Bill Gates – A Man of Great Influence…

By Dr. John Reizer 

The spider web of connections Bill Gates and his funding is connected to is beyond belief until you actually see the web displayed before your eyes. He is a source of funding for so many diabolical organizations and agencies worldwide that it is hard to put his entanglements into a proper perspective.

This is a man who has single-handedly been responsible for an uncountable number of crimes against humanity. Gates is a significant component of a globalist culture that itself is made up of psychopaths and eugenicists.

I don’t believe it is possible to achieve the type of financial and business success, Mr. Gates has made without considerable assistance from a world governing construct. He and other technocrats like him have been placed into similar positions so that they can acquire great wealth, which can later be used as sources of significant funding for the broader agendas we see playing out before our eyes.