No Jab, No Job: A Dangerous Vaccine Compliance Agenda is Unfolding in the Workplace!

Dr. John Reizer

A visitor to the NoFakeNews website who works at a healthcare facility in England was issued an official ultimatum — get the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine or look for another job!

The employee letter appears below and confirms what many people have been worried about for months — the controlling powers will make it impossible for people to have gainful employment without receiving the covid vaccines.

Have a good look at the document and let the company’s new policy resonate in your mind for a few moments.

This is medical tyranny and a complete disregard for a human being’s rights. This sort of thing is happening globally and will continue to be part of the new normal unless the people being affected decide to join arms and unite as a force to be reckoned with and take the appropriate steps to derail the policies.

In prior articles, I have written that the English company’s policy referenced above is illegal and a direct violation of federal employment laws in the United States. It is illegal in America because the COVID-19 vaccine products being rolled out are not approved products by the FDA but rather untested, unproven, experimental drugs that have been distributed and administered to human guinea pigs under Emergency Use Authorization policies.

No experimental vaccine or any other drug product can be mandated by the US government while under the Emergency Use Authorization label. American citizens must understand that these drugs cannot be forced upon them by the government or their employers.

I am unsure if similar laws exist in England or other sovereign nations. I would encourage all global citizens to check companies’ legalities concerning implementing draconian policies requiring their employees to receive the covid vaccines or forfeit their careers.


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6 thoughts on “No Jab, No Job: A Dangerous Vaccine Compliance Agenda is Unfolding in the Workplace!

  1. Carol S. February 28, 2021 / 7:21 pm

    Another red flag is that the military is not mandating Covid 19 vaccines

  2. tim February 28, 2021 / 7:57 pm

    I guarantee you, “they” will figure out a way, if “they” haven’t already, how to do this in the US also, but with ALL businesses and corporations, not just hospitals.

  3. Lisa March 1, 2021 / 10:44 am

    Well, that video was just awful! Made me want to cry for that man. I hope that is not what other areas will have to look forward to.


  4. tim March 1, 2021 / 4:36 pm

    What was this mans error ? In my opionion, as soon as someone just touches me, that’s assault, period. And you have every right, especially if you feel threatened to defend yourself. Period.
    I did not see what happen before what it shows on the video, but it looks like they already had their hands on him, so he must have NOT defended himself, until it was to late.
    If your in that situation, DEFEND YOURSELF !!! You will NOT get in trouble, THEY put their hands on you first, they drew first blood, they assaulted you and will continue to assult you if you let them, so that’s when you need to make sure that person DOES NOT put their hands on you again, period.
    I was in a similar situtation in a big store like this with lots of staff and customers, but I made it VERY clear at the start, anyone touches me and you will find yourself unconscious on the ground, because I will put you down. I didn’t get any takers so I made it out of that one. The last thing I want to do is hurt someone else, but if they put their hands on me, it’s all over but the crying.

  5. Dr-Artaud March 2, 2021 / 8:45 am

    The former Pfizer Science Officer Michael Yeadon purportedly said that a Vaccine was not needed to terminate this pandemic. Fact Checkers online had listed the ludicrous “He’s Wrong” rather than the “statement is incorrectly attributed to Michael Yeadon” or “the Statement is incorrect”. It appears that, in the later months of 2020, he did indeed make this statement. The Fact Checkers continue by pointing out he hasn’t worked for Pfizer in 9 Years. They, the Fact Checkers, have ostensibly never worked for Pfizer or any pharmaceutical company, but feel free in saying Michael Yeadon is wrong?

    From my “at this time” understanding of several of the vaccines being widely circulated, the vaccine does not prevent infection, is not known to prevent the worst form of infection, and is not known to stop Transmission.

    If the vaccine prevented infection, how is the following, from the employee’s letter, justified? How can is be introduced to a population of vaccinated people?

    “While a very small number of residents have refused the vaccine, they do not access the community and hence do not present a significant risk of introducing the virus into the services.”

    What could go wrong?

    Take myself for example.

    Several years ago, I broke out in huge red patches. Seeing an Allergy and Infectious Disease Doctor, I was told it was Urticaria. It was chronic (lasted for years and began after a dental visit), I had lip swells, tongue swell once, it was self limiting, procured an Epi-Pen in case it recurred and was not self limiting. The Allergy Doctors ramped up the Antihistamines, and when told to take even more, I suddenly, but briefly, lost vision in BOTH eyes. (I never took the additional Antihistamine after that occurrence, just what I had been taking prior.

    Finally, Singulair was prescribed, and there was an astonishing reduction in symptoms, and with the Discontinuation of Acebutolol (different issue) the Urticaria basically completely stopped over night, not to really return.

    In addition, I have a history of briefly losing vision in one eye, several times over the years, completely black, a few times nearly black. Carotid and Echo Cardiogram is the standard work-up. It appears to be vasoconstrictive in nature. I have had a Basilar Migraine, with Double Vision and loss of balance (I had to hold onto a door way and scream to a coworker for help).

    I have had Unilateral Paresthesia, a Tingling Sensation from below my Left Arm area entirely down my left leg.

    All assumed to be vascular in nature, in so far as Vasoconstrictive.

    Somehow, I think it unlikely that I would survive a covid-19 vaccination, but I’m confident that my doctor, or any doctor, would say it’s ok, and upon my demise merely say “oops”. One woman, a nurse, reported that she has severe allergic reactions to Bee Stings, and they gave her the covid-19 vaccination, and she had an Anaphylactic Shock Episode with Cardiac Arrest. Thankfully, she recovered, but was subject to something she should never have been subject to. My Doctor knows my history, and he’s pushing the vaccination. I fully expect, one day, for his office, tied to a local Health Care Provider and University, to say that they no longer will see unvaccinated patients.

    Sorry for the Extensive Health Related Comments, I’m just trying to use my circumstances to show that there are people that should not be vaccinated (i.e. especially so), and I am willing to bet they will not make them exempt, rather they will spin the wheel and hope for the best by letting patients suffer from debilitating symptoms or just dying from the vaccine.

    P.S. I’m not a Doctor, my Screen Name came from a Movie, years ago.

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