An Open Letter to President Trump (Vaccines Are Really Bad!)

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

May 21, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

I would like to suggest that you immediately form a commission on vaccines. You should consider appointing professionals such as Dr. John Reizer, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Shiva, the CEO of the National Vaccine Information Center—Barbara Loe Fisher and many other whistleblowers with impeccable credentials and a desire to speak the truth.

Mr. President, the current initiative which has wholly disrupted life on Earth and is terrorizing humanity, is being orchestrated for trillions of dollars in profits by the unnecessary and harmful production of global vaccines. I believe the end goal of this madness is to create a poisonous product to reduce the population. The medicine will undoubtedly be laced with secret ingredients to prevent childbirth and perhaps even nano-technology for tracking every human being on the planet.

Are we all destined to extinction by these insane people currently in power? Vaccines contain many dangerous ingredients, and millions have suffered autism, autoimmune disorders, and cancers as a result.

Someone has to put a stop to the madness. Are you willing, Mr. President?


Van Robison

A Message to All Enforcers…

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

Everyone in any capacity of enforcement needs to understand that the human government is not God. People make “laws,” and those “laws” are generally not in the best interest of society.  Enforcing man and woman-made “laws” very often requires violence against innocent human beings. Most traffic tickets are nothing more than armed robbery. The police violate speed laws every day. Are they exempt?

Some enforcers have been caught on video terrorizing some individuals for not social distancing. You have to know that such enforcers are low-level morons with no sense of intelligence whatsoever.

Truth be told, all governments on planet Earth are human-made, and they all exist by coercion and force; otherwise, they would not exist at all. There is no such thing as government and freedom because all governments on Earth and at all levels are dictatorships.

Enforcement is not a “service” to society, but rather worship of the state. There is a great deal of abuse by enforcers who wear uniforms and badges, and many enforcers are sadistic human beings. Many of their deeds have been caught on video.

Naturally, there is a flip side to enforcement, and there are times when human beings have to be constrained. Likewise, enforcers need to be restrained and not choke a man to death, as was the case in New York and caught on television. The incident occurred over a pack of cigarettes.

My Beautiful Daughter Died From Breast Cancer-Supposedly

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

I believe my daughter really died from chemotherapy, radiation, and needless surgeries that destroyed her immune system. The same things have happened to countless others. My young daughter was a registered nurse, brilliant, but was fearful when told by an oncologist that she had breast cancer.

My beautiful daughter died at the age of 31, four days shy of age 32, leaving behind a young son and a young daughter and a wonderful husband. She suffered physically, emotionally, and psychologically for years, and all her loved ones suffered with her.

The institutions that are forever seeking funds for a cancer cure are scam organizations that profit from the suffering and death of multitudes of innocent human beings.

If cancer could be cured, then the entire cancer complex would collapse in a heartbeat, and billions of dollars would go up in smoke. There are answers hidden from the general public as to the causes and the cures. Criminal minds with no conscience have only one motive, and that is a financial profit.

The vaccine industry is but another draconian evil against humanity and all for profit. The pharmaceutical industry has not one iota of concern for people’s health. It thrives on profits at the expense of healthcare consumers. Until life on this planet becomes free of the stranglehold of multi-billion dollar corporations, we are forever going to be abused and devoured by vultures that prey upon all of us for profits.

Life on Earth has been taken captive by satanic minds that control everything. You are not living under freedom, but rather tyranny.

Human Compassion

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

I would suggest that most people on Earth have compassion for other human beings and have no problems living in peace and harmony with one another. People enjoy the company and fellowship of one another and the very interesting and diverse cultures of different groups.

Social distancing is a psychological barrier that has created a sense of fear and distrust that is a manufactured anti-human evil of unparalleled proportions. It is natural to shake hands, hug one another, kiss one another, and have close contact with one another. The idea of social distancing is to my thinking—diabolical and one of the greatest evils ever conceived by sinister sources upon humanity. Ditto wearing face masks.

No sane mind could possibly be the source of human suffering and therefore individual humans (if they are human) who express no conscience have to be psychopaths. It is not what humans in power say, but rather the fruit they produce that proves who they really are. By their fruit you will know them, is a Biblical saying and it is very true.

There are many evils in human life that are the inventions of sadistic minds, including war, false flag operations the world over, and much more.

Life on Earth could be and should be a beautiful experience, but it has been hijacked by thugs in power to a major extent. Their only motive in life is power, control, and super wealth. These are the people who make life on Earth—hell, for humanity.

Coronavirus Fraud Disrupting Life on Earth

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

The people in positions of power who are disrupting our lives have no concern for anybody else. Their motives and intentions are sinister, deceptive, and selfish.  They wear suits and ties, smile to your face, and pretend concern for your well being. Don’t be fooled, devils come as angels of light.  They deceive many, but not all.

The primary motive for almost everything in life on Earth is money.  Of course, since all life is temporary, the pursuit of super wealth is a deceptive goal. The psychos just simply don’t get it. In the graveyard, you might see a headstone that says, “Here is the Author of the Coronavirus International Fraud — He Gained Nothing and Lost Everything.”

Are these disrupters just only sadistic creatures, whose pleasure in life is the suffering of other people? It would almost seem so. What society is currently experiencing is not human intelligence, but the insane madness of the few. Why are not Governors and national leaders standing up against the destruction of life on Earth and against the profit of a few madmen?

Conspiracy Whisperers

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

Remember the fascinating television program about Caesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer?  Caesar is a dog behaviorist and fearless with dogs.  He taught all of us about dog behavior.

Conspiracy whisperers are individuals the world over who see through false flag operations and expose these diabolical man-devised operations to others.  Every war on earth is man-made hell and is always fueled by massive lies and propaganda.

There are in fact thousands of hellish man-made conspiracies, from 9/11, Waco, the JFK assassination, the Columbine school shooting, the Oklahoma Murray Building event, to train bombings and very obvious intentionally orchestrated violence in England, Spain, Bali, Japan and endless countries around the world.

The mentality behind all such horrors is that there is some gain to the perpetrators when in reality there is zero gain.  The perpetrators of death and destruction are not immortal human beings and 100% of them will end life in the graveyard, the same as all other humans. So what is the gain in conspiracies and violence, lies, and propaganda?

Every billionaire on earth will bite the dust and end life naked and penny less.  All power and control over the masses are always temporary.  No tyrant or dictator lives forever and they always return to dirt in due time.  History is full of the bones of arrogant men and women who were insane dictators and rulers and every single one of them ended life in the graveyard.

Every vaccine lord and every pharmaceutical mad-man will pass from this life naked, having gained absolutely nothing from their fear-mongering Coronavirus scam, toxic vaccines, and money-making poisons.

Sick and Tired of the Manufactured Crisis

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

Human beings seem to coexist with alien creatures who look like us, but who have no conscience.  False flag operations the world over have wreaked havoc and horror upon humanity.  Millions of knowledgeable, rational people see through the manufactured fog of lies, propaganda, and deceptions.

No matter what the television “news” spews out about “conspiracies,” television “news” is generally about lies and deception and not reality or truth.  Ditto Hollywood movies. Television “news” is the real conspiracy against truth.  There is great censorship in public information and for very hidden motives.

When man-made laws are engaged to force humans to believe what the “laws” (used toilet paper) say, all smart people know this is a total scam.  There have been many false flag events and, not just in the U.S. In America the highly controlled television “news” mocks and ridicules anyone who speaks the truth about such events as 9/11, which was presented to the public in a very different manner than who really did it and how it really happened (not airplanes).  Much of the world knows the real source and many details about this egregious intentional outrage.

False flag operations are skillfully preplanned in every detail and behind closed doors. They are always implemented for hidden motives and continually lied about up one side and down the other. Indeed conspiracies are as old as dirt (human origin).

There could be tranquility and general peace and harmony on Earth, and among all people, if these “alien creatures” who look human, but who have no conscience, did not perpetually create chaos.  They seem to take great pleasure in deceiving and lying and stealing and having power and control. And most of all, they enjoy accumulating $wealth.

From my perspective, these creatures of darkness will eventually destroy all human life on Earth, unless there is some way to remove their madness and insanity from causing endless suffering.  Covid 19?

Inside the Mind of Coronavirus Psychopaths

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

This entire Coronavirus drama was preplanned by evil-minded geniuses, who have fooled much of the world by the very highly controlled mass-television “news” (propaganda), which is spewing out drivel 24/7.

False science and fear-mongering are simply tools of master-deception. The humans in positions of fake authority cook up schemes of this magnitude because they are driven by motives that the majority of ordinary humans are blind to.

Very few people in comparison to the population of nations question “authority” figures. They watch television “news” and think they hear the truth, without realizing they are being programmed and indoctrinated. Unfortunately, being naive and gullible is a tremendous human weakness.  It is natural to want to believe that what you are being told is the truth.

Liars and deceivers are plentiful in life on earth. The Coronavirus film script is a massive, major deception upon humanity, in support of worldwide vaccination (which is a draconian evil against all people) and destined to make $billions in $profits for the puppet-masters.

We live in a historical time when knowledge and truth are readily available to all. Still, sadly, too many want to be told what “truth” is through lying television and Hollywood movies, rather than doing their own in-depth research.

The psychos behind the Covid-19 scam are no doubt laughing all the way to the $bank.

Coronavirus Bullies

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

Harmless human beings have been bullied by enforcers in parks as if innocent humans are committing some dreadful crime.  Sure I can give references to these accounts, but do your own research by keying into the Internet every kind of thought and question you can think of and be surprised.

Enforcers belong to a cult of brainwashed human beings wearing uniforms and badges, and their god is the state, all the while they are “public servants.”  In fact, enforcers should be arresting the real criminals in high places, who are exploiting human beings for hidden and ulterior motives while pretending to “protect” the general public.

Why not arrest every politician in government who has given orders to shut down businesses, sports, states, provinces, and nations?  Unfortunately, enforcers are not very bright human beings, because if they were, they would not be in enforcement in the first place.