NFL Football Player Remains in critical condition after suffering cardiac arrest during the game on Monday night

Dr. John Reizer

Buffalo Bills football player, Damar Hamlin, remains in critical condition and on life support after suffering cardiac arrest shortly after receiving a blow to the chest.

While some medical people have commented publicly that Hamlin’s heart problem was due to a rare condition known as commotio cordis, others believe the athlete suffered a covid vaccine-induced heart attack. Of course, the prevailing mainstream narrative is that a blow to the player’s chest disrupted the electrical firing of Hamlin’s heart.

Because so many fully vaxxed athletes all over the world have been dying suddenly during competitions, the millions of people watching the nationally televised football game began to light up the chat boards with anti-vaccine comments.

I don’t care what the medical professionals on television are saying publicly at this point about Hamlin’s collapse; millions of people are thinking something completely different. There are too many young people dropping dead from heart attacks that got the covid shots. It’s a clear case of Occam’s Razor!

Hamlin’s cardiac arrest is a public relations nightmare for big pharma and the pro-covid vaccine nuts. Whether or not this young athlete’s dire condition is due to myocarditis from a vaccine or from the trauma he received to the chest that didn’t look that traumatic, his collapse on the field looked a lot like a covid vaccine-induced heart attack.

I hope Damar Hamlin makes a full and speedy recovery.

Update: Read Article Here!

According to a new article on CNN, there seems to be some backtracking on the commotio cordis diagnosis amongst doctors. There is a discussion at this point that congenital or other factors may be at play in Hamlin’s cardiac arrest. (Think Covid vaccines)

“I don’t think at this point we can rule (commotio cordis) out,” Sills told CNN. Earlier, on the NFL’s call with the media, Sills said it is a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning it might be the diagnosis if doctors don’t find any other causes.”

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The NFL Will Send 7,500 Vaccinated Healthcare Workers to Super Bowl LV

Dr. John Reizer

I forced myself to sit down and watch the NFC and AFC National Football League Championship games on Sunday, January 24th. Why would I do such a thing? I have to confess to readers that I am a sports fan and former athlete. In another lifetime (at least it seems like another lifetime), I participated in many organized sports. The interest still lingers in my mind, and I guess the contests help me escape for a few hours the madness taking place in the world.

Getting back to the games that were played on Sunday afternoon and evening, let me just write that I was overwhelmed by the incredible amount of propaganda coming out of the television. I don’t watch many mainstream media productions, except for a football game here and there. So, when I am stupid enough to put myself through several hours of that kind of brainwashing, it is extremely shocking to my nervous system.

The NFL, like many other professional sports leagues, is a tool of the powers that be. The tool has been used over the years to broadly influence American citizens about many different subjects. War, political agendas, diseases, and other things have been promoted and pushed on the American viewing audience by mainstream media companies that broadcast the football games.

In 2020, the NFL and its partner television stations pushed the COVID-19 agenda to a beyond nauseating level. Players and coaches were wearing masks on the sidelines, and then they weren’t. There would be camera shots of two players wearing a face mask off-field, and then five minutes later, the same two men were close to one another unmasked.

For most of the 2020 season, practically every NFL stadium had been closed to fans. All the games were played in empty arenas, and fake crowd noise had been added to the telecasts so that viewers perceived people cheering on the players.

After the regular season concluded and the playoffs or post-season commenced, approximately 15,000 fans began entering stadiums in certain venues. Keep in mind that the coronavirus case numbers are currently going through the roof — they’re the highest they have been in the United States since the fake pandemic began. But even though the case numbers are being reported at concerning levels, people are now allowed to enter the stadiums. Does this make any sense whatsoever?

During the telecast of the AFC Championship Game, the NFL announced it was sending 7,500 vaccinated healthcare workers to the league’s Super Bowl Championship in Tampa, Florida, on February 7th.  According to the television announcers, the NFL wanted to demonstrate to Americans how important the COVID-19 vaccines are in getting society back to normal. So, the gesture of sending 7,500 vaccinated healthcare workers to the Super Bowl was a way that the gigantic corporation could accomplish that goal.

Will the NFL require those vaccinated healthcare workers to wear face masks? Will the NFL require those vaccinated healthcare workers to practice social distancing in the stadium? If the people getting into the game for free have been vaccinated and are immune to the disease — they can’t catch it — why would they need to wear a face mask or stay six feet apart from others?

Does the NFL understand that the vaccine makers have gone on the record and stated that their products do not confer immunity against sars-cov-2? Does the NFL understand that these people theoretically have no protection against the nonexistent COVID-19 virus?

Does the NFL understand that the sars-cov-2 virus has never been isolated in totality from an animal or human host or that the existing viral signature that has been published by the scientific community has been computer-modeled?

Does the NFL understand that the PCR lab tests that are being used to diagnose the fake disease are rigged to yield false-positive results 100 percent of the time?

If the vaccines do not give people any protection against the fake virus, what are the benefits of getting the shots?

Perhaps the NFL executives might want to ask Hank Aaron, Major League Baseball’s former home run king who received the COVID-19 vaccine on national television if he still believes that the medicinal concoction is safe for people to receive. Oh, I forgot, they can’t ask the former ballplayer because he mysteriously died in his sleep only two weeks after getting jabbed.

Maybe the NFL executives might want to ask the other people who have been irreparably harmed by these vaccine products or the family members of others who have lost loved ones to these poisons if they think getting the shots is a good thing.

And when the victims and surviving family members give their answers to these questions, how about not censoring them. Let the American people hear the truth about the poisons the NFL and the rest of the mainstream media are promoting.


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The National Football League is in the Middle of the Medical Psyop

Dr. John Reizer

As I explained in earlier posts on this website, I have always felt that the National Football League would be placed right in the middle of the Covid-19 fakery without being aware of it. That is exactly what is happening, in my opinion, concerning the most popular professional sports league in the United States. 

Players on different teams are suddenly and without warning testing false-positive for Covid-19, affecting different scheduled contests throughout the league.

With so many people emotionally invested in these teams and their scheduled games, it’s the perfect situation for the plandemic directors to demonstrate to the public that the coronavirus is still wreaking havoc on societal norms.

Just as they have been deceitfully used on the rest of the worldwide population, PCR tests are now being used in the same manner on NFL players. The test kits can be dialed up or down by sleight of hand magicians behind the scenes to yield more or less false-positive test results. If the controlling powers want to make the plandemic look worse, they set the tests to reflect more false-positive results. If they want to make the hoax look like it’s receding, they set the test parameters to deliver fewer false-positives. This is what I believe is now happening with regards to players in the NFL.

There’s no better way to get the coronavirus back in the mind’s eye of the American public than to show sports enthusiasts how disruptive the fake microbe can be to professional sports franchises. It’s not enough that fans are watching their favorite teams playing in huge empty arenas. People have become numb to that fact. So, the next step is to interrupt games and eventually shut down the entire league.

The fake narrative is so ridiculous it beggars belief. According to the official script, players testing positive intermingle with other players on the same and different teams. One day they are negative, and a day later, they are positive for the virus. 

Covidiot: Someone who refuses to listen to logic and believes the coronavirus is real even though the microbe has never been isolated, and the PCR tests are totally unreliable.

The really bizarre thing is that players who are being contact-traced through the league are being cleared to play in games and participate in practices because they have tested negative a day after an alleged exposure. Whatever happened to the safety precautions of waiting fourteen days to see if the athletes that had close exposure to the infected ones become ill? According to what I have read from official sources, the most contagious period is when people are asymptomatic after exposure. I thought that sometimes test results don’t show up as positive until after a couple of weeks?

PCR tests can be rigged any way the fraudsters want. For instance, if they roll out a vaccine in a few months or whenever they deem to be the right time, they can easily set the PCR tests to yield mostly negative results. This manipulation would make it seem as if the vaccines are working. The same trickery has been done for years with other diseases diagnosed by PCR tests like Influenza. Everything concerning fake pandemics is determined by how the planners rig the test kits and develop the lab results.

There are so many psyops taking place simultaneously, it’s hard to keep track of them.


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Coronavirus Psyop Moving to Next Stage?

Dr. John Reizer

With the POTUS and FLOTUS testing false-positive for the fake coronavirus last week, the psyop seems to be shifting into the next stage. If we attempt to connect the dots concerning world happenings, there is a definite pattern emerging and not a good one for society’s members.

In many parts of the world, the lockdown restrictions are returning or have already been reimplemented. Places like Australia and New Zeland have had draconian policies in place for a while. Many countries in Europe are in the process of reintroducing tyrannical laws that are affecting citizens.

In the United States, there has been steady paranoia about COVID-19 and depending on which one of the fifty states you reside, there are different regulations and restrictions in place.

The professional sports leagues have been operating with little to no spectators in attendance. The National Football League (NFL) is undoubtedly the most-watched sports league in the United States. It appears for all intents and purposes to be a willing mouthpiece for the official narrative. Coaches and other personnel who are caught not wearing face masks are fined hundreds of thousands of dollars. The alleged fines are then broadcast on the national news.

American citizens are also witnessing NFL games being postponed due to different players suddenly testing false-positive for the fake coronavirus. All of this, in my opinion, is part of the psyop.

I believe all these professional sports leagues have been allowed to operate without fans in attendance to keep the psyop fresh in the minds of the American public. People watching sports events that feature massive arenas with empty seats serve the fake virus perpetrators well.

Once again, PCR tests can be easily modified by the controlling powers to be overly sensitive or overly resistant to yielding a false-positive result. Depending on whether the test designers want more or fewer case numbers being published, they can set the test parameters accordingly.

In the first few weeks of the NFL season, there were zero false-positive test results in the entire league. How would that even be possible if the virus was as prevalent and contagious in society as has been reported? Right on cue, player after player, on different professional teams are now mysteriously testing positive? This storyline sounds like something that belongs in a Netflix movie.

The POTUS  entering the hospital for medical treatment because of the fake virus and the NFL suddenly postponing sports contests speaks volumes about all of this being another psyop strategically delivered at a time and place that is beneficial for the architects of the plandemic.


The Target List Movie is coming to Amazon Prime!

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The NFL (National Face Mask League) Showcasing the Medical Psyop for Americans

Dr. John Reizer

The National Football League in America opened its season Sunday with no fans in attendance except at one game where 17,000 people were watching a contest in a stadium that usually holds 70,000.

The personnel working the games were all wearing masks on the sidelines. Coaches, referees, camera operators, and some players not on the playing field could also be seen with masks on their faces.

The ridiculousness of the massive viral hoax continues throughout the world as the puppet masters pulling strings behind the scenes are relentless in their attempts to maintain the illusion of a global pandemic.

Nine months of lies and fakery have shut down the ebb and flow of society, including, for all intents and purposes, sports and entertainment venues worldwide. All of this has been made possible by the mass distribution of rigged PCR lab tests and the fraudulent reporting of medical statistics by health regulatory agencies worldwide.

The television networks were pumping in fake crowd noise for viewing audiences throughout the United States. These are the same mainstream media companies that have been an integral part of selling the phony psyop to the masses for all of 2020.

The fraud in America and every other sovereign country is ongoing. It will undoubtedly continue in full force so that people can be conned into taking a vaccine that will soon be released.

That medicinal concoction waiting in the wings has got to be something diabolical considering the fact there is no virus in existence.




MLB, NBA, and NFL Are All Being Used to Advance the Psyop

Dr. John Reizer

In the United States, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, and the National Football League are being used to show the American people that Covid-19 is a dangerous virus.

This is another part of the psyop designed to briefly restart professional sports before shutting everything down again. The name of the game remains disturbing the ebb and flow of society.

It’s all part of the scripted drama, designed to be a teachable moment for the herd. The lesson: Life will never be the same until everyone genuflects to the vaccine gods and takes their medicine for the greater good of society.

It’s hard to imagine that fraud of this magnitude can be sustained for so many months, but the magicians are smart and their sleight of hand trickery unmatched by anyone.

Sit back, grab some popcorn, and get ready for another act to be unveiled in the show. It’s getting closer to Autumn, and the bigger waves of corona are about to be unleashed on American citizens.

NFL Players: Respectfully Kneeling To Take A Stand

By Gina Flores

Writer for NoFakeNews

London, England – American professional footballers have been getting plenty of boos from their fans and other US citizens lately over their collective decision to publicly protest President Donald Trump’s recent comments about not standing for the country’s national anthem.

Mr. Trump used his Twitter platform this past weekend to deliver some very negative remarks against NFL players that had previously and repetitively taken a knee over the past year during national anthem ceremonies. The players have been protesting what they believe are major social/racial inequality issues that the American government refuses to address.

After the president delivered his recent remarks, players, coaches, and team owners, in a display of unity, demonstrated their full support for the other players called out by the president by also sitting, kneeling and interlocking their arms together during every contest’s national anthem ceremony this past weekend. The protests even touched UK soil as the same public display was observed at Wembley Stadium Sunday during the contest between the Ravens and Jaguars.

President Trump publicly called on all team owners and the league’s commissioner, Roger Goodell to fire players that refused to stand in the presence of the American flag during the playing of the national anthem. He later tweeted that American citizens should boycott games until the owners and commissioner fix their product so that players respected the American flag.

While many Americans believe that not standing for the anthem and flag is a sign of disrespect towards the country they love, others believe that sitting or kneeling during the national anthem is an American privilege and right. They believe all American citizens have been afforded the ability to protest anything within reason, in a peaceful manner, because of the American flag.

In my opinion, I think America is a great country and its citizens are really fortunate that they can openly protest when they believe something is unfair and justice is not being upheld for all citizens. In some other countries you would be thrown in jail or executed for doing what NFL players are doing. But that’s the unique and great thing about America, you can protest things that you disagree with. Protesting is what allows conversations to begin rolling and conversations that are rolling can potentially bring about change that would otherwise never materialize.

I believe that forcing people to stand during the American national anthem goes against everything that America represents. If you cannot protest something that you believe is fundamentally wrong and affecting so many people, then that becomes a bigger problem than what you were originally protesting, and that would also go against everything America is supposed to represent.

I can’t tell people how to think, nor should I, but I know how I feel about the current situation. Yes, people will have different points of view regarding these public displays of protest, but it’s really a beautiful thing to watch so many people talking and discussing important issues. None of these conversations would have ever materialized in the first place if a few people didn’t have the strength to kneel or sit down to ultimately take a stand.

What is your position regarding this story?