Taking a closer look at the bioweapon vaccines and the narrative surrounding them

Dr. John Reizer

According to the official narrative, the Covid-19 gene therapy vaccines were created and rolled out by benevolent pharmaceutical companies to save humanity from the deadliest virus in recorded history. The scientific endeavor took under a year to produce the magical medicinal concoctions. The project was named Operation Warp Speed.

Things to know and understand

The Covid-19 vaccines are very sophisticated products that contain both toxic ingredients and medicinal delivery systems to human physiology that are mind-blowing.

As more and more evidence is uncovered through the help of whistleblowers and independent scientists that have gained access to the products in question, it becomes clear that the bioweapon vaccines were strategically designed to sterilize human females for future generations and to create diseases and deaths in the existing population.

It’s also become clear that the vaccine recipes were not created in under a year. The COVID-19 vaccines have likely been produced through years and years of scientific research that had to include the painstaking process of many scientists studying the most intricate details of human reproductive physiology and immunity.

The official narrative handed down from our elected leaders and health regulatory agencies claiming that the medical concoctions were made in record time is an outright lie.

The experimental vaccines were waiting in the wings for many years. The products that have genetically modified, sterilized, and murdered millions of unsuspecting fools who took the drugs are still being pushed on the public sector.

The epitome of human stupidity is exemplified by bearing witness to a general public that continues to rely on useless and fake diagnostic technologies incapable of delivering truthful COVID-19 diagnoses.

The epitome of human stupidity is exemplified by bearing witness to the continued popular belief that sars-cov-2 is a real virus even though it has never been scientifically isolated from a human being.

Perhaps the biggest examples of human stupidity are evidenced by the unbelievable statistics reporting that billions of people the world over have voluntarily rolled up their sleeves and received the jabs.


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6 thoughts on “Taking a closer look at the bioweapon vaccines and the narrative surrounding them

  1. Lisa March 8, 2022 / 2:06 pm

    The Defender 03/07/22
    Children’s Health Defense
    By Michael Nevradakis, Ph. D.

    “Dr. Rochell Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, admitted health officials relied too heavily on vaccines as a “cure-all” of sorts for COVID, and said vaccine makers didn’t warn the agency that the vaccines would be less effective against potential variants.”

    “She also admitted the science, far from being “settled,” is “gray” instead of “black and white.”

    And during the interview, “Walensky said she learned COVID vaccines were effective from watching CNN.”

    I find this information to be insulting. I repeatedly saw and heard Dr. Walensky on the news spouting, and encouraging people to get the COVID vaccines over the past months. You mean to say that the director of the CDC was basing the health information she was giving out to the world on something she claimed to learn on CNN! I mean, really?


    • NoFakeNews March 8, 2022 / 2:49 pm

      It’s absolute insanity, Lisa! The CDC and other health regulatory agencies worldwide are criminal partners. These agencies have been working in concert orchestrating a global genocidal plot against humanity. People who are attached to the agenda should be arrested, tried in a court of law, and receive the death penalty for committing premeditated mass murder. And even that is too good for them.


      • Lisa March 8, 2022 / 3:13 pm

        I absolutely agree, John!


      • sandy edwards March 8, 2022 / 6:08 pm

        And we’re looking at a lot more to come. They are hoping to create as much unrest and fear as possible. In Dr. Mercola’s latest news:

        Whether people realize it or not, The Great Reset is a globalist plan that is moving forward at lighting speed. The COVID-19 pandemic was part and parcel of that plan, as detailed in Klaus Schwab’s book, “COVID-19: The Great Reset,”1 but to really fulfill the technocrats’ ambitions, a war of some kind is likely needed. As reported by Dr. Vernon Coleman with The Exposé:2

        “Now that they’ve got most people cowering behind the sofa or under the bed because of the fake COVID threat, they have introduced two new threats to the menu: war and storms … they were always going to do this … To keep us on our toes some of the storms will be ferocious. Those will probably be the manufactured ones.

        And there will be heat waves, heavy snow falls and probably a tsunami or two (easily created, as I previously explained, with an underwater explosion). You can’t kill billions with bad weather of course but you can push up the prices of food and energy and kill millions through wrecked economies, poverty and starvation.

        The recent storms in the UK led to immediate closures of schools and railways (‘just in case a tree fell down and hurt someone’) and the halting of supermarket deliveries. All this was patently overkill to do more damage to society and the economy. We have to remember that population control is one of the purposes of everything that is happening.

        Wars are coming too — as they threatened some time ago. We’re clearly heading for another long Cold War with Russia and China on one side and America and Europe on the other.

        It is difficult to avoid the feeling that Schwab is behind the scenes pulling strings and if, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the West does decide to intervene militarily, it will be because the conspirators want it to happen and see it as a way to further damage the global economy and cause a few million deaths.

        Remember that ruining the global economy is an essential step on the route to the Great Reset. The rhetoric coming from Washington and London certainly suggest that both Biden and Johnson are desperate to exacerbate the situation, cause more terror, push up energy prices and terrify everyone.

        Once you realize what their plan is it is easy to see what is going to happen next … Remember: the COVID fraud was just the beginning. The conspirators have only just started their campaign to take total control.”

      • NoFakeNews March 8, 2022 / 6:25 pm

        I can’t disagree with Dr. Mercola, Sandy. Thanks for sharing.


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