Life Has Enough Drama Without False Flags

By Van Robison

It really is astounding what human beings are subjected to throughout life. Every time we turn around, there is another crisis, and many of those are man-made. If we could go behind closed doors and be invisible and understand all languages, no doubt, we would witness jaw-dropping plots against humanity and endless false-flag contrivances.

It seems there are always human beings who spend their lives taking advantage of others. 9/11 was only one of the thousands of false flag staged dramas. Humanity has become the playground of psychopaths, and these heartless creatures with no conscience never cease their torments upon human beings and for very sinister motives, purely selfish and with ulterior agendas. Covid19 must be added to the encyclopedia of high scams upon humanity.

Leaving that aside, my wife knows a lady whose son was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident. After that, her daughter was paralyzed in an auto accident. Wow! Talk about drama. Life can be tough!

In our community some years ago, a very wealthy young man in the construction industry was on his motorcycle with his woman behind him, when a young driver plowed into them from behind. The young lady was killed, and the wealthy businessman paralyzed. We heard that he went to China, perhaps for stem cell applications, which I think did not work. He is still paralyzed.

There was also a young man down the road from where I live, that was hauling a load of wrecked autos, who fell asleep, crashed and became paralyzed. He also spent thousands of dollars in China for stem cell medical procedures but came back not healed.

Our personal tribulations in life are more than enough, and yet we are bombarded with man-made horrors such as 9/11 and Covid-19.

The Truth Has Been Banned!

By Van Robison

As a followup to Dr. Reizer’s article on TikTok, let me write that anyone with their eyes opened knows that social media platforms are controlled by the powers that be and are censoring a great deal of public information. This is being done to keep the general public from being exposed to the truth.

What censorship really tells the world is that the controllers fear the truth. What do they have to hide? I can tell you what they have to hide — poison, lies, propaganda, fear-mongering, and some dark buried secrets.

Censorship, of course, is centered on destroying freedom of speech, and it seeks to squelch voices and opinions the socialists don’t want to hear expressed. They call evil “good” and good “evil.”

The controllers regularly impose their will upon society. They don’t care what we think or say. They shove their lies and propaganda down our throats relentlessly.

Society should not be harassed and muffled by psychopaths. Social media should be open to freedom of respectful expression, and I suggest that the controlling freaks who are censoring us should be outed and freedom of speech restored immediately.

The socialists make the claim that we have violated their policy and seek to silence our collective voice.  I can tell readers that those in control have repeatedly violated humanity and shut down many voices that have a right to be heard on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms.

Truth is Obvious

By Van Robison

Critical thinking is an important skill. It teaches the student that there are options, differences in thought, and opinion. Just as physical exercise is beneficial to the body, exercising the mind by private education stimulates thinking.

We do not need to be told what to think by television news personalities. What we need is personal intelligence, the ability to read and comprehend the content we are studying, and the skillset to discover for ourselves, without the guidance of professional talking heads. The world we live in is overrun with liars, and the public believes the lies for no other reason than they watch television “news.”

The odds are good that we are not going to be told the truth through mainstream television products. What we are going to be fed is mass-propaganda, mind control, and hidden agendas.

All mainstream news sources receive funding from somewhere, and so they are bought and paid for. They are mostly puppets for their controllers.

The truth is obvious, we just have to learn how to recognize and embrace it.

The Death of A Nation?

By Van Robison

If you read here often, you have to know that we are living in very serious times that impact every person in our nation. No family is exempt.  The pity of it all is that it is 100% manufactured, totally unnecessary, and orchestrated by sick minds.

It is incomprehensible how some human beings think, such as people who wield power over other human beings. Not everyone, but some individuals who are the heads of large regulatory agencies such as the WHO, CDC, and others make decisions that negatively impact humanity, and the consequences of those decisions are devastating.

We are currently experiencing horrible consequences as a result of the radical and fanatical decisions of a few individuals in high places. The public “news” media pours gasoline on the fires and fuels mass-fear-mongering.  The public television “news” media is always in bed with radicalism, and they are the enemy of the people.

How can there be peace, harmony, cooperation, love, and compassion among the diverse people of the world, when some elements intentionally provoke negativity in relationships?  No war is accidental. There are criminal minds behind every war.

All young people need mentors in adults that have wisdom and understanding about the fact that there is never gain in violence. Where are the role models that can genuinely set good examples for young children?

If we are to change life on Earth, it is evident that everyone has to put on their thinking caps and come up with solutions that are non-violent and where everyone learns to work together.

The Real Mask-Wearers


By Van Robison

The perpetrators of the fake current “pandemic” are the people who should really be wearing masks. They are the masters of covering things up. They hide behind lies, mass-propaganda, deceit, and false science. These are the people who should be wearing masks — the masks of psychological deception.

They appear to be “authority” figures, “protecting” the health and well being of humanity. Behind the masks are hidden motives and an ulterior agenda.

Many medical doctors and professional men and women, the world over, have denounced the Coronavirus fake pandemic.

There seem to be many willing players hiding behind this psychological mask campaign and all of the deception tied to it, including governors, mayors, and politicians. These monsters have betrayed the people they are supposed to represent. Are these governors and mayors being paid under the table? Why are they issuing “executive” orders as if they are tyrants?

Well, folks, your political leaders are the ones that are most fitting to wear the masks they so desperately want others to hide behind. Our elected leaders are psychopaths, and they are criminals that are demanding and now commanding compliance concerning draconian policies that are tethered to an orchestrated and thoroughly thought up false flag event. They are destroying humanity and society for socialism.

The wearing of masks in public has nothing to do with a virus, but everything to do with man-made tyranny.

A Sense of Apprehension

By Van Robison

I have never before in my life had such a sense of apprehension as I do now. This fake Covid -19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. The lies, propaganda, false-positive test results, ridiculous lockdowns, destruction of businesses, the tyranny of governors, and mayors are nothing more than communism disguised to look like US political leadership.

We are, in fact, living in a worldwide communist internment camp. I don’t know if these governors and mayors are complete idiots and morons or something else. Perhaps they are being paid under the table with millions of dollars in cash to comply with the tyranny.

Nevertheless, human beings are suffering from the decisions of idiot governors and mayors who are not in any way, shape, or form competent to make healthcare decisions for the millions of innocent human beings they allegedly represent.

We need to do something about this, and we need to do it soon!

We Are Living in a Perpetual Tornado of Propaganda

By Van Robison

Imagine standing outside with the straight-line wind blowing at 70-miles an hour and that it never ceases.  It would be next to impossible to live and exist under such circumstances.

This is, in fact, what human beings are up against 24/7 by the relentless onslaught of propaganda coming from television “news,” Hollywood movies, and sad to say millions of Internet websites.

Truth is lost in the endless vortex of lies spewed forth by the “news” media.  Critical thinking is uncommon, and only a few are critical thinkers who see through the fog of human manufactured false flag operations.

Yes, indeed, the current “pandemic” is not accidental and did not take the powers in control by surprise.  In fact, the forces in control implemented this fake virus scam for very hidden and ulterior motives.

The propaganda tornado never ceases.   Can we build a wall against it?

If You Speak the Truth…

By Van Robison

*You are labeled a “conspiracy” nut by the controlling powers that be.
*You are maligned.
*You are trashed.
*You are considered stupid.
*You are marginalized.
*You are censored.
*You are feared by the liars.
*You may even be jailed like Dr. Judy Mikovits and Julian Assange of Wiki-Leaks.
*You may be stripped of your medical license to practice.
*You may be discredited by an avalanche of negativity by the powers of darkness.
*You will be demonized by the establishment in control over everything.

The powers that control life on Earth fear and hate freedom of speech and the right to defend themselves. Every tyrant that ever lived returned to dirt in due time, proving that sadistic persons always come to their end. Evil in human beings never serves a good or valid purpose, and violence, including all wars, is futile in the long run.

Ultimately TRUTH always wins!

We Are in an Epic Battle

By Van Robison

Truth is always classified as “conspiracy,” while massive lies and propaganda are regarded as the “truth” by public “news” media.  Every source of truth is belittled by endless Internet trolls, and the heinous lies about truth on that same platform are never-ending.

The death of free speech is upon us, and every source of truth is maligned and marginalized. This is the world of socialism. Welcome to tyranny, because you are living in it.

Fast forward 100-years, and all the tyrants will no longer be living. Unfortunately, another breed of psychopaths will take control, and the demonic parade will march on. Humanity is victimized in every generation by insane people.

There never seems to be an end to the satanic control of power-mongers over humanity.