My Interview with the Author of the PLANDEMIC Novella

By Gina Flores

Guest Contributor

I used to be a regular contributor for NoFakeNews and have written my fair share of articles here over the years. Although I am no longer involved with the daily operations, I still write a post here and there and follow with interest Dr. Reizer’s views on various world occurrences.

Recently, I had an opportunity to interview Dr. Reizer, the author of PLANDEMIC. Here’s how the conversation went:

GF: It has been many months since this whole coronavirus pandemic was set loose on the world. Here in the United States, the lockdowns created plenty of hardship for the American people. Do you see things getting better or worse through the remainder of 2020?

JR: I think that we are in for a rough stretch ahead, concerning the way daily life will be allowed to operate. I don’t believe this is something that will be exclusive to the United States. I see all countries in the world having to contend with much of the same narrative that we have been previously dealing with since January of this year. I honestly believe that the powers that be have invested a lot of planning, resources, and energy into making this world pandemic something that will affect human life for the foreseeable future.

GF: I know you have a good understanding of the overall objectives that are being sought out by certain powerful bloodlines running the operations behind the scenes. You have obviously written so many useful and detailed articles about these psychopaths. In a few words, what is the end game that humanity will have to deal with in the years to come?

JR: The real governing construct that rules the world is a permanent one. Unlike the managerial elites that are temporarily elected into public office in the US and other global territories and visible to the citizenry, the permanent government that creates and hands down directives to the visible governments are the real decision-makers. They write and drive the policies that influence and shape the world decade after decade. These people are invisible to the general public. 

The world that they envision is one where people are microchipped, tracked, vaccinated, and tightly controlled in a cashless, almost Orwellian society. They envision a world that is significantly less populated, featuring a model world citizen who is dependent on the government for safety and protection.

It’s a world where computer surveillance will be so overwhelming, and in our face, people will have little to no privacy. What we refer to as Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be present everywhere people turn. But the AI will not be run by machines like the powers that be are trying to convey in movies and Hollywood scripts. No, these computer link-ups will very much be controlled and run by human intelligence.

GF: You have written in many articles and have said during live interviews that the coronavirus is not a real virus. After looking at the enormous amount of case numbers in the world, do you still believe that the pandemic is a scripted story that continues to be acted out by the powers that be?

JR: I absolutely believe that there is no Covid-19 virus in existence. It has been my contention all along that the disease is a product of case numbers that have been generated by test kits that are completely unreliable and give false-positive results, the misreporting of other diseases as coronavirus cases, and the misreporting of fatalities from other illnesses that have been incorrectly attributed to Covid-19.  Case numbers are what ultimately create the buzz words, outbreak, epidemic, and pandemic. Without case numbers, you don’t get to write and publish those harsh sounding words that scare the hell out of everybody.

GF: What do you think the vaccines will accomplish for the world government?

JR: I think anytime you have a concerted effort by the world’s governments to mass-produce enough vaccines to serve the entire global population, it should send chills up and down our spines. I think the vaccines will contain medicinal properties that will weaken human immunity, significantly decrease the reproductive capabilities of people, and provide tracking technology that might also be able to modulate human physiology and immune system functions. 

GF: Do you believe that the US Government and other countries will attempt to make the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory?

JR: I believe that there will be a massive marketing campaign designed to coerce people into voluntarily taking the vaccine for the greater good of the world community. In the US, they have been trying to convince the public that mandatory vaccines are constitutionally supported, but I don’t believe they are because of one important reason. The premise that compulsory vaccines are in alignment with the constitution is based on the outdated 1905 Supreme Court ruling, Jacobson v. Massachusetts. To apply that legality to the American public, however, the law of informed consent must be violated, which states that people have the right to choose not to have a medical procedure or product that possesses any risk to the patient’s health. A physician must disclose those risks to the patient and get the individual’s written informed consent before administering the products or services. This is the law! The failure to get a patient’s written informed consent precludes the physician from delivering care.

GF: Can you tell me about your newest novella, PLANDEMIC?

JR: PLANDEMIC is a fictional account of the real-life coronavirus pandemic that has been up and running throughout the world in 2020. I created the work with fictional characters in an attempt to hopefully reach a broad audience and wake them up. The novella attempts to present through fiction what I believe has happened and is an ongoing drama in all of our lives.

I believe that for some people in society to be able to digest an alternative perspective about COVID-19, they have to absorb the content in a non-threatening way — through fiction. My idea was to create a fictional narrative that mirrored the real one and to get as many people as possible to read the story. Sometimes great truths can be told through fictional works, and this is what I was hoping to accomplish.

GF: I gave you permission to use my likeness in the novella during one of the scenes at a Washington, DC press conference. Tell me what that part of the story represented, and why was it necessary?

JR: First of all, thanks for allowing me to do that. It was an essential scene in the novella for two reasons. Number one, your character helped demonstrate to readers the fact that hardball questions are never asked by the mainstream press, and number two, alternative news reporters are precluded from being admitted inside a government press conference to ask real questions that would hold government officials accountable for their actions.

GF: What is your advice for people that are awake and understand that the pandemic is a hoax?

JR: Stay calm, obey the law, and keep a close watch on what regulations and executive orders are actually signed into law. There is likely to be yet another wave of increased case numbers in the weeks and months ahead. This will be part of the continued fakery written into the script. The controlling powers want to keep the members of society off balance and scared until a vaccine is ready to be rolled out in late 2020 or by the beginning of 2021.

GF: Thank you, Dr. Reizer, for taking the time to answer my questions.

JR: You are welcome, Gina!

Great News!

Thanks to readers here, PLANDEMIC is currently the number two ranked book on charts for the top-100 free best selling kindle books in medical fiction. Thank you for helping this come to fruition. This is an important step in getting broad readership for the title. The more people who read the novella, the better the chances are to wake up society.