What’s in it for big pharma?

Dr. John Reizer

When you understand what is happening to the recipients of the Covid vaccines, it becomes more apparent what the payoff is for big pharma.

When people are injected with the right recipe, (remember that not all the shots contain the same ingredients) spike proteins form in their bodies and create the appropriate conditions for a cytokine storm to manifest.

In a nutshell, the victims with the spike proteins begin a downward spiral concerning their health. A plethora of physical disorders and diseases begin to manifest in these people. For all intents and purposes, the jabbed age rapidly and become ill. Before they expire, the victims require medical management — drugs! Big pharma wins in such situations because more victims need drug products.

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2 thoughts on “What’s in it for big pharma?

  1. lhakes12 February 9, 2023 / 1:51 pm

    I knew that the deathly covid vaccines were going to affect people’s immune systems to fight off disease if it didn’t kill them first, John. But it sounds like the spike proteins will actually target people’s organs which will directly cause aging and illness. And then Big Pharma will have an opportunity to keep the situation escalating by dishing out more toxins. That is sadly catastrophic. And there are so many people that have had this poisonous evil injected into them!

    John, I also watched the video at the end of the link about the eggs being accused of heart attacks. Which is insane because eggs have around forever and no one has ever made this claim before. They are just shifting the blame away from the vaccines to the eggs. The powers that be do not want us to have nutrition. And now they are finding ways to mysteriously destroy the hens. All so that Bill Gates can produce his artificial eggs along with his many other repulsive food substitutes. Such as eating bugs!

    I watched a repeat of The Big Bang Theory last evening. And the character, Howard who is an aerospace engineer goes to survival training. He states when he gets back that he was forced to dig his own hole to sleep in, and that he was starving so he ate a butterfly. Howard says to Bernadette, “I ate a butterfly. It was so small, beautiful…I was so hungry!”
    It made me think, is that what they intend to do to us? Either we will eat disgusting bugs or we will starve?
    And this episode of Big Bang Theory was first aired back in 2012. It would seem that they have been preparing us for this repulsion of eating bugs for some time!


    • Dr. John Reizer February 9, 2023 / 2:23 pm

      What’s happening today, Lisa has been in the works for many decades. The people who planned all of this (or whatever the hell they are) have done so with great detail. They have thought out the process thoroughly. We are dealing with some highly sophisticated technologies that work against the logistics associated with human physiology. If the average person really understood the machinations taking place from a microbiological standpoint, they would be frightened beyond what any horror movie could deliver in the way of shock and awe!


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