California bill would strip medical doctors of their licenses for spreading the truth about COVID-19

Dr. John Reizer

Dr. Joseph Mercola published an interesting article recently on a California bill. If passed, the new law would strip medical doctors of their professional licenses should they make statements about COVID-19 that go against the views of the CDC or other mainstream medical regulatory agencies.

This type of legal maneuvering by a state government should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention to what is unfolding in the United States and worldwide.

The US Supreme Court is considering overturning Roe v. Wade to give people a plausible explanation for why abortion rates will plummet shortly. The federal government wants to hide the fact that millions upon millions of women have probably been sterilized by the mRNA vaccines.

Anything and everything that governments the world over can do to obfuscate the truth about the global genocide underway is being done.

When I wrote back in 2020 that COVID – 19 was a hoax, I wasn’t kidding. The officialdom that has been created and disbursed for public consumption is illogical and in no way, shape, or form based on science.

The CDC and other regulatory agencies’ official opinions about COVID and its alleged variants are based on industry lies, scientific fraud, and outright science fiction!

People can voice their opposition to proposed bills that censor the truth about the pandemic, but those voices will fall upon deaf ears. The global governments couldn’t care less about the citizens they have agreed to murder!

Trying to negotiate or reason with psychopaths is not the answer to our problems. It never has been the way to shine a bright light on the darkness.

When people are willing to acquiesce to tyranny, they have been defeated. The answer to our collective problem is to not comply with what the architects of the global genocide desire. This applies to everyone involved that is being victimized by a world government!

It does not matter who or what position in society you occupy. It does not matter if you are a barber, electrician, teacher, engineer, medical doctor, chiropractor, member of the military, or anyone else. Don’t comply with the draconian measures or mandates now or in the future that might be forthcoming concerning the fake pandemic. It’s that simple to stop the madness!


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May 5, 2022

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Dr. John Reizer

It gets harder each day for me to discuss the sinister machinations taking place in our world. I have been writing about the plandemic for what seems like a long time, and it’s beginning to take a toll on my psyche.

After nearly twenty months of analyzing this fraud, it is still difficult for me to comprehend the number of psychopaths that have collaborated to carry out the daily operations connected to what can only be described as the most significant human genocide in modern recorded history.

The blatant censorship of the truth concerning vital health topics and the strategic spreading of disinformation concerning the fake world pandemic are occurring at unprecedented levels.

Important science-based information about the rigged diagnostic tools used to fabricate false-positive case numbers associated with COVID-19 and the dangers connected to the bioweapons being disguised as life-saving vaccines and administered under emergency use authorizations is broadly censored.

Information that could prevent society’s members from making unwise health decisions is purposely being kept from all people worldwide.

Mainstream news telecasts, like the one above, are routinely run to influence brainwashed sheeple. The global medical genocide continues as planned, with corporate media and major Internet platforms running interference for the psyop’s writers and directors.

The fact that censorship is happening throughout the world is quite remarkable. The fact that censorship is occurring in America is inexcusable. But the facts are undeniable, and the censorship is real.

The actual superspreaders of health disinformation are not Dr. Joseph Mercola and the other eleven health experts targeted by the US government. The real superspreaders of health disinformation are the elected officials of every sovereign country in the world.

The truth is hard to swallow, but people better wake up and do so fast! The virus is fake, and the vaccines are a real threat to human health — they are the ultimate kill shots!


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Sars-Cov-2 Was Leaked From A Chinese Lab? When You’re a Hammer Everything Looks Like A Nail!


Dr. John Reizer

There’s an interesting article that Dr. Joseph Mercola published today concerning the coronavirus narrative. The story is centered around the idea that sars-cov-2 was developed and leaked from a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan. The report also discusses how mainstream media and government officials in the United States are now gravitating towards and promoting this concept. Keep in mind that the idea that sars-cov-2 was leaked from a lab and is a viral pathogen that scientists have modified was considered a crazy conspiracy theory up until now.

Dr. Mercola points to a former New York Times science correspondent who wrote an article about the origins of COVID-19. The author wrote, “The preponderance of clues leans toward SARS-CoV-2 originating in a lab, most likely the WIV, and having undergone some sort of manipulation to encourage infectiousness and pathology in humans.”

When You’re A Hammer Everything Looks Like A Nail!

It drives me crazy when I read about the ridiculous narrative that tries to paint sars-cov-2 as a genetically modified virus. This idea is more Hollywood baloney designed to protect the plandemic script and its authors. The virus is real narrative also protects and insulates the complicit players that have willingly participated in the genocidal event taking place worldwide.

No matter how many scientific-minded people want us to believe that sars-cov-2 is an actual virus, human-made or naturally occurring, resist the urge to wander down that road and fall into a science fiction trap. There’s a saying — When you’re a hammer everything looks like a nail. Those words certainly ring true in this particular situation. Scientists and the public that have been incorrectly educated about infectious diseases by scientific dogma centers (universities) and Hollywood movies are trapped inside a box. That box promotes the idea that sars-cov-2 is an actual virus. The people living in that box are like hammers. The only thing they can see is a real sars-cov-2 virus. They have been blinded by scientism and not paying attention to real science.

Sars-cov-2 is not a real virus, and we are not at war with germs! That idea is the grand illusion being orchestrated and presented to society by the controlling powers through the medical-industrial complex.

Whether we are discussing bacteria or viral microbes — it’s essential to understand that these microscopic entities are not the cause of diseases. What ultimately determines if we become ill or remain healthy is the uninhibited expression of our immune systems at all times. If our immunity is up to par — we’re going to stay healthy as long as we remain within the construct of our natural environment.

The eugenicists who have worked exceedingly hard to make society sick know the truth about bacteria and viruses. They have been studying this critical equation for a lengthy period. They have figured out that the key to getting people sick is to attack the masses’ natural and herd immunity. They have been working on behind-the-scenes projects for decades to accomplish this goal while creating lies about microbiology and teaching those falsities to healthcare students and doctors.

Long ago, the controlling powers tried to modify viruses — trying to weaponize the pathogens genetically. Weaponizing a viral pathogen works well in a Hollywood script but cannot be accomplished in real life, as people have been led to believe.

Viruses mutate very fast, and their potential pathogenicity decreases over time as they spin into more benign and less-lethal structures. At least that’s the story some mainstream scientists stick by when discussing the characteristics of these genomic sequences.

Others believe that viral microbes are not pathogens. A growing number of scientists believe that viral microbes might be naturally occurring harmless genetic sequences used or even synthesized by our innate immune systems to help cleanse the body of toxins and opportunistic bacteria that can be harmful to people when human immunity becomes compromised.

The truth regarding these microbes is still out for debate. Both viewpoints are theories that have not been definitively proven. But what has been proven to be true without any uncertainty is that viral microbes are everywhere and at all times. There are trillions upon trillions of these microscopic entities surrounding us at every moment of the day. You can’t escape them, so don’t be fooled into thinking you can.

The good news that most people don’t seem to understand is that viruses don’t make you sick. If they did, we’d be sick all the time because there’s never a time when viruses aren’t around. So, logic would dictate that the presence of viral microbes in our airborne environment has no ill effects on our health level.


Sars-cov-2 is not a real virus. Sars-cov-2 is a fake virus made to look real on paper by a rigged PCR test that generated millions upon millions of false-positive case numbers. We know by applying common sense that both the sars-cov-2 virus and its associated disease, COVID-19, are fake because the virus was never isolated in totality from an animal or human host.

As I wrote prior, a naturally occurring or genetically modified virus wouldn’t get anyone sick. That’s why the controlling powers had to pull off the current psyop using a fake germ.

A fake virus with fake case numbers is easy for the powers that be to control. The results are simple to generate and predict once you have designed a bogus lab tool that can create an on-demand, unlimited number of false-positive case numbers.


Absurd medical mitigation procedures directed at treating bacterial and viral infections have been created and packaged by big pharma, then promoted as science. These prescriptive measures are destroying our natural and herd immunity!

Logical explanations about how humans and other animals naturally coexist with microorganisms in the environment have been marginalized by big pharma and promoted as pseudo-science.

Some hard to hear truths:




And herein lies the problem and why a fake viral pandemic can be successfully staged and executed worldwide. People have sunk their teeth into the lie that organized medicine is an authoritative institution on health and wellness. It most certainly is not.

The frontmen and women working for the powers that be who have stood in the spotlight telling the world how to “flatten the curve” concerning Covid-19 don’t know their arses from their elbows when it comes to giving out health advice. They are clueless liars reading a script that’s been handed down by a world governing construct. And the information they are spewing should be disregarded as nonsense.

Remember — we are not at war with germs!


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The Censorship of the Truth Concerning COVID-19 and the Deadly Vaccines being Administered Worldwide

Dr. John Reizer

Dr. Joseph Mercola has an interesting article on his website today (April 22, 2021) about how far the government will go to silence anyone, including himself, voicing opinions about the dangers of vaccines and the false narrative being parroted by mainstream media companies and scientists concerning COVID-19.

According to information in the Mercola article, a dozen anti-vaxxer bigmouths have the orchestraters of the plandemic hoax worried. The twelve Internet personalities identified account for the vast majority of the truth-telling content that has the censorship police concerned.

Make no mistake about what is transpiring in the world, readers. We are witnessing a global genocidal plot to reduce the human population drastically. This operation was pre-planned long ago. The amount of time and energy invested by the controlling powers to bring to fruition the most diabolical plan ever concocted by human beings against other human beings is mind-boggling.

The “people,” if you want to refer to them as such, orchestrating this operation will stop at nothing to accomplish their objectives. Internet platform providers’ censorship of the truth is so extensive globally that it is becoming embarrassing to watch the machinations unfold.

In years past, alternative healthcare practitioners and truth-tellers have been marginalized by big tech platforms and search engine cataloging. But those previous attempts to hide the truth from public healthcare consumers pale in comparison to what is currently going on in the world.

The fact that these censorship tactics are being employed against the twelve most prominent truth-telling personalities in the first place speaks volumes about the fact that COVID-19 is a hoax and the vaccines being administered around the world are bioweapons.

The truth is a dangerous thing for the few who control the many. The truth will set you free, and the slave masters don’t want anyone set free. That’s why they are censoring anyone who might bring to light the fact that there is no virus to be afraid of, and the vaccines operating under an Emergency Use Authorization are the real threat to humanity.

It’s all Alice and Wonderland, folks. Everything is 180 degrees opposite of what it appears. What is advertised to be science is fiction. What is advertised as pseudoscience is science. The vaccines advertised as the cure are the death sentence for humanity. Social distancing, explained as a way to keep people healthy, actually lowers human resistance and makes people ill.

Dr. Mercola’s article asks the question: How Far Will Government Go to keep the Truth Tellers Quiet?

If the few who control the many are okay with murdering billions of people, does anyone believe that they will not be willing to silence a dozen or so anti-vaxxer big mouths permanently?

By the way, I wrote a little story about this topic that is about to become a pilot movie on Amazon Prime this summer called The Target List. You might want to check it out.


The Target List Movie is Coming Soon!

Help Me Expose Big Pharma

In association with River Rose Productions, Mad Wife Productions has announced that The Target List pilot movie will be released on Amazon Prime in the summer of 2021.

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The Story:

After announcing a ground-breaking cancer cure, the four members of the research team are targeted by an assassin hired by the big pharma. Two researchers escape the attack, only to find themselves on the killer’s target list.

Screenplay written by MJ Palo and John Reizer

Based on the novel by John Reizer 

An Urgent Message from a Reader

By Ashley Hayes

I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday.

As the saying goes (paraphrased), “If you know of evil and don’t speak out against it, you are complicit in that evil.”

To that end, I encourage you to visit, daily (or subscribe to),, where today’s Top Story explicitly lays out how “People are going to be complicit in their slavery. People are complicit in putting digital shackles around themselves and restricting their civil liberties..”

As someone who has already endured seven years of this type of slavery (among a litany of other things, including a malicious, persistent discrediting campaign by corrupt, filthy individuals in powerful positions), I urge you to wake up today if you haven’t already, to what is happening in our world.

(There are no “theories” here, nor do I subscribe to any. And anyone who suggests there are is deluded and has not taken the time to seek the truth.)

While I have always wanted to be a spreader of goodness and sunshine, I know it is imperative and urgent to spread the truth. And the truth is: There is a small group of “men” who consider themselves to be “elite,” who are playing God with your life, and mine, and those of your children and grandchildren.

They believe in depopulation and transhumanism and have been methodically working towards this moment for over 50 years.

I would never have believed it had I not been exposed to (and abused by) some of these very people for whatever reason God deemed so.

They have a very dark agenda (many are known Satanists posing as Christians — something I know, with CERTAINTY); they abuse and torture children, and they want to either remove you or enslave you.

As a Believer, I know that God can do all things, and I don’t understand how this could happen. But it has. And it is.

Please do not spend another second getting ANY information from mainstream media, “Christian” television, or FB. These avenues of disinformation, free-speech suppression, and fear-mongering are owned by the very individuals perpetrating this crime.

(If your impulse is to ignore this, it’s either because you want to pretend it isn’t real, or are someone who has bought into the elaborate, ongoing, malicious disinformation/discrediting campaign against me and — falsely– believes I subscribe to bizarre “theories.” I don’t.)

Please, also, stay tuned to Dr. Reizer, a South Carolina doctor who is doing everything he can to spread the truth:, as well as http:// (and its sister, Scripture-focused site, http://

God bless you! ❤


We Reject the Official Narrative About the COVID-19 World Pandemic



The Target List Movie is Coming Soon!

Help Me Expose Big Pharma

In association with River Rose Productions, Mad Wife Productions has announced that The Target List pilot movie will be released on Amazon Prime in the summer of 2021.

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The Story:

After announcing a ground-breaking cancer cure, the four members of the research team are targeted by an assassin hired by the big pharma. Two researchers escape the attack, only to find themselves on the killer’s target list.

Screenplay written by MJ Palo and John Reizer

Based on the novel by John Reizer 

Sign the Petition — We are Calling for a Grand Jury to Look into the CDC’s Conduct!

Please Sign The Petition:

We, the undersigned, are asking you to consider solid evidence that multiple federal laws were broken to change the recording metrics for COVID-19-deaths. There is also evidence of multiple acts of what appears to be willful misconduct by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Food and Drug Administration and other agencies throughout the COVID-19 crisis. These irregularities matter. COVID-19 numbers have been used to incite massive fear in the population and have changed every aspect of how Americans live — how we work, worship, learn, move about society and and interact with others, including our own family members. Public health policies invoked in the name of “keeping Americans safe” have caused widespread devastation — physical, psychological and economic. Transparency is a necessary tenet of a democratic republic and cannot be ignored or negotiated away during times of emergency.

As such, we are calling for a grand jury to look into the CDC’s conduct as it relates to recording and counting COVID-19 deaths; specifically, the change in guidance for death certificates. We ask Assistant U.S. Attorneys to fulfill their duty by delivering this information to a special grand jury as an independent body of investigators to investigate the alleged crimes committed by the CDC and others directly involved with the federal and local response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Americans have lived under dire circumstances for more than a year now and are entitled to a restoration of public trust. We also deserve to know about irregularities in COVID-19 data, as these irregularities have played a significant role in justifying executive orders; were used to establish excessive and ineffective health policies; and led to major collateral damage, including historic economic collapse, a dramatic increase in mental illness, and unnecessary loss of life.

On behalf of the undersigned, we humbly urge you to exercise your power as a U.S. Attorney to formally initiate a grand jury investigation based upon the relevant evidence.

Please click here to sign the petition!

22,477 signatures of a 100,000 signature goal

Read more from Dr. Joseph Mercola!


We Reject the Official Narrative About the COVID-19 World Pandemic



The Target List Movie is Coming Soon!

Help Me Expose Big Pharma

In association with River Rose Productions, Mad Wife Productions has announced that The Target List pilot movie will be released on Amazon Prime in the summer of 2021.

Visit The Target List IMDb Movie Page For Updates


The Story:

After announcing a ground-breaking cancer cure, the four members of the research team are targeted by an assassin hired by the big pharma. Two researchers escape the attack, only to find themselves on the killer’s target list.

Screenplay written by MJ Palo and John Reizer

Based on the novel by John Reizer 

We’re At War With An Invisible Enemy — And It’s Not COVID-19!

Dr. John Reizer

We have been at war with an invisible enemy for many years without knowing that this has been the case. We have been the victims of nonstop calculated and strategic attacks for most of our lives by a world governing construct that is so stealth and hidden, yet so amazingly organized, it beggars belief.

In my previous post — Afraid Of Crossing The Line? How Far Will We Go To Protect Our Rights? — I asked readers if they were willing to cross a line drawn in the sand that threatens their freedoms and human rights. I wasn’t kidding when I wrote those words.

If you want to fight an enemy combatant, I believe you must first identify and understand the enemy. If you don’t understand who or what you’re fighting, you’re most likely wasting your time and will be swinging your arms around and throwing punches at the air. That’s not going to be productive, and you will be wasting valuable time — something we are growing short of with each passing day.

Identify And Understand The Enemy!

Dr. Joseph Mercola and other truth-tellers like him have been labeled as National Security Threats because of one simple reason — they have chosen to open up their mouths and spill the beans about COVID-19 and the deadly bioweapons disguised as vaccines that are currently being rolled-out to allegedly mitigate a nonexistent viral pathogen. Please watch his video above.

Healthcare consumers in the United States and the world over are being lied to about the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no public health emergency, and the entire official narrative is based on science fiction, not science.

The amount of censorship taking place against real credentialed scientists globally who want to tell the public they are being scammed is unprecedented. The silence coming from the silenced ones is deafening and disturbing.

One of the most frustrating things about the fake pandemic (and there are many frustrating things associated with the false narrative) is that society’s members are unaware that they have been hypnotized and manipulated through very sophisticated mind control campaigns.

We joke around sometimes about people being like sheep. Many people can be broadly influenced by a few who control the many. This is not an exaggeration by a longshot, as evidenced in the video below.

The ideas that very well thought out psychological marketing campaigns have been put together by a world government to broadly influence every sovereign country’s citizenry cannot be denied any longer. The censorship of professionals and real health experts by big tech companies and their associated platforms speaks volumes about the aforementioned concepts being truthful.

Additionally, the reactions of people inside the Trader Joe’s store featured in the video above demonstrates to anyone paying attention the dangerous herd-like mentality that has been developed in the psyche of human sheeple.

The enemy combatant we are facing is not a nonexistent sars-cov-2 virus. The enemy combatant is a world government that has continually imposed its will on innocent citizens for decades.

The only way to successfully fight and win the battle against the perpetrators of the crimes being committed against humanity is to create awareness in the minds of those who have been hypnotized.

As I wrote in my previous post, you have to know what lines to cross and what battles to fight. We don’t have the resources or money to fight a world government or its marketing companies by creating individual counter advertisements on television networks owned by the same controlling powers.

But what we can do, is organize groups of people who are already awakened and get them to do what the brave people did in the Trader Joe’s store. Imagine the powerful message that can be created and disseminated if a hundred or more people went into a store without face masks and challenged the idiotic draconian guidelines being followed and policed by massive numbers of human sheep. Can you imagine if this same demonstration occurred in every American community?

Here’s the truth! In every city in the United States and other locations globally, people have awakened and know the truth. There are enough people who could successfully stage these types of demonstrations that can help change how the rest of the herd reacts. Sheep can be retrained to follow another narrative that would benefit all human beings.

The people aware of the truth must care enough to make a change in the world. I am sure that many people watching the Trader Joe’s video above feel a sense of discomfort at how the people protesting were received by the rest of the mask-wearers. Yes, it’s uncomfortable! But people need to get over their phobias of fearing confrontation.

The people who are policing us into wearing face masks and demanding we get poisonous vaccines pounded into our flesh have been confrontational with the rest of society for all of 2020 -2021. They have turned into citizen police officers and don’t care one bit about getting in your face and telling you to comply with their ridiculous policies that infringe on our human rights. It’s time to get just as confrontational with them and stand up for the human race.



The Target List Movie on Amazon Prime!

In association with River Rose Productions, Mad Wife Productions has announced that The Target List movie will begin filming on April 10, 2021. The movie will be released on Amazon Prime in the summer of 2021.

The Target List Cast:

Help Me Expose Big Pharma!


After announcing a ground-breaking cancer cure, two members of a research team are shot by an assassin. The remaining two researchers barely escape the attack, only to find themselves framed for murder. Now they need to prove their innocence while running from both the police and the assassin hired to kill them by the big pharma.

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