The pandemic is a global holocaust and needs to be acknowledged as a crime against all human beings

Dr. John Reizer

I replied to a comment recently on NoFakeNews and wrote that justice will not be served until all the players responsible for the global psyop known as Covid-19 are identified and held accountable.

In my opinion, there needs to be a very strong effort put forth by someone or some organization with the resources and know-how to legally go after the influencers of society who pushed the vaccines and continue to do so.

People who are out in front of the public on big platforms promoting the vaccines need to be held accountable for playing a part in convincing others to commit suicide by taking the Covid vaccines.

Another thing that needs to happen is a legal repeal of the immunity that was offered to all entities that carried out and planned the criminal actions leading to injuries and deaths from the direct administration of Covid vaccines. Additionally, all health professionals that were involved in the Covid mitigation procedures administered to patients in US hospitals need to be held accountable for performing procedures that were designed to intentionally euthanize patients.

The pandemic was planned and predicated on fake statistics. There shouldn’t have been any pandemic declarations in the first place. All immunity and protections granted to physicians, nurses, and hospital corporations against legal suits should be rolled back, and said parties need to be targeted aggressively with criminal and civil penalties.

All covid vaccine makers should be criminally prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for knowingly and willingly administering poisons to the public.

Finally, the people in government responsible for granting immunity to everybody involved in these murderous actions should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

Until all of these things occur, justice will not have been served.

Don’t be a holocaust denier!

The pandemic is a global holocaust and the vaccines that are still being offered and pushed on citizens by health regulatory agencies are akin to the gas chambers of WW 2 so often written about in Hollywood productions.


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What if…?

Dr. John Reizer

What if a very wealthy group of people who desired and conspired to rule the world planned when and what wars were fought, the outcomes of such conflicts, and clever ways to monopolize the business of creating and moving fiat currency systems worldwide?

What if these very smart people figured out a clever way to insulate themselves from any forms of criticism or accusations of wrongdoing by simply assuming last names that had been broadly protected from public persecution because of world events that were previously planned and carried out by the same individuals?

What if heinous crimes against humanity that were well known to be engineered by certain families went unpunished simply because of the architects’ last names?

What if something similar to what was described above happened in healthcare?

What if a government health regulatory agency had a financial interest in certain drugs that were well-known to cause the deaths of billions of innocent human beings?

What if the agency that regulated the distribution and administration of said products was allowed to determine if they were safe or not?

What if a global genocide was disguised as a fake world pandemic and the advertised life-saving vaccines were the real instruments of execution?

What if the world’s population suddenly awakened and could see the truth staring them in the face?


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Crimes Against Humanity!

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“They found more than just rocks on the moon!”

A Novella By John Reizer


“Curing cancer was their first mistake!”

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Fire Fauci Movement: The Unveiling of Another Psyop Right in Front of Our Eyes!

Dr. John Reizer

The controlling powers are going to get away with the plandemic! This crime is going to go unpunished, and there’s nothing that anyone can do about that fact because the same mainstream media partners that made COVID-19 larger than life are about to promote and legitimize the Fire Fauci movement.

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Don’t you think it a little strange that a criminal like Anthony Fauci — an individual that has been fraudulently promoting a plethora of fake infectious diseases for decades — is suddenly placed in the crosshairs of a witch hunt that wants to fire and convict him of crimes against humanity?

For the longest time, Anthony Fauci was protected by influential people from any pressures requiring him to be truthful about the practice of microbiology. The high security and protection surrounding this man have been in place since he assumed his current position. Keep in mind that Anthony Fauci’s work for years concerning different viruses affecting American healthcare consumers has all had the exact false science attached to the individual narratives. Each fake virus this guy has had his hands on has been made into a villain by a rigged PCR test — a diagnostic tool that its inventor has explained to be incapable of detecting and diagnosing any viral or bacterial pathogens.

Why was a man like Fauci promoting a false understanding of microbiology (viruses are continually floating around the atmosphere like little terrorists waiting to infect people) for so long? The answer is because the big pharma industry couldn’t sell a boatload of vaccines and antiviral products without those false narratives.

If you think that Anthony Fauci is the mastermind behind everything taking place today concerning COVID-19 — think again! He is merely a tool of the controlling powers and is about to be thrown under the bus as a sacrificial lamb.

All of a sudden, the guy who has been previously insulated from any hardball questions about his professional work conveniently has a bunch of incriminating emails leaked into the public domain. Now, after the current psyop is in full swing and the bioweapon vaccines are already being injected into people worldwide, a movement is launched to Fire Fauci. Don’t people find the timing of all this a bit strange?

All this talk about gain-of-function research and genetically altering viral pathogens in laboratories is Hollywood nonsense. None of that research ever yielded viruses that could infect real people. Microbiology does not work in that way.

If a person’s immune system is robust (which is the case for most of the population), it does not matter if a pathogen is naturally occurring or has been genetically altered — it won’t infect a host. Bacterial, fungal, and viral microbes don’t infect people unless people are severely immunocompromised. This fact is the reason an actual virus could have never been used to cause the world pandemic. It is also why sars-cov-2 and other viruses have been computer-modeled and faked into existence through PCR testing methods.


If I have to endure another article about the miracle parasitic drug Ivermectin being the life-saving cure for COVID-19, I am going to vomit.

First of all, it is rarely a good idea to reduce or mask symptoms in a human being when the body is trying to combat an infection. Symptoms are the ways the human immune system cleanse or neutralizes sickness in animals and people. To attack the symptoms is a stupid idea from a microbiological perspective.

Secondly, Ivermectin or any other drug is useless against a virus that has never been isolated and found to exist. There’s a good reason that no sars-cov-2 viral isolates are available for inspection by scientists anywhere in the world. The virus does not exist. COVID-19, the disease is fake and has never existed.

Until people wrap their minds around the facts that the COVID-19 virus is fake and that the PCR tests were used to publicly legitimize the pandemic, the big pharma paradigm will remain intact. The drugs and vaccines will continue poisoning people.

When it comes right down to it, that’s what the Fire Fauci movement is all about. It’s about protecting a multibillion-dollar big pharma false paradigm by vilifying one of its criminal players.


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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – PCR Tests and Crimes Against Humanity

The video below exposes the scientific fraud that has been ongoing since the beginning of January 2020 concerning the PCR diagnostic tool used by the plandemic’s architects to manufacture millions upon millions of false-positive case numbers to create the illusion of COVID-19 diagnoses.

As I have written prior on this website, we do not have a real pandemic, but rather a casedemic created by a plethora of false-positive lab results.

There are zero real cases of COVID-19 that have occurred since the disease allegedly began back in January 2020. Since no real case numbers have occurred, there can be no pandemic. Therefore, everything reported to date is part of a global psyop that most sovereign governments in the world have participated in to trick people into receiving bioweapons designed as vaccines that will cull the human population. 

–Dr. Reizer

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