New York Times: Up to 90% of Positive Covid-19 Tests Should Have been Negative?

Dr. John Reizer

According to the video below, a New York Times article has reported that up to 90 percent of Covid-19 positive test results in multiple states should have been negative. The rationale for the report is that the PCR tests that are being used in the United States and worldwide to diagnose the virus in human beings are using amplification techniques that yield false-positive results in people that have trace amounts of the coronavirus in their bodies.


Now, let me give you the truth about the video while breaking down the “bombshell” report into simple English:


  1. PCR tests are totally useless in diagnosing Covid-19 because the virus doesn’t exist.
  2. The PCR tests are registering false-positive results when encountering trace amounts of genetic materials that are common in 20-40 percent of the population.
  3. The genetic materials triggering false-positive results have nothing to do with the coronavirus. The test kits were purposely designed and calibrated to identify the said genetic materials by the architects of the fake pandemic ahead of time.
  4. The genetic signature that has been built into the test kits and is used to search for matching signatures in test subjects is not the isolated COVID-19 virus.
  5. The COVID-19 virus has never been appropriately isolated using Koch’s postulates and, therefore, cannot be claimed to have been isolated through the rigors of scientific study.
  6. The genetic material that is being used as “the answer key” in the test kits and claimed to be the isolated coronavirus commonly found in 20-40 percent of the human population is not COVID-19. It is harmless genetic debris that probably resulted from prior immunization damage to body cells.
  7. The video above will not be censored or taken down because it was designed to make people believe that the virus is real. COVID-19 is not an actual virus!
  8. The fact that the New York Times published the report is a dead giveaway that this information is part of the psyop. The other thing that lets us know the story is part of the agenda is the fact that the video is still accessible. It’s not just dumb luck that the video is still streaming. I can assure you the controlling powers did not forget to censor the production. It’s still live because the powers that be want it up and running.
  9. As long as people believe that an actual virus exists, there remains a need for medical mitigation and a vaccine. As soon as it is proven that the virus is a hoax, there no longer exists a requirement for medical mitigation or a vaccine.



Increasing Covid-19 Case Numbers Don’t Validate the Virus’s Existence

By Dr. John Reizer

Yesterday, I forced myself to watch 15 minutes of brain-numbing mainstream media propaganda. Oh my goodness, that was an exercise of self-imposed torture.

In that short period, I was made to believe it was not safe to go outside without a face mask, a vaccine was the only chance to survive the pandemic, and new case numbers keep climbing.

Regardless of how much content is written about the unreliability of the PCR lab test kits, the mainstream media keep discussing case numbers and how relentless the coronavirus continues to be.

The idea that the case numbers associated with the fake psyop are statistically relevant is a testament to how little people pay attention to facts.

All Covid-19 case numbers that have been confirmed or diagnosed via PCR lab tests must be disregarded and listed as false-positives. This lab test does not provide accurate results and should not be used to diagnose or confirm the presence of the alleged virus.

The CDC website, at one point, stated the PCR tests used to diagnose Covid-19 regularly report false-positive results. What people keep focusing on and overreacting to, are the unending news telecasts that ignore real science and promote the pandemic fakery that has been approved for the public by the controlling powers.

The increase in case numbers do not prove or validate the existence of Covid-19, they only show that lots of people are being tested and getting false-positive test results. The pandemic is one hundred percent fake!

Any narrative that subscribes to the idea that the virus is real or more people are dying from a mystery illness than usual is part of the psyop in play.

Rigged lab test results, the misreporting of legitimate illnesses as Covid-19 cases, and the misreporting of unrelated fatalities as the same are the culprits making the paper tiger virus appear to be a real disease.

How 5G Technology Affects False-Positive Covid-19 Test Results (Video)


By Dr. John Reizer

This is an interesting video that readers should watch before it is censored and removed.

Let me give you the nuts and bolts about the presentation in case it is removed by the censorship police.

The premise of the video is that the PCR tests being used to test for Covid-19 are not detecting Covid-19 but instead are detecting a whole host of other genetic materials that are commonly found in human beings. These other genetic materials are bacteria and other coronaviruses that have been in existence for decades, such as common colds and upper respiratory ailments.

I have been writing about this scenario since back in February. The information was published and available on the CDC website. I do not know if it has since been removed. There is a link to that disclaimer in the free book I wrote and published that is available on NoFakeNews.

The video below goes on to explain how 5G technology fits into the picture.

When 5G technology is fired up, it causes damage to human cells. The cells then respond by creating genetic materials (Exosomes) that repair the integrity of the cellular structures. The exosomes (repair materials) left behind are mistaken by the PCR tests as coronaviruses, and they yield a false-positive test result.

The video’s premise suggests that 5G technology causes widespread cellular damage that then causes a significant portion of the population to test false-positive for Covid-19.

The video’s premise makes sense from a scientific standpoint, in my opinion.

I also believe that a similar cellular repair response can and does occur when certain vaccines are introduced into the human body. It has been my feeling for a long time that people who have received these vaccines (most likely influenza shots) have had genetic materials introduced inside their bodies, or their cells respond to the vaccine trauma by producing genetic elements to repair the cells. Those genetic elements ultimately make people test false-positive for Covid-19.

Dr. Reizer