No Jab, No Job! What will people do?

Dr. John Reizer

The controlling powers want the global population vaccinated with COVID-19 bioweapons as soon as possible. The powers that be have offered people beer, lottery tickets, vacations, money, and other perks. Now, they are turning up the pressure and telling society members that they might as well take their medicine like good little boys and girls because the shots will be made mandatory shortly.

The US military is about to force its servicemen and servicewomen to take the shots or face court-martial proceedings.

Corporate America is rolling out draconian mandates daily. More and more companies are requiring employees to take the vaccines or lose their jobs.

Is your job worth more to you than your life?

I don’t think we have to waste time thinking about a stupid question. How valuable are our jobs to us, our spouse, and other loved ones if we die? If we lose a job, another assignment can be acquired. Jobs are important, but a life is irreplaceable.

In 2010, I walked away from a good-paying job, health benefits, and a retirement plan. I did so for personal reasons that I will not share here. I decided to return to private practice, where I was once again the boss. I started from scratch with zero patients. I had a lot of confidence in my abilities to do what I had done on several occasions — I built a new practice.

The new practice quickly replaced the income I had given up when I left my previous employer. After a few years, the practice doubled in size, and it’s been growing ever since.

I like working for myself and being the boss. I dislike people telling me what days I must work or when I can take a vacation. I work 15 hours a week and get paid well for the time I see patients. I like my boss, and most importantly, I like the fact that he’s never going to require me to take a COVID-19 vaccine.

The point I am making is that no matter what job a person has, they can always get another one or start their own business. If we die, we can’t start a new life and be helpful to our surviving family members.

The answer to the question in the title of this post should be a no-brainer; no job is ever worth risking our health and life. If an employer threatens to fire us unless we receive the COVID-19 jab — we need to leave that job!

Once we fully understand and embrace the idea that there are always other career options available as long as we are alive and kicking, a sense of calmness will enter our minds. The perceived leverage a boss has over us concerning mandatory vaccines will fade away. Don’t be afraid to walk away from an employer asking its employees to risk their lives by taking an experimental medicine!




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