The Title below should read: ‘Unvaccinated People’ Urge Police to Add British Politicians To Terrorism Watchlist

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How crazy is the world we are living in that when critical-thinking people question an official narrative laid out by a bunch of known liars, the government wants to label them as terrorists?

What I am writing about are thought crimes. According to the controlling powers, if we think something is wrong with an official explanation given by the government and state our dissenting opinions publicly, we must be criminals and should be identified as such by the authorities. So much for critical thinking.

The controlling powers want to tell the public the way things happen and demand that we believe what is reported. We have one option regarding the storylines we are given. We must accept the official narratives as the truth or go to jail.

Can you imagine a time in the not-so-distant future that if you publicly state the world pandemic was a hoax or the coronavirus never existed, you could be jailed?

Do we doubt that thought crimes can not be made punishable by the authorities?

There are Holocaust denial laws already on the books in many European nations that imprison citizens that question the official narrative surrounding the Holocaust.

Understand that I am not questioning the official narrative of the Holocaust in this article. What I am questioning is the stupidity and dangerous nature of the thought crime laws relating to this subject.

Censorship of the truth could potentially occur because governments have passed into law ridiculous thought crime legislation. Such laws should be repealed at once.

We already know that all governments have lied to the citizens they are supposed to represent. Despite this knowledge, we are asked not to question the veracity of the official storylines governments disseminate.

If something is true it will stand tall against the test of time and investigation. If a narrative can not withstand the test of time and investigation, it is not the truth, and no amount of censorship or thought crime laws should be allowed to get in the way of uncovering the truth, no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient it may become for the controlling powers.

–Dr. John Reizer


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