Getting Healthy Through Chiropractic (New Book by Dr. Reizer)

By Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews


For those of you that have never been to a chiropractor, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. The health benefits that are attached to receiving this type of alternative healthcare are too numerous to write about in such a short post. Take my word, there are many health benefits associated with being under the care of a good chiropractor.

As many of you already know, Dr. Reizer has been a practicing chiropractor for nearly 30 years and he has authored quite a few best selling books on the subject. And he’s just added another short publication to his impressive resume that will help laypersons and prospective patients gain a better understanding about what traditional chiropractic can offer the public in the way of Getting Healthy Through Chiropractic. Click Here to Purchase Book!


According to the author, “This newest book was written with laypersons and my current patients in mind. I wanted to be able to stock this title in my office and hand it out as a giveaway to new and prospective patients. It’s written and customized for the people that interact with me in my private practice. I want to have a tool that can educate my patients about what I have to offer them throughout the course of the year. It’s a short book and to the point. It’s something that can be read cover to cover in twenty minutes.”

Dr. Reizer’s new book will be available on and from other booksellers in the next several weeks. But for those of you that want to read it for free, check out his office website and peruse through the articles that are published there. A lot of those materials have been repackaged into the new publication.


Is Chiropractic Addictive?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

Laypersons commonly believe the misconception that traditional chiropractic is habit forming. People tend to think of all healthcare professions in the same way.  Within the profession of medicine, there are obviously many pharmaceutical products that are utilized when treating various diseases. Many of these products are dangerous chemicals that are habit forming. Because these chemicals are quite dangerous, drug treatments often require constant supervision by medical specialists.

Chiropractic is a drugless healthcare profession and unlike many traditional medical procedures, there is absolutely nothing addictive about chiropractic care. Patients that visit chiropractors, to get their spines checked for vertebral subluxations, often choose to maintain a long term professional relationship with their doctors. Chiropractic is a preventive healthcare practice and when patients learn about the many benefits that are associated with being under the care of a chiropractor, it is not uncommon for these individuals to maintain a regular program of lifetime care.

A patient’s decision to routinely remain under chiropractic care is often perceived by others in the community as something that is addictive; hence the stereotypical habit forming label is often unfairly placed on the chiropractic profession.

For additional information about the benefits associated with being under regular chiropractic care, please click here!

The Control and Destruction of Alternative Health Care by Big Pharma

By Dr. John L Reizer

Editor at

When one seriously examines the large monster known as “Big Pharma,” it becomes blatantly obvious that this is an industry hell-bent on destroying each and every competitive health care profession that subscribes to a non-toxic approach of maintaining the health of human beings.

Throughout its relatively short history, organized medicine has been successful, with the assistance of petrochemical companies, in eliminating virtually every alternative health care profession in existence. For the sake of brevity, I’ll concentrate on the better known cases that have occurred and directly impacted the health and well being of many people throughout the world.

The medical profession, itself, was the original victim of Big Pharma many years ago. In the early 1900’s, the Rockefeller and Carnegie families paid two men by the name of Henry Pritchett and Abraham Flexner to create a devious scheme that would forever change the construct of medical schools. The Flexner report, written by Pritchett, concluded that only medical schools that committed to using synthetic based medicines and avoided plant based treatments (homeopathic and naturopathic protocols) should be offered large grants that were created by Rockefeller and Carnegie. Some 17 years after the Flexner report had been written and published, almost half of the previously existing medical schools had been forced to close due to an inability to attract students that would pay tuition. In a nutshell, these schools were unable to compete with the medical institutions that were regularly funded by the large foundations set up by Rockefeller and Carnegie. (1)

From that point forward, only medical schools philosophically aligned with petrochemical companies would become successful in graduating medical physicians. Presently, the same petrochemical companies have great influence and control over most components associated with modern medicine. The Rockefeller family and its far-reaching tentacles, that can be traced directly to the petrochemical and banking industries, have a great deal of influence regarding curricula as well as other important elements embedded within the modern medical institutions of higher learning.

Over the years, traditional medicine and its powerful unions have infiltrated and destroyed any healthcare profession, modality or theory that was based on something other than synthetic, toxic medicines. If it fell outside the pharmaceutical paradigm, it was routinely labeled as pseudo-science and removed from serious consideration by the scientific community. In other words, if it was backed by Big Pharma it became known as a scientific concept and if it was not backed by Big Pharma, it was never heard of again or was cast into the undesirable realm of pseudo science and banished from public consumption.

Historically, the two professions that annoyed Big Pharma and presented the most formidable challenge to the Rockefeller-Carnegie agenda were Osteopathy and Chiropractic. As some people might be aware, Osteopathy was aggressively infiltrated and absorbed by Big Pharma then repositioned, harmlessly, as a branch of organized medicine where it could no longer pose a threat to the petrochemical industry.

Chiropractic, on the other hand, has managed to survive autonomously since 1895 when it was discovered by Dr. Daniel David Palmer. History teaches us that Dr. Palmer’s son, Bartlett Joshua Palmer (September 14, 1882-May 21, 1961) was the individual responsible for developing the chiropractic profession. (2)

Although chiropractic, on the surface, appears to have survived the onslaught of legal and political blows that Big Pharma has unleashed upon it for many years, some chiropractic practitioners are quick to point out that their profession has already been successfully infiltrated by the medical bogeymen and is currently being repositioned as a branch of physical medicine. Certain practitioners believe the transformation of chiropractic into medicine has already occurred.

Speaking on a condition of anonymity, one chiropractor explained to me that the absorption of chiropractic into the medical arena was accomplished, over the years, by the Rockefeller agenda and its abilities to manipulate and control health insurance reimbursement programs for chiropractic services and also through influencing the United States Department of Education and chiropractic’s specialized accrediting agency.

It’s no small coincidence that both osteopathy and chiropractic originally had very similar professional objectives. Those objectives dealt with maintaining the integrity of the spine’s alignment in an effort to promote the body’s natural recuperative powers. (3)

The power of Big Pharma is enormous and its ability to influence the perceptions of scientists, doctors, and patients should not be underestimated by the American health care consumer.

Pregnancy and Chiropractic

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at


When a woman becomes pregnant, it is very common for medical doctors to treat her as if she had a disease. Allopathic practitioners regularly attach a diagnosis code in the patient’s chart and proceed to treat the condition of pregnancy as a sickness. Insurance plans obviously cover the condition of pregnancy and so there are naturally many procedures and medical protocols that are billed to a patient over a nine month period of time.

Just about any other animal on our planet is capable of delivering its offspring in a natural environment without a group of medical specialists standing around a birthing table. Some animals routinely birth an entire litter of offspring at the same time without any complications. A horse, a cow, a giraffe and countless other examples could be cited to demonstrate that the birthing process is not a disease but rather a natural process within nature that has been artificially complicated by traditional medicine when it comes to human beings.

If it makes good sense to get your spine checked for vertebral subluxations when you are not pregnant it would logically make good sense to get your spine checked when you are pregnant. It is perfectly safe for a woman to receive chiropractic adjustments during her entire pregnancy.

Misaligned vertebrae (vertebral subluxations) can interfere with the human nervous system and can cause an impediment to a human being’s health. All people need to have a properly functioning nervous system at all times during the course of their lives.

There are many ways to modify adjusting techniques through the various stages of a woman’s pregnancy and women should take full advantage of getting under chiropractic care while being pregnant.

Ideally, you always want your body functioning at its full potential. In the case of pregnancy, when a child is forming and growing, it is especially important for a woman’s body to be operating as efficiently as possible. Chiropractic care allows all human beings to have a better expression of health and to operate, physiologically speaking, at a very efficient level.


Traditional Chiropractic Needs Your Help!

By Dr. John Reizer

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reizer3I need your help! The Traditional Chiropractic Profession is fighting for its life. If you are a chiropractor, student of chiropractic, or a patient of chiropractic, please take the time to fill out the very short survey/petition at the bottom of this article. By doing so, you will be helping our profession and health care consumers worldwide.

In order that we can protect the chiropractic profession for future generations of patients, it is important that we let the United States Department of Education know the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) is not properly representing the Traditional Chiropractic Profession’s methods of educating students of chiropractic.

As I have written many times before on this website, chiropractic is under attack by the powers that be. Their goal, simply written, is to absorb chiropractic into another branch of medicine where they can then rewrite the profession’s objectives so that they become more aligned with medical goals. This is bad for traditional chiropractors, students of chiropractic, and most important it is bad for health care consumers that will eventually be denied access to traditional chiropractic techniques.

Please click on the link below, fill out the brief survey, and then click on the submit button. That’s all you have to do! Please do not delay as the traditional chiropractic profession will be in front of the Department of Education on December 12, 2013.

Trust me when I tell you that by supporting this petition you will be helping a lot of people throughout America and around the world!


Dr. John Reizer



The chiropractic profession needs you to take literally 3 minutes and fill out this very important survey. The survey says three things:

1) You want the CCE to put back into their Standards that in order to graduate a doctor must be competent in detecting and correcting subluxation. (That’s right the CCE took it out of the standards)

2) That the chiropractic profession is drug and surgery free and the CCE standards should reflect this. (The standards do not currently reflect this)

3) The CCE needs to change its governing structure to allow for all philosophical views to be represented in their decision making process.


These are three critical issues that the IFCO has been fighting for over two years. WE NEED PEOPLE TO INDIVIDUALLY STATE THEY ARE IN AGREEMENT BY SIGNING THIS STATEMENT.



Why Everyone Needs a Good Chiropractor

By Dr. John L. Reizer

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Not very long ago I attended a health fair where I performed chiropractic spinal exams for members of my community. After checking a prospective patient on my portable chiropractic table, the man got up and said to me, “But I feel great doc – why do I need a chiropractor?” I hear this same question over and over again from different laypersons I examine at health screenings. The answer to the man’s question is actually very important for readers to understand. Chiropractic has absolutely nothing to do with how patients are feeling and everything to do with how they are functioning.

Traditional chiropractors are doctors who specialize in monitoring the integrity of the spinal column’s alignment. Most of the spinal problems that chiropractors work on do not cause pain or discomfort in people. They do, however, cause a loss of general health and well being in all human beings.

Chiropractic is often misunderstood by many people. Quite a few laypersons mistakenly believe that chiropractic is some sort of “new age” therapy for back and neck pain. The idea that chiropractic is nothing more than a “mechanical aspirin” has been promoted over time by organized medicine. The origin of such blatant disinformation comes from a plethora of drug companies that relentlessly paint traditional chiropractic’s objective as something that is less than scientific.

Tiny misalignments, which can regularly occur within the framework of the human spinal column, can place pressure on spinal nerves that exist in close proximity to the spinal bones. These tiny misalignments, for the most part, do not cause symptomatic discomfort in patients. Spinal misalignments, also known as vertebral subluxations, can interfere with the nervous system’s ability to function properly. Chiropractors perform regular spinal examinations for patients in an effort to determine where specific subluxations are located within the spinal column. Once a subluxation is located, the chiropractor uses a manual (by hand) adjustment to correct the bone’s alignment in relationship to the other spinal segments above and below it.

Because most of the spinal nerves in the body are not involved with transmitting pain sensations to the brain, it is nearly impossible for patients to determine when or where they might be subluxated. Only a skilled chiropractor is capable of determining when a particular patient is subluxated and needs to be adjusted.

Sometimes patients will claim that they can tell if subluxations are present within their spines. In reality, this is not likely. Patients can often feel muscle pain and other soft tissues that might be injured however, the possibility of a patient identifying the location or existence of a specific subluxation is remote at best.

It is my recommendation to the members of any community that every person should get his or her spine checked frequently by a qualified chiropractor. Spinal subluxations can cause serious damage to the nervous system and if left intact for an extended period of time, these misalignments can cause permanent dysfunction to nerves that directly influence vital organs and systems within the body. A person’s health can decline substantially if subluxations in the spinal column are not corrected.


Dr. John Reizer is a 1986 magna cum laude graduate of Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic. He is also the bestselling author of six books that deal with the subject of chiropractic. Dr. Reizer is a former Associate Professor of Clinical Sciences at Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic. He maintains a private practice at 188 Blalock Road in Boiling Springs, SC. John can be reached at 864-494-0121.

Debunking the Debunkers!

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at


Throughout the Medical Establishment’s long history of trying to damage the credibility of the chiropractic profession, debunking agents or so called “experts” have been hired by the “powers that be” to make chiropractic and its practitioners appear to look like quacks. The agents have given interviews, written books, constructed websites, and participated in other campaigns that directly reached healthcare consumers and helped to create false perceptions, for people, about chiropractic.

The funding of these campaigns has come from giant petrochemical corporations. It is very difficult to point fingers and name names because, obviously, paid shills are not going to admit to the fact that they’re on the payroll of a specific company, working to undermine or destroy chiropractic. It’s important to understand that chiropractic is not the only alternative healthcare profession that has been attacked.

Debunking agents are presently used everyday and in many different ways. Pretty much anything that challenges the accepted norms of what society perceives as being reality would be considered fair-game by these people.  For example, if a large minority of the population began to suddenly question the authenticity of something that was being reported by the government or the mainstream media, debunking agents, employed by the powers that be, are always ready to spring into action. These  individuals, through the implementation of strategic campaigns, can absolutely minimize the damage being caused by the controversial voice within the population base. The agents can make sure that the majority of the population continues to perceive reality the way that the government or media originally intended. For the purpose of this article, I’ll only discuss this topic as it pertains to healthcare and more specifically, chiropractic.

Giant petrochemical companies have a lot at stake in this very lucrative game. In order for these companies to remain profitable and powerful in the future, society must continue to believe in certain erroneous concepts. Petrochemical companies have many assets besides pharmaceutical companies. The drug industry is not their only concern, but it remains a very important part of their power base.

Alternative healthcare has always been a threat to the Medical Establishment. Because of this, it has been an important goal of traditional medicine to employ scientists and other professionals that could appear credible when attempting to write or convey damaging remarks about a particular modality or profession within the framework of alternative healthcare.

Quite a few websites have been designed to make potential viewers wary of chiropractic and other alternative healthcare services. It becomes easy to spot the disingenuous web addresses once you know what you’re looking for. The paid shills, writing for “Big Pharma,” usually copy and repeat the same misinformation on different web locations. Their posts are commonly read on many blogs where alternative health related concepts have been published and are threatening mainstream dogma.

The oldest trick in the book (and all the chiropractic debunkers use this tactic) is to claim traditional chiropractic (vertebral subluxation correction) has not undergone scientific, double blind studies and is therefore not a valid healthcare science.

To begin to understand how totally flawed double-blind studies are, when applied to the traditional chiropractic model, you have to first understand what these tests are actually trying to accomplish. Double blind studies have been designed to test the effectiveness of different drugs on patients. What the double blind studies are really testing is the effectiveness of a drug’s ability to cover up or block symptoms in the human body.

As I have previously explained in many of the books and articles I have authored; symptoms are not caused by a disease process but rather by the body’s immune system in an attempt to disable a disease process. An example of this is the body’s expression of a common fever. The fever that takes place during a bacterial or viral infection is attempting to destroy the microbe making the person ill. The double-blind study is, actually, measuring how effective a certain drug is in preventing the body from working as it should. If we used, for example, the fever scenario in a double-blind study, we would have to administer samples of medications to several patients that had fevers. Both the patients and the persons administering the drugs would be blind to which samples were the fever reducing drugs and which samples were sugar pills or placebos. The study would examine how effective certain samples were in reducing fever—the desired effect coming from the drug.

While double blind studies might be useful when it comes to measuring how well drugs are harming the overall health of an individual, they are a totally unreliable ruler when used to measure the effectiveness of a chiropractic adjustment being administered to a patient for the purpose of correcting a vertebral subluxation that is choking off the nervous system’s ability to express health in a human being!

Traditional straight chiropractic has nothing to do with addressing or blocking symptoms. Traditional chiropractic seeks to eliminate the cause of a serious problem by removing a major interference from the nervous system. This translates into a very beneficial result for the person involved however, the results would be impossible to measure through a double blind study. The double-blind study could never be applied to the traditional chiropractic model because these studies are only valuable when measuring changes in symptoms. Unfortunately, that’s what most of traditional medicine is about. It has the objective of covering up certain effects associated with health conditions and never addresses the causes.

By virtue of the double-blind study, science has already proven that medicine, and the drugs it utilizes, is most effective in blocking the body’s natural abilities to fight off diseases. This is why traditional medicine has never cured one single disease!

Once you eliminate the double blind study argument, the skeptics/shills writing the propaganda on various websites begin to point out that chiropractic should be classified as a pseudoscience because the profession’s practitioners have dangerous ideas about conventional medical theories. On this point I would definitely agree with the debunkers. Many chiropractic practitioners have routinely pointed out a lot of large holes in the Medical Establishment’s protocols for the management of various diseases. This is a dangerous scenario for the medical profession.

Some dangerous chiropractic ideas, according to the debunkers, that I can think of right off the top of my head are anti-vaccination and anti-fluoridation campaigns. Chiropractors have had lots to say about the dangers associated with vaccines and water fluoridation. Both of these practices are very controversial and can, in the opinions of many healthcare professionals worldwide, cause irreparable damage to the human immune system.

My advice to prospective patients that stumble upon anti-chiropractic websites, and other related literature, is to realize that this type of content is being purposely placed in the public domain, by the Medical Establishment, to make healthcare consumers believe that chiropractic and many forms of alternative healthcare are based on pseudo-scientific principles.

Chiropractic is a fully licensed form of healthcare in all fifty states. Government agencies wouldn’t license healthcare professionals if their professional objectives were based on unscientific principles!

Traditional Chiropractic vs. Traditional Medicine

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

reizer3Traditional chiropractic and medicine have different professional objectives. The profession of chiropractic has the ultimate goal of maintaining a person’s health by removing a type of interference to the nervous system which inhibits the true expression of health in all human beings (vertebral subluxations).

The profession of medicine attempts to cure various diseases that are affecting the body by prescribing certain medications that reverse or oppose physiological processes occurring in the body and also through the application of surgical procedures which attempt to remove or repair compromised human tissues.

Traditional chiropractic has a vitalistic philosophy which adheres to the premise that health comes from within the body or from the inside out. This philosophy acknowledges the fact that all human beings have inherent abilities to maintain their own healthy existence and that a disruption of health is caused internally. Traditional chiropractic states that if health is lost from within the body it must logically be restored from the inside out.

Medicine has a different philosophy that claims that the human body is weak and must constantly have its health maintained from the outside in. According to modern medicine, a human being must have an assortment of vaccines and other preventive medicinal compounds in order to build up the immune system.

In summary, traditional chiropractic works with the controlling laws of nature and physiology while organized medicine (allopathy) attempts to go against the controlling laws of nature and physiology.