“You must be one of them conspiracy theory nuts!”

Dr. John. Reizer

The conspiracy chart below reportedly went viral last year. It is the only thing that went viral last year, truth be told.

When people exercise critical thinking skills and question information explaining reality that they are force-fed by the mainstream media and other purveyors of officialdom, they are frequently targeted for ridicule.

Roses are red, violets are blue, and your government loves you, too! That is the perception of reality you are supposed to believe.

If you question anything broadly marketed as the truth by official sources, you will be dealt with accordingly and embarrassed by other sheeple who themselves are afraid of being embarrassed.

Where do you reside?

Let’s take a closer look

“Things that actually happened”

How do we know these things have happened? Maybe some of these things didn’t happen. Perhaps, some of these things have happened differently from the way they have been reported to society by the mainstream media.

“We have questions”

We should all have questions about many things. Can you believe that they have questions about living in a simulation? Have they been reading Michael Morris?

“False but mostly harmless”

UFO abductions are false? Prince Charles is a vampire is false? Actually, Prince Charlie is a shapeshifting reptile if we want to be precise.

“Dangerous to yourself and others”

Whatever you do, don’t question the official narratives of the world pandemic, the COVID vaccines, and any other important things you should never question.

“Promotes hate and violence”

Don’t promote hate by speaking out against people and organizations that promote hate and are supporting a global vaccine genocide.

How Happy Are You?

How happy are you to have found NoFakeNews? And yes, we really are living in a simulation that is the creation of a Vast Intelligence!


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Are You Doing It?


The Covid-19 Mind Control Campaign is Inescapable

By Dr. John Reizer

It’s nearly impossible to get away from the Covid-19 mind control campaign that has been unleashed on all of society. It’s everywhere you look or go. It’s inescapable! There’s a concerted effort by the powers that be to brainwash citizenry worldwide; to make them believe it is an excellent idea to hunker down and stay at home indefinitely.

I feel that a lot of people are beginning to get used to this new way of life. It’s human nature to form habits in a few weeks. And it doesn’t matter if they are good or bad ones, practices that contribute to people’s wellbeing or are injurious to them. And make no mistake about it, dangerous, hard to break habits are being created by people worldwide.

It’s interesting to note that the POTUS left the crucial decisions to reopen individual states to US governors. Several of them have decided to begin to reopen their states and have been taking plenty of criticism for making such decisions.

The governor of Georgia reopened his state last week and has received heated criticism for the decision. The Weather Channel, which has studios located outside of Atlanta, continues to keep its anchors broadcasting from home even though the state supposedly dropped its stay at home orders.

How long do people want to stay in quarantine? Are two more weeks going to satisfy the skeptics? How about four weeks? Do we want to remain in our homes for two additional months or maybe until 2021? The irrational thinking patterns of the public and elected leaders, in particular, are unprecedented and incomparable to anything we have ever observed.

Yesterday, I was shopping at a food store, and a little girl started coughing beside me. People already wearing face masks in the store began running for cover to get away from the child. It was one of the most bizarre scenes I have ever witnessed. People have lost their abilities to think rationally and have become germaphobes, needing protective gear to interact with the outside world. And all of this mind control programming has been successfully implanted in the public’s psyche over a relatively short period.

Everybody is parroting the same information that’s being systematically programmed into our minds. Stay six feet apart, cough into your elbow, don’t touch your face, wear a mask in public, etc. Why six feet and not three? Why not nine feet?

The Covid-19 virus has to be a physical object which contains mass and is, therefore, able to affect the gravitational forces around it. Having such a small mass, how does Covid-19 instantly drop to the ground as has been proposed. How do the experts know so much about an entirely new virus? Are they sure it is not spread as an aerosol? And how do they know that such a tiny virus wouldn’t stay suspended in the atmosphere for lengthy periods? Are they a hundred percent certain the virus is not airborne and being blown around the world? Six feet apart — really?

We have been moving about this planet our entire lives. Mostly, people aren’t too concerned with coming into contact with viruses and bacteria. People attend concerts, sports events and are stacked on top of one another like sardines inside a can. Now because we have been lied to about a fictitious virus, people are afraid to breathe without a face mask. Are you kidding me?

There are more holes in the Covid-19 false flag script than there is any substance to the storyline. It’s a completely ridiculous concept, one that cannot possibly be true.

The world and its people are in trouble. We have been exposed to a massive psyop event that is doing irreparable damage to our minds.

Watch these public service ads that are running on tell – a – vision 24 hours a day, seven days a week as we all sit quarantined in our homes.