What have I learned in life?

Dr. John Reizer

It’s a damn good question, isn’t it? What have I learned in life?

In all the years I have been studying the few who control the many, I have learned many important things. For example, I know that the controlling powers operate under a strict set of codes. These people are very predictable and leave their signatures in plain sight.

The controlling powers are obsessed or feel obligated to use symbolism or leave behind symbolic codes to let others know that a psyop or event was their doing.

I have learned that nearly everything the controlling powers show publicly is based on lies and stretching the truth. The people running the show are sleight-of-hand artists that make fakery appear real.

The global elitists create narratives based on fiction and turn the storylines into officialdom that is later embraced by society’s members.

Space travel capabilities, microbiology, infectious disease theory, scientific discoveries in medicine, warfare technology, and so many other subjects that people reflexively won’t question because to do so would challenge officialdom are enmeshed in fraud.

There are many examples of how the controlling powers have hoodwinked the masses throughout modern history. The best example to cite, in my opinion, is the world pandemic because it is still ongoing.

People’s general lack of knowledge about microbiology and infectious disease theory made COVID-19 the perfect psyop and storyline to accomplish the diabolical objective of murdering billions of people.

Other examples of hood-winking the public are evidenced by looking at the space program and the nuclear weapons industry. Both of these frauds have stolen taxpayer dollars in many countries that are then transferred to fund other black op projects.

Most people in the world can not begin to comprehend the facts that modern space travel is fake and that nuclear weapons have never existed. Those two facts are a testament to how good the bullshit stories are at grabbing people and never letting go.

I have learned plenty in my life regarding how the one percenters go about conducting their business.

Once you can see the predictable patterns of the perpetrators and can unlock their specific codes, it is not difficult to see reality for what it has become. Truth be told, it’s often difficult to un-see a truth once you catch a glimpse of what is happening in broad daylight.


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