Are You A Terror Threat?

Dr. John Reizer

On March 27, 2020, I wrote the following words in an article on NoFakeNews:

“Are you a coronavirus denier? This is a question, mark my words, that will be asked of US citizens in the coming months as the Covid-19 psyop agenda moves forward. The label will be as popular, if not more so than the words social-distancing are right now.”

Fast forward to August 19, 2021, and it’s easy to observe that my prediction about the coronavirus denier label becoming popular in the future was spot on.

When you have read and understood the script ahead of time, it’s easy to predict what will happen in the future!

The Game Plan:

The game plan of the pandemic architects from day one was to shame people into falling in line with the psyop and its main objective — the forced vaccination of the entire global population. Everything that we have witnessed from the beginning of the plandemic has been orchestrated to unleash a global genocide on humanity.

The Script:

First, you roll out a ridiculous story about a fake virus that’s running rampant around the world. Next, you claim that people have no natural defenses against the pathogen, so they must be locked away for the greater good of all citizens. Finally, you dispense a poison disguised as a life-saving vaccine to everybody on The Target List! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the urge to fit the title in the article.)

Taking Care of Loose Ends…

Perhaps one of the most crucial things the COVID-19 scriptwriters had to do was come up with a clever way to deal with the small percentage of people in the world that can still critically think.

And the way they decided to deal with people who wouldn’t swallow the big package of lies being thrown out to the world was to label the “thinkers” coronavirus deniers/covid-19 deniers. This plan is the same strategy that was used successfully on people who openly opposed traditional vaccines. The powers that be created the label “anti-vaxxer” and stuck it on those individuals who publicly cried foul when asked to stick out their arms and receive the jabs.

Are you a coronavirus denier? If so, you might be labeled a terrorist in the future!


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Are You A Coronavirus Denier?

By Dr. John Reizer

Are you a coronavirus denier? This is a question, mark my words, that will be asked of US citizens in the coming months as the Covid-19 psyop agenda moves forward. The label will be as popular, if not more so than the terms social-distancing are right now.

Antiviral medicines and preventive coronavirus vaccines are being prepared in biotech laboratories as I write these words. They will be unveiled soon and ready for public consumption by the next coronavirus season. Oh yes, there will be a coronavirus season added to the calendar. It will be strikingly similar to the annual flu season. Another intellectual property has been created (Covid-19) and has been added to big pharma’s already impressive catalog of never-ending maladies that regularly impose their will on humanity.

The coronavirus season will be broadcast and relentlessly marketed by big pharma companies through the mainstream media. And the pharmaceutical products slated to prevent and treat the illness will be supported by the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control.

The US Government’s National Plan to Vaccinate Every American with every vaccine the CDC recommends will gain tremendous public support from the 2020 coronavirus world pandemic. The people’s perception there is a massive problem has been created out of thin air by ingenious sleight of hand psychological maneuvers that have temporarily locked down the entire world.

And for the minority of people who have their eyes wide open, with no desire to partake in the bevy of toxic drugs soon to be mandated by forthcoming draconian measures, be ready to become systematically marginalized by big pharma. If any persons object to mandatory vaccinations looming on the horizon, they will be immediately labeled as coronavirus deniers.

We have seen this same theatrical performance before with the anti-vaxxer label being unfairly pinned on anyone questioning the illogicality of the vaccine paradigm. The new name, coronavirus denier, will be regularly used to intimidate any citizens not willing to comply with big pharma’s worldwide agenda. The drug manufacturers want all children and adults vaccinated with a plethora of toxic products.

So, get ready for the new label, coronavirus denier, to become prevalent in the year 2021. We will see it on the news and on social media, attempting to impose the will of the powers that be onto everyday citizens.

And remember, you first read the new label here on NoFakeNews!