COVID-19 and The Science Fiction Novel I Decided Not to Publish

By Dr. John Reizer

In 2015, I wrote a science fiction story called The Vaccine. You won’t be able to read it because I decided not to publish the novel. It only exists inside the confines of a flash drive that is securely protected in a bank’s safe deposit box.

I decided against publishing The Vaccine for several reasons, but the primary one was that many crazy things were happening in my life at the time. My desire to follow through with creative projects back then was not what it is today.

If I decided to publish the novel now, people would believe that I got the idea from the COVID-19 psyop that has been in play since 2020.

A few nights ago, I watched the 1956 sci-fi movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. If you have never watched that flick, give it a look. It made me think about my unpublished story and about everything that’s going on in the world. It brought a smile to my face and made me contemplate an entirely different narrative concerning what we are all experiencing.

In my unpublished story, the protagonist is a young pharmaceutical scientist who questions his company’s motives concerning an experimental vaccine product. The vaccine product in question is the first of its kind and has never been utilized on human subjects.

The background and prologue portion of the story begins in Roswell, New Mexico, back in 1947 when there was a report of a crashed flying saucer in the local desert terrain. From there, the plot thickens, and the story goes on to explain how with the help of extraterrestrials, the US Government was able to reverse engineer alien technology. In exchange for the aliens’ help, the American government agrees to look the other way and cover up any evidence whatsoever of the aliens abducting humans from time to time so that they can perform genetic experimentation studies.

The human genetic experiments the aliens go on to perform take place for over ten years. They eventually have a great understanding of the human genome and what it will take to transform those genomic sequences into something that can change the phenotypical expression of humanity into something completely alien.

If you think about it logically, it doesn’t make much sense for human beings to transform their genetics into something alien (transhumanism). The only intelligence that would genuinely want to do such a thing would have to be an alien one.

In my novel, the protagonist (Charlie) figures out the entire scheme and knows that the pharmaceutical company he works for is making a gene-changing synthetic product disguised as a vaccine. And to Charlie’s horror, he can see the entire operation unfolding before his eyes.

Charlie knows that a fake illness that has been reported globally is a medical psyop designed to ultimately unleash the vaccine in waiting for the entire human population. In my novel, every sovereign government in the world is participating in the hoax.

In my humble opinion, The Vaccine novel is probably the best story I have ever authored. It’s right up there with The Target List. But some works aren’t meant to be published. I guess, in a sense, the World Government wrote and published the novel for me and named it COVID-19.


The Target List Movie is Coming Soon to Amazon Prime!

The Target List pilot movie is a high-energy, fast-paced medical-action-thriller.

The pilot movie is a shorter version of the full feature screenplay written by MJ Palo and John Reizer.

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Why We Can’t Trust Official Sources

Dr. John Reizer

Many years ago, I became enamored with the US Space program and, more specifically, the various missions associated with NASA. The more that I dug into this information, the more I became convinced that the human-crewed and unmanned missions that had been claimed to be successful operations might not have been.

Herein lies the problem with trusting officialdom — we don’t know for sure if what we are being fed from certain sources is reliable, somewhat reliable, or completely unreliable.

In looking over many of the public domain photographic catalogs available from NASA on government websites, I found many troubling issues — some of which I have previously written about in posts on NoFakeNews.

Image Credit: Mars Global Surveyor

Analysis: Norman Bryden –

The photograph below came from the public domain images captured by the Mars Global Surveyor unmanned spacecraft that reportedly landed on the planet Mars. If you take a close and careful look at the photo of the Martian surface, a few disturbing details become very apparent to anyone performing a visual inspection of the image.

In the middle of the image, there exists what looks to be a building or home with an A-frame roof. There also appears to be a wrap-around driveway and road. To the house’s right at about 1:00 in position, there exists in the photo what appears to be a doppler weather tower – an elongated column with a ball sitting atop the structure.



How is it possible that NASA could have captured these images on this and other photographs like it and never reported the findings to American taxpayers? How is it possible that NASA and the US Space Agency have publicly stated Mars is a desert terrain with no intelligent life signs?

Was this photograph taken by Mars Global Surveyor on Mars or Earth? Was this photograph photoshopped, digitally altered, or obfuscated by someone in the government? If it was changed or obfuscated in any way whatsoever, it was not done so by people outside of the space agency because the photograph came from the public domain photographic catalogs supplied by NASA.

The photograph above causes me grave concerns about the legitimacy of the entire space program. In looking over many NASA photographs of the planet Mars and Earth’s Moon, I have found plenty of evidence that would suggest intelligently built structures exist on these celestial bodies. Are the photographic images genuine recordings of what exists on these alien worlds, or are they photoshopped by people working for the space agency? I don’t know the answer to many of these questions. I can only write about and report what objects appear in the photographs.

Suppose we cannot trust official sources about the integrity of the space agency and the scientific accomplishments that have been reported for decades. How can we trust the information they have been saying about infectious diseases, medicine, vaccines, and the current world pandemic? In short, we cannot trust them because they have a long history of lying to American citizens about many things.


We Reject the Official Narrative About the COVID-19 World Pandemic



Dr. Reizer will be a guest on the TS Radio Network this Friday at 8 pm Eastern Time. We’ll be covering a lot of the latest COVID-19 information. Please tune in to listen and call the show with your questions. A radio link to access the program will be added soon.


The Target List Movie on Amazon Prime!

In association with River Rose Productions, Mad Wife Productions has announced that The Target List movie will begin filming on April 10, 2021. The movie will be released on Amazon Prime in the summer of 2021.

The Story:

After announcing a ground-breaking cancer cure, two members of a research team are shot by an assassin. The remaining two researchers barely escape the attack, only to find themselves framed for murder. Now they need to prove their innocence while running from both the police and the assassin hired to kill them by the big pharma.

Screenplay by MJ Palo and John Reizer

Based on the novel by John Reizer 

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The Target List Cast:

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Articles of Impeachment Introduced Against President Biden

Dr. John Reizer

Here we go again! The shirts have taken theirs off and are now the skins, and the skins have put theirs on and are now the shirts.

The distractions are never-ending. While we are preoccupied with political, theatrical performances that fill the programming slots on mainstream television, humans are voluntarily receiving a diabolical vaccine that will alter the human genome.



In association with River Rose Productions, Mad Wife Productions has announced that The Target List movie will begin filming on April 10, 2021.


The Target List is an action-thriller feature screenplay written by MJ Palo and John Reizer and is based on the novel, The Target List by John Reizer.

The Pilot Movie is a shorter version of the full feature screenplay written by MJ Palo and John Reizer.

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Directed by — Andrew Arguello and MJ Palo

First Assistant Director — Gregory Klino

Producer — MJ Palo

Executive Producer — John Reizer

Co-Executive Producers — Ryan BishopDavid R. DavisLisa HakesJames Richardson, and Robyn Richardson

Written by — MJ Palo and John Reizer

Cinematographer — Andrew Arguello

Editor — Andrew Arguello

Casting by — Justine Reyes

Production Assistant — Jennifer Bunn

Key Grip — Chris Casaceli

Gaffer — Max Georgeson

First Assistant Camera — Kellie Sasso

Production Staff — M.P. Poole

Special thanks — Louise Neufeld


The Target List movie will be released in the summer of 2021 on Amazon Prime and other viewing platforms.

The Target List is a high-energy, fast-paced medical-action-thriller feature screenplay that uniquely combines the exciting elements and drama found in the hit films COMA and JACK REACHER.

It has a strong female protagonist and a cast of intriguing characters that provide nonstop action, dramatic effect, and the ability to drive the storyline towards a twist-ending. The Target List deals with the subject of cancer eradication and will be embraced by a broad audience that will instantly resonate with the many emotional elements associated with society’s ongoing battle to maintain health in the ever-increasing presence of new diseases.

The limited-location and limited-character setting allow a low-budget production. However, The Target List still belongs to the multi-million-dollar Hollywood action niche that is always looking for the next blockbuster and takes the audience on a 90-minute emotional and entertaining journey that leaves them yearning for a sequel.

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Ramola D. Panel Discussion — 11/28/20

The panel discussion below was hosted by Ramola Dharmaraj (Ramola D.) and Michelle Young. The panel guests included:

  1. Dr. Andrew Kaufman, a powerful public speaker at Trafalgar Square, who was recently interviewed by David Icke and earlier this year by Brian Rose of London Real.
  2. Sandi Adams, an expert on the UN Agenda 2030.
  3. Ellen Brown, an expert on international banking.
  4. Justin Walker, an individual who has many solutions for humanity concerning new governing and new banking practices.
  5. Dr. John Reizer, the editor of NoFakeNews.

The purpose of the panel discussion was twofold:

1. To help bring awareness to the world community about the genocidal plan currently being rolled out by the controlling powers.

2. To try and figure out pragmatic solutions to our current predicament, so we can end the madness.

The panel will hopefully attract more and more prominent people in the future so that we can continue to work on ways to resolve the problems facing the world community.



In association with River Rose Productions, Mad Wife Productions has announced that auditions for The Target List movie will be held in December 2020.

The pilot movie (screenplay written by MJ Palo and John Reizer) is based on the 2019 novel by John Reizer and will be filmed in March 2021. The Target List will be released in the summer of 2021 on Amazon Prime.


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Human Farming – The Story of Your (Our) Enslavement!

Dr. John Reizer

In the video below, Stefan Molyneux presents an interesting explanation of humanity’s enslavement by human farmers. In my considered opinion, many of Molyneux’s analogies and explanations about this subject matter are spot on.

I do have a slightly different take on the overall picture concerning the Earth show being run by the controlling powers. For one thing, I believe that the story of our enslavement has been in play for a lot longer than this author claims it has existed.

Regardless of the proposed timelines attached to the theory, this is an incredibly brilliant explanation of what is currently in play and took place for a substantial period of human history.

I am surprised that the video is still circulating on the Internet. Watch it before the clip disappears into the great abyss where a lot of other thought-provoking materials have vanished.



In association with River Rose Productions, Mad Wife Productions has announced that auditions for The Target List movie will be held in December 2020.

The pilot movie (screenplay written by MJ Palo and John Reizer) is based on the 2019 novel by John Reizer and will be filmed in March 2021. The Target List will be released in the summer of 2021 on Amazon Prime.


The Target List IMDb Official Movie Page 


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Spreading A Little Truth Through Science Fiction

By Dr. John Reizer

As many readers here already know, I dabble in a bit of science fiction writing when I am not seeing patients and writing posts on NoFakeNews. I have been trying to become a better novelist throughout the years and have dedicated countless hours and study to the craft.

For those of you who have done the same, you know it’s a lot harder to write fiction than it might appear. Nonetheless, I have had a great time creating stories and have been fortunate that I have a great career as a healthcare provider that provides me plenty of time to be an author in between seeing patients.

My patients, readers of the website, former students, and others who have read my works sometimes write to me and ask if the fiction I produce has anything to do with what I believe is taking place in the real world.

In many of the stories I write, there are bits of what I believe to be real-world truths purposely sprinkled into the storylines. I do this to introduce readers to concepts that would otherwise be too far removed from accepted paradigms to openly discuss publicly. Much of what I  have written about on NoFakeNews would be too challenging to present to the vast majority of people outside the friendly confines of this particular website.

Even within the safety zone of the NoFakeNews forum where a lot of like-minded people like to congregate, there are boundaries that I hesitate to cross when attempting to explain the machinations taking place by the controlling powers.

Over the years, more than a few people have asked me outright who I believe is running the Earth show. I could offer direct answers to those questions. Still, I hesitate to introduce them here because I don’t want to lose readers who might find my responses too far removed from what they might be able to handle and think is plausible.

In my opinion, I should concentrate on letting people know that powerful elitists are working behind the scenes and not for the best interests of the general public. As far as delving into more detailed information about these one-percenters and who might be influencing them, I’ll leave that up to everybody’s imagination and perhaps some science-fiction writings I produce.

And right on cue, I’d like to announce the publication of the fifth novella I have written in 2020. It’s titled, THE VISITORS, and takes place as a lot of my stories do, in the Upstate of South Carolina. I’m telling you, a lot of weird things happen in my neck of the woods. We have apocalyptic meteorites raining down on the county, alien viruses coming from distant galaxies transmitted through radio telescopes, and alien abductions, too.

While I was writing The Visitors, I kept on getting up to check the doors in my home. Much of the tale was written in the early morning hours while everybody was asleep. I hope readers will enjoy the story and the underlying messages sprinkled in along the way.

The Visitors — A Novella

Buy The Visitors on

The Visitors

Henry Dalton awakens on a Saturday morning seated alongside his longtime friend and law colleague, Roberta Stratton. Surrounded by shards of broken glass and wearing blood-stained clothes, the two attorneys are disoriented and suffering from time and memory loss.

Unbeknownst to Henry, eight hours earlier, he was abruptly awakened during the night by a home invader. Unsure of what was happening, he made his way through the darkened house armed with a 9mm handgun.

Seconds later, Henry was standing face to face with a mysterious shadowy figure. In a moment of panic, he fired several rounds from the weapon wounding the uninvited guest.

After switching on the lights, Henry learned the visitor was not human and not alone.

Set in the backwoods of Upstate South Carolina, Henry Dalton is enmeshed with the visitors — an alien race of beings who have traveled a considerable distance to reveal secrets that have vital connections to his family life.

Edward Snowden Story Doesn’t Add Up (COINTELPRO)?

By Dr. John Reizer

Author of The Target List

I just had an opportunity to read the latest propaganda from the mainstream news media regarding whistleblower, Edward Snowden.

CNN has reported in an article dated October 24, 2019 that according to Edward Snowden, the United States government has never had any contact with extraterrestrial aliens. Snowden also claimed that the United States really did go to the moon and that the conspiracy theorists are wrong. Snowden said that people who believe in conspiracies were just trying to make their lives more interesting and also trying to make sense out of everything taking place in the world.

Snowden said in his interview, and I am paraphrasing again, that he would have known if the United States had had actual contact with aliens because he looked at classified materials. There was no mentioning of contact with aliens in the classified documents he stole.

The classified materials probably read something like this:

“In case anybody ever hacks into these super secret NSA files, we would like to state for the record that we have never had any conversations with extraterrestrial aliens. Also, we did visit the moon with Apollo and all the people who believe we’re lying through our teeth are wrong.”

Do people really believe that top-secret classified encrypted files stored in the most secure computer systems in the world were hacked by this moron? I mean this story is about as believable as the Apollo astronauts going to the moon with 1969 space technology. There were trash cans built better than the Apollo spacecrafts.

Is it possible that the US security agencies wanted people to believe that Edward Snowden hacked these files for other nefarious reasons? Is Edward Snowden part of a COINTELPRO (Counterintelligence Program/Propaganda) operation. I am thinking yes.

Don’t you love how the mainstream media, under the direct supervision of our beloved intelligence agencies can just make things so beautifully clear for the American public.

Remember Joe Taxpayer, there’s nothing to see here. Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain. Conspiracies don’t exist and yes, we went to the moon. And we’ll be going to Mars in 200 years, and there’s no such thing as little green men. Just move along like good little boys and girls and watch lots of sports, reality television and don’t forget to take all your medications.

If you’ve been watching the 2019 World Series, the commercials are really playing up NASA and the moon missions. Games one and two of the World Series have taken place in Houston, Texas. NASA has a big presence in Houston.

In one commercial, Buzz Aldrin is telling his grandson that they found a baseball on the moon and that astronauts will be going to Mars very soon. NASA can’t even get out of low earth orbits (LEO’s) and they’re talking about going to Mars? How about getting to the moon again. No other country in the world has landed a human being on the moon since Apollo. You would think in 50 years, some country would be able to accomplish this goal if it were actually possible.

What do you think about this story?


John Reizer’s Podcast: Area 51 and Extraterrestrials

By Dr John Reizer

On April 3, 2017, I visited Area 51 with my wife and daughter, had lunch at the Little A’le’ Inn restaurant in Rachel, Nevada, and made a brief YouTube video of me walking the famous line in the sand that nobody is allowed to cross. It was an interesting day and we got to see everything, and pretty much nothing, without getting ourselves arrested.

Today, September 20, 2019 marks the day that a million people are supposed to storm the famous non secret, secret military base in the Nevada desert. How many people will actually show up? My guess, not too many.

Check out my latest Podcast below where I discuss my trip to Area 51 in 2017 and more about what’s happening today.

Photo © Copyright by John Reizer 4/3/17

Check out my latest Podcast on Spotify and other platforms:

Large UFO Next to Sun?


By Gina Flores


Duisburg, Germany – An interesting story broke on September 6, 2018 when the Solar Sunspot Observatory in the state of New Mexico was closed abruptly by the FBI for unknown security reasons. Conspiracy theories were immediately placed into motion on the Internet about aliens invading earth when authorities refused to elaborate on the specific reasons for the facility’s closure.

During the time the observatory was closed, an Indiana woman, Gina Hill captured photographs of a huge disc like UFO and smaller ones near the sun’s surface. (See Video Below)

What do you think about this story?

Video By Gina Hill