Badges, Hats, Uniforms and Medals

By Van Robison

There is no doubt that human beings who wear special clothing are portrayed as “authority” figures.  It applies to forest rangers, national park personnel, local police, state police, federal FBI, CIA, federal Marshall’s, and you name it.

Clothing and attire worn by professional enforcers is a form of tyranny upon common human beings.  Many enforcers are simply brainwashed human beings who lack intelligence and critical thinking skills.

Unfortunately, too many men and women who wear uniforms of “authority” become sadistic.  They have sacrificed being peacekeepers to be brutal and violent enforcers.

In my former business, an associate told me that he and a friend were riding their 4-wheelers on a property that was “government” owned, and they were accosted by a federal enforcer. My friend escaped, while the other innocent victim was physically attacked by this guy.  My friend told me that this government person was a local guy that he knew.

There seems to be a sadistic mentality among enforcers, and it applies at all levels of human government. Kind, loving, compassionate thoughts and actions seem to have vanished from life on earth.  Where are love, compassion, mercy, empathy, and humility?


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One thought on “Badges, Hats, Uniforms and Medals

  1. tim March 1, 2021 / 4:42 pm

    Great article Van. And it’s true . Give a man a little power and he will abuse it, at least most will. That’s the way it has been since man has been here.
    It is very sad.
    I just saw the latest video on David Icke’s site and this is exactly what they are talking about.
    Those with the uniform on don’t have the power, it’s the uniform that has the power sent down from above (1%) If one takes the uniform off and works at a different job, they no longer have the power. The real power comes from above.

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