The reason why it is so important for the controlling powers to convince people that sars-cov-2 is a real virus

Dr. John Reizer

No matter how many independent scientists operating from independent laboratories report that sars-cov-2 was never properly isolated, the mainstream media continues to report lies that the nonexistent pathogen is real and viral isolates are available for inspection.

Presently, many articles are written about COVID-19 and its alleged variants that have paved the way for the creation of additional vaccines.

Here are two big problems that microbiology faces with regard to Covid-19 that everyone seems to ignore:

1. If a virus is real, it should be capable of being isolated by any scientists using techniques and procedures that meet the high standards of science. This scientific requirement has never been satisfied.

2. If a virus does not exist, there cannot be variations or variants of the original nonexistent viral signature on the loose. Sars-cov-2 was assembled and photographed using computer modeling techniques. It is not a real virus, and therefore no variants can exist.

The powers that be decided long ago that they were going to run an infectious disease psyop in 2020. They had created bioweapons disguised as vaccines far before the introduction of Covid-19.

Everything about the Covid-19 narrative is predicated on lies and deception. The vaccines are not life-saving (quite the opposite is true), the case numbers necessary to define a pandemic were based on fake statistics, and the lab tests were rigged to create the fake case numbers.

To be able to run a global plandemic like Covid-19, the psyop’s architects needed one of two things to occur:

1. The architects needed an actual or genetically altered virus to magically appear from nowhere to infect society so severely that it would scare people to the point that they would voluntarily take bioweapons disguised as life-saving vaccines.

2. The architects needed to create the illusion that a virus infected society. Fake science had to be presented as real science to accomplish the illusion, and all scientific whistle-blowers crying foul would need to be censored or permanently silenced.

To ensure that the official narrative surrounding Covid can be protected forever, mainstream science must ignore the facts that prove the virus is a hoax.

Stories about the virus leaking from a lab in China or the virus being a product of gain of function research in the US are used to hide the truth; there has never been an actual sars-cov-2 virus in existence.

Recently, I read a story about how one of the vaccine makers modified the Covid-19 virus to make additional vaccines. It is pure baloney. There are no Covid-19 isolates in existence to modify.

As long as fake science can be represented as natural science and people are convinced that sars-cov-2 is a real pathogen, hundreds of false narratives can be spun into existence that speculates about how and where the invisible microbial terrorist came from. This is what the architects of the plandemic want surrounding the official narrative. They want plenty of confusion and conspiracy theories floating around so nothing can ever be figured out.

If society’s members were convinced there was no virus, then people would know that governments worldwide conspired to trick them into taking a poison that had nothing to do with protecting humanity from a specific viral signature. This is the reason why it remains so important for the controlling powers to convince everyone that sars-cov-2 is a real virus.


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There is no virus!

Dr. John Reizer

Plenty of people now believe that the virus allegedly responsible for causing COVID-19 (sars-cov-2) doesn’t exist. People are beginning to understand sars-cov-2 was a made-up pathogen from day one and was brought to life by several rigged diagnostic lab tests that were mass-produced and distributed worldwide.

If you want to sell the story that a fake virus is on the loose, you must create the appearance of credible case numbers. To achieve that goal, you need to flood the world with PCR test kits that can create the illusion.

The doctor who invented PCR technology went on the record and stated that his invention could not diagnose pathogens in people. He stated this information many times before he mysteriously died from pneumonia two months before COVID cases began appearing throughout the world.

Many people have come to the conclusion that the PCR technology’s creator was murdered by the same directed energy weapons that were used on many people to create the appearance of people getting sick by microbial pathogens.

There are many ways to make it look like people are dying from viruses. Influenza vaccines administered before the plandemic could have been laced with the same poisons contained in the current bioweapons disguised as life-saving medicines.

Do we honestly believe that the mRNA vaccines were made in under a year, as the official narrative claims?

Now that people are suspicious that the virus is not real, stories are coming out labeling such a narrative as a psyop. In other words, the powers that be want people to believe that people like myself who have been writing about the virus being fake are part of a plan to advance misinformation.

Read the full story here!

Let’s get one thing straight, there is no damn virus. If there was one, independent scientists would have isolated it. I have had contact with real sources inside the scientific community that would know if the virus had been appropriately isolated. It has never been isolated. All the claims of sars-cov-2 isolation published to date are the products of computer-generated genomic sequencing, and that’s not a proper way to isolate pathogens, no matter how many mainstream scientists claim it is.

No matter how often I have explained to people that the virus is nonexistent, they have had a hard time understanding that concept. The reason for this phenomenon is that too many of us have been brainwashed by television and movie scripts that feature storylines about killer viruses. Microbiology and human immunity work a helluva lot different in real life than in Hollywood movies.

Medical magicians are getting increasingly desperate as people are finally putting the pieces together. The pandemic was a lie to advance a global vaccine genocide. Additionally, the news that the virus was fake in the first place is finally making its way around the world.

By the way, every childhood disease we have been taught to fear throughout our lives is diagnosed using PCR technology. PCR technology can’t diagnose the presence of any pathogens in humans or animals. The scientific fraud being thrown around the world is enormous. It is no wonder why the powers that be wanted to censor real scientists on every platform imaginable.



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Do you think you are sick?

Dr. John Reizer

The controlling powers lie to us about everything. Why would they tell us the truth about a nonexistent virus and the deadly vaccines created to supposedly save humanity?

I was poisoned one year ago in August 2021

This subject is not fun for me to write about but it’s certainly important information that everybody wishing to have a higher expression of health needs to understand.

You’re not sick! You have been methodically poisoned since you were born into this world. 

Facing the truth is often difficult, but for those of us who are willing to do so, it might prevent a life of pain, suffering, or worse.

Re-educating humanity about anything is often an arduous task. We often become so engrossed in the false reality we have been exposed to all our lives that it’s nearly impossible to remove the blinders that have been securely positioned over our eyes.

The truth is out there. We must have the courage to want to see it and the strength to make big changes in our lives when we are confronted with a truer representation of things taking place in the world.

Good luck to everyone!



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Another scientist is claiming sars-cov-2 has never been isolated (No kidding)

I have been writing about the narrative discussed in the videos below since early 2020.

There is no sars-cov-2 virus and science has already proven this fact. The ongoing agenda is bigger than people can imagine, and it doesn’t matter how much proof is presented that demonstrates the pandemic is predicated on a nonexistent microbe. Mainstream officialdom is fixed in its position. The vaccine genocide will march on.

–Dr. Reizer

Shorter version of the video!

Dr. Wagh

Full interview


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Mainstream science has decided COVID is real — case closed!

Dr. John Reizer

Why is there not one dissenting opinion about the official COVID-19 narrative within the mainstream scientific community?

Nobody agrees on everything all the time unless you’re talking about mainstream scientists, doctors, and journalists writing opinions about the world pandemic.

In any other subject besides this one, professional scientists and investigative journalists often disagree about many things. But in the case of COVID-19, all of these folks seem to agree one hundred percent about the reported facts surrounding the pandemic. The COVID-19 officialdom has been determined to be real, and there is no room for any debate on the subject.

Not one of these alleged critical thinkers has ever questioned the fact that the sars-cov-2 virus has never been isolated in totality from a living animal or human host.

Not one of these alleged critical thinkers has ever questioned the fact that the PCR test has been determined to be an unreliable diagnostic tool in detecting viruses in clinical settings by many credentialed scientists and the developer of the technology.

Do you know how you can tell that the world pandemic is a bunch of baloney? Everyone in the mainstream community conveniently agrees with one another. It’s abnormal and quite bizarre not to have a scientific debate or a difference of opinion about such a new viral pathogen — especially one that has never been isolated from a real host and has been computer modeled.

Another strange thing is that nowhere on social media platforms can you find a scientific dissenting opinion about the pandemic’s official narrative. Not even one conspiracy theory can be found on YouTube, Facebook, or anywhere else. How can this be?

It’s called censorship! The truth about COVID-19 is continually censored on Internet platforms so that people in society can’t possibly learn the truth about the fakery taking place.

There are plenty of scientific minds out there that disagree with mainstream science’s position that sars-cov-2 is a real virus and COVID-19 is a real disease.

I am only one of many who feel that way.

Am I supposed to hold back my opinion about the fakery taking place because I might hurt the feelings of someone who incorrectly believes he or she contracted the disease in the past courtesy of a bogus PCR test?

The complete absence of dissenting opinions in the mainstream medical community speaks volumes about the world pandemic being based on scientific fraud. It’s a false narrative being rammed down our throats.

Nobody agrees about everything all the time. Do you disagree?


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A Pathologist Explains The Real Science to his Colleagues About Covid-19 Vaccines

The short video clip below features a well-educated pathologist, Dr. Ryan Cole, addressing colleagues and others in a conversation about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr. Cole explains to an audience what readers here already know and understand about the COVID-19 experimental vaccines — they’re deadly! But when the exact words that have been written on our website and other alternative media platforms to describe the global genocide taking place are spoken by a medical physician, it gets people’s attention.

Additionally, concerning the VAERS information that has been reported to date — the statistics recorded are laughable at best. Doctors are afraid to report COVID-19 adverse reactions for fear of losing their licenses and jobs.

–Dr. Reizer

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The writing is on the wall — we are running out of time!

Dr. John Reizer

In an earlier post that I published not too long ago, I explained that the COVID-19 global psyop was far from over. I also said that the Delta variant now making headlines worldwide would be used by the controlling powers to usher in more draconian measures like new mask mandates and all-out attempts to divide the population into two factions; the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Reports are coming in each day about how unvaccinated people are why the Delta variant is spreading across the world. The strategy to pit one group against the other has always worked to help fuel anger and hatred within the world population.

If you are a regular visitor to this website, you already know the world government’s game plan. The only question that remains unanswered is what we will do to save ourselves and our loved ones. How much time do we have left? Is it one year? Two years? I don’t think we have much longer than that if we have that long.

It’s one thing to participate in public protests on a Saturday afternoon. It’s quite another thing to carry out those protesting gestures during our daily lives. Millions of people worldwide have been assembling and publicly demonstrating their discontent with the lockdowns and mask mandates. But in my opinion, we have to be willing to apply those feelings during the other six days of the week.

According to the United States Department of Justice, federal law does not prohibit public agencies and private businesses from requiring their employees to receive COVID-19 experimental vaccines.

The Veterans Affairs have mandated COVID-19 vaccines for their healthcare personnel. This draconian decision by the Veterans Affairs is the first COVID-19 mandate to be issued by a US federal agency.

What is happening, folks?

The powers that be are drawing a line in the sand. They are waiting to see how the public reacts to the draconian policies they have laid out. If the public acquiesces and doesn’t object, they will move the goalposts closer and throw out even more draconian policies.

We are citizens living in a global society where sovereign governments actively attack our rights to live healthy lives. Our rights to informed consent regarding invasive medical procedures and drug administration into our bodies are being challenged right in front of our eyes. The medical profession acts as an agent of governments and is complicit in committing medical rape on the general population.

If the only way that we can turn things around is to abandon our jobs and shut down the institutions that run the world — then that is what we must do. We can no longer give in to the governments of the world. We have been doing just that forever, and look where those actions have gotten us.

We desire to comply with draconian mandates because we believe that doing so will end the government’s handing down additional restrictions. But our compliance with government-imposed directives is the reason these policies will continue to be introduced far into the future.

It’s time for all of us to draw a line in the sand and be willing to defend that territory as if our lives depend on it — because, for all intents and purposes, they do!


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