Masters of Their Domains?

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By Ashley Hayes

Regular readers here at NoFakeNews know that in several of my articles here, I have tried to bring attention to the government-funded, fusion-center-executed, sadistic, multi-year stalking of innocent individuals. Many of these individuals are part of the lawsuit at, trying to obtain some sort of justice for — or halt to — the incessant cruelty and daily life interference they are continually forced to endure at the hands of those sworn to protect, either directly or via their hired proxies.

Many of these individuals report their ongoing torture began after they spoke out about something, or made the “wrong person” mad. And if that person was/is, in some way connected with a fusion center, be it a private, wealthy affiliate, or a sheriff, he or she will be added to a blacklist and instantly be overwhelmed with illegal surveillance, psychological torment, illegal entry of their home and vehicle, a malicious slander campaign, sabotage of projects, relationships and plans, interception of their emails and phone calls, car hacking, theft, and much more.

As sick as it is, the fact that children are also maliciously targeted in these blackops/ psychological operations by grown men with government funding is nearly incomprehensible.

Based on just the few stories Dr. Reizer has heard of the pattern of incidents that have occurred in my life — and the government contractors/billionaires whose presence has permeated my life — he states that he doesn’t doubt I was long ago selected for some sort of psyop. And, based on extensive evidence, that appears to be the case.

While I have experienced “incidents” that go back to the seventh grade, I have also felt that a separate pattern of “incidents,” which began when I was in the fourth grade are also related.

Shortly after this picture was taken, I was sitting in my neighbors’ station wagon as we waited for their mom to come out of a store.  We were all singing along to “Mr. Postman” on the radio when a man pulled up next to us on his metallic orange motorcycle. He was masturbating.

Me, 10 years old

We began screaming, but he remained there.  When their mom came out of the store, we told her what had happened and she tried to catch up with him to get his license plate number, but the pervert sped away before she could.

Two weeks later, I was playing at a park with my little brother when I looked over at the black, rubber swings.  On one was a man with long hair; on the other, a child.  The man looked at me, then turned his swing around.  When he turned back around, he was masturbating.

Then, seven or eight years later, now old enough to drive, I was headed down I-77 toward Charlotte.  I moved over to the left lane and as I was passing by, the male driver honked his horn, then leaned back and lifted his lower body up to reveal, well, you know. . .

A few years later, in 1989 (in a different state), I was lying on my stomach next to a pool.  I was speaking to my neighbor who was just inside the door to her apartment, obscuring her view to the back gate that led to the parking area.  At one point, I saw something in my peripheral vision, turned and saw a man standing there with his pants around his ankles, well, you know. . .

On Halloween night 1997, in California, I stopped at a convenience store (where, in an unrelated story, I saw actor Richard Dreyfuss reading a magazine).  Once back in my car, as I began to back out, the sterotypical guy-in-a-trench-coat walked to the front of my car and began, well, you know. . .

Pervert #6 appeared in Nashville, in 2015 (the year my cybercrime, and overt, overwhelming incidents began occurring), as I sat in traffic in my SUV and looked down at the car to my left.

A year later, while visiting my mother in another state, walking my sweet Molly (our yellow lab who was murdered by, we believe, remote means, two years later), the relative of a neighbor became Pervert #7. Though I did not know him, he slowly pulled up next to me in his red truck, his windows down, and said something to get my attention. When I looked over, it was revealed that he was, um, multi-tasking.

Looking back, of course there’s no way of knowing whether the two-men-within-two-weeks, when I was 10, were related to the many incidents that followed. And there is no way to prove whether they were all coordinated assignments” meant to disturb a child, and then a grown woman, as part of what is now, undeniably, a coordinated campaign of life-disruption; or if they were mere — albeit unfortunate — coincidences. Perhaps it’s both.

This is just one theme, of many recurring themes/patterns of events, that have taken place since I was a child. Are they related? Probably. Can I prove that? I don’t know.

One other childhood incident I’ll mention (though his pants, thankfully, stayed on), this one related to the theme of “we know where you are,” took place on a seventh-grade field trip to one of the headquarters of freemasonry: Charleston. As I exited the tour bus, a stranger, a man in his late 20s/early 30s, approached me and asked for my autograph. Thinking it was a prank my friends were playing on me, I asked why he would want my autograph, to which he replied, “You’re Marcia Brady, aren’t you?” I told him I wasn’t and he may or may not have asked what my name actually was. At the time, I giggled and ran off. But, as I have come to know the subtle ways these life- and event-disruptions present themselves (often as funny incidents, or amazing coincidences), I no longer believe that was “coincidental,” or “happenstance,” as there is rarely such thing in the life of someone targeted. Nothing else happened that day, but it did confirm my identity, which is a seemingly innocent yet constant theme, now made easier with facial recognition and a thousand other technologies.

Regardless, as I share more stories, I think you’ll agree that what has occurred over the past several decades is much, much more than just a long line of jerks.


Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st-century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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4 thoughts on “Masters of Their Domains?

  1. edd berrigan May 2, 2023 / 9:42 pm

    Although I, (half jokingly) use the online name of Benjamin Dover, (the joke is obvious,) my name is Edd! (Yes, “double d,” which has long since been my nickname!) Being older than the cartoon, [Ed, Edd and Eddie,] my sentiments on that, when asked, is, “I HAD IT FIRST, SO IT’S MINE!! Just so as to disuade the obvious argument!
    Where I cannot comment on the advertised, upcoming (or newly released?) movie “The Target List,” I’ll admit that my interest in movies, tv, or pretty much anything that I once loved, has waned, in light of what has replaced those things. Like the above author of the terrible list of lifelong experiences, Ashley Hayes, I too, have become victim to an organized and coordinated series of attacks. Where nationally recognized groups such as; the national neighborhood watch association, (when did that go national? I must’ve been taking a nap?) They are formerly known as “USA on Watch!” A known “terrorist” organization that got themselves into trouble and faced extinction, and rather than going silently into that goodnight, they commandeered the name “neighborhood watch,” and PRESTO, coast to coast funding via the 501 (c) (3) nonprofit status! Which, incidentally, is “overseen” by (can you guess who?) The national sheriff’s association! Yessiree!! True story! So, when cops, especially deputy sheriffs, say that they have no idea of, or never heard of “gangstalking,” know right now, that they are most likely lying through their teeth! I will say, however, that not 100% of all total members of the sheriff’s departments across our country actually know about it! As confusing as that may be, a few select sheriff’s are kept in the dark about it, for the sake of that whole “plausible deniability” clause! But most of them have a working knowledge of the “program,” and some of them are active participants! The first two members of law enforcement to admit to my face, and openly speak about it candidly, were both deputy sheriffs! The next two to admit and chat about it with me were state troopers (Oregon,) and the only city level officer to acknowledge all the writings scrawled across the large windows of my minivan, (where I’d constantly write facts and opinions, of the twisted habits and laws being broken by those responsible for gangstalking innocent people,) said in a very matter-of-fact manner, “oh yes, I know all about THOSE a**holes!” Which left my jaw hanging open in disbelief! Just know that MOST, but not ALL members of our various law enforcement, do have at least SOME knowledge of it!
    Also included are the groups, Infragard, Citizen Corps, Fire/emt Corps, and an endless list of smaller groups, localized to their own areas of our country.
    Directly to the above author, Ashley… I sure am sorry to hear that you’ve been put through all that sick nonsense! If I could wave a magic wand, and delete all those occurrences, replacing them with more innocent and happy memories… I would most assuredly make that happen for you!!
    In fact, I would trade an eternity in heaven (assuming that’s the reality of it,) to make that happen for each and every innocent soul that these psychopathic *#$&@’s have harmed or killed! Being only four years into my stalking, I finally figured it all out, and now know who’s who and what’s what! (Thanks mostly to the brave people of Targeted Justice!!)
    It absolutely astounds me, that in today’s day and age, given all of our technological advancements, that the most powerful groups of influential and important people on our planet, would rather engage in the torture and ruination of millions of innocent people! Unike a damaged and abused child, deriving enjoyment from torturing a kitten or puppy, these lunatics have enjoyed the best of schools, and luxury known only by the super elite. They were literally born with evil hearts, and have spent their lives, and countless billions of dollars, doing Satan’s work, (assuming he exists,) perpetuating evil wherever and whenever the opportunity arose! In comparison, these people make Hitler, Ghengis Khan, and Jefferey Dahmer look like altar boys!
    I wish for the world to see with clarity, who these people are, and exactly what they are doing! I wish for the guilty to be held accountable, and for the governments of the world to compensate the victims and their families for abetting, if not abiding the atrocities unleashed upon an unsuspecting world! May each one, who is guilty of knowingly participating in these illegal and immoral campaigns, be sentenced as severely in life, as they will be in the afterlife! (Assuming that we will be judged by what lies in our hearts upon our deaths!) 🤷
    Thank you Ashley, for bravely sharing your experiences with us! I pray that everyone who has been “targeted,” finds the courage to stand against this evil, and share their stories with the world! I also pray, (and am currently trying,) that the TI’s, one and all, find ways to connect with one another! For there is strength in numbers! If I can make one thought permanently stick in the minds of all who read these words…then let it forever be this; “TOGETHER, WE CAN DO…THAT, WHICH WE CANNOT DO ALONE!” (yep, you can use that! It’s “an edd original!” Lmao 🤣)
    But in all seriousness… To EVERY person, targeted, stalked, harassed, assaulted, victims of DEW’s (directed energy weapons,) … Do everything you possibly can to seek out and find other poor souls suffering in silence because they don’t know what evil has found them. Scared and alone, they withstand the abuse and torture, usually to the points of their own demise! Seek them out, and let them know they are not alone! Once you do that, seek out even more! Until eventually, we are all connected! One giant family of Targeted Individuals, and together we WILL bring an end to the insanity and madness that has become today’s “norm!”
    I have much love in my heart for each and every one of you! (Even for those perpetrating these acts! I will love you until you can love yourself!) Let this be the start of something magical, wonderful, awe inspiring and effective!!! Don’t wait for this or that to happen!!! Make it happen…TODAY…NOW!!!
    In humble service to God and others,
    Edd Berrigan (aka Benjamin Dover,)
    P.S. feel free to contact me! I am NOT afraid of this evil, and I will NOT back down!! I stand for those who cannot!!!!
    Who’s with me?????????

    • Ashley May 3, 2023 / 1:08 pm

      Hi Edd,
      Thanks so much for your reply and kind comments.
      I am so sorry you are having to endure the special hell that is targeting, but am glad you have found your way to Targeted Justice.
      I have written several articles here related to targeting, fusion centers, the nanomafia, the digerati, and Dr. James Giordano (who personally uses the term “targeted individuals” when discussing neuroweapons). Perhaps they can shed some more light on things, even if you are currently unable to do anything about them.
      Anyway, thanks again for your reply (and your prayers!)

  2. NoFakeNews May 2, 2023 / 11:12 pm

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

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