How to create the perfect infectious disease psyop without an actual pathogen

Dr. John Reizer

The biggest infectious disease psyop ever pulled off on the world stage began at the end of 2019, but the planning of this operation had been in the works for decades.

Most people in the world embrace and believe what they are taught about life by their parents, teachers, and other respected sources of information they trust.

In the case of organized medicine and general medical knowledge, most people rely almost entirely on what mainstream science has to say about health or the presence of disease in the human body.

What most people don’t understand is that there are many trusted sources of information that regularly hand down disinformation to the masses. This is especially true in the professions of medicine and microbiology.

The infectious disease paradigm we have been exposed to and led to believe is accurate for decades is based to a large extent on outright lies.

Microbes don’t make people sick. When people cannot adapt to the presence of microbes adequately, they become ill. It is always a breakdown in immunity that causes sickness versus the presence of a pathogen.

If the mere presence of pathogens made us ill, life would not be possible on Earth. What science has identified and inappropriately labeled as pathogens exist everywhere at all times. If mainstream science’s infectious disease paradigm was accurate, healthy human beings could never exist.

If someone wants to make humans sick, the key to doing so is by weakening human immunity and not by introducing naturally occurring or genetically modified microbial pathogens into the Earth’s environment.

Creating the perfect Psyop

1. Announce the discovery of a mysterious illness in a specific location of the world that causes similar symptoms in people to already known diseases.

2. Provide massive amounts of media coverage around the clock about the new illness.

3. Create the narrative that medical experts are baffled by the presence of the new illness.

4. Report that the novel disease is spreading to new areas and has not been contained.

5. Add to the narrative that a few scientists have isolated a few genomic sequences of the new pathogen that look similar to other already known microbial troublemakers.

6. Create a distinct genomic signature of the new disease by feeding data into a supercomputer about a few of the genetic materials scientists believe represent the novel pathogen.

7. Publish the computer-generated signature of the novel pathogen in science journals and pretend the sequence was isolated in entirety from a live patient.

8. Create a lab tool from existing PCR technology that can identify common genetic materials in all humans and make sure the reported results are amplified to a ridiculously high level so that a high percentage of test results come back false-positive.

9. Mass produce the diagnostic PCR and antigen test kits and ship them to every country in the world.

10. Keep reporting through mainstream media outlets that more people are getting ill and the disease is spreading and out of control.

11. Have health regulatory agencies announce that reliable tests are available at testing centers and that people should get tested to be safe.

12. Build fake case numbers by the millions courtesy of the rigged lab tests and create the illusion that multiple epidemics have begun worldwide.

13. Have the World Health Organization declare a global pandemic so that Emergency Use Authorizations can be implemented in every country on the planet.

14. Roll out “experimental vaccines” that were designed in advance to weaken human immunity, sterilize large segments of the population, and murder others.

15. Indemnify or hold harmless all vaccine makers, medical facilities, and affiliated medical personnel from legal consequences stemming from injuries and deaths directly caused by the medicinal products.

16. Create and release several false narratives that claim the virus escaped or was released by a gain of function laboratory in a hostile foreign country.

17. Poison people in select locations worldwide via electronic and biological technologies that can simulate what people have been taught are airborne pathogenic diseases.

18. Under no circumstances whatsoever admit publicly that the pathogen and its related disease are nonexistent entities.


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Mainstream science has decided COVID is real — case closed!

Dr. John Reizer

Why is there not one dissenting opinion about the official COVID-19 narrative within the mainstream scientific community?

Nobody agrees on everything all the time unless you’re talking about mainstream scientists, doctors, and journalists writing opinions about the world pandemic.

In any other subject besides this one, professional scientists and investigative journalists often disagree about many things. But in the case of COVID-19, all of these folks seem to agree one hundred percent about the reported facts surrounding the pandemic. The COVID-19 officialdom has been determined to be real, and there is no room for any debate on the subject.

Not one of these alleged critical thinkers has ever questioned the fact that the sars-cov-2 virus has never been isolated in totality from a living animal or human host.

Not one of these alleged critical thinkers has ever questioned the fact that the PCR test has been determined to be an unreliable diagnostic tool in detecting viruses in clinical settings by many credentialed scientists and the developer of the technology.

Do you know how you can tell that the world pandemic is a bunch of baloney? Everyone in the mainstream community conveniently agrees with one another. It’s abnormal and quite bizarre not to have a scientific debate or a difference of opinion about such a new viral pathogen — especially one that has never been isolated from a real host and has been computer modeled.

Another strange thing is that nowhere on social media platforms can you find a scientific dissenting opinion about the pandemic’s official narrative. Not even one conspiracy theory can be found on YouTube, Facebook, or anywhere else. How can this be?

It’s called censorship! The truth about COVID-19 is continually censored on Internet platforms so that people in society can’t possibly learn the truth about the fakery taking place.

There are plenty of scientific minds out there that disagree with mainstream science’s position that sars-cov-2 is a real virus and COVID-19 is a real disease.

I am only one of many who feel that way.

Am I supposed to hold back my opinion about the fakery taking place because I might hurt the feelings of someone who incorrectly believes he or she contracted the disease in the past courtesy of a bogus PCR test?

The complete absence of dissenting opinions in the mainstream medical community speaks volumes about the world pandemic being based on scientific fraud. It’s a false narrative being rammed down our throats.

Nobody agrees about everything all the time. Do you disagree?


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Minneapolis Diversion: What’s Really Happening in Minnesota?

By Dr. John Reizer

A man recently lost his life in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the hands of a law enforcement officer who, undoubtedly, is a coward and criminal. There are no excuses, in my opinion, for these types of crimes against other human beings.

But what in the world is taking place in that same city concerning all the rioting and destruction of people’s properties? Is the mayhem occurring in Minneapolis the result of racial tensions between African Americans and law enforcement personnel, or is it being staged and filmed to look that way? Have professionals been hired to create what appears to be racial tensions and civil unrest? Has all this noise been unleashed by the controlling powers to get the sheeple in Minneapolis to join the protest?

Has the craziness in Minnesota been orchestrated to take away attention from the growing civil disobedience and unrest in other US locations stemming from the ongoing coronavirus fakery? There’s plenty of mayhem taking place due to government lockdown orders, but you do not see it covered on national mainstream media stations.

Why not? Where’s that coverage?

You can’t find it because that type of protesting has a cohesive effect on people. It brings the population together and strengthens society and its position against the government and against the fake pandemic.

The rioting and mayhem taking place in Minneapolis is divisive in nature and does what the powers that be want; it divides society. It makes the members of communities weaker and dependent on the government for protection.

Did the powers that be want to create a brief distraction for hypnotized citizens in America so that the growing numbers of people who are challenging the fake Covid-19 pandemic scenario can be more quietly marginalized by the police and healthcare authorities?

There are no coincidences when it comes to news cycles. Minneapolis has become a front-page soap opera story with all the theatrics, including the US National Guard. It smells a lot like a diversion, it looks a lot like a diversion, and I will leave the rest up to readers’ imaginations.

What do you think about this story?

Covid-19: A Eugenics Operation Plain And Simple!

By Dr. John Reizer

If you are still wondering if Covid-19 is real or a fake viral pandemic, I don’t know what else to write to convince you that everything happening is a false flag event — a  cleverly crafted psychological operation.

At this point in the narrative, my January 2020 suspicions have been confirmed. I think the writing is on the wall and clearly visible to anyone paying close attention; Covid-19 is a eugenics operation plain and simple!

The end goal here is to keep people scared and off-balance until the powers that be can mass-produce a sterilizing agent (A Covid-19 Vaccine) that can then be administered to every citizen in the world. It has most likely already been created and waiting in the wings.

The few decision-makers who have been controlling the lives of many for the longest time have obviously decided there are too many weeds in the garden of desirables, and those weeds need pulling.

According to the video below, American citizens are not protected by the US Constitution when it comes to a mandatory Covid-19 vaccine.

The question people should be asking currently is if they are going to accept their fate and take this medicine voluntarily or go down swinging.

The governments of the world have already aligned themselves with the world governing construct that remains hidden and in the shadows but definitely continues to hand down the draconian directives that are being implemented.

In the United States, over 300 million vaccines will be ready later this year or by early 2021. President Donald Trump has stated the following concerning the future administration of the Covid-19 vaccines to the American people:

“We’re mobilizing our military and other forces, but we’re mobilizing our military on the basis that we do have a vaccine. You know, it’s a massive job to give this vaccine. Our military is now being mobilized so at the end of the year we’re going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly,”

“We will have a tremendous force because assuming we get it, then you have to distribute it.”

“And unless you’re mobilized and ready, you’re not going to be able to do it for a long time. So we’re starting now.”

What is happening in the world concerning this false flag is unprecedented. I do not believe this is a drill to test the complacency level of the population concerning draconian initiatives. I am convinced this is the real deal.

The powers that be interrupted everything taking place in the world. Sports and entertainment venues have been completely shut down. These are institutions that have been developed through the years to keep the masses preoccupied and not focusing on other agendas those in control have been advancing. The telltale sign that this operation is not a drill is the fact that the above-referenced institutions were all brought to a grinding halt.