Mainstream Media and State Sponsored Mind Control




Behind the Mask

By Van Robison

Behind the mask of human beings the world over,  are very frightened people. They are scared because they watch and listen to the propaganda on the mainstream media. They believe that people are dying from a global virus. The vast majority of these face mask wearers have no critical thinking skills and never do independent research. They have not exposed themselves to medical doctors, scientists and professionals, that denounce COVID-19 as a worldwide scam.

Of course, face mask wearers are innocent human beings, that have been deceived. To believe that the World Health Organization, the Centers For Disease Control, the Vaccine industry, the National Center For Infectious Diseases, the Pharmaceutical Drug Industry, and many other “health” organizations have the “best interests” of the public at heart is extremely naive. You can be absolutely certain that money is the prime motivator behind every one of these “health” organizations.

What face mask wearers don’t know is that hospitals are being paid $13,000 to say that a patient tested positive for Covid-19 and $39,000 if a patient is put on a ventilator. Some sources say that the ventilators actually kill people. There is a great deal of corruption going on.

Television can easily show people dying, but is that not the fake business of Hollywood? Visuals are not proof necessarily of truth, because they can be staged.

The worldwide scam of wearing face masks is a Halloween horror story orchestrated by very sinister sources and in fact Frankenstein’s human monsters.

Now, the other MASK story. The real mask is the one the liars and instigators of Covid-19 have been hiding behind. These charlatans are among the evilest human beings on planet earth. They instigated Covid-19 for very sinister motives. They have lied to the public up one side and down the other.

Their obvious motive is to make trillions of dollars on deadly and toxic vaccines, all the while they feign public “safety.”  Have not human beings lived, existed, and thrived for thousands of years without these controlling medical institutions?

So, Do You Think the Covid-19 Vaccine is Safe?

By Dr. John Reizer

If you listen to the radio commercials, I keep hearing, sixty-five percent of all Americans mistakenly believe in the safety and efficacy of the soon to be distributed coronavirus vaccine. These fools are going to bet against the medical casino and take their shots (pun intended) in a proverbial game of Russian roulette.

According to this unending propaganda, the majority of American healthcare consumers are willing to risk their lives and take a vaccine product that, for all intents and purposes, has been rushed to the marketplace at warp speed.

I believe the product that will soon be released has been waiting in the wings. It’s most likely been around since before the first person was reported to have had a runny nose.

Developing a new vaccine usually takes years of trial and error research (more error). It is silly for people to believe in the idea that scientists working in magical laboratories could whip up a new toxic brew as fast as is being reported—the concept borders on science fiction, and enormous public gullibility.

Out of all the dangerous medicinal products that have ever been manufactured, vaccines are undoubtedly the most perilous and health changing pesticides in existence.

The American government knows this information all too well. This is the reason it has limited any potential liability stemming from all prior vaccine injuries to a maximum award of $250,000. In the case of the new Covid -19 vaccine, there will be no awards granted to injured victims because the product has been given total liability immunity.

Not only do vaccines fail to deliver any immunity against medical intellectual properties, but they also cause irreversible physiological changes in the people who receive them. Vaccines cause the proliferation of diseases throughout global communities.

Vaccine injuries are caused in one hundred percent of the people who receive them. The injuries do not always reveal themselves immediately in victims. Some injuries become apparent within hours after being administered, and others develop years later in the form of autoimmune disorders and cancers that are conveniently not linked to the products that caused them to come to fruition. In the rest of the population, the injuries might be to a lesser extent, but still adversely affect human physiology on some level.

I seriously doubt that sixty-five percent of the American people are going to be lining up for the coronavirus vaccine. I believe that media companies are reporting false statistics.

In my private chiropractic practice, I take care of medical personnel, and they tell me a far different story about how their colleagues feel about the vaccine in question. The general consensus coming from the individuals I have contact with is that they are going to hold back and not receive the product.

There are lots of medical doctors and healthcare professionals who are closet anti-vaxxers. They will say one thing in public and something completely different behind closed doors. They don’t want to lose their jobs and have their licenses suspended.

As we get closer to the release date of the vaccine, the propaganda pieces on mainstream media will be ramped up. The controlling powers want as many people as possible to be the recipients of whatever ingredients have been engineered.

There is no Covid-19 virus! So, what’s the real reason for the incredible world initiative to distribute a new vaccine? What’s really inside the witches’ brew?

How Long Do We Want to Continue Wearing Face Masks, America?

Dr. John Reizer

Do you remember 15 days to flatten the curve? Then it became 30 days, 45 days, 90 days, 150 days, and we’re still counting. The managerial elites working for the controlling powers sold American citizens the lie that if everybody did their part, the coronavirus pandemic would be over in a short period.

The point I am trying to make is, once you get a country and its citizenry used to doing something, it is soon perceived by the masses as being normal. It doesn’t take a long time to switch out one paradigm for another one.

Just as flattening the curve by staying locked in our homes was broadly accepted as being a reasonable thing to do by American citizens, the wearing of face masks has now become widely accepted by the same people.  A completely ridiculous new way of living our lives has been normalized by mainstream media products. I am writing to Americans specifically in this post, but also to citizens in every sovereign country in the world.

When the elected (selected) crooks and thieves unveiled their draconian and ridiculous idea that we should all be wearing face diapers to slow the spread of the fake Covid-19 virus, people were told the policy would only be in play for 15 days. Well, that time has come and gone, and the advertisements and news propaganda pieces promoting the wearing of face coverings are still continually playing on mainstream radio and television.

How long do we want to continue wearing masks, covering up our noses and mouths? Are we, collectively, that gullible and stupid as a country of people that we cannot see the writing on the wall? Can we not know that we have been duped and made to believe that a fake virus is terrorizing the world?

The fakery taking place is based on a ridiculous concept. It only has legs and continues to survive because people in America and the rest of the world have chosen to believe the lies surrounding the story.

It’s time to stop breathing life into the false narrative. It’s time to remove the ridiculous face masks and resume living our lives. I implore everybody to disconnect from the mainstream news. Stop watching the broadcasts. The mainstream media companies are lying to us each and every day, and there is nothing to be gained from watching and listening to lies and disinformation.

Additional Thoughts on Doctors’ Capitol Hill Speak Out

By Dr. John Reizer

The more I look at the “speak out” by the doctors that stood on Capitol Hill publicly voicing their concerns about Covid-19, the more I believe they were being used by the controlling powers or were knowingly throwing out disinformation to sway the gullible public into a preconceived direction.

First of all, the fact that the Capitol Hill “speak out” was allowed such broad coverage is a red flag for me. Actual censorship would have intercepted the message and removed it from public consumption. In my opinion, the story was intentionally allowed to gain traction so that millions of people could talk about it and forward the video. Once it was “censored,” there were still a lot of mainstream products discussing the content. If the powers that be wanted it censored, the event wouldn’t have seen the light of day.

I think people have to understand that Covid-19 is not a real virus. If people have been paying attention, they should know at this point, the testing procedures are terribly flawed and reporting fake numbers.

Any storyline that tries to breathe life into the idea the pandemic is the result of a real virus should be dismissed by critical thinking people.

There are no cures for viruses outside of the inborn abilities of human immunity. Our immune systems are the only way to dismantle and destroy viral microbes.

It doesn’t matter what type of drug a doctor prescribes, it gets in the way of the innate logic of human physiology when it comes to mitigating the expression of viral infections.

What do these drugs really do? Do we want to introduce a pharmacological product that artificially lowers a fever that is designed by the body to stop genetic replication of the viral agent in the human host? No! Do we want to introduce a drug that inhibits other immune system responses, commonly mistaken for annoying symptoms by laypersons, that cure a viral infection naturally? No!

When I hear people speaking about an antimalarial drug as a panacea for Covid-19 and other viral infections, it tells me that the individuals speaking lack a real understanding of health, microbiology, and human physiology. This is somewhat tolerable when it comes from laypersons, but utterly unacceptable if coming from professional health experts wearing white coats and standing in front of the US Capitol.

What the speak out did was to misinform people that the virus is real. When the public swallows that narrative, medical mitigation procedures remain in play. This includes all types of drug products and vaccines.

As soon as the false narrative taking place is exposed, and people embrace the fact that the Covid-19 virus is fake, all the medical mitigation options are immediately thrown out the window. This is the reason the white coats were allowed to speak out in front of Capitol Hill. They were trying to beg people to stay in the current narrative that speaks of a real virus that is being misunderstood by the vast majority of people. They wanted to send a message that the medical profession can manage the virus with a less dangerous and very affordable drug that has been around for many years.

One of the white coats stated in the speak out that the antimalarial drug in question was so safe that it is given to children and elderly people. These are the same idiots that dole out 50 or more poisonous vaccines to children and claim they are safe. These are industry lies, and people should stop believing the liars.

Truth is Obvious

By Van Robison

Critical thinking is an important skill. It teaches the student that there are options, differences in thought, and opinion. Just as physical exercise is beneficial to the body, exercising the mind by private education stimulates thinking.

We do not need to be told what to think by television news personalities. What we need is personal intelligence, the ability to read and comprehend the content we are studying, and the skillset to discover for ourselves, without the guidance of professional talking heads. The world we live in is overrun with liars, and the public believes the lies for no other reason than they watch television “news.”

The odds are good that we are not going to be told the truth through mainstream television products. What we are going to be fed is mass-propaganda, mind control, and hidden agendas.

All mainstream news sources receive funding from somewhere, and so they are bought and paid for. They are mostly puppets for their controllers.

The truth is obvious, we just have to learn how to recognize and embrace it.

What’s More Scarier Than A Fake Pandemic?

By Dr. John Reizer

I was out with friends recently, not social distancing, seated in a restaurant booth facing a dangerous weapon — a television. I couldn’t get away from the mind control device, so I had to make the best of a bad situation.

No matter what I tried to do to avoid the dangerous weapon, it kept broadcasting its mind-controlling content to all the patrons in the establishment. What’s worse, we were in a sports bar, and other dangerous weapons were surrounding the entire perimeter of the restaurant. Because of the absence of sports, many of the dangerous weapons had talking media heads playing in the background.

When I turned to my right, there was a weapon armed and firing its bullets. When I turned to my left, another one was discharging nonsense and lies. Straight ahead, the same damn thing — mind control was everywhere. It was a relentless assault on my psyche, and there was absolutely no way for me to escape; I was forced to watch the poison.

The only fortunate thing for me, there was no discernable audio content. I couldn’t hear the mind control propaganda. When you watch television without the audio, the mind-controlling medium is far less effective, in my opinion. It’s almost a bit comical to see.

As I sat there with my wife and friends, I couldn’t help but notice the garbage being forced upon my eyes. I saw the masks. Lots of people were wearing masks. I saw people being interviewed wearing masks. I saw people conducting interviews wearing masks. I saw news clips of professional athletes wearing masks. I saw political advertisements showing people running for public office wearing masks. Everybody was wearing masks on television, and yet inside the restaurant I was seated in, nobody had on a mask except for the servers that worked for the establishment.

Watching those televisions was like watching scenes from The Matrix movie. Sitting there, seeing all the ridiculousness being broadcast on multiple television stations simultaneously was a surreal experience for me. It made me think how damn scary the world is. I am not writing about the fake virus being scary. I am referring to the fact that we exist in a world that is completely controlled and dominated by psychopaths.

We are continually pounded into submission by something so vast and organized, it’s hard to believe it is human.

What’s scarier than a fake pandemic? How about the monsters behind the curtains pulling strings and producing the screenplay and fakery in the first place.

While most people are spooked by the psyop, I am haunted by the fact that there is a cabal of sick-minded people that are knowingly and willingly orchestrating the false narrative that has been taking place worldwide for all of 2020.

The Covid – 19 False Flag is Alive and Well

By Dr. John Reizer

It’s important for readers not to lose focus on the overall big picture. Covid-19 is a fake virus, and the scripted psyop is by no stretch of the imagination finished.

There are a plethora of scientists and professional talking heads out there discussing where the virus originated or if it was created in a lab. Some people are talking about it being genetically engineered by the Chinese, and there are many other theories. Don’t for one-second fall into that paradigm. The virus is not real.

What the world continues to deal with is a psyop that has a well-calculated goal of scaring people into medical submission. The controlling powers have the global population wearing face diapers and believing that regularly occurring microbes we have successfully coexisted with forever are all of a sudden, making it impossible for human beings to stay healthy.

Lies, lies, and more lies infiltrate the airwaves of the mainstream media and continue to brainwash the vast majority of the population.

Additional waves of Covid-19 have already been planned for the immediate future along with the introduction of other fairy tale diseases. All the hocus pocus sleight of hand magic being showcased to the world is for one purpose — the creation and administration of a Covid-19 vaccine that is waiting in the wings. It will be proudly displayed by the eugenicists running the show as the only way to mitigate the spread of the fake coronavirus.

The coming autumn season promises to be filled with more medical mass hypnosis geared at keeping people afraid to venture outside. I believe that the US and other countries will be made to shut down once again under enormous pressure from health regulatory agencies worldwide and the general public’s overreaction to the fakery.

Why Do We Watch the News?

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

We have been psychologically drowned in mind-programming by the television news media. We have been mentally assaulted and mentally raped by television news.

Television news personalities are paid to lie, distort, and propagandize. Television news should never be relied upon as a trusted source for truth.

The major bought and paid for news sources are responsible for breathing life into the fake pandemic. They lie, distort the truth, censor, twist reality, intentionally foment antagonism, and are the enemies of humanity.

Television is not news, it is a dangerous toxin that destroys the human mind. Why do we continue to watch television news?