How Much Money do the Controlling Powers Need?

A Michael Morris Article

How much money do the controlling powers need? The people running the world’s business want to control the world’s money because those groups that control the world’s money can control the global population.

It’s more about controlling the masses than it is controlling the money. Money is the tool that enables the few who control the many the opportunity to create and influence world policies.

What does the one percent want?

The one percent want all of the money (control) and they want the ninety-nine percent to have no money (control) or tangible assets.

If they have their way (and they are working hard to get their way) the controlling powers want to create a society where the vast majority of the population is allotted a monthly government stipend in exchange for being a productive member of society.

In a new world order scenario, the few controlling the many will strive to own all real property that they can lease to the ninety-nine percenters.

The global reset is designed to make the average person completely dependent on a world government for his or her survival.

The goals of the controlling powers can not be achieved as the world currently exists. There are too many people with too much wealth and financial independence. Major changes must be enacted that will completely transform the current societal structure.

The world pandemic (global vaccine genocide) is part of the controlling powers’ plan to change the structure of society.

Collapsing different countries’ economies and monetary systems that will require bailouts from a world government is another part of the plan.

What we are witnessing and living through is a major change in how the slave owners expect to manage the world and their assets.

The world (game matrix) is nothing like most of us have been taught by our parents, teachers, and others.

We all live within a game matrix — a three-dimensional illusion that tastes, smells, feels, sounds, and looks real. It’s a holographic simulation designed by an intelligence that is so vast, that it’s beyond most human avatars’ level of comprehension.

Everything we believe that we know about life, the Earth, and anything else that makes up the fabric of our perceived reality is inaccurate.

Understanding the truth about “current world events and happenings requires people to view the world as it actually exists.

In its natural state, the Earth game matrix is nothing more than frequency signatures. What we sense in the physical world is the solidification of universal frequency (game) codes by DNA and a central processing unit (computer) called the brain.

How do you explain to the average person that he or she is an avatar downloaded into a simulation? How do you tell someone that everything we think is real is a holographic computer simulation? It’s an arduous task!

Do you think I am kidding? DNA is the game code for all living downloads. If the code is altered most slightly, the avatars are forever changed.

Errors in the game codes cause errors in the avatars known as birth defects or congenital diseases.

One percent of the avatars on Earth are cognizant of the fact that the planet is a game matrix and that all life here is comprised of avatar downloads.

One percent of the avatars playing in the game matrix has passed on the secret knowledge about the simulation via secret societies for thousands of years of perceived time. Time outside the game does not exist. Time exists only within the construct of the simulation.

One percent of the avatars on Earth want to completely change the parameters of the game matrix. The key to doing so is to alter the game codes of ninety-nine percent of the avatar downloads.

The mRNA vaccines are the tools designed to alter the game codes of most avatars. It’s that simple.

The mRNA vaccines will eliminate the number of current human avatars, and set the stage for future generations of downloads that will have game codes (DNA) more befitting to what the one percent of avatars controlling the game matrix desire.



WAND is a new revolutionary healthcare instrument that is about to transform medicine into something that resembles science fiction, possibly making conventional cancer treatments obsolete.

Rachel Alig in Target List

Big Pharma wants WAND and its creators eliminated!


Written by MJ Palo and John Reizer

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Karen Kingston (a former Pfizer employee) discusses the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines on the Stew Peters Show

Dr. John Reizer

I received the video clip in this post from one of our readers and took the time to listen to the interview last evening. I have provided the key points made by Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee, below:

According to Karen Kingston, all the COVID-19 “vaccines” are bioweapons and kill shots! Karen claims there are four lipid nanoparticles in the bioweapons:

  1. Lipid nanoparticle number one is a cholesterol-based envelope that enables the vaccine ingredients to be transported by blood.
  2. Lipid nanoparticle number two is a phospholipid envelope that adheres to the cellular membrane — making it permeable.
  3. Lipid nanoparticle number three is an ionizable lipid envelope that provides an ionic charge so the mRNA can enter the cell.
  4. Lipid nanoparticle number four is a PEGylated lipid envelope made by a Chinese company SINOPEG. The PEG acronym refers to the product ingredient known as polyethylene glycol.

Karen Kingston claims that the mRNA code injected into a human recipient is unstable and weak. It requires an envelope or biosphere to protect it throughout its journey inside the human body. The lipid nanoparticles serve this purpose — they act as the delivery vehicle that can assure the mRNA arrives safely to its intended targets.

Kingston also claims that the vaccines contain inactive or neutrally charged graphene oxide that can later become positively charged through electromagnetic radiation (radio frequencies) such as 5G. The former Pfizer employee alleges that when the graphene oxide becomes positively charged, it can cause significant damage and death depending on how much it exists in the body and where it is located.

Karen also states that multiple COVID-19 booster vaccines might be planned in the future, which will increase the amount of graphene oxide in our bodies. She believes that the COVID-19 vaccine study should have been stopped when 80% died within 24 hours during a study with mice and the remainder of mice died within the next few days. Karen also believes that the people behind the bioweapons are interested in seeing how much graphene oxide can be tolerated by humans before the toxicity level causes death.

As always, I am providing this information for your inspection. I have no way of knowing whether or not graphene oxide is contained in the vaccines. Regardless of whether the substance exists in the vaccines, we already know that the COVID-19 shots are deadly bioweapons and gene-altering products that will cause irreparable harm to human subjects.


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