The Secretive South Carolina DOD Contractor At The Heart Of Operation Warp Speed

By Ashley Hayes

The Trump Administration, rather than awarding Operation Warp Speed (OWS) “vaccine” contracts directly to pharmaceutical companies, opted, instead, for handing that responsibility over to a secretive government contractor with deep ties to the CIA and DHS.

Summerville, S.C.-based Advanced Technology International (ATI) awarded contracts to Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi and Novavax totaling $6 billion, which is over half of OWS’s $10 billion budget (nevermind that many of these companies — particulary J&J have been involved in scandals related to marketing and selling products they knew to be unsafe). Two Health and Human Services (HHS) employees personally signed off on these contracts: Paul Mango, HHS deputy chief of staff for policy, and Robert Kadlec, HHS assistant secretary for preparedness and response (ASPR).

Concern about the true nature and scope of OWS, and the central role of ATI, was first mentioned in October 2020 by NPR, but the mainstream media never reported it, as their focus at the time was on the first presidential debates. And while NPR did not delve into ATI’s CIA ties, they did say that the Congressional Research Service had reported, in 2019, that using intermediaries to award contracts — known as Other Transactional Authority (OTA) — can result in “significant risks, including potentially diminished oversight and exemption from laws and regulations designed to protect government and taxpayer interests.” Taking this sneaky route, they are able to avoid regulatory scrutiny, are exempt from federal regulations (including safety regulations) and are also beyond the reach of FOIA requests.

The Congressional Research Service also noted that the DOD has been relying on OTA’s more and more when issuing contracts, with the DOD claiming that doing so expedites the process. Yet they have never produced any data to support that claim.

To add insult to injury, on September 21, 2020, then-HHS Secretary Alex Azar told Fox Business that “Under the PREP Act, which is a provision in Congress, any treatment or vaccine for purposes of a national emergency pandemic like this actually comes with liability protection — both the product as well as those who administer it or provide it.” I find it notable this was shared on Fox Business, and not on their more mainstream channel where that comment may have given the general public pause.

Interestingly, while the PREP Act was signed into law in 2005, it was conveniently updated in April 2020, just a few weeks before OWS was announced. This update states that vaccine and therapeutic manufacturers “cannot be sued for money damages in court” over medical countermeasures for Covid-19. This April 2020 modification to the PREP Act was made by none other than HHS ASPR Robert Kadlec.

Kadlec, a former lobbyist for intelligence and defense contractors, also previously worked as a lobbyist for Emergent Biosolutions, a scandal-ridden company who also was awarded OWS contracts. (Emergent is also the manufacturer of Biothrax, the controversial anthrax vaccine.) Additionally, he personally signs off on every business agreement made on behalf of HHS for OWS.

ATI, a non-profit, was acquired, in February 2017, by Analytic Services, Inc. (ANSER). Like ATI, ANSER manages projects for the federal government, particularly DHS, DOD, NASA, the State Department, and the US intelligence community.

Whitney Webb reports: “”ANSER . . . became a much larger part of government operations, particularly in the realm of Homeland Security, after Ruth David became its CEO in 1998. Prior to becoming ANSER’s CEO, David had been the deputy director for science and technology at the CIA, where, among other things, she laid the groundwork for what would become In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital arm responsible for the rise of Silicon Valley behemoths such as Google and Palantir.” Webb states that, under David’s guidance, “ANSER became an early leader in promoting the use of biometric and facial recognition and software by US law enforcement agencies and became a key driver in pivoting the government toward ‘homeland defense’ and ‘homeland security’ in the years leading up to the events of September 11, 2001.”

In October 1999, David/ANSER created the Institute for Homeland Security (ANSER-IHS) but did not launch it until April 2001.

In May 2001, Insight Magazine published an article entitled “Preparing for the Next Pearl Harbor,” which cited ANSER as one of “the nation’s top experts” in warning that a terrorist attack on the US was imminent. The article stated, “The first responders on tomorrow’s battlefield won’t be soldiers, but city ambulance workers and small-town firefighters.”

In June 2001, ANSER-IHS hosted the Dark Winter exercise, with two ANSER officials co-writing. And after September 11, 2001, conveniently became the government’s first think tank, a federally-funded research and development center.

Then, in 2004, in a bit of theatre, DHS announced that it had selected ANSER to head its Homeland Security Institute. . . “following a full and open competition procurement process conducted by [DHS) Science and Technology.” This was particularly strange since this very institute had already been funded and established in 1999 and then launched in 2001.

Now, with OWS, ANSER, is ultimately overseeing whatever decisions are being made by ATI with regard to the secretive “vaccine” contracts.

Finally, if the purpose of Operation Warp Speed were to distribute a medical treatment to Americans for “public health” purposes, there would be absolutely no reason for all the secrecy, no reason for the lack of oversight, no reason for the excessive role of the military — OWS is made up of 90 individuals, 61 of whom are military and most of whom have zero experience in healthcare.


The July 30 Operation Warp Speed organizational chart obtained by STAT details about 90 of the officials involved in the initiative. Roughly 60 work for the Department of Defense.


But if the purpose were something more sinister, it would make perfect sense.

It’s hard for most Americans to grasp that their own government would intentionally harm them and their families, but, with regard to Operation Warp Speed, that certainly appears to be the case.

More troubling still, is that the myriad adverse reactions that occurred post-Covid shot — the mass sudden death, mass infertility, the 3,809 fetal deaths in 2021 alone, the rampant myocarditis (in young men, in particular), blood clotting, etc. have been known by our government all along, as each recipient has been tracked and surveilled through a “very active pharmacovigilance surveillance system,” per Trump’s handpicked “vaccine czar,” Moncef Siaoui.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal in October 2020, Siaoui bragged that ALL Warp Speed vaccine recipients will be monitored for two years via “incredibly precise . . . tracking systems” that will “ensure that patients each get two doses of the same vaccine and to monitor them for adverse health effects.”

Who are the two companies who received the contracts to secretly monitor and track the vital signs and whereabouts of billions of individuals, without their knowledge? Google and Oracle.

Google, you know, the company who has aggressively censored individuals for spreading “misinformation” about adverse effects from the Covid shots.

As of December 2022, the CDC’s vaccine-adverse-event reporting system (VAERS) showed the total amount of cases following all COVID-19 vaccines since they were issued emergency use authorization in December of 2020, is now 1,453,323 including 31,818 deaths. (Keep in mind a measly one percent are actually reported by “healthcare” workers. So, if I’m doing my math correctly, that equals 145,332,300 adverse events and 3,181,800 deaths.)

And if you and I have this information, you know that Google and Oracle certainly do. HHS and DHS certainly do. ATI certainly does. The DOD, Trump, Biden, Fauci, governors and doctors the world over certainly do.

This is nothing short of treason.

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Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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Fauci will receive a $350,000 per year retirement package

Dr. John Reizer

How much money are the world eugenicists willing to pay the American frontman who managed the plandemic operation in the United States?

Anthony Fauci is stepping down from his position at NIAID in December of 2022. He will be given a $350,000 per year retirement package as a reward for overseeing the murdering of millions of Americans through a well-orchestrated vaccine genocide.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

The funds to pay Fauci will come from American taxpayers who also funded the COVID-19 hoax/psyop.

The entire scenario is a slap in the face to all Americans. Instead of being arrested and charged with crimes against humanity, Fauci will live a life of luxury courtesy of hard-working US citizens.


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Anthony Fauci will retire in December

Dr. John Reizer

Dr. Anthony Fauci will step down and retire from his position as Chief Medical Advisor to the POTUS and his position as the frontman for NIAID in December of 2022.

Terrorizing Humanity for Almost 40 Years!

Voted #1 Horror Film of All Time!

Best known for his work in the fake fights against AIDS, COVID-19, and numerous other alleged infectious diseases, Fauci is getting out of the spotlight where he can scurry around in the darkness versus the light of day.

A week earlier, the CDC, a criminal government agency posing disingenuously as a regulatory body for the American public, announced it was undergoing a massive overhaul and restructuring process due to its inability to properly manage the world pandemic.

The mainstream media will paint Fauci as a hero and key player in battling the world’s biggest public health emergency instead of portraying him more accurately as a frontman for a world government that has managed a global medical psyop and vaccine genocide.

I have written many times before that Anthony Fauci is only the manager of a scripted psyop and not the mastermind behind the agenda. One sellout criminal will be replaced by another. The same machinations will continue as planned.

Changes at the CDC and the removal of Fauci from NIAID come at a time when the American public is beginning to get a clue that something smells rotten with the COVID narrative and the vaccine rollout.

As usual, the changes made by the government are being used to demonstrate to the public that Uncle Sam is on top of things and will aim to do better in the future.

Meanwhile, in my neck of the woods, the COVID vaccines are being marketed aggressively. Nothing is going to change — the genocide rolls on!



WAND is a new revolutionary healthcare instrument that is about to transform medicine into something that resembles science fiction, possibly making conventional cancer treatments obsolete.

Rachel Alig in Target List

Big Pharma wants WAND and its creators eliminated!


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I want to see a nationally televised debate between Dr. Fauci and one of the 12 superspreaders of health disinformation

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Speaking on the Delta Variant…

“What we’re seeing, because of this increase in transmissibility, and because we have about 93 million people in this country who are eligible to get vaccinated who don’t get vaccinated — that you have a significant pool of vulnerable people.”

“And so when you look at the curve of acceleration of 7-day averages of cases per day, it is going up in a very steep fashion.”

–Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Fauci continues to speak about the increase in false-positive case numbers recorded by an invalid diagnostic technology. He refuses to address the fact that his entire infectious disease paradigm is wholly predicated on scientific fraud.

The dialogue that comes from this doctor is designed to do two things:

  1. Scare people with a fake virus and its fictitious variants.
  2. Sell the lie that unvaccinated people are the reason false-positive case numbers keep climbing.

I would love to see Dr. Fauci debate, on national television, any one of the 12 superspreaders of health disinformation that the US government identified.

I don’t believe Dr. Fauci would fare very well in an organized debate about COVID-19 where actual scientific facts were required to make an intelligent argument. In my opinion, Dr. Fauci would lose such a debate without the protection of the mainstream media running interference for him and his false narrative by censoring the scientists and doctors who speak the truth.

I challenge you, Dr. Anthony Fauci, to debate someone on national television who is not paid to support the global psyop. I want to see you engage in a professional conversation with a qualified scientist who understands viral isolation and that sars-cov-2 is not an actual virus.

There have been no publicly aired scientific conversations between the people supporting the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines and the many scientific personalities that believe the vaccines are harming human beings.

Why have no scientific debates been allowed? Why is it that only one viewpoint concerning this new vaccine technology (the vaccines are great) has been made public? Why are any opinions that disagree with the benefits of the mRNA gene therapy vaccines immediately censored? Why are professional scientists with years of experience not permitted to speak publicly about their concerns with experimental medicines?



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Fire Fauci Movement: The Unveiling of Another Psyop Right in Front of Our Eyes!

Dr. John Reizer

The controlling powers are going to get away with the plandemic! This crime is going to go unpunished, and there’s nothing that anyone can do about that fact because the same mainstream media partners that made COVID-19 larger than life are about to promote and legitimize the Fire Fauci movement.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screenshot_20210616-074438_messages.jpg

Don’t you think it a little strange that a criminal like Anthony Fauci — an individual that has been fraudulently promoting a plethora of fake infectious diseases for decades — is suddenly placed in the crosshairs of a witch hunt that wants to fire and convict him of crimes against humanity?

For the longest time, Anthony Fauci was protected by influential people from any pressures requiring him to be truthful about the practice of microbiology. The high security and protection surrounding this man have been in place since he assumed his current position. Keep in mind that Anthony Fauci’s work for years concerning different viruses affecting American healthcare consumers has all had the exact false science attached to the individual narratives. Each fake virus this guy has had his hands on has been made into a villain by a rigged PCR test — a diagnostic tool that its inventor has explained to be incapable of detecting and diagnosing any viral or bacterial pathogens.

Why was a man like Fauci promoting a false understanding of microbiology (viruses are continually floating around the atmosphere like little terrorists waiting to infect people) for so long? The answer is because the big pharma industry couldn’t sell a boatload of vaccines and antiviral products without those false narratives.

If you think that Anthony Fauci is the mastermind behind everything taking place today concerning COVID-19 — think again! He is merely a tool of the controlling powers and is about to be thrown under the bus as a sacrificial lamb.

All of a sudden, the guy who has been previously insulated from any hardball questions about his professional work conveniently has a bunch of incriminating emails leaked into the public domain. Now, after the current psyop is in full swing and the bioweapon vaccines are already being injected into people worldwide, a movement is launched to Fire Fauci. Don’t people find the timing of all this a bit strange?

All this talk about gain-of-function research and genetically altering viral pathogens in laboratories is Hollywood nonsense. None of that research ever yielded viruses that could infect real people. Microbiology does not work in that way.

If a person’s immune system is robust (which is the case for most of the population), it does not matter if a pathogen is naturally occurring or has been genetically altered — it won’t infect a host. Bacterial, fungal, and viral microbes don’t infect people unless people are severely immunocompromised. This fact is the reason an actual virus could have never been used to cause the world pandemic. It is also why sars-cov-2 and other viruses have been computer-modeled and faked into existence through PCR testing methods.


If I have to endure another article about the miracle parasitic drug Ivermectin being the life-saving cure for COVID-19, I am going to vomit.

First of all, it is rarely a good idea to reduce or mask symptoms in a human being when the body is trying to combat an infection. Symptoms are the ways the human immune system cleanse or neutralizes sickness in animals and people. To attack the symptoms is a stupid idea from a microbiological perspective.

Secondly, Ivermectin or any other drug is useless against a virus that has never been isolated and found to exist. There’s a good reason that no sars-cov-2 viral isolates are available for inspection by scientists anywhere in the world. The virus does not exist. COVID-19, the disease is fake and has never existed.

Until people wrap their minds around the facts that the COVID-19 virus is fake and that the PCR tests were used to publicly legitimize the pandemic, the big pharma paradigm will remain intact. The drugs and vaccines will continue poisoning people.

When it comes right down to it, that’s what the Fire Fauci movement is all about. It’s about protecting a multibillion-dollar big pharma false paradigm by vilifying one of its criminal players.


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Dr. Robert E. Willner Accused Fauci of Genocide 30 Years Ago!


Dr. John Reizer

Dr. Robert E. Willner wrote a book about the fake AIDS virus and accused Anthony Fauci of genocide 30 years ago. The late Dr. Willner’s words are so damaging to the medical fraudsters that his book cost $970.43 on Amazon.

I wrote an article about this man and his book back in August 2020. I think this remains an important story today, considering the staying power of the medical fraud (COVID-19) that is ongoing and continues to affect the world’s citizens.


The Target List Movie is Coming Soon to Amazon Prime!

The Target List pilot movie is a high-energy, fast-paced medical-action-thriller about the creation of a life-saving health care instrument and big pharma’s attempt to suppress the technology.

The pilot movie is a shorter version of the full feature screenplay written by MJ Palo and John Reizer.

Interviews with cast members from The Target List pilot movie will be featured here weekly. Stay tuned for important announcements about the release of the movie’s official poster and trailer.


The Target List is now in post-production, where the sound design, music score, and VFX enhancements are being incorporated into the film.

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It’s Time to Quarantine the People Promoting False Medical Science from the Rest of Society

Dr. John Reizer

The psychopaths promoting and parroting false scientific narratives as real science need to be permanently quarantined from society’s members. They represent a serious danger to all healthcare consumers and should not be allowed to have a voice in public health.

The government spokespersons in different sovereign countries that regularly discuss the COVID-19 pandemic are doing irreparable damage by continually broadcasting lies and disinformation to the global population.

Virtually everything we have been taught about managing infectious diseases is wrong. To comprehend the public’s misunderstanding of infectious disease management, people need to understand a few important facts regarding bacterial and viral pathogens and the signs and symptoms of different disease processes.


  1. The signs associated with a disease are things observable by others. Some examples are rashes, increased temperature, sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  2. The symptoms associated with a disease process are not observable by others. They are felt or experienced by persons who are ill. For example, a sore throat, stomach cramps, chills, and headaches are all symptoms.
  3. The signs and symptoms associated with diseases are not caused by illnesses. They are produced by the body’s immune system in response to a particular infection. Signs and symptoms are physiological expressions observed or experienced in healthy people engaged in a fight with bacterial or viral microbes.

If your body is compromised or run down and you become infected by bacteria or viral microbes, the body’s immune system will immediately begin a plan of attack to disable the foreign invaders.

In many instances, the body’s intelligence will produce a fever that makes it difficult for the virus to replicate and spread. Fever can also kill bacteria that might be challenging a person’s health.

Headaches and sore throats often occur when the body is busy fighting a battle against an infection. Inflammatory reactions in the throat can cause people discomfort but are instrumental in combatting and destroying microbes. And sometimes, the unpleasant symptoms will force people to slow down and not be active, allowing the body to rest and repair.

Sneezing, coughing, vomiting, and diarrhea are also physiological expressions that help eliminate microbes from the body. Rashes that erupt on the skin’s surface are how the body expels certain viruses. This is why we often see rashes form in some childhood diseases. The human immune system creates a rash to eject the virus from the body through the skin.

In certain illnesses, the immune system produces thick amounts of copious mucus to sequester infected areas so infection cannot spread to more vital areas of the body.

If we become infected by bacteria or viruses, we should be thankful for the signs and symptoms that show up because they provide us evidence that our bodies are healthy and working to destroy the infecting agents.

Additionally, it needs to be drilled into people’s heads that bacteria and viruses are always present in and around our bodies. We do not become infected by bacterial and viral pathogens because we happen to run into one of these invisible terrorists that snuck into our homes through an open window.

We become infected by bacteria and viruses around us only when our natural immunity becomes less than what it should be. Various things can weaken or destroy our immunity, like a lack of sleep, emotional stress, not being around others, poor nutrition, a lack of exercise, and taking drugs and vaccines.


Dr. Baloney Thrower

Because we have been mostly educated about health and wellness by a large consortium of pharmaceutical companies and their paid spokespersons that own the patents to a variety of products that suppress the efforts of human immunity, we are routinely instructed to take drugs that will prevent or delay our return to a proper state of health. This is an unfortunate reality that healthcare consumers must deal with when utilizing the services of medical professionals.

The local and national mainstream media are routinely used to influence and control the way people in modern society think about many things, including healthcare and the practice of traditional medicine. Traditional allopathic medicine is regularly described by the media as a panacea for all illnesses. Alternative healthcare disciplines and less invasive natural remedies, on the other hand, are regularly painted by the same media as controversial and nonscientific.

Every day, there is a time slot on virtually any news broadcast dedicated to discussing the next miracle drug or breakthrough to manage cancer or some other plague overtaking humanity.

In the case of COVID-19, we are dealing with a fake disease — a world plandemic that was written and directed by a world governing construct to scare the world into medical submission. The end-goal being to sucker people into taking a vaccine that will depopulate the planet and reprogram human survivors’ DNA so that it becomes inadequate in its innate ability to naturally manage infectious agents that it routinely encounters.

The few who control the many would have never been able to run a medical psyop so effectively on a global population without years of medical brainwashing that was carried out using the mainstream media channels of communication.


Since our very first days here, we’ve all been taught a carefully scripted presentation about what’s real and what’s not. Our collective perception of reality is very far removed from what’s actually happening on this planet. This is also true concerning our understanding of the practice of medicine. Our ongoing struggle to remain healthy in an environment offering a continual stream of health disinformation makes this goal a daunting task.

The keys to a human’s healthy existence can only be realized when individuals are permitted regular access to the truth about the world they live in and can dismiss the false perceptions about their reality they have acquired over a lifetime of watching mainstream media productions.


We Reject the Official Narrative About the COVID-19 World Pandemic


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Dr. Fauci Wants to Cancel Thanksgiving

Dr. John Reizer

Anthony Fauci, MD, wants American citizens to “bite the bullet” and cancel Thanksgiving holiday festivities this year because of the fake virus he and the medical establishment have helped promote globally.

I think American citizens and everybody else should cancel their television and mainstream media subscriptions and stop listening to hired spokespersons like Dr. Anthony Fauci. This individual has been doling out advice on mitigating a disease that doesn’t exist for the entire year and without any success.

If you believe Fauci’s narrative (which I do not), the Covid-19 case numbers are still out of control after people in the United States have been locked-down, wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and working from home. Do you remember the mantra, “Fifteen days to flatten the curve?” How’d that work out for everybody?

Understand this fact: People worldwide are not testing positive for Covid-19. They are testing false-positive for a rigged PCR test that was purposely designed to promote the existence of a fake virus.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Anthony Fauci, in my opinion, is a sellout doctor and a plandemic spokesperson. His words of wisdom and advice regarding the coronavirus are the only ones allowed to be published or heard. This is how a massive worldwide psyop is operated and successfully delivered to the members of society. The fraud’s designers censor credible scientists’ comments and opinions while allowing quacks like Fauci to have the stage.

Each sovereign country in the world has a Dr. Fauci character, giving out the worst possible health advice to millions of healthcare consumers. And the general public eats up the advice like they’re at an all-night buffet.

Americans, don’t cancel Thanksgiving — cancel your subscription to Dr. Fauci! Disconnect from the mainstream news and medical idiots.


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