Vote “None of the Above” on Election Day

By Dr. John Reizer

Let’s be honest with one another for a few minutes and cut to the chase concerning the upcoming election in November.

Do you honestly believe that it’s going to make any difference whatsoever in the lives of Americans if a Republican or Democrat wins the presidential election?

I will let you in on a little secret, it won’t matter one bit who wins in November. Either way, the person or party member who serves in that prestigious position will be carrying out the goals of big pharma, playing his part in the scripted drama and fakery known as Covid-19.

Both Democrats and Republicans are heavily funded by drug companies and have sold their souls to them for a chance to have power, fame, and money.

The so-called elected officials spend their time giving constituents lip service about how they are representing everybody. Then they turn around and stab us in our backs.

The only real choice Americans have is paper or plastic.

Donald Trump knows full well the coronavirus is a psyop and refuses to put an end to the hoax. I couldn’t care less about him being a Republican. Hillary Clinton would have done the same thing, and so will Joe Biden if he is selected by the controlling powers to be the next presidential puppet for four years.

This November, don’t waste your vote on Trump or Biden; vote for none of the above and let the powers that be know you are not going to support the election farce anymore.

As the famous comedian, George Carlin used to say in his shows, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!”

The POTUS Has Had Enough of the Covid-19 Fakery

By Dr. John Reizer

The POTUS has had enough of the Covid-19 fakery. His administration will not be shutting down the US economy and businesses in the future because of spiking coronavirus case numbers across the United States.

I think President Trump has a much better understanding of what is taking place in the world concerning the coronavirus. I believe the president is fully aware of the fact that he and the rest of the world have not been the victims of a killer virus. I think the president realizes at this point that the coronavirus pandemic was a scripted psyop and that the medical advisors surrounding him are either grossly incompetent or cast members that have been inserted into the mix to help facilitate the smooth running of the false flag.

President Trump recently said in an interview on FOX News, “We won’t be closing the country again. We won’t have to do that.” The president attributes the recent spike in virus case numbers to the increased testing of people throughout the United States.

This is what I have been writing about for months on NoFakeNews. I have made the argument all along that Covid-19 is a psyop that has been fueled by fake case numbers that are predicated on lab tests that have been intentionally rigged to generate many false-positive results.

Plenty of people worldwide have coronavirus antibodies or the resonant signatures of these viruses in their bodies because they have encountered the microbes throughout their lives. Coronaviruses account for many of the upper respiratory infections and common colds that people have had to deal with throughout their lives.

If we could magically transport the test kits currently being used to diagnose Covid-19  ten years into the past with a time machine, they would still yield the same false-positive test results in a  significant percentage of the population. The test kits are flawed, and I believe the POTUS and his administration have finally made that connection.

There’s going to be immense pressure on the president and his administration in the months ahead to shut down the country again. The magicians running the fake pandemic are going to do the only thing they are capable of doing —  keep increasing the case number statistics so that the disease looks like it is getting worse.

Covid-19 cannot hurt people because it is not a real virus. It is people’s overreaction to the fakery that poses the real danger to citizenry worldwide. Remember, the end goal has always been to vaccinate the world with a new medicinal product that allegedly gives people immunity from something that doesn’t exist. If Covid-19 doesn’t exist, what is the vaccine’s real intended goal? It’s a damn good question.

The controlling powers that operate the world behind the scenes and behind the managerial elites elected and selected into political positions are not going to give up on their plans to introduce more draconian policies to better manage the masses. There will be more psyops planned in the future, and they will place enormous political pressure on the POTUS to accomplish their objectives.

US citizens need to realize that the plandemic is a worldwide psyop and not exclusively a US political event. There are many world government goals tied to this theatrical show, and not all of them have to do with President Trump and the upcoming US elections.

Stay tuned for more updates…

POTUS – “If We Stopped Testing Now, We’d Have Very Few Cases, Actually”

By Dr. John Reizer

According to President Donald J. Trump, “If we stopped testing now, we’d have very few cases, actually.”

The mainstream media companies are running wild with this latest quote from the commander in chief, no doubt poking fun at the POTUS, trying to continually marginalize the CEO of the biggest corporation in the world. But what Mr. Trump has stated for the record is the absolute truth.

Covid-19 is a fraud of epic proportions. It ranks right up there with some of the other psyops that the powers that be have unleashed on society throughout the years, but unlike some of the other false flags we have had to endure, the current fakery has directly interrupted the lives of nearly every person on the planet.

I agree entirely with Mr. Trump and have written my opinions concerning coronavirus testing on this website numerous times. I believe that testing should be stopped immediately.

What are the benefits associated with testing hundreds of millions of people with lab test kits that are known to report false-positive results? The flawed test results don’t benefit the people getting tested. The only thing the mass testing of the American population will accomplish is to fraudulently pad the number of COVID-19 cases being reported. This is exactly what the CDC and WHO want.

The more case numbers recorded, the better it becomes for big pharma and the vaccine makers’ agenda. It’s important to understand that three essential components are fueling the fraud known as COVID-19:

1. Unreliable lab test results derived from test kits that are sensitive to other coronavirus strains present in the general population.

2. The intentional misreporting of other illnesses as COVID-19 cases by healthcare workers and other medical personnel.

3. The mainstream media’s constant coverage of the pandemic that is promoting fear-mongering and plenty of disinformation to the general population.

The coronavirus pandemic is a first-class psyop agenda that was designed to attain specific goals:

1. Disrupt the ebb and flow of society worldwide.

2. Destroy world economies.

3. Get as many people as possible on the vaccine train for COVID-19 and other intellectual properties owned by big pharma.

4. Create constant fear and anxiety in the general population.

If we removed today all the false-positive lab results, the ridiculous presumptive positive results, and the misreporting of other illnesses as Covid-19  cases, the coronavirus numbers would freefall back to earth statistically speaking. And the mainstream media would have nothing to report on concerning the disease.

Although Mr. Trump’s quoted statement might be loaded with plenty of clickbait for the mainstream media’s presstitutes, the truthfulness of his comment is undeniable. All covid-19 testing should be stopped immediately. This action would put an end to the reporting of flawed statistics that have been breathing life into the fake pandemic since it was introduced by its world governing architects months ago.

My Second Open Letter to President Trump

June 6, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am writing to you once again about the state of our country regarding the current coronavirus crisis. I continue to be worried about my family and all the citizens of our country. But I am not concerned because of Covid-19. I am afraid of the continuous overreaction to the pandemic by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and the team of health science advisors that surround and significantly influence your opinions. Ultimately, the presidential edicts you create.

As I explained to you in my first letter dated March 26, 2020, I am a licensed chiropractic physician and have been practicing for over 33 years. Like my colleagues, I have extensive education in both health and chiropractic sciences. I believe I am profoundly qualified to comment on the crisis at hand.

I do not believe that Covid-19 is a severe threat to the citizens of our country. When looking at the virus exclusively from a statistical standpoint, it is minuscule compared to the reported annual case numbers of influenza and common cold infections. It’s hard for me to comprehend as a healthcare professional, why world and national health regulatory agencies and the team of health advisors surrounding you have overreacted to Covid-19.

Contrary to public belief, humans are not at war with bacterial and viral microbes. There are trillions of viruses in existence, and none threaten people with healthy functioning immune systems.

I publish a website ( that discusses the coronavirus world pandemic at great length. Many Americans who visit my site are concerned about your intentions concerning the Covid-19 vaccine that is currently in production.

Many Americans are worried about the possibility you will create and sign an executive order that will mandate the Covid-19 vaccine to be administered to all American citizens. I would like to know what your intention is concerning the vaccine as well.

Are you going to make the Covid-19 vaccine program mandatory for all Americans? Do American citizens have a constitutional right to opt-out of compulsory vaccines should such a draconian law be passed by you during a national pandemic?

According to Mr. Alan Dershowitz, the answer is no! Mr. Dershowitz was recently quoted as saying, “Let me put it very clearly, you have no constitutional right to endanger the public and spread the disease, even if you disagree. You have no right not to be vaccinated, you have no right not to wear a mask, you have no right to open up your business.” Mr. Dershowitz also went on to say, “And if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor’s office and plunge a needle into your arm.”

So, when I read Mr. Dershowitz’s comments, there is some reason for me to have concerns that mandatory vaccines might be something you are seriously considering. I would hope that my fears are unwarranted and that you would never consider signing such an executive order.

Mr. President, how many Americans and I vote in the upcoming election will be significantly influenced by your decision regarding this subject. Are you planning to authorize and instruct US servicemen and women to carry out what amounts to the medical rape of American citizens? A forcible vaccination program is unacceptable, whether it is deemed constitutional or unconstitutional by the SCOTUS.

The American voting public wants to support a president that is strong and able to withstand the enormous pressure coming from the American Medical Association, the Pharmaceutical – Industrial Complex, the World Health Organization, and the United Nations.

Mr. President, I want our country to become healthy again. Forcibly injecting an untested, unproven, and potentially dangerous vaccine into 330 million Americans is not the way to accomplish this goal.

I, along with millions of other concerned citizens, anxiously await your response.

Respectfully yours,

Dr. John Reizer

An Open Letter to President Trump #2

By Van Robison

Dear Mr. President,

That you have been under vicious assault by the television “news” media and the left is unparalleled. Personally, I support your Presidency.

My great concern is over this massive fraudulent Covid -19 issue, which I consider the greatest scam upon humanity in the history of human life on Earth. Human beings have lived and existed for eons of time without controlling medical institutions.

I have no faith in the pharmaceutical drug industry, the cancer industry, or the vice-like grips over medical doctors. Vaccines have destroyed the lives of millions of people worldwide. Babies have died after being vaccinated. Vaccine injuries are innumerable.

Now the whole world is being mentally programmed to believe that human life on Earth is going to be saved from an invisible virus, by a diabolical witches-brew, called a vaccine.

Is there, in reality, a salivating by the controllers over profits? Is there a secret agenda for world population reduction?

Now is the time for an Executive Order to stop this madness and insanity.


Van Robison

An Open Letter to President Trump (Vaccines Are Really Bad!)

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

May 21, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

I would like to suggest that you immediately form a commission on vaccines. You should consider appointing professionals such as Dr. John Reizer, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Shiva, the CEO of the National Vaccine Information Center—Barbara Loe Fisher and many other whistleblowers with impeccable credentials and a desire to speak the truth.

Mr. President, the current initiative which has wholly disrupted life on Earth and is terrorizing humanity, is being orchestrated for trillions of dollars in profits by the unnecessary and harmful production of global vaccines. I believe the end goal of this madness is to create a poisonous product to reduce the population. The medicine will undoubtedly be laced with secret ingredients to prevent childbirth and perhaps even nano-technology for tracking every human being on the planet.

Are we all destined to extinction by these insane people currently in power? Vaccines contain many dangerous ingredients, and millions have suffered autism, autoimmune disorders, and cancers as a result.

Someone has to put a stop to the madness. Are you willing, Mr. President?


Van Robison

POTUS: “This is going to go away without a vaccine”

By Dr. John Reizer

On Friday, May 8, President Donald John Trump distanced himself further from Dr. Anthony Fauci, the public Don of the US branch of the International medical crime family, by telling reporters the coronavirus was going to disappear without a vaccine. “This is going to go away without a vaccine, it’s gonna go away, and we’re not going to see it again, hopefully, after a period of time,” the POTUS said at the White House.

Can you imagine the anger being expressed at that moment by Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and the CDC director, Dr. Robert Redfield? The entire medical-industrial complex has been working on overdrive for the last six months writing and directing the biggest psyop the world has ever seen.

The false flag event has, for all intents and purposes, shut down the planet. Ninety-seven percent of the world’s population have swallowed the lie hook, line, and sinker as they remain hunkered down in their homes self-isolating from other human beings. And just like that, the POTUS told the country a vaccine would not be needed after all and that Covid-19 would go away by itself.

Why the sudden turnaround by the POTUS? Maybe he watched Dr. Judy Mikovits’ movie: The Plandemic. President Trump watches social media daily. You know he had to be curious as to what the former medical researcher, Mikovits, had to say about Fauci, who Trump has been sharing the stage with every day.

Oh boy, that was a very revealing documentary. If you haven’t had the chance to watch it, please do so.

If you were the president, wouldn’t you be curious? Wouldn’t you want to watch the movie? What do you think the POTUS was thinking to himself as he watched that censored production? I would have given anything to see the expression on Mr. Trump’s face.

I am confident the powers that be will have a friendly little chat with Mr. Trump over the weekend to hash out a few things. And next week, the POTUS will probably have another press conference and will read a written statement that he did not write in his usual monotone voice. And the POTUS will probably ad-lib the written script, interjecting a few of his own thoughts for some added effect.  It will probably go something like this:

I want to make it clear that when I said last Friday that the coronavirus was going away and not coming back without a vaccine, that I was exercising sarcasm. I was just kidding about that. The coronavirus is never going away as long as Tony Fauci is around, I mean without vaccines. I love vaccines, they’re a huge part of diseases, I mean getting rid of diseases. I will get the vaccine if I am told to do so, or maybe not. I love shots even though my parents never allowed me to have them growing up, but I would take them now to get reelected, I mean, to prevent the coronavirus.” At this point in the press conference, Dr. Fauci’s face will be the same color as a tomato.

Tune in next week to see where the carnival is heading.

The Official Plan to Reopen America

By Dr. John Reizer

The POTUS has announced his plan to reopen the country, and I have listed the major points here:

All US states must pass a “gating criteria” before working their way through three separate phases. As states or counties within a given state pass through each phase, they will have less cumbersome restrictions to contend with.

Phase I.

A. Employers offer telework where possible

B. People return to work in phases

C. Minimize non-essential travel

D. Vulnerable individuals should shelter in place

E. All individuals should continue social distancing.


Phase II.

A. Non-essential travel for employers can resume.

B. Schools can reopen.

C. Bars, gyms, and large venues can reopen with proper social distancing.

D. Churches can reopen with social distancing.

E. Elective surgeries can resume.


Phase III.

A. Bars can reopen with limited social distancing

B. Gyms can reopen with limited social distancing

C. Large venues and sports complexes can reopen with limited social distancing.


Dr. Reizer’s Conclusions and Comments:

In looking over the president’s plan, it’s safe to say the “new normal” in America will feature a society of germaphobic people that are scared of invisible microbes. We will observe a country filled with hypochondriacs who are afraid to be in public without wearing masks. There will be many Americans that regularly monitor their body temperature, feel the need to bathe in hand sanitizers, and who will wait patiently to be jabbed in the arse with a new Covid-19 vaccine.

Covid-19 will go down in history as the ultimate psyop that fast-tracked the world onto the United Nation’s Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development plan. In case you’re wondering what that is, I have translated the individual goals of that document below:

  1. Transfer the world’s wealth to the super-rich at the expense of the middle-class.
  2. Increase the numbers of genetically modified crops and foodstuffs to create more deficient nutrition, which will lead to human immunity challenges and more diseases.
  3. Mandate vaccines for every living person on the planet, which will cause the proliferation of diseases around the world.
  4. Brainwash young children to follow NWO ideas and discourage them from critically-thinking about important world issues.
  5. Blur the lines between sexuality and gender identity.
  6. Allow mega-corporations to control the planet’s water supplies.
  7. Create taxes on household goods and limit their availability.
  8. Establish minimum wages for employment opportunities and not reward jobs to the most qualified applicants for specific trades.
  9. Make unnecessary changes to existing infrastructure that will increase taxes and financial burdens on the citizenry worldwide.
  10. Create international trade agreements that are beneficial to big corporations and harmful to individual citizens.
  11. Relocate citizens into large urban communities with heightened security and increased surveillance.
  12. Restrict or limit the use of power and energy consumption and impose penalties on offending citizens.
  13. Create carbon taxes to combat alleged global warming issues.
  14. Create additional licenses and fines for fishermen that exceed published fishing limits.
  15. Limit citizens’ use and enjoyment of natural resources.
  16. Create tracking technology for all citizens and increase the size and density of the police-state already in existence.
  17. Gradually blur the lines of national sovereignty and dissolve individual countries and replace them with world territories.

Source Material

I wish that I could provide more positive news for readers. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a completely different world for all of us unless people become educated and figure out a way to work together and demand that these draconian rules and recommendations be withdrawn. That in itself is going to be difficult to accomplish with all the social distancing recommendations being enforced. And that’s precisely why the powers that be planned it this way.

From this point forward, life as we have known it will not be the same regardless of how many times our elected public servants (World Government Managers) reassure us things will get better. Society has been hijacked by a cartel of medical doctors that work for the WHO and CDC.

We are living in the Matrix, and things are changing rapidly every day. The mainstream media companies are programming us to think that the “new normal” is normal.

Remember, fellow-citizens, flatten the curve, wash your hands, and maintain proper social distancing!

Mr. President: It’s Time to End the Lockdown

April 10, 2020

Dear President Trump,

It’s time to end the lockdown of our country over the coronavirus pandemic. It’s becoming more and more apparent each day that you and 330 million other Americans have been fooled by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and the doctors that have been advising you about Covid-19.

The pandemic is a brilliantly crafted piece of fiction that has been used by a group of magicians to scare Americans and people in other sovereign territories into believing that a killer virus is on the loose causing tremendous loss of life.

All the testing you have authorized is producing false-positive results in approximately 20-25 percent of the population. And the reason for this is because that is the same percentage of the country’s population that has encountered coronaviruses either presently or at some point in their lives.

The case numbers and deaths being reported in real-time are not reflective of COVID-19 cases, they’re a reflection of the population’s experiences with other coronaviruses (common colds).

The people dying have been plagued by other respiratory illnesses and by chance have tested positive for Covid-19 because of the test kits being flawed. The case numbers are being incorrectly input, from a statistical standpoint, into the wrong disease column. This is fraudulent medical reporting and it’s being done intentionally.

And even if you want to believe in the false narrative being fed to you by various medical authorities, the raw numbers associated with the virus pale in comparison to influenza cases we have dealt with on an annual basis for many decades.

The time has come for you to display superior leadership skills and order your medical advisors to stand down. Your country is being destroyed right in front of your eyes by a common cold virus and the only person that can stop what is happening is you, Mr. President.

The entire coronavirus scenario has been introduced to the world to sell healthcare consumers more drugs and a new vaccine.

People don’t need a coronavirus vaccine and more antiviral medicines. They are sick enough already from years of taking poisonous products manufactured by big pharma companies.

We are all counting on you, Mr. President. Please don’t let the American people down. It’s time to wrap up this farcical story and start rebuilding the country’s economy and the people’s faith in the American government.


Dr. John Reizer