We’re At War With An Invisible Enemy — And It’s Not COVID-19!

Dr. John Reizer

We have been at war with an invisible enemy for many years without knowing that this has been the case. We have been the victims of nonstop calculated and strategic attacks for most of our lives by a world governing construct that is so stealth and hidden, yet so amazingly organized, it beggars belief.

In my previous post — Afraid Of Crossing The Line? How Far Will We Go To Protect Our Rights? — I asked readers if they were willing to cross a line drawn in the sand that threatens their freedoms and human rights. I wasn’t kidding when I wrote those words.

If you want to fight an enemy combatant, I believe you must first identify and understand the enemy. If you don’t understand who or what you’re fighting, you’re most likely wasting your time and will be swinging your arms around and throwing punches at the air. That’s not going to be productive, and you will be wasting valuable time — something we are growing short of with each passing day.

Identify And Understand The Enemy!

Dr. Joseph Mercola and other truth-tellers like him have been labeled as National Security Threats because of one simple reason — they have chosen to open up their mouths and spill the beans about COVID-19 and the deadly bioweapons disguised as vaccines that are currently being rolled-out to allegedly mitigate a nonexistent viral pathogen. Please watch his video above.

Healthcare consumers in the United States and the world over are being lied to about the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no public health emergency, and the entire official narrative is based on science fiction, not science.

The amount of censorship taking place against real credentialed scientists globally who want to tell the public they are being scammed is unprecedented. The silence coming from the silenced ones is deafening and disturbing.

One of the most frustrating things about the fake pandemic (and there are many frustrating things associated with the false narrative) is that society’s members are unaware that they have been hypnotized and manipulated through very sophisticated mind control campaigns.

We joke around sometimes about people being like sheep. Many people can be broadly influenced by a few who control the many. This is not an exaggeration by a longshot, as evidenced in the video below.

The ideas that very well thought out psychological marketing campaigns have been put together by a world government to broadly influence every sovereign country’s citizenry cannot be denied any longer. The censorship of professionals and real health experts by big tech companies and their associated platforms speaks volumes about the aforementioned concepts being truthful.

Additionally, the reactions of people inside the Trader Joe’s store featured in the video above demonstrates to anyone paying attention the dangerous herd-like mentality that has been developed in the psyche of human sheeple.

The enemy combatant we are facing is not a nonexistent sars-cov-2 virus. The enemy combatant is a world government that has continually imposed its will on innocent citizens for decades.

The only way to successfully fight and win the battle against the perpetrators of the crimes being committed against humanity is to create awareness in the minds of those who have been hypnotized.

As I wrote in my previous post, you have to know what lines to cross and what battles to fight. We don’t have the resources or money to fight a world government or its marketing companies by creating individual counter advertisements on television networks owned by the same controlling powers.

But what we can do, is organize groups of people who are already awakened and get them to do what the brave people did in the Trader Joe’s store. Imagine the powerful message that can be created and disseminated if a hundred or more people went into a store without face masks and challenged the idiotic draconian guidelines being followed and policed by massive numbers of human sheep. Can you imagine if this same demonstration occurred in every American community?

Here’s the truth! In every city in the United States and other locations globally, people have awakened and know the truth. There are enough people who could successfully stage these types of demonstrations that can help change how the rest of the herd reacts. Sheep can be retrained to follow another narrative that would benefit all human beings.

The people aware of the truth must care enough to make a change in the world. I am sure that many people watching the Trader Joe’s video above feel a sense of discomfort at how the people protesting were received by the rest of the mask-wearers. Yes, it’s uncomfortable! But people need to get over their phobias of fearing confrontation.

The people who are policing us into wearing face masks and demanding we get poisonous vaccines pounded into our flesh have been confrontational with the rest of society for all of 2020 -2021. They have turned into citizen police officers and don’t care one bit about getting in your face and telling you to comply with their ridiculous policies that infringe on our human rights. It’s time to get just as confrontational with them and stand up for the human race.



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