood wouldn’t get up from the chair.

“I understand, Shane,” the target said continuing the conversation. “Look, we’ve been through this several times already, I’m not going to change my mind.” Another long pause. “Okay then, I’ll be there next Thursday, to sign the papers. Yes, Shane. Goodbye!”

Atwood was quiet again, back to watching the television show.

The killer rose once more from behind the recliner, like a cobra slithering out of a wicker basket. He pointed the gun at the target’s head and pulled the trigger.

Chapter 2

May 8, 2019

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Getting into Shane Riddick’s green Ford Taurus was the hard part. Back in the day, he could’ve broken into any vehicle in a matter of seconds. But cars these days were a completely different story with all their anti-theft detection contraptions. It was a damn nightmare for someone in his line of work.

Now that the killer was inside, the rest of the morning wouldn’t be a problem. He opened a specially designed lead case and removed the slender needle. Quick as a cat, he pushed the object inside the upholstery of the driver’s car seat.

No one would ever know the object had been hidden there. The highly radioactive compound painted on the small metallic pin would cause the target to be exposed to a lethal dose of radiation within ten to fifteen minutes – the length of time it would take for him to drive to work. It was a quick and easy job; no guns or knives were necessary today.

​The target would become ill in just a few hours, probably an episode of diarrhea and intestinal cramps would start it off. After that, fever and severe vomiting would commence. This guy wasn’t going to get better, and by the time he got to an emergency room, he’d be ready for the marble orchard due to complications from late stage colon cancer. At least that’s the way it would appear to the attending physicians supervising his care.

Chapter 3

May 10, 2019

Atlanta, Georgia 5:00 P.M.

The killer jimmied the lock with a small tool and quietly opened the apartment door. Pointing the barrel of the 38 into the dwelling, he made his way inside, eyeing the brown, leather sofa and other contents situated in the room. Everything appeared the way he’d studied it, but the target was nowhere to be found. He moved inside, looking at the unoccupied kitchen and dining room. ​

“Shit,” he said under his breath. He glanced at his watch. The target should’ve been there.

He scratched his head with his free hand while keeping the gun pointed at the hallway in front of him with the other one.

He moved farther into the apartment. Where was the target? he wondered.

The killer looked at his watch again. He moved through the hallway, slowly working his way towards the bedroom.

“Don’t move a muscle, asshole!” a voice said from behind him. He felt the cold end of a gun lightly touch the back of his neck. “Drop it, and kick it away,” the voice ordered him.

The killer hesitated momentarily before dropping the 38, and then kicked the weapon across the floor.

He struck him forcefully with the gun, on the base of the occiput. The blow rattled the killer’s brain. He slumped forward, the room spinning like a top in his world – then everything went black.

Chapter 4 ​

Clyde Daniel was a 48 year old medical doctor – a damn good one. He’d graduated at the top of his class from Harvard Medical School two decades earlier. But Clyde was like no other M.D. the world had ever seen. He’d become, over his career, a real pain in the ass for organized medicine.

The tall, blond-haired physician with prominent looking cheekbones had declared an all out war against his medical colleagues, and the entire medical profession.

Years earlier, Clyde had made an impressive contribution to his field by inventing a new tool that helped to analyze blood in patients without having to actually draw blood from them.

Initially, the technology had been warmly received by his peers. But the warm reception gradually turned cold once the pharmaceutical companies realized the loss of income they’d incur if Clyde’s idea was embraced by the industry and became commonplace in hospitals worldwide.

There were lots of profits in drawing and testing blood conventionally. Medical equipment and lab testing materials were worth billions of dollars annually, and Big Pharma was not in business to lose money. Clyde’s invention might have been a great way to help patients while preventing the spread of blood borne pathogens through the practice of traditional blood capturing techniques, but the big boys running the medical industrial empire didn’t appreciate new technologies that decreased overall revenues.

When the powers that be, for all intents and purposes, buried Clyde’s amazing invention in some filing cabinet in a dark cellar, he got really angry. It wasn’t too long after that that he decided to embark on a project that would forever transform the profession of medicine.

Dr. Daniel had encountered plenty of political corruption within his profession throughout his career, and he understood there were numerous risks involved with spotlighting cures for patients that were never supposed to see the light of day. But Clyde had gone down the proverbial rabbit hole, and there was no turning back. He knew Big Pharma was dirty and behind much of the corruption in his profession; there was no getting around that fact.

More recently, Clyde had invented another impressive technology – a way to reverse many forms of cancer and autoimmune diseases through the medium of radio frequencies. This was a huge accomplishment for the young physician to say the least.

This concept had been around in theory for awhile, but Clyde had perfected the technology through the invention of a revolutionary tool that was getting successful results in the 95% range. This type of success against these types of diseases was unheard of in modern medicine. If Clyde’s technology was made available to society, it would more than likely eradicate cancer, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and many other diseases that had been around forever. It would also destroy a large segment of the pharmaceutical industry in a relatively short period of time.

Clyde looked down at the man sprawled across his hallway floor. The guy had obviously entered the apartment with the intent to harm him. He knelt beside the intruder, still clutching his firearm, and checked for a pulse. It was strong; he hadn’t killed him – yet!


Brasscheck TV: How Corporations Ruined Food (Food Industry Documentary) – Real Stories

The PPJ Gazette

Originally published:

Real Stories

Published on Nov 17, 2017

When we walk into a supermarket, we assume that
we have the widest possible choice of healthy foods.
But in fact, over the course of the 20th century, our food
system was co-opted by corporate forces whose
interests do not lie in providing the public with fresh, healthy,
sustainably-produced food. Fortunately for
America, an alternative emerged from the counter-culture
of California in the late 1960s and early 1970s,
where a group of political anti-corporate protesters–led
by Alice Waters–voiced their dissent by creating
a food chain outside of the conventional system.
The unintended result was the birth of a vital
local-sustainable-organic food movement which has
brought back taste and variety to our tables.
FOOD FIGHT is a fascinating look at how American agricultural
policy and food culture developed in the
20th century, and how the California food movement has
created a counter-revolution…

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EBOLA: A Worldwide Problem-Reaction-Solution Strategy?


By NoFakeNews

The few that control the majority like to use fraud and deception to misinform the general population.

One of the oldest tricks that’s been used repeatedly by the powers that be on the general public was the introduction of a fake crisis of some sort followed by the mass reaction of the same general public to that fake crisis which was then followed by the implementation of an already established solution to the original problem. This entire scenario is commonly known as a problem – reaction – solution strategy.

Let’s pretend that the powers that be wanted to launch a worldwide vaccination campaign on the general public. How many people do you believe would stand in line, roll up their sleeves, and stick out their arms to receive said medicine? Not too many!

Now let’s pretend that a very nasty hemorrhagic virus that is not well understood by laypersons and medical specialists alike was reported to be the next great world pandemic. Keep in mind that this hemorrhagic virus had been portrayed by the mass media and perceived by the general public as something that could bring about the deaths of many innocent people worldwide.

Finally, let’s pretend that a certain pharmaceutical company had an already patented vaccine waiting to be unveiled in a laboratory that could  supposedly neutralize or prevent the spread of the nasty hemorrhagic disease.

How many people in the general public do you think would demand that health officials make available this miracle vaccine? Oh so many!

Could the Ebola Virus be a worldwide problem – reaction – solution campaign in progress? Is it possible that the Ebola virus is not even real?

Will a vaccination campaign be announced and prepared for worldwide distribution in the future?

It’s important to observe and understand the game being played. It’s been used repeatedly throughout history by the few controlling the many. There’s always some big, bad monster hiding in a vault, waiting to be unlocked and unloaded on society.

It could be a hemorrhagic virus, a deadly bacterial microbe, an imaginary biological weapon, an imaginary nuclear weapon. Take your pick; the monster always serves the same purpose. It pushes or influences the people to move in a direction those in control desire. All of these deceptions are nothing more than smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand theatrics; it’s an incredible magic show.

What do you think about this subject?

Vaccines Revealed: WSJ Censoring of information about the dangers of vaccines

The PPJ Gazette

The Friday, May 31st edition of The Wall Street Journal published an article on the front page, above the fold: “Vaccine Battle Bedevils Facebook.”

The article blasts Facebook for, ironically, not following up fast enough on their decision to censor information about vaccine safety. Vaccines Revealed is mentioned:

“And the top three vaccine-related accounts recommended by Instagram are ‘vaccinetruth’ ‘vaccinesuncovered’ and ‘vaccines_revealed’—all advocates for the discredited claim that vaccines are toxic.”

In a nation that has historically prided itself in its democracy, individual rights, and freedom of the press, it’s hard to understand how a major publication can decry a public media platform’s failure to silence a group that’s speaking out, within their rights, about an issue as important as this one.

What Does “Misinformation” Mean?

The Wall Street Journal, Facebook, Amazon, and others who are accusing vaccine safety advocates of spreading “misinformation” need to clarify what they mean by…

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Our Logo & Mission Statement


Our website’s logo depicts the goal of NoFakeNews which is to constantly enlighten and inform the majority of people in our world that reside at the base of the pyramid of knowledge. These people represent the most uninformed, disinformed and lied to members of society.

NoFakeNews is an alternative news site operating outside the influences of the corporately funded mainstream media.

Our mission is to provide readers with information and opinions about worldwide happenings and subjects that are currently unavailable from other news organizations.

Is there a God?

By Sazerca 7

Guest Writer for NoFakeNews

We demand that proof be shown for something as seemingly insignificant as UFO’s and spiritual psychics. Surely we should demand some documentation for what many think is the most important subject/question in the whole world; is there a God?

Millions pray everyday, wars are fought in God’s name, trillions have been donated to His causes throughout the ages. That last item alone would beg for some authentication otherwise some could say that a scam of unbelievable proportions (far surpassing even Bernie Madoff’s shenanigans) has been perpetuated against mankind for over 3 millennium. Wow! The Vatican would really have to cough up some serious bucks if found guilty of fraud!

So, is there any proof that God exists? If I were to pose this question to most theologians, I would imagine I’d hear a long speech about faith. We all know faith is just a concept. A concept probably invented by some long ago church council or who knows maybe an ancient gathering at the Vatican worrying about declining profits. I can almost hear them now. . .

-Cardinal #1: “What are we going to do with all those who ask questions that we have no answers for? Like, “where is heaven?, Why doesn’t God answer our prayers?, How can God allow children to be raped or murdered without doing something? How many angels dance on the head of a pin?”

-Cardinal #2: “”I know, I know!. . .We’ll create a new concept and call it. . . “faith”. . .Yeah, that’s it, . . faith. We’ll say that “faith” is the most holy state of being, where you are perfectly willing to believe in everything we tell them, no matter how ridiculous and impossible it sounds.”

-Cardinal #1:””””That’s brilliant! Then we can tell the blasphemers that if they don’t have this thing we call “faith”, they should feel guilty because they are immersed in sinful thoughts and lacking in what it takes to obtain “eternity” in the kingdom of heaven! That should keep them from asking questions that we can’t answer!”

All religions are able to exist only because of the concept of “faith.” The idea of gods grew out of fear and ignorance in early mankind so that he could feel he had a way of influencing the very dangerous world around him.

Shamans and witch doctors capitalized on that fear and ignorance and used it to gain status and power over their fellow neighbors. The shamans propagated this belief by saying they (the shamans) could act as an advocate or go-between for the tribe with the gods. And there is the beginning of religion.

Once the priest cult had the power, they were never going to let it go. From what I’ve read, the earliest mention of worshiping a single deity (monotheism) was when the Pharaoh Akhenaten (father of King Tut) created a religion based on worshiping a single god, marginalizing the traditionally accepted Egyptian religion of multiple gods revered by the Egyptian priest cult. Likely, the Hebrews brought a form of this religion out of Egypt during the Exodus and continued the worship of a single entity.

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all grew out of this Egyptian concept of the “One God”. Now, Christians are told that Jesus was the human son of a god, who died and then came back to life and ascended to heaven! A statement like that begs for some kind of proof above and beyond “faith”. Consider the percentage of resources that societies throughout history have given to their spiritual leaders without a shred of true evidence that their god even exists. In ancient times, the priest/shaman resorted to theatrical and sometimes even mechanical devices to show their flocks that the deity was listening. Now-a-days, we are told to rely solely on “faith”!

My blog has been taken down!


By Dr. John Reizer

I am passing on information from citizen journalist, Jon Rappoport who had his blog suspended on the WordPress platform.


by Jon Rappoport

Part 1.

This past Saturday, between 2 and 3 PM Eastern Time, WordPress suddenly took down my blog after 10 years of continuous operation.  There was no warning or advance notice of any kind.

This is outright censorship.

We are attempting to restore service to the blog.  Meanwhile, the situation is this:

You can still access the home page of my site, NoMoreFakeNews.com.

On that page, you can order products by clicking on the “Matrix” graphics on the right side of the page.

Please consider forwarding this email to those you know letting them know what happened. They can then go to NoMoreFakeNews.com and sign up for the email list at the upper left of the home page.  They will then get my output of new articles in their email.

I thank you for your support all these years—NoMoreFakeNews has existed for 18 years.  I need that support more than ever at this time.

Make your response to this censorship known to WordPress.


Part 2.

by Jon Rappoport

I say, “Dear Parents, All over the world they are injecting your children, from the day of their birth, with poisonous chemicals and germs, and they’re calling it a miracle.  But it isn’t.  It’s devastating.”

And then, someone somewhere behind a curtain who’s hidden his name-badge in his underpants says, “Censor that man.  Cut off his expression.  He has no right to say what he’s saying.”

The Soulless Ones are at it again.

Many of you now know that, last Saturday, WordPress took down my blog without warning or notice.  After 10 years—boom.  Gone.  We are in the process of restoring the blog through “other means.”  Meanwhile, my home page at NoMoreFakeNews.com is still up, and you can let others know to go there to sign up for the email list to receive my articles in their inbox on a regular basis.  You can also order products at that same home page.

I strongly suspect that my articles criticizing vaccines triggered the censorship move.  The justification would be: well, we must protect the health of the public and your influence could be quite negative in that regard, etc.

Information, evidence, opinion are all now subject to the preferences of “those in charge,” who of course “only have the best interests of The People at heart.”  Sure.

The reality is: when there is something called official science, then unofficial science must be trampled on and stamped out—the word “official” tells you that authorities are pushing lies down on people’s heads and those lies must be maintained and never doubted.  Unofficial science becomes dangerous.  It contains repressed truth.

I’ve learned that first-hand over the past 35 years working as a reporter.  All my major investigations have been “unofficial,” and in every one of those cases, there was someone standing in the middle of the road behind barricades shooing people away and warning that there was nothing OFFICIAL to see by going farther.

THE RIGHT TO HAVE AND EXPRESS AN OPINION OR VIEW OR FINDING are under attack.  Structures that would enable persons to express an opinion publicly are censoring certain voices.  They don’t have to give a reason.  They just do it.

They might say a writer “violated community standards.”  What community, and what standards?  Oh, the ones they make up and pretend exist.  Those communities and standards.  Or perhaps “the community” they’re talking about is some collection of goody two-shoes robotic idiots they’ve convinced to form an organization and make a so-called mission statement in line with official truth.  Blank minds, blank stares, earnest faces.

The age of rational argument and debate, if it ever existed, appears to be over.  Now it’s just FIND THE CONTRARY VIEW and silence it.

Of course, I’m not the first person to be censored recently.  And I’ve noticed that the black-listing hasn’t worked.  Those independent reporters and analysts and editorialists and activists are still talking and writing.  I’ll do the same.

You can help.  Spread my articles any way you can.  Get others on my email list.  Consider ordering my three MATRIX collections. Get in touch with WordPress and let them know how you feel and what you think.  Refuse to obey the Law of Silence.

There is a WE here.  It isn’t a collection of dumb know-nothings.  It’s many individuals who happen to have arrived, separately, at a similar place: the crossroad where a choice is made for justice and against surrender.

If you’re not already there, get there.  If you’re there, make your presence count.

The game isn’t lost.  It isn’t over.

It’s never over.

Another Censorship Blow for Vaccine Safety

The PPJ Gazette

Charles Buckowski once said, “Censorship is the tool of those who have the need to hide actualities from themselves and from others.”

That’s exactly the case when it comes on the censorship of vaccine information, and 2019 has seen a massive increase in censorship of the topic of vaccine safety…

In the last few months, we’ve seen Google, Pinterest, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, and even Etsy limit or even eliminate access to vaccine safety information… But the censorship hasn’t ended at keeping articles and videos off popular public media; now we are seeing an all-out attack on even the production of vaccine safety information.

Many documentaries (including the Vaccines Revealed docu-series) depend on crowdfunding to support production costs. Sites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and Indiegogo allow producers to raise the funds they need to get a project going…and they give like-minded people an opportunity to be a part of the project by…

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Time to Wake Up: International Community Moves to Force Vaccinations

The PPJ Gazette

Note From Dr Gary Kohls: Fear of an imaginary measles crisis created by multi-billion-dollar companies like Merck, Glaxo, Pfizer, Sanofi, Eli Lilly – and then propagated by the mainstream media, which is funded largely by these very same companies

By Charlene Bollinger
May 8, 2019

Epic Medical Systems, a company that sells medical records software, has introduced a way to use patient information to identify and track down anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated. The software is used by thousands of hospitals in the U.S.

Jens Spahn, the German Health Minister, has recently introduced legislation that would require parents to vaccinate their children – or face government fines and exclusion from schools. The fines could be as much as 2,500 euros, or about $2,800 USD.

These moves come in the midst of a measles outbreak during which the death toll has skyrocketed from zero to… well, zero. And while the…

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