The Real Matrix: Society’s Addiction to the Blue Pill


By Dr. John L. Reizer

Founder of NoFakeNews

CONGRATULATIONS! You made a wise choice when you selected the red pill. Now let’s get down to business. A good place to begin is with a discussion about the Matrix.

One of the greatest films ever released, in my opinion, was the original Matrix movie starring Keanu Reeves. The film very cleverly demonstrated the lack of understanding most people have regarding real-world events. Truth be told, many of us are like the character in the Matrix movie, unable to crack specific security codes that would allow us to understand what is happening on our planet.

In the Matrix movie, the main character (Neo) is gradually awakened to the fact that nothing in the world is the way it appears. As the film evolves, Neo’s understanding of life is eventually replaced with a truer representation of reality. The Neo character learns that the images of the world he has always embraced as being genuine have been disingenuously implanted in his mind by a computer-operated world.

Throughout most of the movie, Neo tries to view the Matrix and make sense of it. Even when he learns of its existence, he lacks the skills to fully understand the different levels within the Matrix. To Neo, the Matrix initially appears as a never-ending list of numbers and letters that have been encrypted into an unbreakable code. At the end of the movie, Reeves is finally able to unlock the code and see the world for what it is.

The Matrix Movie is a metaphor for real life. It illustrates, quite well, the fact that total reality and a human being’s perception of reality are very different things. The true nature of our world is not anything close to what we have been led to believe it is.

The basic goals of NoFakeNews are to raise awareness in readers about the machinations taking place by the powers that be and also to shed light on how those powers greatly influence mainstream media companies and ultimately keep members of society inside the confines of another Matrix. That’s right! We live in a real Matrix. Its existence lies outside the fictional plot that was a blockbuster movie.

Many people have enjoyed watching the Matrix movie. They fully understood the cinematic plot and yet they are unable to see The Real Matrix all of us live in every single day that we are alive. Many of us lack the skillset to be able to crack the necessary codes that would allow us to view our world as it exists.

Every time we tune into the mainstream news, we are, in a sense, taking the blue pill. In the Matrix movie, the blue pill represented amnesia, a prescription for keeping people blissfully ignorant about everything in life that made up the very fabric of their perceived reality. When presented with the opportunity, Neo decides not to swallow the blue pill. He chooses, instead, the red pill which allows him to explore another side of reality, an opportunity that few people in his fictional world have a chance to experience.

Mainstream media companies represent the blue pill in our world and there are more people than ever before addicted to this longstanding habit. As long as people continue to tune in to the mainstream media products that litter our society, people will be unable to see the world as it is.

Welcome to NoFakeNews! We are the red pill. A free subscription/prescription to this website is what many people might be lacking in their lives. Open up wide, swallow, and then explore The Real Matrix that exists outside the movies.

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