Sign the Petition — We are Calling for a Grand Jury to Look into the CDC’s Conduct!

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We, the undersigned, are asking you to consider solid evidence that multiple federal laws were broken to change the recording metrics for COVID-19-deaths. There is also evidence of multiple acts of what appears to be willful misconduct by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Food and Drug Administration and other agencies throughout the COVID-19 crisis. These irregularities matter. COVID-19 numbers have been used to incite massive fear in the population and have changed every aspect of how Americans live — how we work, worship, learn, move about society and and interact with others, including our own family members. Public health policies invoked in the name of “keeping Americans safe” have caused widespread devastation — physical, psychological and economic. Transparency is a necessary tenet of a democratic republic and cannot be ignored or negotiated away during times of emergency.

As such, we are calling for a grand jury to look into the CDC’s conduct as it relates to recording and counting COVID-19 deaths; specifically, the change in guidance for death certificates. We ask Assistant U.S. Attorneys to fulfill their duty by delivering this information to a special grand jury as an independent body of investigators to investigate the alleged crimes committed by the CDC and others directly involved with the federal and local response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Americans have lived under dire circumstances for more than a year now and are entitled to a restoration of public trust. We also deserve to know about irregularities in COVID-19 data, as these irregularities have played a significant role in justifying executive orders; were used to establish excessive and ineffective health policies; and led to major collateral damage, including historic economic collapse, a dramatic increase in mental illness, and unnecessary loss of life.

On behalf of the undersigned, we humbly urge you to exercise your power as a U.S. Attorney to formally initiate a grand jury investigation based upon the relevant evidence.

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