No Jab, No Job: A Dangerous Vaccine Compliance Agenda is Unfolding in the Workplace!

Dr. John Reizer

A visitor to the NoFakeNews website who works at a healthcare facility in England was issued an official ultimatum — get the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine or look for another job!

The employee letter appears below and confirms what many people have been worried about for months — the controlling powers will make it impossible for people to have gainful employment without receiving the covid vaccines.

Have a good look at the document and let the company’s new policy resonate in your mind for a few moments.

This is medical tyranny and a complete disregard for a human being’s rights. This sort of thing is happening globally and will continue to be part of the new normal unless the people being affected decide to join arms and unite as a force to be reckoned with and take the appropriate steps to derail the policies.

In prior articles, I have written that the English company’s policy referenced above is illegal and a direct violation of federal employment laws in the United States. It is illegal in America because the COVID-19 vaccine products being rolled out are not approved products by the FDA but rather untested, unproven, experimental drugs that have been distributed and administered to human guinea pigs under Emergency Use Authorization policies.

No experimental vaccine or any other drug product can be mandated by the US government while under the Emergency Use Authorization label. American citizens must understand that these drugs cannot be forced upon them by the government or their employers.

I am unsure if similar laws exist in England or other sovereign nations. I would encourage all global citizens to check companies’ legalities concerning implementing draconian policies requiring their employees to receive the covid vaccines or forfeit their careers.


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