A License to Vaccinate

By Van Robison

If you are a nurse or medical doctor, you have a license to vaccinate. If you don’t vaccinate or if you expose the deadly side-effects of vaccines, you most likely will be fired and considered a “conspiracy theorist.” Some medical doctors have lost their licenses to practice. Do human beings need a “license” to heal or speak the truth?

Now I am reading that Walmart, Sams Club, and others offer Covid vaccines to the public. So, what happens when some of the vaccinated go into convulsions after being injected with this experimental, untested gene therapy or die within hours of the jab?

The vaccine terrorist manufacturers cannot be held accountable, thanks to the politicians who were bought and paid to pass such legislation.

Do yourself a favor and don’t listen to the lying traditional media. Research the truth for yourself.

Vaccines are a profit scam designed to harm humanity. They regularly destroy the lives of millions of innocent people the world over and never have anything to do with protecting us from public health emergencies.


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3 thoughts on “A License to Vaccinate

  1. tim March 10, 2021 / 11:42 am

    I personally believe that every plague, plandemic, epidimic, etc, in history, has been created by man, (vaccines, oil based “medicines,” GMO, 5G, etc, etc, ) not some unseen microbes that no one has ever guantified or proven to even exist.

    I’ve been thinking about what masks are doing to our children. Imagine the irreparable damage put upon a 2 or 4 year old, who is told by their ignorant, brain washed, abusive parent or guardian that if they DON’T keep their mask on THEY WILL DIE !!! There’s no excuse for this type of ignorance and abuse. It’s a crime and that parent should be prosecuted for child abuse. Period !!! I think anyone who has forced anyone to wear a mask, managers, parents, teachers, etc, etc, should be punished for aiding in crimes against humanity. Masks are actually a form of torture used throughout history. And they are now being used to torture our children, and it has to stop.

    There are managers who refuse to acquiesce to the oligarchies plan and do not force their customers to wear a masks. I take my hat off to you 🙂 Thank you for standing up for a human’s right to choose for themselves what they will or will not put on or in their bodies.

    And thank you to all the US States who have abolished the mandates for social distancing, masks, etc. Hopefully you will lead the way for the other insane states who are still enforcing unconstitutional, unrighteous mandates of the 1%, to the detriment of the people. Those states need to WAKE UP NOW !!! It’s time to STOP torturing the people. How many of your citizens do you want to commit suicide before you finally wake up and take a good look around you. It’s time to take the red pill, people.

    • Van March 11, 2021 / 7:08 pm

      Thanks Tim, I always enjoy your commentary and words of wisdom.

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