Important Changes and Updates Affecting NoFakeNews!

Dr. John Reizer

The NoFakeNews website has been a work in progress since the first day I launched the platform into existence back in February 2012. Quite honestly, I add features and remove others from time to time to adapt and modify the website to ever-changing times.

I recently added a NoFakeNews BitChute channel to the website’s arsenal to connect with more visitors and others through video productions. I plan on using this medium in the future as the need arises.

I have also added a NoFakeNews Radio Show to our platform to have more direct interactions with visitors. How frequent and long the productions will be moving forward will depend on its audience’s amount of interest. I think a radio show could be a useful tool to coordinate activities and future events I have planned in the back of my mind. But I will ramp up or scale down the radio campaign as I see fit. My first show will be for one hour this Saturday at 8 pm Eastern Time. If possible, please tune in and participate.

Additionally, I have created a new website page that can be accessed on the site’s menu named The Coordinated Effort InitiativeI wanted to create a  tool for visitors to maximize our efforts to coordinate future planned events throughout the United States. I would like to have a mechanism in place that can attempt to inform others of important happenings. I want to create a national directory of state representatives who will ensure our collective efforts’ success.

Let’s say we wanted to organize groups of people to peacefully protest a face mask-wearing policy in a particular store. We can better accomplish such a goal if we are organized and well-coordinated in each of the 50 states. Please consider signing up as a representative in your state by filling out the form on the page. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me through the NoFakeNews contact portal. I will be discussing the initiative on the radio program this coming Saturday evening.

I wanted to also announce that this evening there will be an online event titled Data Disaster: A Call for an Investigation Into the CDC’s Conduct During COVID-19. Please click the link below to attend.

CDC Investigation


The Target List Movie on Amazon Prime!

In association with River Rose Productions, Mad Wife Productions has announced that The Target List movie will begin filming on April 10, 2021. The movie will be released on Amazon Prime in the summer of 2021.

The Target List Cast:

Help Me Expose Big Pharma!


After announcing a ground-breaking cancer cure, two members of a research team are shot by an assassin. The remaining two researchers barely escape the attack, only to find themselves framed for murder. Now they need to prove their innocence while running from both the police and the assassin hired to kill them by the big pharma.

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